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  1. Buy the Cav. It will make you cool, popular and handsome.
  2. I'm looking into how much it weighs. However, I do know for certain that the Supercharged Chevy 3.8 Liter fits directly. That was our plan until interest in racing waned.
  3. The Cav is for sale. She has earned two Chump awards. Car, truckload of spares, two sets of new rims, since vintage wheels, two sets of new tires (one scuffed, one stickers) and all of the other stuff scattered in the barn. $2500 OBReasonable Offer
  4. Many thanks to all that made it out! I'm not sure that Byrnes sold that many Larry shots in one night ever before. Big thanks to Pat for the wings, cheese sticks and traditional Chinese spring rolls.
  5. I am the smartest man in the world. The event is actually on 1.15.16 not yesterday.
  6. Just like Kenny Powers-we're coming back hard. Attrition Autosport, Byrne's Pub and Chump Car will be having a Central Ohio Chumpanzee Meet and Drink: 12.15.15 Byrnes Pub Columbus, Ohio www.byrnespub.com Five PM-? Free beer (seriously!), bacon, door prizes (CHUMP CHANGE!!!) . We did this last year and we had a great turnout. Now with Mid-Ohio having been added to the schedule, let's unite the clans, bolster our ranks and set fire to Pat's dumpster.
  7. We the nine or more people at Attrition Autosport plagued with milk/heroine addiction, sub standard deodorant and renal failure love the Red Shoe Racing folks above all others. Why the admiration? They are the greatest people ever. We could (again) spend hours discussing popsicles flavors, chipped beef recipes, and 10 mm sockets, but when it is love you simply know it.
  8. Implementing this into the series would be another cost that may deter new entrants. Recruiting new peeps is tough enough, throw in additional cost barriers and you will lose new drivers.
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