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  1. Maybe if everyone who is complaining about rubber put the same effort into finding a marketing partner..... They are right under your noses.
  2. The race director is the best person to address your questions.
  3. We changed tires 3 times at Watkins Glen with simple hand tools, fueled 15 gals, cleaned windshield, changed drivers in 4 minutes with a crew that never worked before together on this car and first time fueler. It can be done not a big deal if your organized.
  4. Brought yourself to pursue a race in the west ?
  5. The 5 hotels I called mentioned the football game booked all the rooms
  6. I was there in April for a WRL race and the team had 5 motorhomes from private individuals like air B&B. Delivered & picked up after. Mid Ohio does not have many RV slots but plenty of room in the paddock area and of course track side.
  7. Ohio State football is at home reason for room shortage and price hikes. First thing I check when we race near a big college town in the fall. RV's can be delivered to Mid Ohio. One of the better tracks to camp at.
  8. Both organizations are structured different that's why.
  9. Anyone else you like to purge ? How about banning teams that have a bigger motor home than yours or trailer. Grow up dude, someone will always spend more than you in this sport. Other teams have already left because of the attitude you have along with the other forum cry babies. I'm sure two teams will still be entering races but pretty sure your other choice will not have their entry accepted.
  10. I think there will be two more openings also. FYI Chelsey is not the race director for Watkins Glen.
  11. How high off the ground was the meter ?
  12. Grant we spoke at VIR in Dec. Do yourself a favor and see a Doctor for the motion sickness you may have other things going on.
  13. The sound limit used to be 103 db at 50 ft, and the average limit was 55db per hour at NCM. So they graciously increased it for this event to 106?
  14. I hope they don't use any duct tape, heads will expolde
  15. As another note: the size large is SFI rated only and the medium in SFI & FIA rated
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