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  1. Mike I texted you yesterday about Watkins Glen.


  2. Ron also try  Simple tire.ocm  &  Discount tire.com

    1. Ronh911


      Ok, thanks Dave.


  3. I can bring the Med/large with me if you like to try it on at VIR

    1. redcar35


      Sorry.  Did not see this until now.  Hope you had a good race.

  4. Do you have any pics of the interior? 

    What size motor were you running?

    Transmission with the car ?

    Class you run in?

  5. What teams did you work for ? 

  6. For Watkins  Glen how many  drivers total?

    1. DEE DEE

      DEE DEE

      How about we talk this weekend about a couple of races instead of all the messages.

      David 315.317.5020

  7.  OK  Let me know.  A little about me:  IMSA, FIA, SCCA National  licenses.  Drove in the IMSA series, Rolex 24hr 13 times, Sebring12 hr 10 times and drove with the Swiss team that won LeMans24hr.  Lots of endurance racing expierence.   I coach also with real race expierence instead of just club stuff that a lot of guys seem to be doing.  Driven with some of the best drivers in the world.  Have done chump races for the last 4 years in a Miata and  Honda.  If you are doing VIR 24 hr  I may have 2 others interested  in competing also.

    1. mahatru


      awesome stuff! I am working on a schedule of all the races I will be going to and the cost. I will have it up soon. 


    2. DEE DEE

      DEE DEE

      I remember your car now.  Didn't you guys have to keep going behind the wall to fuel?


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    2. Ronh911


      For 4 drivers each having 6hrs it would be $1225.


      We did really well at RA, we finished 14th out of 108 starters.  No issues and no pit stops longer then 5min. Not to mention this was our first time there and first time driving at night.  Daytona coming up next, 2 months out.





    3. DEE DEE

      DEE DEE

      Ron what is your phone number and I can call you this weekend instead of all these messages.

      David  315.317.5020

    4. Ronh911


      678-485-6853, anytime this weekend up to 8PM



  9. What events are you doing and idea of cost?  Where you at Lime Rock last year?

    1. mahatru


      Hey, Yes I was at lime rock last year. My profile pic is from the event. I am working on creating a schedule of all the races I will be going to and the cost.


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