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  1. You can get punted by anyone in any series new or vintage driver. You should discuss that with the car owner early on. Matt lets say you except ALL damage charges weather you caused it or was run into. You pay your share and the owner does not repair the car back to pre accident condition, how would you react to that ?
  2. Never having been to that track passing is allowed on the apron ?
  3. Ah... the advantage of living in the northeast. You guys crack me up, big dogs run, puppies stay on the porch .
  4. I for one applaud the Chump crew for trying to make this work and not cancelling the event. Do you guys really think that VIR or Chump wanted to alter this even? It's only one event. Who knows maybe VIR would throw in a no charge practice day on Friday for this inconvience. Chump Car has already discounted $200 for a 2014 event. VIR has given an alternative and Chump Car took it. Why would you think of going to another track at this point ? You all sound like a bunch of whiners from another organization that starts with s and ends with a. Come on your better than that lets make the most of it and go and have fun. Some of you that are worried that your cars will get banged up....track configuration doesn't cause accidents drivers do ! Brakes... time do do your homework on brake systems and driving styles. Sure it's a little disappointing but lets make the most of it. It's simple you either go or stay home.
  5. I am the driver who was hit by the # 757 black & pink miata (pink lady). I later introduced myself to a guy in a red drivers suit and said I was the driver of the car he hit. His first reply to me was " which car " . I was F....ing speechless. I said how many cars did you hit this morning ? He said to me "I thought I had the line " I say "do you understand what the line is ? " Let me say that in my first 50 minutes of driving this car for the first time I passed this car & driver multiple times. We were running in 4th place before out driver change. This guy actually believes that I caused this accident and he has no fault. This was a dive bomb move which is fine by me if he was a qualified driver. This person simply does not have the talent to pull off a move like he tried. Sometimes we all just have to suck it up and wait for the next corner. From what I saw from the drivers of this car they are all in waaay over their heads and it's only a matter of time before they hurt themselves or someone else. I also would like to see from videos from the back to see where his car was positioned. Green BMW ? Red MR2 ?
  6. Actually I am going to Pittsburg along with the car owner Jason in the above post and will take you up on the beer
  7. I believe I was in the black miata. I was never trying to block you but trying to give you a heads up of what was around the corner. The other cars in front of me never slowed at first and I was waiting for one of them to tag a rescue worker. I thought maybe (or hoping) the car behind me would get the hint and not take it as a block. Under a yellow condition we all have to think about these workers in some difficult situations. You wouldn't catch me standing in the middle of a track at 2am with a bunch of chumps running around.
  8. There are good drivers and horrible drivers in every pro series also ! Ask me I've been there.
  9. Actually our car had NO ISSUES & NO BODY DAMAGE with other cars, I witness a couple of bonehead moves while cars were being retreived off course and drivers not slowing down while workers were in the middle of the track with tow trucks ( not very bright guys). Have a little compassion for these workers. Other than that I witnessed first hand in daylight and night very courteous driving and guys having patience in passing especially at night. Maybe we were just in the right places at the right times for all 5 of our drivers. Hats off to every track worker involved in this 24 hr event.
  10. Well, your right can't argue with that why start using mirrors now after 30 yrs. As long as you can see on both sides and not the directly behind you, your good to go. Whats your car number ?
  11. Why mount a rear mirror at all if you do not use it ?
  12. So now that the driver of the MR2 has explained his thoughts on this put it to rest. Timo, calling passing in the entrance of the inner loop in the braking zone questionable.... is a lack of expierence on your part. I passed cars 3 different times from the outside and went side by side twice from the outside. There is more than enough room IF all drivers are polite,hell you can go thru the entire loop side by side. Could it be that the other car was not aware of the MR2 position and moved over ? It's all in the mentality. But if you think that braking zones are not for passing then you really need to attend a professional school.
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