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  1. What makes you so special & entitled to think that another team is not good for this series and should not participate? That attitude is good for business. Did you ever talk to the principles of this team ? ChampCar IS the easiest & least expensive path to endurance road racing hands down. Spend as much or as little as you want in this sport, always was like that, always will be. As far as "stress level" Seriously ? Over what ? There is some other activities that can ease that pain for you. If you would like to bone up on American iron for road & endurance racing GM has offered many publications with very detailed information & part numbers for years. I think it's great that you post about your build (complement), perhaps others just don't have the time that you obviously do or it's just not their thing. But to call someone a jerk because they don't, grow up. Don't be so full of hate you may learn something from them. So much more I could say but I'll refrain.
  2. Your first statement is not accurate and it already has become a witch thing ( jealousy )
  3. Sounds as if you want to run off another team from the series. Many cars can win in this series. The Corvette on a smaller track would be another story. When you guys get over how many tyres someone uses you can get the bigger than yours trailers & motorhomes outlawed.
  4. The wide body Troy is not at all rare, I have 2 sets.
  5. If you should ever win the $800 I will gladly take it.
  6. The entry fees have remained stable. Isn't that enough ?
  7. 2020 had all the indications for a record year for ChampCar. I'm confident that 2021 will pickup where 2020 left off. Teams will be hungry for some racing.
  8. I was kidding also. You only scolded me 1 other time I felt like I was in military school again. Yes Bill & his team is good for the series as were others that don't run with ChampCar anymore.
  9. So your point about Bill is? I guess that's his business . I can think of a few reasons. You forgot to mention that Rahal rented the track at VIR on Friday also one year and did not invite anyone else.
  10. Here's a thought. Most tracks always have other groups renting the track before a ChampCar event. Why not just enter that event?
  11. So no other reports on the fantastic event at Thompson with 12hrs of racing under green flag. This may be a first of any race organization.
  12. Central : Indy, Harris Hill, Road America ,Barber, Gingerman all seem to be doing well. I do believe that Laguna Seca has sold out a few times also. The hundreds of racers I spoke with were within the last 8 months all from the west coast and not one had a concern with the rule package of ChampCar. New teams have recently entered the events out there and indicated they will return once racing resumes. Perhaps the people you talked to can fill you in. If they keep mentioning rules then they really don't know either. There are many people working diligently to increase the car count in the west. When can we expect an entry from you there?
  13. Keyword is "some" I never knew anyone in any series that agreed with every rule. I have only talked to a few hundred racers in the west and not one mentioned rules. That area has other issues that go way beyond rules. The area has many new teams that love ChampCar.
  14. In the meantime because the rules are so out of whack did anyone notice that the Pitt event is sold out ?
  15. So these proposed changes would for the betterment of the series ?
  16. I had 4 cars coming your way and then ........ Next year
  17. Well that limits the candidates doesn't it ? What I'm saying is that sometimes you get so focused on the brush strokes that you can't see the big picture. I'm not a team owner but I do understand the workings of maintaining a team & car.
  18. You just plain took it wrong. I know a couple of the board members and if I thought it would offend them I would not have made the comment. Although I do not know you, I like your take off on John Player Special I raced against that Roush Mustang in Trans Am. Maybe someone that is not a car owner on the board would see some of the problems faced by a team owner and be more understanding and sympathetic to what it takes to field a team in this series and the expenses they incur for good and bad from a rule change. My statement was that simple as I said, Trust me I'm a real simple person ask my wife.
  19. Not sure nor do I care how you came to that conclusion. This Was Not directed at any one individual, just a simple statement. If I had any one person in mind I would have used a name.
  20. I'd like to see at least one person on the board who is not a team owner and has no personal agenda.
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