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  1. So if I turned you with 20 min to go and did not get a penalty you would be ok with that ?
  2. There should be a limit on submitting petitions period regardless if you field a team or not. Anyone who submits more than 10 has issues IMO
  3. Just ordered a couple of things from HMS Motorsports and they are giving a 10% discount to all ChampCar racers on pretty much everything FYI. They Will Not have a trailer at the event. Support the companies that support the series.
  4. I"m looking for a competitive team for Indy. What's out there ?
  5. Code 35 is a VIR policy for a good reason just have to deal with it. Has it lost a race for you ? You can't drink while under green ?
  6. What does it cost for 1 race in the Challenge series ? We had planned on coming from New York with 3 cars until the borders closed. Give it a chance and be understanding given the current conditions. Go support ChampCar of Canada, these guys have put a lot of effort & time into this event.
  7. Not really sure what you consider civilization but there must be at least 30 hotels/motels close by Not including Winchester Va, which has everything you could need on a race weekend. Summit track is far better than the other 2 layouts.
  8. Any good corner marshal is not looking at the incident (which isn't always in line of sight) Unless it is right in front of them.
  9. Well my team just cancelled so maybe I can give you a hand.
  10. I just came upon this . I am familiar with this car in scca. Lee Feinagle owned it when I ran against it. Always broke something, car was a mess, never did well always working on the car at the track from the time it was unloaded. I also race against Bob Sharp, Scott Sharp, Fitz, & PL my buddy not a big deal then.
  11. Depends on whose name the car is registered in or just avoid the tolls. Lots of gray areas.
  12. I'm pretty sure that there were some people from those states last week at Charlotte that did not quarantine and will be at a race track this weekend.
  13. Jon use the Great Stuff Pond & Stone foam (high density & minimal expanding). Remove the American valve, drill a couple of 3/8 holes on the face of the tread 180 degress apart, fill till it starts seeping out of one of the holes and valve stem, rotate the tyre a few times and let sit for 24hrs. Instant run flat tyres. You've seen some of my property, got tired of fixing flats on the zero turns that's how this came about. Bought a new Ferris 72" zero turn & did this to the new front tyres. This is not for road use tyres.
  14. I have 3 zero turn commercial lawn mowers 42" 66" & 72" the front tyres are slicks (no tread) very susceptible to flats. All 3 have foam in the front tyres only, never had a flat again. Weight does not break down the foam. Works well on any small tyre. Been doing it for 11yrs.
  15. Fill the tyres with spray foam. Never have a flat again.
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