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  1. Hi all. Our car will not be ready for RA next weekend. I’d be interested in hearing about any open seats. Many of you know our team Superb Aguri. We’ve raced Champ and WRL for the last 4 seasons in a Civic and a B Spec Honda Fit. Very experienced driver. Not the fastest but consistent and cautious. Well suited for endurance racing and happy to help prep and work of course. Feel free to reach out with questions. Thanks...Phil
  2. Just wanted to say a quick "Thanks!" to Mike and the whole crew. This was our first race with a new team and we were happy with the results. A couple of nutters out there but overall some decent driving and awareness. We took it easy on everyone this weekend but we will unleash the beast at RA. Lol. Sure was nice to start this off at our little home track. The Civic spent a "few" minutes on the lift. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves like we did and we'll see you in 3 months! Cheers!
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