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  1. One of the guys in the group asked about the possibility of putting in a Miata engine and drivetrain. What are people's thoughts on that and would that bump the car down to A?
  2. It’s killing me nit having the car in hand. The current owner has been moving, car is in a friends garage and trapped in by another car. So at the mercy of that owner.
  3. This link is AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!!!
  4. When the time comes we can update the brake setup. It’s hard to understand the process of machining from the pictures. is the weight shown including driver? I guess the car is about 300 pounds heavy. We’ll get it on the scales first thing and log it in at the start.
  5. Our biggest $$ concern right now is the existing fuel cell. 1) It's a 22 gallon according to the owner, only will be able to do 18 with the plus 2 allowance. 2) It needs a different filler or can't be filled as-is if a driver is in the car. 2) It's not in a can so most likely not properly certified. It is okay for SCCA IT but doesn't look to have the markings. 3) If it has to be replaced that will be costly! Jaz cell with a certification will be least expensive route, not necessarily the best/safest though.
  6. Oh boy! That was an "Oh Sh*t!!!!" moment! Actually in the short term one of the guys has a couple of sets of 14" Miata wheels in which we can run the 195/60/14 Azenis. The car already has 4x100 adapters. I know it's not ideal, but it is cost effective at this point. Just the cost of tires. Again the big deal is getting it running right. Getting the cage and fuel cell up to snuff. We need a bunch of "endurance" equipment to get so that comes into play. I'm sure everyone started small and worked their way up. We need to do that too. Can't just jump in and do everything right away.
  7. We are just starting and I just ordered #857 for our ReX-Seven Racing RX7. Will be out at least one time this season, once we sort through the entire car.
  8. Found out it is a Racing Beat header, a 2" pipe and a "Typical Mazda muffler" whatever that means. Rear suspension does have a panhard bar setup.
  9. OK... Let's put the whoa on the super hopped up, super built, nitro injected, twin turbo swap and get back to reality. Let's assume that I am getting this rotary. I have never owned a rotary before nor anyone in the group has dealt with a rotary. Let's assume that nothing is going to happen to the engine other than getting it to run a full 8/7 weekend. No plans on engine swaps or hop-ups right now. Just a reliable base start...slow, steady, finish the race. Basically will stay in IT7/ITA legality for now. Let's assume my friends and I have never ran a Champcar team. Which we haven't. We are all SCCA members so no newbies to track racing. Let's think about what's important in running a road race RX7. Handling, shocks, braking, wheels and tires, etc. We are road racing here, not drag racing with who has the most powerful engine. Simple inexpensive modifications that can be done for reliability to make it through a weekend. What are stock weak points that need to be replaced before we take it out. Things like that. I know everyone wants to be at the pointy end. But we want to finish a race with as little invested and have some burgers and beers at the the end.
  10. Would the 13b conversion also have to take the fuel injection? The 12a is carbed. Not well versed in wiring up all the computer mumbo jumbo.
  11. I still like the 13b upgrade. The easy button is the best button. Re-engineering is not the point but a reliable car that will finish is #1 priority. There’s a lot of other things to worry about to go endurance racing than to throw all of our money at speed upgrades. Reliable and finish first. At a tight budget point.
  12. That was the suggestion of the seller. Do a 4.3 with a Getrag box and Ford 9" rear.
  13. Love a challenge of an underdog misfit toy. My personal SCCA car is kind of a oddball (NX2000)
  14. Well against everyone’s better judgment, including ours, we are proceeding with getting the car. We like the RWD platform and there are options for upgrades in the future.
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