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  1. The car has moved on to a Mazda racer in the Carolinas. I have too many cars that I need to purge down.
  2. Since the car is not in my immediate possession (at my buddies house) here's what I do know.1990 Protege LX1.8 DOHC 16 valve Escort GT HeaderJust installed a 2.5" exhaust with free-flow resonator and racing mufflerNew batteryNRG suede steering wheelNRG quick release Adjustable coil-over sleeves with unknown strutsOne complete set of racing wheels and tiresSet of mounted rainsI think 2 extra wheelsKirkey seatFront camber adjustersWeapon R cold air intakeI do have a transponder that can be negotiated into the deal at extra cost.
  3. We got the car last year and it hasn’t moved. I have three other cars to deal with. This needs to move on.
  4. Currently setup for SCCA ITA. Pretty basic car. Needs fire system and transponder. Adjustable coil-over sleeves, removable steering wheel, couple stets of wheels and tires, minimal spares. Car is not in my possession, so don't know a ton about it. Going a different direction so no need for it anymore. BRING OFFERS! https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPjKGtzYFZSncKRuesi5JnHw4VUctsb0zDIeKzcz6WOi6vnShqBgcS_PoW9ODvipg?key=UE1KWjBWOEFQREJYRnRSd21vZzg2TnFtdTdJQnBn
  5. We've been starting our clean-up. Getting rid of the simple stuff first. I think we've taken 25 pounds of sound deadening already! Even in IT trim it was 250 pounds heavy!
  6. That's me. I still have an ITA Nissan that I run. I would imagine this can be done cost effectively if you just keep your focus on keeping things frugal. There's no intent to win. Just be able to get a group together and enjoy.
  7. Just getting into the game! Was baptized at the Watkins Glen event this year (2017) and thought everyone was nuts! Coming from SCCA club racing I was looking to see if Chump was something for me. I kept shaking my head. No, too much. Too involved. Saw lots of people pouring over cars in the garage. Rebuilding engines and transmissions overnight. Swapping them out. This was insane. I said I'm not doing this! Too much of a commitment. But now I can't stop thinking about how much fun this was. The Protege was purchased from a friend that was in the ITA group that I would hang with at Mid Ohio. The price was right and my long time friend Bob Marano wanted to get back into racing. We were doing the math and figured with a little help we could do this on a budget. I know there is no such thing as cheap racing, but the quest for us would be to do as much as possible with as little as possible. Little to no more investment into the car as it sits with general wear items to only deal with. K.I.S.S. and finish and have fun. Then go from there. So the plan is for 2018 to hit a couple of races with some other friends to help us do this. We promise to move over for you!
  8. Wing, bullet lights and skirt are gone, along with all that excessive body lean!
  9. Kick ass ITA car! Worth the $$. Take a trade for a slower Nissan?
  10. It's nice to see the car resurrected and back on track! Good luck to all of you this season. I hope to make it to Mid Oh on the 25th.
  11. Would it be too hard to convert an auto v-6 626 to a manual if we cant find a factory one?
  12. It's funny, when my buddy and I started talking about this, before we dug into classed cars, we thought of a Mazda 6. Something that might have been taken care of a little better than the smaller cars. Thought of Camry and Accord too...
  13. So recommendations? I'm sure most would say 3 series or Miata.
  14. Would like to do something that they made a kazillion of that I know I can go to any boneyard USA and find whatever I need.
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