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  1. Yep, one of the best changes I ever made to my car.
  2. I made 210 at the wheels with 4 RX8 yellow injectors and had plenty left.
  3. It doesn’t exactly talk about if you can run it is standalone mode, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Combine this display with inexpensive pressure and temp sensors and you would have everything you need for less than a couple of analog gauges. https://ecumasterusa.com/collections/digital-dash-displays/products/whpbd1-basic-dash-display?variant=12337347657789
  4. Ha is that the universal rear shock? Worked great on the RX7 and I have heard other cars using it also.
  5. Jongbloed JRW500 wheels, available up to 15X10, light and reasonably priced. https://philstireservice.com/shop/jrw-series-500-15x10-miata/
  6. The correct description for the pushrod engine debuted in the C8 corvette is placeholder, the future holds more cams, more valves, more power, and less displacement. There is an old adage in engineering that if you are developing a new chassis stick to a proven engine, and if you are developing a new engine stick to a proven chassis…
  7. After destroying a half dozen of so mufflers with a rotary I finally bit the bullet and installed a Racing Beat muffler. You can use them on a piston engine just as well and they should last forever, the case and perf core are thick stainless, and the packing is stainless wool instead of glass. In the long run they shouldn’t be too much more expensive than conventional mufflers.
  8. Anyone who has raced at AMP knows how awesome the light panels are, would be a great addition to any track.
  9. No. it is a normally aspirated rotary with a MS3Pro engine management system so it is tuned to work with steady 3 bar fuel pressure.
  10. Mounting the regulator to the outlet of the fuel pump and dumping right back to the cell works great, its nice only having a single -6 line to run to the front of the car. Here is how we managed to overheat the fuel in the cell enough to boil and push out the vent tube which resulted in setting the car on fire….
  11. Think that’s bad wait until they get the electric front wheel drive…..
  12. Saw that, thought about it and couldn’t come up with a compelling reason why it would be better. The one change I always make is to install M8 studs on the bell housing to hold the slave cylinder since the stock screws seem to thread into butter…
  13. At this point it is only half what it will eventually be…….
  14. These are the best I have found. The pin is stainless steel instead of aluminum, they have a nice over center latching pin, and once you install them the pin is captured so it stays in the top plate and you don’t have to chase it around. https://www.amazon.com/d/Hood-Pins/OMP-EB-490-Hood-Pin/B003V4UACA
  15. One of the features hyped on that Antigravity battery is the “Built in jump starting”. Once the voltage gets down to a certain value the BMS shuts it down completely, then you push the button on the battery and you get one last chance with whatever it has left. I am shopping for one for my KTM 1290. Being a 1300cc, 13:1 compression v-twin it needs a battery as big as we need for race cars. If I ever start running the rotary again I could probably get by with a dirt bike sized lithium battery.
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