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  1. Neat catalog. But I checked and in the Mazda section it has no listings for any version of the Miata, any version of RX7 or RX8. It has no BMW listings at all. How is that supposed to help tech in a series where those cars, which are not listed make up the majority of the entries at any race?
  2. Those high HP cars are probably turbo cars, so they need to reference fuel pressure to boost pressure. Using a return style regulator just makes that easier to do, plus if they are really making a lot of power, they may be beyond what an in-tank pump can supply. I monitored my fuel rail pressure, and it was rock solid, exactly where I set the regulator in all conditions, even though the regulator was all the way at the back of the car.
  3. I can use the same springs on the rear of my car for no points. Still hate the rule even though I get half of the benefit.
  4. Yes, no other rule makes sense. I am convinced that eventually this will be the rule, for now we are just wasting time getting there.
  5. I have always hated the current spring rule, ever since it was announced. I submitted a petition to kill it the first year it was in force, but it got voted down. Any rule that incentivizes running stock or stock appearing springs incentivizes cheating. There is no way that tech has a database of the exact specs of every spring that may have come on a car used in the series, and there is no way they are going to be removing springs and measuring them in impound even if they did. The current rule is also quickly becoming a big barrier to entry to the series, nobody would be racing on stock shaped springs in 2021 if they didn’t have to. Even guys with fast street cars end up converting to 2.5-inch springs pretty quickly once they start modifying the cars. Just check the classifieds and see how many cars are offered for sale with 2 sets of suspension, one to run with ChampCar and one that they use everywhere else they race. This is just making it harder for someone to build a car which they can race with ChampCar while wanting to have other options.
  6. There is also a lot of potential in a 70’s small block chevy smog motor, so that is nothing new. I would say the old iron has more potential since the manufacturers haven’t been sitting on their hands and not improving the new engines out of the box.
  7. Glad to se you are coming to AMP. I am looking to get my car much lighter and like all good engineers I like to steal good ideas wherever I can get them… 5 years ago, my car was capable of setting fastest laps at AMP, and we have far more data from there than anywhere else. It will be interesting to see how much faster we will need to be to run at the front nowadays.
  8. No problems at all, it really is a much cleaner system, only a single -6 line from the back to the front. The only better system would be the fuel cell mounted in the passenger seat area with the pump, surge tank, and regulator mounted in front of the cell. Then you would only have 2 ft or so in the whole system. The only problem I had was something that no one else is likely to have. It was back when I was still running the GSL-SE system where the whole engine ran from 2 injectors firing together and positioned about an inch apart. At about 5000rpm the frequency of the injectors created a resonance in the tiny fuel rail, and shut off flow, if you could get it past the resonance point it would rev out to 9000 at full power with no problems. The solution was to install a few feet of rubber hose with a plug coming from the opposite end of the fuel rail. Since I went to the MS and a 4 injector S5 style system it has never been a problem, I don’t think a piston engine would never have a problem with more injectors and much higher volume fuel rails.
  9. They did, but mostly what people notice is what tires are on winning cars. Now that we have seen good results with the Maxxis we may see the flood gates open up. I am surprised that they found them softer than the RT660, I thought those were one of the softest of the new generation 200TW tires. https://www.maxxis.com/us/victra-vr-1-and-rc-1-compound-change/
  10. Shocked that the gears of a Mazda transmission would survive a shift violent enough to damage the flywheel bolts. I ended up with this just from ham fisted downshifting, although it was abused over a long period of time.
  11. But are they as fast as Nemesis? Using spec for cars to compare to front running ChampCars is always a stretch for me, our cars should be much faster with unlimited weight removal, unlimited tire sizes, and unlimited tuning.
  12. Better aero = higher cornering speed = more oil starvation.
  13. Lots of VPI requests have nothing to do with wanting to race that car.
  14. Anything dealing with tires is really complicated, but those are 2 of the big hitters for sure.
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