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  1. mhr650

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    You haven't lived until you install a rotary flywheel. Single nut 54 mm, 450 ft lbs torque spec. My technique is to use a 3/4 breaker bar and a jack handle. Have another person with another jack handle pulling the opposite direction and put all of your weight on it.
  2. I did talk to someone at Haltech about electronic wastegate actuators, they said yes but I don’t think the guy I was talking to knew what he was talking about and probably thought I just meant the pneumatic PWM valve. That’s always an issue at PRI, they have many more people in the booth than they have people who really know what is going on. I haven’t worked with one of those Melco actuators in a long time, their popularity came and went about 5 years ago, although I know that Honda still likes them. If you do use the Melco actuator be very careful about your kinematics, make sure that you have a good path for the dog bone to articulate. Those actuators really don’t like side loads at all.
  3. They do have software support for the H Bridge but it is for DBW throttle control. They would need to add new firmware for me to use it for an electronic wastegate actuator. Instead of controlling throttle angle vs pedal position they would need to control boost vs wastegate angle, not especially difficult to do but it has to be added by them. Tuner Studio and MS3 firmware are both updated often with many incremental releases between major updates, and they are very open to user requests. This can be good if you need the new features, but it is difficult for them supporting people using many different versions of the software. The Holley Dominator is a very capable ECU, but they are so focused on drag racing with their firmware that it is less useful than much cheaper solutions for what we are doing. The package deal does look attractive. It seems expensive but by the time you add up the cost of the parts you are replacing it is much more reasonable, and you end up with a much better overall system.
  4. Off topic but if you watch the video of the 1:01 lap that section is a flat out straight for the F2003…..
  5. The prices are pretty good, and Eastern European stuff can be pretty good. We have a big plant in Poland and have even moved a lot of engineering to there. https://ecumasterusa.com/collections The key to any standalone ECU is the software, I don’t know how good their software is but I do know that the Tuner Studio that MS uses is excellent. One of the nice things about MS software is the constant updates and the willingness to incorporate features asked for by the user base. Most people could make do with the Classic but the ECU Black has a feature that is very attractive to me, a 7 amp full bridge output. It is intended for DBW but could be used to drive an electronic wastegate actuator with an update to the firmware. I went to PRI this year to find out what ECU companies could handle electronic wastegate actuators, and tried to hint that the if they couldn’t they should get on it since I haven’t designed a pneumatic wastegate turbo in probably 5 years. The responses were interesting, the high end ECU’s like Motec,and Life said no problem we have the hardware and software ready to go. I am friendly with the MS people since they race ChampCar and I have raced with them several times, they didn’t have either the hardware or software but were interested in working with me with an external H Bridge and firmware update. Holley was really disappointing, they have 2 H Bridge outputs on their hardware but have no interest at all in updating the firmware to make them useable, they are so caught up in their drag racing and muscle car market even though I have a line of communication to their senior engineering management I have never been able to get them to incorporate features that would help us out road racing.
  6. mhr650

    Canbus based relay IO board?

    Probably more than you are looking for but it would perform awesome. https://www.holley.com/products/data_acquisition/power_distribution_modules/parts/500-KT-SW30
  7. If you ask around you may find out that you are not alone, apparently there is a worldwide shortage on some of the Bilstein dampers that we run in the series. Word is that they are refitting a factory in Germany and may be out of production for as long as a year.
  8. mhr650

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    To me having common swaps on the VPI list while keeping the swap calculator live and in the rules is a terrible idea, and will create much more confusion and anger than it will help. As long as someone can run the numbers and compare the results from the calculator to the swap VPI list and ask why one car gets an adjustment while another car doesn’t you will have a problem. If you want to do the swap VPI table you need to go all in and try to forget that the calculator ever existed.
  9. mhr650

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Cone Crushers has won a lot of races, although they are not invincible, we were faster last time we raced against them. As for plumbing and wiring, in ChampCar 2019 there is no reason to have a single inch of Porsche plumbing or wiring in the car. If I were building one it sure wouldn’t.
  10. mhr650

    Best bang for the buck

    No points if it is OEM to your car, the E30 solution is an add on with aftermarket parts. You can still slot your mounts to get adjustment on the E30 its just more difficult to make adjustments.
  11. mhr650

    Best bang for the buck

    ChampCar is not the only series to use nonadjustable shocks. I have a friend that was one of the first people to bring shaker rigs into F1 back in the 90’s. Back then the rig only had 4 posts and to simulate downforce they had a winch at each end to crank the car down before they started the testing… He was adamant that they would never use adjustable shocks, even though they were legal, because it introduced a level of uncertainty of how much a click was worth. They only used nonadjustable shocks that they had run across the rig and sent to the track as a matched set, of course at their level they would have had dozens of matched sets in the hauler. Oh yea, I live 15 minutes from one of the most sophisticated shaker rigs in North America
  12. mhr650

    What Tire Size Does Your Team Run?

    15X12 wheels are already out there waiting for them... https://949racing.com/15x12-6UL.aspx
  13. mhr650

    Differentials Learn Me!

    I gave up driving completely. I discovered that if you build a fast race winning car it is much easier to attract fast drivers to wheel it….
  14. You are right about FWD having much more movement and needing a flex joint. I can offer some suggestions for those joints after working with the engineering departments of flex joint suppliers for multi stage turbo systems. The flex joints are very good at axial movement in and out. They are pretty good at bending, they are OK on axial misalignment but getting more sketchy. Any twisting force at all will quickly fail one of these flex joints, be careful that you don’t install them in a way that a failure would result in the exhaust trying to twist the joint.
  15. mhr650

    Differentials Learn Me!

    If you have a stock LSD seems like you could do a test day to try it back to back and see what the clock says about any differences before you go the points and expense to try to make the stock or aftermarket LSD live in an endurance race environment.