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  1. Think that’s bad wait until they get the electric front wheel drive…..
  2. Saw that, thought about it and couldn’t come up with a compelling reason why it would be better. The one change I always make is to install M8 studs on the bell housing to hold the slave cylinder since the stock screws seem to thread into butter…
  3. At this point it is only half what it will eventually be…….
  4. These are the best I have found. The pin is stainless steel instead of aluminum, they have a nice over center latching pin, and once you install them the pin is captured so it stays in the top plate and you don’t have to chase it around. https://www.amazon.com/d/Hood-Pins/OMP-EB-490-Hood-Pin/B003V4UACA
  5. One of the features hyped on that Antigravity battery is the “Built in jump starting”. Once the voltage gets down to a certain value the BMS shuts it down completely, then you push the button on the battery and you get one last chance with whatever it has left. I am shopping for one for my KTM 1290. Being a 1300cc, 13:1 compression v-twin it needs a battery as big as we need for race cars. If I ever start running the rotary again I could probably get by with a dirt bike sized lithium battery.
  6. You just described how modern cars run, keep the throttle as wide open as possible all the time and regulate torque output with the electronic wastegate actuator. I asked about that for a potential turbo build, the turbo swap rules are kind of vague about the parts allowed to make it work. If it were interpreted to be that everything from the turbo to the cylinder head was included in the piping you could build a manifold and use a different throttle body. Bosch is selling standalone DBW throttle bodies or I could snag one from Emissions division. The interpretation that I got was that turbos got free headers, but the throttle bodies and intake were points, superchargers got free intakes and maybe throttle bodies if they were part of the SC, but headers were points.
  7. You are close but if you have a maximum value for parts, why bother having a 2X at all? All 2X ever does is to make some cars less desirable if you can’t find expensive OEM part prices for your car. $250 per caliper and $150 per rotor would get you into a nice Wilwood Superlite caliper and 2piece rotors. Make brackets and hats free and you would have a nice system with low running costs.
  8. Does pretty much everything that other 7 inch digital dashes from other manufacturers do and is hundreds less. If you decide to go to an aftermarket ECU their box has some interesting advantages compared to other low cost solutions. Last but not least using a programmable PDM integrated into the CAN feed to the ECU and digital dash lets you do some really interesting things. https://ecumasterusa.com/collections/digital-dash-displays/products/ecumaster-adu7-advanced-display-unit-1?variant=13482638901309 After looking at the cost vs benefit analysis I would never consider building another car with gauges. Remember the gauges cost money too, require extra wiring and plumbing to work compared to just taking the data that the ECU already has and organizing it the way you want it.
  9. Fuel lines and injectors are both free, just make or buy a fuel rail with AN fittings.
  10. What lead you to believe that the 16.5 gallon tank was not the correct tank for your car? When I looked into it seems like from mid-year 1990 to end of production in 1991 the 318 came with the big tank. https://www.automobile-catalog.com/auta_details1.php
  11. If you wanted to consider front wheel drive: 2006 GTI. 375 points and if you take the 75 point credit for the DSG and add zero point engine and tuning mods you would end up with a 300 point 300hp skateboard, with 200 points left over for reliability, suspension, and aero. The standard engine is a 2.0L direct injection turbo, with larger injectors and a larger high pressure fuel pump, both of which are both zero points, you can easily tune it to 300HP with the stock turbo.
  12. You must have never heard Blitzvinning drive down pit road….
  13. I paid points for this exact swap, but if we can get a different interpretation then 25 points is 25 points I can use elsewhere.
  14. I think it is 7 with redundant relays. Still that seems a lot to me.
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