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  1. Sadly, you are likely to run into the small diameter clutch precedent. If it looks too racy to other teams it must be charged points regardless of the actual benefit. Of course, as always once you pay your points don’t stop at stock replacement, once you have taken points you can go crazy with the improvements, to make sure you get your moneys worth. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you since you don’t have the points to begin with.
  2. At one point someone had a ruling that they could race a DSG dual clutch paddle shifted trans and take the 75 point automatic credit, that loop hole has been closed. Even without the automatic credit it would make an awesome race car. My daily driver is a Golf 4motion with a DSG transmission and Haldex all wheel drive, it's a blast running around the mountains we have around here. It even rev matches for you on the down shifts.
  3. I am in GA today so I stopped by Discovery. They are sold out of the G Force shoes, guess I should have pulled the trigger when I first found them.
  4. Hopefully you are using a quality standalone ECU. Ditching the awful 80’s fuel injection was the best change I made to my car
  5. And its fun to let other teams wonder why you are pouring blue fuel into your car.
  6. The Jegs example is a perfect case to highlight the SFI shakedown operation. Exact same part with and without the sticker, nearly $100 difference
  7. That RCI cell is intriguing, the wedge shape means free diffuser, and because the filler plate is oval and the remote filler only comes in line with the major axis of the cell opening, that means a couple feet of extra of 2.5 inch hose to make it to the cell inlet.
  8. The fuel cell rule has always been the same, we installed a Jaz fuel cell with the SFI sticker in 2013. A big problem with the Jaz cells is that they jump from 16 gallons to 22 gallons which makes it hard to get your plus 2 gallons. Now I have the stock 16 gallons, but to go to the 18 that I am allowed I would have to go a different route.
  9. Jaz fuel cells are SFI legal, but they don’t install the stickers due to being shaken down by SFI for the stickers. Almost no other racing series in the US cares about the SFI sticker. Jaz will happily install a SFI sticker for you, you must buy the cell directly from Jaz and send them an extra $70.
  10. Hopefully with your fuel cell install you have moved the filler to a reasonable location. I still don’t see how they allow fueling of stock Miata’s with a driver change going on. You have an open car with fueling going on a foot away from the driver, and 4 people inside the fireball instead of 2. It should be mandatory that fuel fillers are on the passenger side to keep the fueling and driver changes separated.
  11. You could build a pretty sporty rear suspension for 60 points, 3 link, 10 points per link, panhard 10 points, coilovers 20 points.
  12. It was to reign in the 6+ inch filler pipes that some people were running since there was no rule at the time.
  13. True about that 3.2 Acura engine being a beast. A few years ago, I was going to Ohio 5-6 times a year working on a turbo 6 cylinder with Honda until Japan canceled the program. All of their testing was done with that engine, and they use them in all of their special projects. The chief engineer on that program had an NSX that was a left over works Le Mans chassis, they built it into a Pikes Peak car with a turbo 3.2. it was a fast car, but it didn’t help that Peugeot decided to enter his same class and set what was the all-time record at the time…
  14. Lots of cars couldn’t meet that rule. Lots of front wheel drive cars have the fuel cell mounted in front of the rear wheels, and there is the rule allowing the fuel cell in the passenger seat area on 2 seat cars. In either case the best place for the filler is the B pillar, which is a good location since you can get it nice and high. I believe Mender has the filler on the front cowl for his Fiero.
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