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  1. Exactly my thoughts, I had to do something to convert my car from the stupid 4X110 so I used the super common 4X100 to get relatively low cost Miata wheels.
  2. Like everyone else congratulations, well done to Team Infinity. Last night was the first time that I have watched ChampCar live, one of the coolest things you can have in endurance racing is a last hour chase down, even though in this case the places changed back after the race it was fun to watch.
  3. This is a definite fear that I have with my car. Everyone is fine with high point cars running at the front and letting low point cars fill the field. But when you go and spend all your points and build a fast car the pitchforks come out pretty fast.
  4. Best finish in the second race, in this case Sunday, is easy and has been working in motocross for 50 years or more.
  5. If you race a car with 787 on the door, the ceramic apex seals fit, I believe that may have been the first time ceramic seals were used. The highish price, I got a smoking deal, was paid 5 years ago so there I no good reason to let them continue to gather dust.
  6. Related topic that those in this thread should know something about. How much is a FC subframe and steering swap costing in points nowadays? I plan to build my own crossmember but it would be interesting to know what the guys with FC swaps have seen.
  7. That is my plan, build a fresh engine with all my best stuff, up to and including ceramic apex seals. Spend some time on the dyno tuning and getting a big power number, then sell everything to a rotary fanatic who can use it for track days or autocross. Then move on to a nice lightweight aluminum 4 cylinder engine.
  8. Distributors are a bit overpriced at 20 points but here you go. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/msd-85101?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAjwjbCDBhAwEiwAiudByw2yKTXzG6Sor0CIXHCcD5NQe_X8lEIFiAvwkMaoEv-qnGcrsKVNqRoC5E0QAvD_BwE
  9. Who would run a distributor in 2021, when ECU’s are free, and LS coils are dirt cheap?
  10. Sounds like you understand your dilemma… they changed which housings have the water seal O-rings from the GSL-SE to the later 13B engines, and the 12A center housings don’t have injector bosses. If you want to keep what you have your only choice is to find a GSL-SE center housing, and like you say that is likely to be difficult. How desperate are you? I am going to be liquidating all my rotary stuff as I swap to a different engine, and I have one, but it is in the engine in the car with a stuck apex seal. I would have to pull the engine, disassemble it and check the housings over. They are lik
  11. Yeah there was a tech desk reply. The slashes are key. Turbocharger/supercharger and exhaust/intake, you get one of each not both free with any turbo or supercharger. Makes as much sense as most tech desk rulings.
  12. You don't get an intake with a turbo installation, I wish. The way it works is that you get headers with a turbo, but you have to pay points if you want or need to change your intake. You get an intake with a supercharger, but you have to pay points for a header.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if they run into a supply shortage at some point. They may be the reverse of Hankook which only sends tires to TireRack once a year, and instead sends over smaller batches, which if they all the sudden get popular could be depleted quickly.
  14. OK so maybe the new tire will be called the Fox Body RS4… one thing that is clear is that in a competitive market everyone is required to change or die, and I am sure that Hankook will have some other tire in the category at some point in the future
  15. After our experience with not especially sticky 245's I am adding power steering to my car.
  16. Wide 15-inch tires are the new hot trend, lots of stuff in the pipeline. I converted my car back when the Maxxis was the only game in town, by the end of this year I expect to see as many as 10 tires available in 245-40-15, I can’t wait.
  17. As I understand it the Cooper RS3-R has nothing in common with the normal Cooper tire range. They are made by the Avon race tire group in the UK, they are only imported to the US because there was already a company that was importing the Avon rally tires. Cooper is now the sponsor of WRL so it wouldn’t surprise me if they became the spec tire for them. This points out a trend that I expect to see more of, tires made by racing companies that have a UTQG stamp on them. The next one I see coming down the road is the Nankang CR-1, it seems to be a full racing tire and is not available
  18. As long as the center of the tire to the face of the flange is the same the hub will see the same loads. On my car I run very thick wheel adapters which would normally be bad for the hubs, but the Miata wheels have so much more backspacing that the tires end up in the same place and just barely clear the struts. What will make a difference is if one wheel is heavier than the other, for hub stress and everything else related to the suspension less unsprung weight is always better.
  19. Of all the rules in ChampCar I would say that 5-minute pit stops is as close to written in stone as you will find. I would say that 5-minute pit stops, and no buying fuel are the least likely rules to ever be changed, for good or bad it is in the DNA of the series.
  20. I know tirerack is the sponsor but they are useless for finding wheels. They made a decision to not allow searching by size.
  21. I understand the problem of banning certain tires, as what's available in the market changes it becomes a game of whack a mole. Seems like doing the opposite would be simpler, only tires on an approved list are legal to use. As new tires come on the market they would not be legal until ChampCar determines if they match the other tires on the list. That way when a hot new autocross tire comes to the market it never makes it to the list and we just ignore them. Simultaneous typing
  22. What he is looking for is how he can get a replacement at a race weekend. Most race tracks are in the middle of nowhere so best case is you have an Autozone or Advance to get replacement parts.
  23. GRM tested the RT660 against RE71. Just as fast with wear the same or maybe even worse. Autocross market is so much bigger than the road race market it is the only sensible choice for the tire manufacturers. Street squids run what the winning autocrossers run, they don’t even know that we exist.
  24. Any alternator is zero points now, thank Riley. Now when someone shows up with one of these and a stack of 48V batteries that will be interesting.
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