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  1. 2:28? You do realize if you had been driving faster you would have been past the poor defenseless bird before he made his ill fated pass through the start finish line.
  2. Well aren't you guys just being all peachy. Yeah made it to Mississippi about 8 this morning just in time to go on to work. Seriously, when I went into turn 1, into the esses, and into the roller coaster your words were echoing in my head how to drive those spots so indeed it was the coaching. If any of y'all have not been around this Huggins racing bunch, the entire team is not only fun to race with but just great to be around. Great family atmosphere, I admire what y'all have there. It was a privilege to be asked to come be a part of it. Not much time to reflect, apparently I have a serious racing addiction as we run my car this weekend in the "other" series. Two nights to get it ready to load up and head that way. Happy trails everybody.
  3. As long as it only slows the “other” teams down and not us I am all for it. NIMBY Edit: I was just kidding around when I said that above. I realize it is a serious issue that will have to be addressed. Just glad I’m not the one that has to decide.
  4. Damn Jeff thats scary we had almost the same reply.
  5. I understand the point you’re making but I think I would have to respectfully disagree. I think you’re missing out on the spirit of what makes the series unique. Bring us your tired your poor your hungry we will let them come race. We need the car count and entry fees to keep this affordable. You just have to work around the newer and slower teams, its part of the strategy. Ya gotta dance with who brung ya in my opinion. But I will have to agree it is getting scary out there with the speed disparity. I had a near encounter with the Triumph at south bend that was terrifying. Chris trusted me with his car and I came oh so close to letting him down there. Maybe some middle ground on minimum experience, etc will be the path we take. I saw an idea one time about each new team having a mentoring team assigned to them. Not sure how that would work but sounds good in principle.
  6. I see what you did there, you quoted yourself. Well done on the engine swap. I know it’s not what you guys wanted to do but it was impressive to get the engine swap and get the car back out there. I wish I could’ve stayed around today and hung out with you guys but work calls. Rolling through Alabama now.
  7. It’s a double edge sword to shut somebody down and run the risk of having an unhappy customer and never come back and maybe badmouth the series. I get the safety aspect of it but dealing with slow traffic is part of the race. Probably somebody should have went to talk to them and say look in the darkness you guys are creating a safety hazard. I know as much as you would like to continue to race you need to consider that maybe to appeal to their judgment. Maybe pick back up in the daylight hours if you are intent on finishing the race. But we were able to work around them. It’s funny the things that you see in the awards ceremony. Those guys seemed so happy to have finished the race and accept their trophy. Maybe it was worth it to let them have their moment
  8. Sorry to hear. I mixed it up with whoever drove 10pm to midnight. Was a blast. We had a slipping clutch so couldnt pull out of turns without milking the throttle. Much good times.
  9. I thought i saw 23 laps, was it just 15?
  10. Oh, there is a reason. Which one of the dwarfs worked on them last?
  11. It helps to pour water in your driving shoes first, then it's like the real thing with rain and everything.
  12. Y'all chill out, he has one driver that for sure will break the car at least once. Maybe the rest of us will have a chance to catch up when that happens.
  13. I don't get why anybody would hope for rain. It just sucks even if it gives you an advantage. We won a race last year because it rained like hell the first day, well that and some unfortunate for them failures by some teams, but even at that it still sucks. There is obvious strategy involved, the choice of rain tires, your handling set up, your driving experience, etc, etc. But, the chance of some numbnuts plowing into you and f'ing up your car is higher with a slick track, so it sucks. But, if it rains I drive in it and compete like hell just like it was dry, but it still sucks.