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  1. Man I hate that for y'all. But I can understand wanting to show up with a fully sorted car. Good luck in the 24.
  2. Found the front tire flat on mine and won’t hold air. Was going to leave it, but may throw it on there and fix it along the way.
  3. Well, I finally had to put the car in the trailer, no more obsessing over what is not done. Stop off in Birmingham to do a couple of things to the car I couldn’t do at home, load up the team and head that way tomorrow evening.
  4. Sometimes. The first guy has got to anticipate it to get the stack to work. This is one of the more risky times in my opinion. You will have a team fueling with all the gear and visors down and 5 foot away a team is done fueling and not outfitted any longer.
  5. Don’t listen to them. It will be mass confusion.
  6. Ay, you talkin to me? If so, no I do not. I will have what I know I need to have. So far in the other 62 races I have been in I haven't needed one, but like ole Matthew McConaughey said in We Are Marshall, first time for everything.
  7. Yeah I told my 86 yr old dad to bring his walker don’t bring his electric scooter. He really wants to come so this is the only way i guess.
  8. Bill, do you know how easy it will be to get access to the fuel trucks? We won't have a pickup or open truck to haul a drum, so I am hoping I can pull the trailer close and fill directly with it in the trailer. I tow with an RV so it makes it pretty tough to maneuver. I can get help from a friend to haul with a truck, but it makes it an effort to get a drum out of the truck to my trailer. Another option is to use a drum dolley which we can also borrow. Do we know enough yet on this situation?
  9. No, this is a friend that has years in industrial refrigeration that has been working on a unit. I'll try to find the link to the post he shared on facebook with the initial details. We and another team are going to test his first units, so I'll keep you guys posted in a dedicated thread once we are at that point.
  10. All this cooler improvement hopefully is about to be obsolete. We are going to test a refrigerant unit a friend is developing that weighs about 9.5 lbs and at high load pulls about 13 amps. If it all proves out that's the direction we will go. Drop by to check it out, it's still in beta phase development but should come around pretty quickly if it all works fine.
  11. Yeah that is always good to have a spare, but I figured a spare cooler doesn't help the guy in the car. Version A was two pumps with check valves and one set of hoses. Just too much crap and didn't work well. The way I have it only means hose swap which can be done on track without looking if you have to, maybe costs a couple seconds. Plus I found a pump that works for $10 so not like it is a huge cost. I actually went with a $60 pump that works better, but the $10 one works to and is a spare for the spare in my parts bin.
  12. We are ready, I have a spare pump installed in the cooler with separate hoses on a separate circuit. Redundancy in the places that matter.
  13. Yeah, I tell everybody if the coolsuit quits working, I am coming in no matter what position.
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