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  1. NASCAR is officially dead

    See how much I care? No, I was not aware, maybe it was the year before. And every race has empty stands. I remember when there was a waiting list for Bristol tickets.
  2. NASCAR is officially dead

    That has nothing to do with it. Of course I would, but still watching the gimmicks, no passing ability, etc takes away from it. It's still racing, just not good racing. I am not alone, last year they didn't even open up the back stretch grandstands at the July race. Empty stands everywhere.
  3. NASCAR is officially dead

    Nope, I was sitting in the stands at Talladega in the 70's watching close racing, sling shots, etc. The period you describe wasn't really that long. The reason the restrictor plates were put on was to prevent cars from ending up in the stands. Watching cars run single file the last 15 laps isn't close racing, it's just close together. I may be surprised when the race is run Sunday, we will see.
  4. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    Ok, you had me until this. I know these things work and are quite impressive, but to use the video of it to compare with other drivers just won't work in our case. I don't need another device to tell me Chris is driving my car harder than me, that's just gonna make me mad.
  5. Not sure about all teams, but nailed two examples. We (Burningham) were a relatively fast car that broke down. Bottom right. Our loosely connected other team (Rocketham) was relative to the field slower but very consistent. Top left. This really comes as no surprise that we came out on this graph this way.
  6. NASCAR is officially dead

    Yeah, I guess you're right it's impressive to put your front bumper on the back bumper of the car in front of you never pulling out to pass because you just go backwards all the while going "oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssshhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt I hope I don't wreck"
  7. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    Dang, that's scary. Strange failure too. The one pic I left in the quote, is it not bent there like it took a sharp strike? Hard to tell in a pic. Let us know what you find out from the manufacturer.
  8. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    Nice driving, good video.
  9. Dang, I make it out there last year and it rains the entire time.
  10. Just watched a recording of the clash at Daytona from earlier today. If they had zoomed in on the grass in the infield it would have been more exciting watching it grow. Geeze, why can’t they do something to make an actual race go on? I gave up on it years ago but was at someone’s house who was watching the playback. I would be willing to bet our race there in April would be more enjoyable for the average tv viewer than what will go on there this week.
  11. Interesting data, thanks for putting it together. I always download laptimes and sort/compile the data for our team. I throw out the high lap times somewhat arbitrarily figuring they are cautions, either partial or full course. We usually average less than a second difference between drivers. Unfortunately, one of our drivers always beats me by .25 to .5 seconds which really pisses me off. No matter what the data yields, but I am sure it will back this up, there are some basic premises required to do well in these races: Drivers have to run consistent lap times no matter what traffic they deal with. You have to stay clean, no penalties. You have to hit pit out with time left on the clock. No mechanicals. If the race length is an even number, you have to make 2 hour stints. Fastest time of the day for your car usually has to be in the top 5 cars ftd.
  12. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    I never knew Crampy was one of the six dwarfs, but then again I was not aware Assy was either until Friday night.
  13. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    Maybe it's because you are going faster? Only thing I can think of. Wait, what am I thinking, by all means any team that thinks it increases brake pad wear should remove their ABS. Please do.
  14. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    Chris must have been driving slow, I usually go by y'all so fast I never notice... hyuck yuck yuck.