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  1. Booked my flights. Arrive in LAX Thursday, ride up Friday in the posh Pomona Speed shop digs. Win, hoist our trophy, drive back to SoCal, red eye back out of Ontario Monday night. At least that’s the plan.
  2. See, this is why i am going back to the stock defroster. I figure the electrical load is about the same. The additional weight is just going to have to be lugged around unless i can figure a quick way to get it in and out based on weather.
  3. I have a 3rd bed in the RV you can use, or you can snuggle with preston on the couch your choice.
  4. After the Barber deluge or monsoon or whatever it was, I have just about decided to put the stock defroster system back in. The stuff weighs about 12 to 15 pounds but subtracting the two E30 vert defrosters and removing the electrical load should balance some of that back out. Plus I think I can reduce that somewhat with some work. The electric defrosters work pretty well unless it is like it was at Barber. I had a spot on the right side that fogged up and just couldn't see there, the two places where the electric defrosters were ended up pretty clear so it wasn't terrible. Not sure I'll have the time before Rd Atl to put it back, but that's my plan. The original defroster with heater core is just hard to beat. We ran in the rain a few years ago at AMP all day and never had a fogging issue. I want that back. Tyler, if you go the BMW E30 vert route, the E36 ones work just as well and might be a bit more powerful. I have a couple of those if you don't find any reasonably priced. They need a bit of work bypassing the bi-metal overheat contacts. That's the downfall of both units, the contacts get old and won't make good contact. I sometimes have to bang on mine to get the heater to work in them. A bit of soldering would take care of that.
  5. If my shoulder is better by then I am coming to dump fuel.
  6. Cheapskate. You haven't gotten eaten by an alligator yet I see.
  7. How about a Central? NCM COTA Barber Maybe add Rd Am?
  8. Hell yeah, just gotta find time to get it there. I might stay up there for a race, with all those weak cars up there.
  9. Ed, I have raced against both of you guys for years and I'll say I trust both teams when I am racing near you. I always look forward to running against either one of you because I know the cars will be well piloted. I watched both videos many times this morning because apparently I am too lazy to get out and do anything else. So here is my opinion for whatever that is worth. If you watch your hands starting at about 1:09 in your video you see you make a slight turn to the right and hold it and then you are coming neutral at about the point of contact. I assume the slight steer to right is due to the track jog to right that is coming up. If you watch the black marks on the track you are crossing left to right slightly. When you watch Tyler's video starting at about 4:21:08, his driver is neutral steering and makes no movement either left or right thru the incident. But as we know there is a slight jog to the right going into turn 3 so at that part of the track he was moving slightly right to left. It seems like you were crossing slightly left to right based on steering and then coming out of it, and he had the car going straight but that crosses the track right to left slightly. Not sure what can be drawn from that, other than you both were moving laterally in opposite directions and probably didn't realize it coming into that hard braking turn. Not to be a rules lawyer, but here is what the bccr says about passing: It is the responsibility of the overtaking car to prepare for, plan and execute a FULL and COMPLETE safe pass. The definition of a full and complete pass is when the overtaking car has extended a lead of approximately one car length ahead of the vehicle being passed. Stuff happens at speed, and as somebody else said all of this incident happened in less than 3 seconds and after one of the most hair raising turns in motorsports if you take it like it needs to be taken. Restarts always puts a lot of cars in one spot trying to make a turn. Luckily nobody had terrible damage and both cars live to race again. Edit: One thing I don't like about the rule listed above, how do you plan and execute a full and complete safe pass if you are going down the straight and a car suddenly jogs over into you? How do you plan for that because it can happen anytime you are passing a car? You just hope the other car either knows you are there or at least they are predictable in holding their line no matter where on track.
  10. You and your weak ass Maxima. Haha. The 911's disguised as 986's, Andrew's CRX, Riley's camaro, the 9-4 supra, Gvuley's BMW, GWR, Paul's car.... They all seemed strong when I was out there in Scotty's little Maxima. I will admit though, as tough as that was, Sebring was tougher.
  11. That has got to be the fastest I have driven in a race ever. That was a total blast out there running against you guys like I said after the race. Looking forward to doing it again at Road Atlanta.
  12. A lot of times jersey barriers are either keyed or pinned together. These were not, at least one of the wrecks the first contact pushed the barrier back and then hit the end of the next one. Results in a bad hit when it happens like this.
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