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  1. He is going to be there, I'll convince him somehow. I will work on it this week when we are doing the Route 66 ride across the country. Should be full of awesomeness.
  2. Agreed, put me in the dumb category. I would pass the leader, then spin out and watch them go right by me when I was in the Pomona car.
  3. Why would a pwm not work on your pump? It's a dc pump right?
  4. I have used the ebay pulse width modulators for a couple of years now on the coolsuit pump and the helmet air fan. I keep a spare but so far have not needed to use it. It is a handy way to extend the ice in the cooler and minimizes the distractions you mention of turning off/on. Kind of like wipers without a park switch, just one more thing to contend with that is not necessary. As far as the fancy output display, that's just not necessary, what you feel is the only output indication you need. This is similar to the ones I have. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-6V-90V-15A-Pulse-Width-Modulator-PWM-DC-Motor-Speed-Governor-Controller-PLC-/201403431911?hash=item2ee4947be7
  5. It's one of the straight through 3" in/out mufflers. Verified on the dyno on my car to rob less than 1hp. I can't say this is the exact one but looks just like this.
  6. I have to admit you make some pretty convincing points. When I saw this petition and the final rule I really didn’t give it much thought but now looking back I wish I would have. I like the idea of people being a little more invested before you can run as a championship contender but I am like you I drive a lot of different cars in addition to mine. Maybe some of us will submit a petition to tweak this back a bit. This year it looks like I will only drive my car 4 races but have driven 5 other times and at least 2 more maybe 4 more in another car before the end of the year. I am not worried about the championship this year because I am quite sure I would not tow 2000 miles one way just to run Sonoma next year even somehow with two points. But subsequent years that might be an issue to get qualified. But I’m still kind of torn three or four weekends a year should be doable for most teams. But this is a business and anything that runs even one team away from one race is bad so certainly that has to be paramount in the discussion.
  7. Way to go Jeff, from what I have read you killed Champcar with one petition. Nice.
  8. The communication between tech, management, and TAC is pretty good. We converse almost every day.
  9. We run a 3" Magnaflow on a 3L engine and have never had a noise issue, including NCM and AMP which are particularly picky on noise.
  10. It is unless it rains. When wet it is the slickest surface I have ever driven on other than an ice covered road. But lets hope for dry, turn one flat out is a gut check for sure. Fun track.
  11. We have a double 3" naca duct that we use for air to the front of the driver and the other for helmet air.
  12. Do you run a vacuum reference back to the regulator in the tank?
  13. Same in the Lexus. We bleed before a race just to make sure, never have an issue.
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