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  1. It looks good, but is it fast? We’ll see this weekend. I am stuck in T town waiting for tires to be mounted on the rv but still should be there fairly early. I will text when I get in town.
  2. Thats not always the case. We got passed once under yellow and they called us in. We had video to back it up. Even though we still served the black flag we were able to start the discussion and get it resolved quicker than otherwise would have been able to. Nobody is perfect including station workers and officials. Thats why you have the avenue for dialog. Or at least you should if you care anything about fair play.
  3. Same here Brian, you know you can count on me if you need anything in a pinch. Unfortunately we have one driver that works for a gestapo state that won't let him travel which means he won't make it unless something changes, so that puts us pretty short handed as well.
  4. I guess it went by so fast it just looked like a cheaty Altima.
  5. It's bad enough you guys are passing us, but did you have to show a clip where @Slugworks Paul passes at the same time?
  6. Much appreciated. I tried to not screw that up but to no avail.
  7. 2 to 4 gallons over? I say: https://gfycat.com/FrigidThirstyGrunion
  8. I will be there too let’s try to get together on track and mix it up.
  9. Well, we spun a rod bearing in practice at Rd Atl and stuffed a junkyard motor in it that night so when i say proactively i mean when we end up with a used motor like this one we know we need to do it. They just all tend to have a lot of corrosion on the block mating surface. As fate would have it this one looked really good and it wasn’t necessary but no way to know without looking. Done now so should be good until something else happens. Similar on the W58 trans, we used to run them to failure, now we pull them and rebuild them periodically. Wish I had done that on clutch pressure plates. We lost one last year and put a used one in and lost it at Rd Atl so now my plan is to chunk them every year and put a new one in.
  10. We started yesterday with a headgasket change which was just proactive based on our experience with the lexus engines. Finished it today then swapped in a rebuilt spare trans. Fired it up, test drove around the block. Should be good to go for cota or whatever our next race ends up being if that one gets slashed at the last minute.
  11. No criticism allowed, I am sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily
  12. Chris had the wrong picture.
  13. The big orange gators prevent a lot of the “outside” race surface. Turn 19 is the most obvious in the SM races where they go 20’ or more outside the red lines. As said above, the last races we had there it was said if you go past the red you were off the race surface and subject to black flag.
  14. Maybe it was just wishful thinking when it was typed in. A double ten would have been awesome.
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