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  1. I'll message my contact info, been running one of these since 2016. Call or text if you want to talk. I watched the video, didn't see anything obvious.
  2. I guess anywhere in the southeast in the summer is bad. NCM last year was brutal, the August 2015 race at Barber was bad, those are the two hottest I can remember. The summer COTA race was pretty tough, but I guess it was the lower humidity it didn't seem as bad as those two.
  3. I didn't mean new vs old as far as can you race it at Indy I was just wondering what new car you were bringing out.
  4. No time to spend on the car lately, work has been a priority. But I came home tonight and finished a support bracket for the exhaust. Kept breaking welds or loosening flange nuts so gonna try another support. Did a botch job on the weld repair tonight but its on and hopefully will hold. This is what i started with. Won’t show the final product because I don’t take criticism well.
  5. Same here, we were parked next to each other at Sebring. Good bunch of racers.
  6. Yeah they both fit me well. I can't find the receipt for mine, it might also be the XL now that I think about it.
  7. We went with the OMP HTE-R standard width. Nice seat, no issues yet, been running it for a year and a half or maybe two years.
  8. I always thought the optimum (affordable) track car was an E46 M3 on 275's. But you don't have S54 power so 255's is probably your best size, maybe stretch them a bit if you can find the wheel to do it.
  9. Burningham was paid in full last week. Now just have to get a car ready to race 20 hours. Yay. Racing = fun, prep = not so much.
  10. My M54 was an 01 but it was in a Z3 not an E46 but should be pretty much the same. I wouldn’t worry about this issue unless you pull the head, people run these motors lots of miles.
  11. I forgot you had a specific E46 thread, so moved this from the other thread since it seemed more appropriate over here. The M54 is aluminum block in north america, make note of the year the one you are looking at was made. Some of the early ones (of which I was lucky enough to be the owner of one) had some issues with how the aluminum was cast. I used to know the technical casting details that caused that, but has been too long ago, I am sure somebody else will chime in. They don't seem to have an issue unless you have to pull the head for some reason. When you torque the head bolts, it is common to lose the threads. Some will say it happens when an engine is overheated, but my engine had never been overheated and it still did it. In my case I had three go on the second pull (still pretty low torque). I installed Time-Sert inserts in the block for all head bolts and no problem afterward. The timesert kit is about $400 but most everybody does like I did and buys the kit with inserts, uses it, buys replacement inserts and sells it again on Ebay, etc for about what you paid less the cost of the inserts which are about $25. Anybody out there that pulls the head on an M54 (at least the early ones that had the aluminum casting issue), go ahead and save yourself the time and cost of consuming a new head gasket and just timesert the threads. It's a pretty easy job. Then the fun begins on trying to retime the cams with the dual vanos. You have to get somebody with the special jig to help set those. I tried machining my own jig but just couldn't get it close enough, or didn't know what I was doing? Got help, no problems. Oh by the way, go ahead and do the vanos rebuild/update if you are at this point.
  12. Edited: I moved what I had here to the E46 thread you started.
  13. That would not be out of the box. This thread specifically is about what car is best out of the box.
  14. Yeah that was 9-4 running it in EC when it was over 500 points. I think Brian is going to focus it toward WRL but not sure.
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