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  1. Burningham

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    Thats what I say, we should be teammates.
  2. Burningham

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    I drove by my car loaded in the trailer several times today. I thought really hard about working on it each time. Still in the trailer.
  3. Burningham

    oil pressure safety kill switch

    The point at which the oil pressure light comes on: Immediately after:
  4. Burningham

    Spin = Two Feet In?

    Mender brings up some good points on learning to control the car even in situations of near loss of control. I would like to do some of the stuff you have listed on the winter driving course. But in the real world of this series and most daily track drivers it remains the best plan of action to put both feet in. Even some of the best reach the point it is not savable. What that actual point is depends on each driver, their experience, and track conditions. Reminds me of a guy I was instructing last month in his late model Carrera 4S. We came into turn 13 at Barber (tunnel turn) and he turned in early and didn't use the compression zone of that turn to his maximum all of which is a bad move. As they always do he pinches it off at the top of the tunnel and spins the car. He got on the brakes and we slid to a stop. I looked at him and said congratulations, you are the first student I have ever had do that and not hit the wall.
  5. It's going to be tough to get a high car count for this one since it is Father's Day and a month before Indy. I hate to have to miss this one, good course that we know well.
  6. Burningham

    Kill switches?

    Most cars already have this, unless it was removed. But yes that is one way to protect the wire and is a good idea even if not in the rules. Some of us have installed a circuit breaker at the battery for the same reason. As Mike said, there will be some discussion on suggestions for safety as well as the rules specific to this looked at. But, as mentioned previously the 2019 rules already state: Both the main battery circuit and the ignition circuit must be interrupted by the kill switch.
  7. Burningham

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Please don’t do that. This isn’t costing anything for people to make comments. This isn’t the same thing as the 2019 rules update thread where one car kept derailing the thread.
  8. For Burningham, we started 2018 with high hopes. We finished 2017 on a roll with 3 wins and a second place (2 WRL, 2 Champ) so we thought we had it figured out. Didn't take long to realize not so. Rd Atl - failed trans, Daytona - electrical issues, NCM National Championship - ended the first day in the lead, diff issues on 2nd lap of 2nd day then failed fuel pump ended it, WRL Barber - 3rd place first day and blown engine on the second day, Barber in December - smashed the front end into the armco on first day, Sebring in December - fuel pump on first day and taken out by reckless EC car on second day. Pretty much a disappointment the entire year, other than having fun hanging out with my team and everybody at the track. The highlight was racing against my cousin and his Pomona Speed Shop team from California at Daytona and the NCM national championship. Good stuff. When driving with other teams, it was a pretty good year. 4th place with Danger Racing at Charlotte, 3rd place with Huggins at the VIR 24, 2nd place with Cone Crushers at Sebring in September, and back to back wins at the dual 8's at AMP with Danger. Maybe the plan should be to drive with somebody else this year, that seems to work out better. Nah, got an Indy race to get ready for..... Good luck everybody going into 2019, be safe out there.
  9. Burningham

    Sebring today

    Two more ounces per can for the win.
  10. Burningham

    Sebring today

    Yeah, well I hear there are dudes who enjoy driving Miatas too (not that there is anything wrong with that?)
  11. Burningham

    Sebring today

    I don’t know, I had some Two Hearted ale in my rv that I would have gladly sacrificed for the cause. I don’t know what i was thinking when i bought that swill, tastes like water soaked in dirty socks.
  12. Burningham

    Sebring today

    Unless you are talking about posts elsewhere (FB?) you might want to go back through the previous posts. All I see are people agreeing you were running a legal diff and all is good. Maybe I missed someone still calling y'all out. Congrats on the win, the car looked awesome out there, good race.
  13. Burningham

    Sebring today

    Some of that is just personality, not anything to get spun up about. He keeps coming up to me saying he knows I have the larger tank in my car, but a larger tank doesn’t exist. So now when I see him I say hey were you aware the VP cans only hold 4 gallons, I just dumped 5 of them in my 20 gal tank? But seriously, if you win you should expect some kind of scrutiny. It is going to happen, so just accept it and have fun with it and consider it part of the deal.
  14. Burningham

    Sebring today

    Exactly. Sometimes there are situations where it actually helps you to maintain your momentum through the next turn to get a fast car on past and out of the way. In a future race if I see the “cardboard Miata” catching me I am going to point him by just so I can laugh as he goes by.