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  1. How did you manage to get the fuel in, get the cap on, then change a tire in 38 seconds? That's a lot to get done in series like that.
  2. That’s even awesomer. Those that don’t want to can stay on the porch.
  3. No way, I think alphabetical order would be much better
  4. Turn 7 looks to be a watchout. Even though coming out slow from the horseshoe the wall comes in tight at track out.
  5. I think it will be similar to Rd Atl and Sebring, so I will figure 9.5/hr for the 2J. Show up with 20 in the tank and have to buy 180 at the track.
  6. Not me I hope to be drinking a beer celebrating and laughing at somebody calling me a cheater.
  7. 220, 221 volts. Whatever it takes....
  8. Many a 944 engine has been torched due to this #2 rod bearing issue. One of several reasons we gave up on the platform, but a swap would have been in the works were it not for our baby being totaled at a lemons race (driver crested a hill and a big stupid Nash was crossways in the track. A good reason we shouldn't have been there anyway). Here is another issue that once got us:
  9. Maybe its just me but I can’t see your pictures in your posts.
  10. More likely to end up breaking and ending up as debris on the track.
  11. From a purely fluid dynamics standpoint that is the math, but obviously in an engine its not that simple, right? I like the simplicity of this article to explain fuel pressure. Fuel pressure explained
  12. Thats why I like this installed in the dash. You always know what your fuel pressure this way. Next step will be something like an AIM dash and incorporate fuel pressure into it.
  13. Thats the point I was trying to make, you get good life out of the 08 so no need to run anything better and therefore more expensive.
  14. I think the question would be why? The E30 brakes have good balance between brake pressure and not being too aggressive to lock up a wheel. Since there are better endurance pads than the pfc08 and xp08 mentioned here that have good performance and life on an E30 that's a pretty good indicator that the brakes are sufficient in stock form.
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