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  1. F’n instigator. You probably have a commie flag tacked up inside your garage too.
  2. I assumed it was more of a fuel spillage prevention rather than a speed issue.
  3. So I had forgotten this petition, when I saw that in the redline rules update I thought I would check on a few systems. Holy sheet, that stuff is expensive. Don't think I'll be doing a dry break anytime soon unless that unknown rich uncle dies and leaves me a few mil. Anybody else checked this stuff out yet?
  4. Great idea, would not have thought of this. Thanks.
  5. Yep, we will get right on it. But since the Miata has won twice as many times we are working on those points first. They will obviously be double given the double number of wins. Edit: It's a proven fact the major handicap of running the SC300 can only be overcome with superior driving, so we'll probably drop the points some on it to make it a more attractive platform to mere mortals.
  6. Well, the last 5 years have been: Tuttle car Boxter Miata Miata 944 944 SC300 Mustang GT3000 So, just about anything can get to the front.
  7. I have run ST-43’s, ST-45’s, and ST-47’s for about 7 or 8 years now. I have bought them pre bedded, bedded then myself, and just slapped them in and gone racing. I have seen zero difference so I just bed them in if I get time or just put them in and go. I run a rotor that’s what’s on sale from advance or car quest. The thing a lot of people miss is the condition of calipers. If they are stiff, rebuild them or replace them. That seems to have more impact on variability of wear. I am not arguing what others have found, if it works for them it works for them. But nothing is
  8. Sure you can show up with no experience and come race with us. As Bill says, it will most likely always be that way with Champcar. But, I think it would be helpful to most drivers to get some experience on track outside of a wheel to wheel race. Go to a DE and let somebody talk you through car control. You will come to a race better prepared to deal with the traffic by knowing what a proper line is, etc. It's not necessary, but most people will enjoy their race experience more if they know a little more about how to drive a car on track. You don't need hours and hours, but a DE or two mi
  9. My spreadsheet shows 83 wheel to wheel race days but three or four of those are one event parc ferme over two days. So I figure over 75 races driven in on 18 different tracks. Edit: I show 201 track days total and a bunch more not counted that I didn’t drive in just rode along with some newbie learning to drive. A few years ago I built a rudimentary calculator for Barber and it estimates about 3200 laps there. With all that said I still screw up regularly on track. Experience is overrated, much like intelligence. Forgot about the part of the question on cars.
  10. I guess my new electric assist bicycle i bought before Indy will get a workout at Sebring as well.
  11. I would think the goal would be to not be good at this?
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