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  1. I'm with you, I just can't see 6 ARP flywheel bolts torqued properly being the weak link in this event by failing only in shear. That would be very odd. But, this happened shortly after the money shift so I guess there is always an exception.
  2. Correct here. If it was already on the list and had a VPI then it would not have changed. Only new requests of cars not on the list face this hurdle.
  3. I am completely opposite from this. I have an electric fan. It weighs 3.something pounds. Ok call it 4 with the relay and wiring. It draws 0.18 hp. I never ever have to worry about any situation where it doesn’t get enough airflow and overheat. Like maybe sitting warming up, or sitting in red flag, or in the pits, or in slow yellow flag, or any other non racing situation. But thats just me. If that .18 hp or 4 pounds or whatever airflow creating downforce I don’t get gets me beat, so be it. It just ain’t worth even thinking about in my opinion to risk overheating an engine in some wacky situation.
  4. Don't forget to fill the displacement balls with helium. If you want real gains that is.
  5. We could give you an opinion but just hit up @Ray Franck to make sure
  6. I think they won GP1 at VIR. I know they were leading at one point maybe they didn’t finish on top.
  7. Yeah for sure at least one 99 boxter is running GP1 over there. The other ones are in GP2.
  8. I usually replace it when I have the transmission out. One thing you can do on a new bearing is pop the shield out of one side and put good grease in it and put the shield back on. There really shouldn’t be a lot of stress on that bearing in most cases.
  9. Have you been taking exaggeration classes from Troy? You are getting better at it.
  10. But the equalizer on big horsepower gains is going to always be fuel.
  11. Yeah I hear he gave me the infamous California wave, but I went by so fast I didn't catch it.
  12. That's why we have to think only about capping or limiting, not wholesale changes.
  13. I agree Mike that swaps have added much work to the series and we need to take a look at a long term path forward. It is a ship that has sailed so they are here to stay, and for the most part rightfully so, but maybe we can keep control with a few tweaks. We will come to you guys for input on the direction.
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