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  1. Well the Clampett’s are headed north. Hyyeeewwww doggie. Wish us luck. Not in the race, just that we actually make it there.
  2. It's hard to use up something you hardly use. I have followed you, I know.
  3. Haven’t you heard? They all have mountain bikes now and they ride around in their shiny spandex pants. Not sure that’s a good idea riding around Alabama in those....
  4. Yeah, I was just along for the ride. I really hate it for John and Chris, they put a ton of work in the car. And that is the motor still in the car, let's hope she has magic to get to the front this weekend!
  5. I guess it will be a good goal if you can post the second fastest time of the three of us. You earned it buddy, enjoy the result.
  6. Here is my personal race report. We ate at Racing's North Turn Friday night. It was good. Saturday we started strong and had spectacular engine failure very early. We loaded up and then we at lunch at Cantina Louie across from the track. It was good. We headed home. Drove up 1A1 instead of I95 to see what little of the beach you can see peaking through all the condos and houses. Home by 2pm Sunday. It was good to see everybody, maybe see a few more this weekend at the national championship. For those making that trip, drive safe.
  7. I talked to Ed a few minutes after he got out of the car after the first stint and he was livid about losing a lap. I don’t recall the circumstances but either way whether he got it back or not I’m glad he won the race. Good times.
  8. I think Dana knew guys were coming from Mississippi and Alabama and Florida and we wouldn’t know what those big words mean that you snooty Yankee boys use.
  9. If @Doc can’t figure it out I’m sure he could easily make something up.
  10. What I intended to say was we will all be sending it Saturday morning.
  11. Could be, but I think Andrew said it best after Rd Atl these races all feel like we are running sprint races to do well, so not sure things will be any different on Sunday than they are on Saturday. If you have trouble you probably won't be in the mix anyway so whoever is in a tie would have to have run strong both days. If like usual, catching a caution correctly, etc will determine the deal at the end of the weekend.
  12. Maybe you guys have an answer to this, but what makes Sunday a better tie breaker than Saturday? Maybe an alternative proposal would be highest finish of those tied? If somebody had a 2nd and a 2nd and were tied with a team with a 1st and a 3rd maybe the team with the win takes the tie?
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