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  1. 205/50/15 in the past but planning to change to 225/45/15 or 245/40/15
  2. I have a complete engine in Asheville, NC. Was pulled from a running car but showed metal content in oil analysis so I pulled it.
  3. Just seeing this now. Too bad. I just bought a set from OG Racing. Bimmerworld was out of stock. Great price on fronts at Apex for $120. Yep. FCP Euro works out well for rotors. I usually send back the failed rotors with some other broken parts.
  4. I agree I think the ECU rule opens up the option to spend lots of money for a slight advantage and I am not a fan of it. Race gas and engine tuning is cost prohibitive for my team which puts us at a disadvantage. I have not heard of anyone running race gas but teams could if they really wanted to do all they could within the rules to win.
  5. Definitely voted for keeping the VIR 24hr. I love the event, all the time on track and the challenges that arise and we would not be able to make the Nelson Ledges race. I don't mind the idea of splitting up the VIR race though to something like double 12s. Late nights are rough especially when we run a bearbones team of 4-5 drivers and usually 1 crew. It takes me an entire week to recover.
  6. We love the long races and the 24hour at VIR is on our schedule every year. There is nothing like the 24 hour experience. The split races are still a great time, but they are do not compare to 24 hours of nonstop racing. Sure they punish you, but in the end it is all worth it and we come back for more. Last year VIR was hot though. When we were loading up after the race the pavement was so hot that it melted the glue holding the rubber on the bottom of my shoe.
  7. Anyone buying something from Ztech? This is a free $50 off.
  8. Get $50 off a set of 4 Falken Azenis RT615K: http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direct/findPromotions.do?pgid=2234
  9. We had a decent race until our radiator was punctured by some debris and the engine overheated around 7:30. Replaced the radiator but mixing fluids and fluctuating coolant temp meant our head gasket was toast and we were finished. All our drivers had a great time and I can't wait to be back at Road Atlanta. Thanks to all the Chump staff and support workers for putting on a great event. Side note: We did loose a GoPro on track if anyone found one. We think it was in turn 11 at the top of the hill.
  10. Here is a picture. It includes receiver but not transmitter.
  11. I have a $50 Ztech gift certificate I am not going to use. It does not expire until July 2017. I am willing to accept payment in the form of beer or e30 parts. I also have a Hot Lap in-car lap timer setup (receiver and display). Willing to let it go for $50. I will have these at Road Atlanta this weekend or I can ship on your dime.
  12. I'm interested. I'll be at Road Atlanta this weekend in the #610 e30 and will stop by to check them out.
  13. We went through a couple clutches one year (not worn, just disintegrated) most likely from overheating when drivers were resting their foot on the pedal. Now we have a deadpedal which gives the drivers a much more comfortable place to rest their left foot when not changing gears. Since installing we have not had clutch issues. We also have gone through a few heads due to overheating incidents resulting from loosing water. One instance was from a plug popping out of a plugged hose. Do not recommend plugging hoses. Use a proper block off plate if possible. Another was when our water
  14. Finally posted our race write-up. Check it out: FCP Euro/Poor Boys Racing 24 Hr VIR Blog 2016
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