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  1. Well those Rivals are such a great rain tire.... @Pee Wee since you qualified, are you going to be there, or is that brutal tow up I5 going to keep you away?
  2. Lol. Ok. They might have two different maps as well. But also, racers. Don't you think they could have just run away with it even more so than they did if they really did have 280 hp? And had 12, 13 pit stops and still won? Or broke something and lost it all. We can make stuff up all day. No lack of imagination here. But.... it's still all speculation and no proof from anyone. The car is straight up honest until proven otherwise.
  3. ChampCar posted a video on Facebook of the Sahlen's Porsche fueling and changing four tires. It took three full jugs and a bit of a fourth for a 2-hour stint. One jack per side could lift front and rear tires. Two guys with impact wrenches, two guys with tires. Not in a hurry and they had time left to look over the car and under before the driver drove off. I doubt they are making 280 hp.
  4. I hope there will be an email communication to the non-forum members, yes?
  5. I think the best way to look at this is: If management does not receive any more videos of undesirable behavior, the matter is 'resolved'. If the undesirable behavior is still documented in future videos, those videos need to be sent to management post-haste.
  6. You know.... it's been a busy summer. I would suggest you ping Chisek and ask if there was any follow-up.
  7. Yes. I read that. My question is how does a stack o' tires correlate with position. Pretty sure there are people not placing with a stack o' tires. You only notice those that place or win. But we are just drinking beer around the campfire, right?
  8. Sahlens races like 3 RX-7s right? How often do they win? How often are they in the top 10? They usually have maybe one of those cars in the top 10 - maybe. They have had, what, one win with a classed car and one where they had to bring a gun to a knife fight to 'win'? Let him spend his money. His classed cars can be beat by others spending less on tires. Stop opinionating and start showing me how many teams have stacks o' tires and win consistently. With all the other variables that go into winning. Don't forget luck.
  9. Well the race directors don't scream but they say the same thing. No contact. If it's reported by the corner workers, we black flag the offending parties and they are penalized.
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