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  1. Seems legit. https://auctions.neverettauctions.com/auctions/1-1X216C/dave-rupps-private-rat-collection
  2. When ChumpCar raced in Las Vegas in August, we did a 13-hour overnight race. 7pm to 8am, I think. It was awesome. High 80s, low 90s at night with no humidity. And we did the Roval too! *sigh*
  3. This event has been postponed to 2020. From Mr. Chisek (This was posted above with different wording): “Our Spring Mountain event has been moved from 2019 to 2020. Chevrolet had some big events planned to support the launch of the new mid-engine Corvette at Spring Mountain this Fall on the full track, so we were moved to a training track. I flew out to inspect this track and found it to be unsuitable for racing and borderline unsafe. Since the track was unwilling to put us on the main course, they agreed to move our deposit to a 2020 date at their facility. I was disappointed to not have the event this year but I’m thankful that we kept our relationship on good terms with the track and I look forward to a good event there next year.”
  4. Yes. Very nice. Are you still working on linking things up once the map takes you to the web site? Coz of course I found an error.
  5. @acslater Dude.... when that yellow happened, we thought you would pass us eventually. It was @M.Brane's race craft and not making any mistakes that saved our butts.
  6. Thanks! As noted elsewhere, we lost a transmission on Saturday, put our spare in, which was pretty sketchy, lost second gear during @Jamie's stint, and ran the whole race in third gear. Not to mention the right front brake was giving us issues and we had to change the right front tire as well. Oh... and our last driver got crossed up and during the excitement, hit the button on the seat belts and had to come in and get the seat belts re-secured. Thanks to one of the Porsche Defectors for the help with a push start. For a 10 car race it was pretty exciting for us.
  7. I like the layout of Race Monitor better, but I hate that it drops early laps. I use the paid version, so I can drill down for each car. Race Hero is a better free app, but I don't dig the horizontal layout when drilling down on a car's history. They are both glitchy and I think it depends on their servers and your internet connection. Happy to have both.
  8. Oh haha... see you Thursday evening/Friday morning.
  9. The universe has a way of telling you to step back and take several deep breaths.
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