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  1. We have a 'children playing' yellow road sign on a swinging bolt attached to a long wooden pole for the pit. We have separate pit boards with the car number and a one letter code. 'Hurry up', 'keep doing what you're doing', and 'come in now'. Yes. We totally overthought it.
  2. Oh for sure taking older stickers off requires a heat gun. Been doing that myself. But I know what happened at Sonoma because I was there. Were you at either race?
  3. I kid you not. The white windshield banner does not stick to black duct tape. Saw another car with the sponsor panel flapping in the wind. Give. It. A. Rest.
  4. Really you guys? This has been answered. Try to keep up. The orange eclipse left tech with the correct decals. During the course of the day, it apparently lost its decals. Bill stated this elsewhere. Saw this at Sonoma as well.
  5. It's probably just me but does the 'mark site read' feature not work? Edit: nevermind
  6. Funny how if you are civil to those on the board and send civil PMs... you don't get mean PMs. You bring it on yourself. You are in a hole. Stop digging.
  7. Doubtful; post was locked on FB. It was and is internet gold. Shared Ronaldo's video with one of our team members. He wondered out loud if the guy learned to drive/race using video games. I'm not comparing this to iRacing but rather to GTA. As an aside some friends of mine posted up this story on another forum: "Totally concur about gaming being driving instructor. I saw that many many years ago. We pulled over for a girl that spun off the road and went into a field sliding in between a telephone pole and the guide wire. We went to check on her and she said, "I don't understand what happened. I'm so good at this on Grand Theft Auto." We just looked at each other after confirming she was OK and left her to continue on her life lesson."
  8. ^ It's a scam because the poster buried a link in the quoted bit and is a newly created account with no other history. Good luck with getting drivers!
  9. Well the landscape crew at Sonoma are sheep and there are cows grazing next to the track at Thunderhill.... it could happen.
  10. I've heard that argument. But, you know, engineers...
  11. Ah yes.... the splitter stanchion, right? Yet nobody is saying aero should be banned for 'safety' reasons...
  12. I'm still waiting for the 'facepalm' emoticon myself.
  13. And some drove quite a few miles to do so. And who weren't from the east coast. RBank and VRG are simply the craziest of the crazy.
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