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  1. FlorahDorah

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

  2. "Must use Schick, BIC, or be a member of the Dollar Shave Club..."
  3. I came across this notebook stuffed into the Tech bin from the Laguna Seca race. PM me or email me at kris.oden@champcar.org.
  4. FlorahDorah

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    We can't help it. It's a forum thang. Our front porch estimate fueled by beer wuz 175. Completely subjective. I would make your argument to tech with some kind of data. But 100 to 135 is significant. Bear in mind there was some drama here about an S5 engine into an S4 chassis and not doing the swap correctly. Car had to be returned to an S4. And that was a 15 hp difference but an improved chassis and bits over your car. Like Rob sez, good luck!
  5. Oh ugh. I feel your pain.
  6. FlorahDorah


    Nice try Rob...
  7. We have resigned ourselves to painting the car. To be fair, it needs it.
  8. FlorahDorah

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Nah.... we'll find something else to complain about. Have to give some content to talk about on the LDRL forum....
  9. FlorahDorah

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    Whoops. I need to stop drinking beer. Yeah that table is pretty messed up. So you have an late FB with an 13B. It's more than 100, but it should be less than 275. I would definitely email Tech. Sorry!!!!
  10. FlorahDorah


    Pliny the Elder
  11. FlorahDorah

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    Since you have a 13B, you need to claim 275 pts. It's not about the year, but the equipment. I'll drop a note to tech/Chisek. There is overlap in those early years.
  12. FlorahDorah

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    There are only 9 colors that matter. Less if you are color challenged. None of this mauve, cerise, chartreuse crap. Black, Brown, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Green Yellow, White
  13. FlorahDorah

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Come over to the dark side. We have contingency awards.... and cookies.
  14. FlorahDorah

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Pabst Blue Ribbon... no wait.... Hamm's
  15. FlorahDorah

    2019 Official Sonoma Raceway Double-7

    For questions like these, it's best to contact the event director, Mike Morrison, mike.morrison@champcar.org. Then we can get the supps updated.