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    Out buying pallets of beer for Team Roto-Plooker
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    Motorcycles, cooking, cat herding, a Wankel gear head and aging metalhead, and one goofball orange cat. Not to mention the curmudgeon next door who got us into this mess called ChampCar.

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  1. And I can even pick them up from you since you're local.
  2. Almost forgot: I am still collecting your tired out brake rotors. You can drop them off at registration, our pit stall (#3), or at our trailer. I particularly need larger rotors for first place trophies. Thank you!
  3. FlorahDorah

    Official WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca

    Verified with Mr. Chisek this morning as well. Dry camping is allowed in the paddock.
  4. I never count you guys out. Ever. Oh. And the track is just another place to work on your car.
  5. @Fitsbain sent me my very own chef's toque... I am ready!
  6. Won't be a problem. Just finished Lagunitas Super Cluster Ale - A Citra-Hopped Mega Ale of Intergalactic Proportions.... gotta love marketing!
  7. Adding aero to a ChampCar is like adding MotoGP wings to our 94 VFR. Which does have NACA ducts btw.... You guys are killing me.
  8. Naw. Just merge ALL the threads into one huge massive ADD thread....
  9. FlorahDorah

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    It's going to be a long winter.... redux.
  10. It's going to be a long winter....
  11. Every day I come here just to see what the new topic is.
  12. FlorahDorah

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Ya think?
  13. Well no, but Tokyo Wako restaurant is within walking distance. Here's the happy hour menu 5pm to 7pm. https://www.tokyo-wako.com/_images/Tokyo_Wako_Happy_Hour.pdf. There is also an Outback Steakhouse as well...