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  1. @wvumtnbkr I was thinking of the overheating issue with the other car. No problems with this car?
  2. Guess you haven't run it enough to really test the brakes yet, right?
  3. So then I shouldn't be reading about board members' opinions on their duties. In the real world, a leadership team puts together a strategic plan with short- and long-term goals. A corporate board reviews and provides input on the plan. The board then provides oversight on whether the company is meeting those goals and whether changes need to be made to adjust to the market. Things can be different for our little organization, but the bylaws should spell that out. (Please don't make me go and read them. It will hurt my brain. Just make sure the CEO and BO
  4. I see that Bernie has posted a statement outlining his position. In the past we've included such statements from the candidates with election materials. I'm not seeing any such statements with the election materials. Did I miss something? (I could very well have missed stuff as I'm not on here that much anymore.)
  5. Single malt. https://www.aberlour.com/en/product/abunadh-scotch-whisky/
  6. Upped my cooking game. Rediscovered my Weber grill and have been smoking small chuck roasts and using leftovers for chili. Made my own sourdough starter and bread. Not to mention craft beers, wine, and cocktail consumption....
  7. So only Willow Springs in the west. In June. *sigh* Any hope of adding Buttonwillow?
  8. Well I am not the one doing the negotiating, but I will tell you this: Laguna runs a bidding war on dates. If you want to know more, I would speak to Mr. Chisek about that.
  9. Are you asking about Laguna Seca or Willow Springs? At Laguna, we ran a max of 45 cars because to run more.... you pay more. It's expensive to run there and the sound restriction is pretty tough. 90 dB vs. 96 dB (ChampCar limit). It wasn't full last I checked but that was some time ago but under 'normal' conditions, it usually doesn't fill up until later in the year. Usually no big deal, but in the days of COVID.... who knows? Plus the COVID regulations at each track vary widely and can be a sticking point for some. At Willow Springs, it's cheaper, but I'm not sure wha
  10. Sadly, Fontana is cancelled as well. It was listed on the schedule earlier this year, then removed when it was cancelled. I hope 2021 is better.
  11. So you know you're going racing when the question is NOT 'did we forget anything?', it's 'what did we forget and when will we find out/remember?' See you all at the track tomorrow!
  12. Ok... you are still listed as an entrant for Watkins Glen, so you might want to contact Mistah Chisek about that....
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