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  1. FlorahDorah

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Nice to see a variety of cars in the top 10...and spread over 5 laps. Only one BMW and two Miatas.
  2. ....and we are up to 30! 35? Do I hear 35? As a reminder, the event director makes pit stall assignments which all race participants receive via email about a week before the event. If you wish to be next to another team, email Dana Morrison with your request (dana.morrison@champcar.org).
  3. Nominated. Thank you Jer! Please note - I can still change my mind and vote for someone else. Normally I throw out the incumbents and vote in new people, but I think you and Bruce deserve a full term.
  4. Nominated. Or at least I tried to and something went through. @Voodoo Child - would you confirm your membership number? Thank you!
  5. ....and wildly creative ideas start taking over.
  6. Yeah. I saw that as well. I will inquire.
  7. I think you need to drink more beer and re-ask the question.
  8. And so... if you give more fuel, you have to give it to everyone. And everyone will need it if you go there.
  9. And seems to be able to win with a spec 18. So the only reason the team needs a 24 is to keep up with the Joneses in LDRL.
  10. I hear those cars are a PITA to work on...let's see how the reliability pans out. <pulls up lawn chair, cracks open beer>
  11. Oooooo.... this should be interesting.... Doorslammers will have their Fiero there, plus 5150's Mustang, Arsenic Racing's Miata... I see @TennesseeHomeBoy's Prelude is going to be there too! Well this is going to be just 100% yee-haaa... mebbe 110% if we get a few more cars!
  12. Up to 28 cars.... 30.... do I hear 30? 35?
  13. Good grief. Like my daddy always said: "It all depends on whose ox is being gored." If SOA was a mid-pack team no one would care how much they spend on tires. These guys have their game together. And they do smart things. At ORP this past weekend at the LDRL race, Uboot Rennen Werks was leading until they were passed by SOA with 6 laps to go. Why? Uboot ran out of tire. Uboot has competed in ChumpCar as well and won the coveted #1/West Regional Chumpionship in 2016. Since then, they have not raced with us. At least SOA still wants to race with us. If you are going to race at the pointy end of the stick you have to have it all together.
  14. Monitoring Waffle House News on Twitter.... The Waffle House Storm Center is up and running. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waffle_House_Index Y'alls stay safe out there.