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  1. So you know you're going racing when the question is NOT 'did we forget anything?', it's 'what did we forget and when will we find out/remember?' See you all at the track tomorrow!
  2. Ok... you are still listed as an entrant for Watkins Glen, so you might want to contact Mistah Chisek about that....
  3. Ok I'll remove @E. Tyler Pedersen and @bbaker480 as well. Let me know if that changes.
  4. I hate to suggest this... but did he check his spam folder? It happens. DAMHIK. 🤦‍♀️
  5. OP edited. I've also indicated confirmations for the June date as well. Somehow I forgot to add @Hammerheads to the original post in the first place. I've added them today. Hopefully they are still coming. @B-Rad - I assume you are still coming? I'm sure others are still considering their plans...
  6. Original post updated in light of new race date. Sadly, I am out, but I am happy to maintain the list, but it will be up to the participants to contact each other for exchanges. Review the OP and let me know if you are still in and any changes to your requests.
  7. Another vote for Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla or Yaris, or Honda Fit. (My first car was a Mazda GLC. My second car was a Honda CRX Si.)
  8. Oh look... we aren't registered. And here we are talking like we're going or something. Gah! We'll also give @Jer something to aim for as well. Take the heat off the Datsun. 😉
  9. Tsk. You know you can't 'save' craft beer. Now that other stuff....maybe (does that stuff even have a shelf life?), but I mean, who would notice? I will not be at Indy this year, regrettably.
  10. Yeah... we had to call it on Tuesday what with coming cross country. We were afraid it would get cancelled at the last minute, so made the call early. So... what am I going to do with all this beer? (Yeah... not a problem.)
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