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    Motorcycles, cooking, cat herding, a Wankel gear head and aging metalhead, and one goofball orange cat. Not to mention the curmudgeon next door who got us into this mess called Chump Car.

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  1. You have to be prepared when you live on #wilsontime
  2. You know the gates close at 10 pm, right?
  3. NASCAR is officially dead

    You kin watch both at the same time! Yee-haa!
  4. NASCAR is officially dead

    YouTube ChampCar Live channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfr3h8Gkz_eh4o-mAu8s8Q You clearly have some sort of device for the interwebs....
  5. If I recall correctly (and I could be mistaken), we had hot pulls last year, but that is usually a function of the preferences of the safety crew and not so much the track. I would wait and see at the driver's meeting.
  6. Looking forward to seeing y'alls!
  7. Oops. He's so gentlemanly though. Ah well. He is a free-ranger.... And yes, other people do bring their dogs as well, so best that they are leashed. I'll have to give him extra special loves this weekend.
  8. Forca (For-sah) runs the paddock just so you know. And if you have snacks, particularly bacon, he will remember you. He comes to say 'hi' to me all the time now coz I fed him one time... and he remembers.
  9. What did you do at work to cause your exile to Yuma and Twentynine Palms? Is Fresno next?
  10. That is some interesting data. Would love to see how individual teams that finished compare to the top three. Or have an app that did that for you....
  11. Website and Member Card update

    Jerky should be okay too...
  12. Website and Member Card update

    Technology is sometimes more trouble so thank you for powering through. See ya at Sonoma - I will bring some Diet Dr. Pepper for you.
  13. Website and Member Card update

    Yup that worked. And I got rid of my old passes too! It's just a lot more manual with the Android. And yes automatic updates is 'on'.