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  1. I can't imagine doing this race without a cool suit set up. And constantly drinking. Had to repair our fuel line. One of our team members went and bought fans to cool the car off so they could work on it. It's brutal out here.
  2. Haha. You know you do.... Geaux Tigers!!! But h*ll yes to the rest.
  3. @Bill Strong I started this thread for RA race reports. Please move the race reports over to this thread and delete my thread...
  4. Since I am employed from time to time by ChampCar, I thought I would just go ahead and give those who wish to post their reports... and just their reports a place to go. Admins are free to override me. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1848877 Saturday and Sunday results are at the link above. For those interested in DisplaceGate and other stuff, @Bandit has a thread going:
  5. There is no way the vision of @Rodger Coan-Burningham with no clothes on can be burned away from my brain....
  6. Ah... um... this may have been mentioned already, but I thought the +/- 2 gallon rule for fuel cells was because it's less expensive to buy a standardized fuel cell which aren't available in all or close too stock sizes? Custom fuel cells get pricey, don't they? Not to mention using those darn displacement balls/blocks.... If the above is true, we can't really get (too) upset about a stock tank holding a bit more (2 gallons or less) than the published capacity. What is fair... and relatively safe? Notice the word 'relatively'.
  7. Of course. I expect an official statement shortly. But that doesn't mean people won't argue about.... something. To be clear, what's going on in this thread is discussion on the implications... and not the actual penalty (like Daytona).
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