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  1. FlorahDorah

    Utah 24 hours

    Great! I should know this, but which team are you on?
  2. FlorahDorah

    Official 2018 Rocky Mountain 24 at Utah Motorsport Campus

    Ok so that's 10... !
  3. FlorahDorah

    Official 2018 Rocky Mountain 24 at Utah Motorsport Campus

    We are definitely going. So that's 9. Come one, come all!! Yeah, yeah I'll get Mikiel to sign up.
  4. Good to know; thanks for that.
  5. Yes. That's the first step. You must be a member.
  6. @B. Holsten Interesting about tire wear. Our rotary is down on power so one of our drivers was driving it like a momentum car as well. He set our ftd on Saturday when the track was the best and our tires the freshest. Needless to say, we were interested in what you were running for tires. Ha! The Arsenic driver in question is Christian. And they run Dunlops.
  7. Stock brake lines and calipers (4 piston). Centric rotors and Hawk Blue pads.
  8. Roto-Plooker Racing had a great time at Thunderhill. Even though we love, love, love doing the 5-mile, we have a special fondness for the 2 mile. We had (wistful) hopes of winning here but when we saw Arsenic Racing and Son of Andre on the registration list, we knew the best we could do was third. We were plagued by a lot of air in the brake lines after changing brake calipers, but we managed to get the brake pedal to not go to the floor and behave consistently over the course of two days. And then there were the crappy tires discussed above. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a great battle with the Porsche Defectors team, and set the 4th fastest time for Saturday. Oddly, Porsche Defectors set their fastest time on the same lap we did - not sure if that was a coincidence or because we were both racing each other and/or chasing Arsenic and SOA. We were glad to see them take third on Sunday as we slowly slid around the track and finally decamped to the paddock to reflect on our tire choice. It was fun to talk to @CGDerian and the Open Source team as well as the yellow submarine Honda team (Wir Underwater und Wir Sinking...). Great to meet @drKorf and race the (in)famous Toyota Yaris! That car just looks like stupid fun. Hope to see more cars and people next year - bring your neighbor, your dog, that heap in the back you've been meaning to race, and come have fun with us! Also.... Thanks to everyone who brought used rotors - you'll be seeing some of those at Utah in July.
  9. Absolutely. Ironically, we actually discussed NOT heat cycling them before racing them. They don't seem to tolerate multiple heat cycles.
  10. Worked well for 3 hours, then would understeer into a corner, oversteer out... but not always. Seem to not tolerate heat cycling. Tread would look good, but the rubber would be hard. PS After last night's post-tow home discussion over beers, we are going to look at the dates on the tires. Stay tuned.
  11. No worries. Just providing information for the fuel-obsessed.
  12. Oh hi guys. Arsenic only had two drivers, one of which had never driven the car. SOA ran out of fuel in the second stint and was in its pit for the lunch break. There was a simplified red flag procedure (not like Sonoma). When the track went yellow, they fueled and exited behind the field. SOA's fuel tank is legal. Well-sorted car with drivers who know how to wheel. We did really well with a poor tire choice, but retired early on Sunday. When you become the rolling chicane for the field... and the Toyota Yaris.... it's time to leave. 😂
  13. Mister Chisek has already heard that joke from me. 😉 For us, it could be free fuel.... kidding.
  14. And here's that asset - a 2005 Ford E-350 Cargo Van. Very Luxurious.