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  1. Awesome. I only wanted it made so we could praise how flawless this event was. And thank you sir!
  2. So sad we can not cross. I hope you all enjoy next weekend. I never thought Gingerman would be so amazing,you Americans are the best. I can not get over how fun this track is with 65 cars. I'm rooting for that 1991 Civic thats entered. Hope to see everyone in 2021 -Higgy Motorsport
  3. 12 on the list I know of 3 not signed up yet. Should be a good time. Can't wait.
  4. Hey. Calabogie has a short track (stadium) which I hope we are running. Also some people don't dont pre register. My team is going and we are not on the list yet. Hopefully your team can make it *edit another car just signed up.
  5. They literally said that in the Gingerman broadcast last year lol" I think there is some sort of joke in there" We only have 3 drivers.My brother,Dad and I. Richard my Dad,Randy my brother and I'm named after my dad.
  6. Kanjo Cut Popular Japanese street racing swagger is where it started. Mostly a Honda thing. We have been running the kanjo cut bumper and side front fenders.
  7. I really appreciate you throwing our name (Higgy) in there my friend. Cheers. I hope our border opens up.
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