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  1. Just looking at the elevation let alone driving it is worth the 15hrs.
  2. Great news. Even 1 event at Mosport I'd be fine with.
  3. In for the 100laps! Okay who is going to break it to them that they wont be able to post on Facebook/IG that they won overall anymore?
  4. Saw the video from the team that hit your car Dan. I hope they see this thread. It was not their fault.
  5. Great pics! Cant wait to see more.
  6. I Can bring it to the Glen but would need a deposit.
  7. 850CDN firm picked up in Woodstock,Ontario,Canada Seat is stored inside home. Brand new never used,2018. The Pro-ADV TS is an evolution of the popular Pro-ADV. The Pro-ADV TS was designed with a smaller head restraint profile to improve mounting options in smaller cockpits. *The Pro-ADV TS still features the same major advances from the Pro-ADV which includes increased rigidity and the use of*impact-absorbing materials. The Pro-ADV TS features large head and shoulder protectors and can be integrated with a Hans device for even greater protection.*The Pro-ADV TS is FIA-approved. Call/text me @ 647-567-6478
  8. Jay(tech) is literally is a hop skip and a jump from Twoth.They should have the scoop before anyone lol. Its been out for 3 weeks. May will be hard to find entries when Watkins is so close. Shannonville is also for sale if you have an extra 4 million laying about. May 11/12 2019 - Shannonville Motorsport Park June 30/31 2019 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park August 10/11 2019 - Calabogie Motorsports Park
  9. Twoth posted all their groups they they will be racing in this year...no CER listed. Am I still the only one thinking that 1 event wont even happen?
  10. It didnt. All of our cars are legal for AER and not 1 of us showed up which further proves my point about the style of racing we are going to.
  11. How is it working when AER had basically no cars at bogie? How is it working when CER had basically no entries at all of the races? How is it going to work when I can go CASC racing with more cars with a far less entry fee and also go racing 10 times more? How is it going to work with USA tracks basically the same distance away offering what we originally started out as? Im looking for a legitimate reason to go other than "Jay and Chuck are awesome guys" (which they are) I do not want to see this fail before it begins.
  12. Abu Dhabi is incredible. The Grand Mosque will leave you breathless. I have never seen such a piece of art in my life. Ferrari world is soooo trash. Slow go karts/horrible sim racing rigs/lack of attractions. They do not have any memorabilia from any former Ferrari drivers. Not even Schumacher!!! There is an Ayrton Senna store on the way to Dubai. The pit lane walk is awesome. You get to go right up to the garages and also walk on the front straight.The only support race is GP2 (wish they brought the Porsche Cup) . The cars on the street are unreal especially in and around Yas island during F1. Supercars galore. My Wife lived there for over 2 years. Id go back just for the Shisha and Sunshine anyday
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