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  1. It's for the rear hatch on an RX7, I will be using this from Amazon: BDF S4MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 4 Mil (24in X 13f... 24 Inch x 14 Feet $24.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
  2. I use the Konig Rewind 15x7 on my firstgen RX7. You can find them on ebay for approx $110/wheel including shipping. At that price, I view them as a consumable.
  3. I'd like to run the rear hatch glass, and I understand this is allowable if it is covered with safety film. If this is a dumb question, I apologize: Is the film required (or recommended) on the inside, outside, or either side? 9.1.4. Rear glass may remain in the car provided it is covered by a glass safety film like 3M™ Automotive Window Film Scotchshield™ Security Series.
  4. Is there a minimum number of entries before race is "on"? Two drivers are traveling from Chicago, need to arrange flights, etc...
  5. It appears the 84-85 13b (first-generation) RX7 is still missing from the list. So I just use the 1983/12A RX7 value (100 points) and apply the engine swap, right?
  6. I want to run at Sonoma, but most of my San Diego-based teammates don't. I will have two seats avail. Check your private messages for my phone number and give me a call. Michael Leftover Parts Racing
  7. Bought my plane ticket this morning. Now I need to get my helmet chinstrap returned / repaired - thanks Simpson!
  8. I'll be there, racing with "Team Mid Life Crisis." Waiting for 20 registered entries before I buy my plane ticket, though
  9. Hi Mike, sorry to bother you, but I am looking to book a flight for the upcoming Gateway race. 

    I am a west-coaster, so i have no idea if this race is popular and definitely will have sufficient entries, or is there a chance not enough entries? 


    And, http://chumpcar.com/events.php says "Sprints + Double 6 enduros."

    What does the schedule look like each day? 

    Also, is there likely to be a practice day on Friday?


  10. Congrats to Miata P.I. - this team is really doing well. Who is the 2nd-place team #161? And is Roto Plooker dsguising themselves as Roto Flooke now? With a super-fast lap time...
  11. We had a great time. A very smooth and grippy track, with a nice combination of slow and fast turns. The racing was great! Congrats to the top finishers - one of the cleanest endurance races we've run.
  12. The driver that had the collision with your car is one of our regular drivers, and is usually very controlled. I know he regrets it greatly. It's his first collision ever in a racecar (He began racing in 2010 with Chumpcar.) We were super lucky to end-up on the podium Sunday - three cars were one lap behind us!
  13. Keith, if you have a video of our cars' contact I' d like to see it. Sorry about the damage to your new car - glad that it was still drivable. PeeWee, As for the Fontana infield track, yes, it's not Daytona but it's fun, and keeps you busy! Maybe we could go back to big Willow next year instead of Fontana?
  14. Digging through the 2014 rules

  15. I'm with the hooligans in the Pink RX7. Keith "Team Toofah" is the courteous team in the 924. We like them, too
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