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  1. I want to run at Sonoma, but most of my San Diego-based teammates don't. I will have two seats avail. Check your private messages for my phone number and give me a call. Michael Leftover Parts Racing
  2. Bought my plane ticket this morning. Now I need to get my helmet chinstrap returned / repaired - thanks Simpson!
  3. I'll be there, racing with "Team Mid Life Crisis." Waiting for 20 registered entries before I buy my plane ticket, though
  4. Seats available for experienced drivers in the re-bodied Leftover Parts Racing "Pink Pig" Mazda RX7. Car: First-gen RX7, 13b motor, well-sorted suspension, 2nd-gen RX7 brakes. This car finished 16th in a strong field on Sunday at Chumpcar Laguna in November (1:48 lap times) and did well at the LuckyDog race at Willow Springs in June (1:45 lap times, 3rd in class on Saturday) $600 per seat if 4 drivers. $800 per seat if 3 drivers. Please message me through this forum if interested. Michael
  5. Hi Mike, sorry to bother you, but I am looking to book a flight for the upcoming Gateway race. 

    I am a west-coaster, so i have no idea if this race is popular and definitely will have sufficient entries, or is there a chance not enough entries? 


    And, http://chumpcar.com/events.php says "Sprints + Double 6 enduros."

    What does the schedule look like each day? 

    Also, is there likely to be a practice day on Friday?


  6. I just sent you a message; I am looking for a seat (or two) at Watkins Glen. Can pay cash or trade for a seat(s) at Laguna Seca in November.
  7. I have two seats at Laguna Seca November 2016, to swap for equal seat time at Watkins Glen May 2016. (4 drivers per car.) Our car is a first-gen RX7. We ran it with Chumpcar at Laguna in March 2014 and finished 9th. I have lots (20 races?) experience in endurance racing with Chumpcar/LeMons/WRL and hosted many "guest drivers" over the years. We are bringing two cars to Laguna, so if one breaks, we will share one car until the other is repaired. Ideally your car is a rear wheel drive RX7, Miata, BMW, etc... but I am open to any opportunity. Please message me though this forum. Thanks!
  8. Congrats to Miata P.I. - this team is really doing well. Who is the 2nd-place team #161? And is Roto Plooker dsguising themselves as Roto Flooke now? With a super-fast lap time...
  9. I am pretty sure I saw a crapcan using an iPad (for telemetry) on the new iPad air commercial. The fast cuts make i tough to see exactly what car it is, but I thought saw a brownish crappy racecar. Anybody else see this? I am imagining things?
  10. 1. First-gen RX7 / 13b motor / stock transmission 2. Two-three weekends. I have a large sample size (pile of broken transmissions) upon which this estimate is based 3. Used junkyard 4. Manual 5. Redline MT90 6. Three-four shift, like everyone else reports 7. Sometimes I try to baby it, as I usually drive last and don't want to grenade it with one hour to go. We have changed the transmission at the track (Saturday night on a Double 7 weekend) so many times it hurts.
  11. We had a great time. A very smooth and grippy track, with a nice combination of slow and fast turns. The racing was great! Congrats to the top finishers - one of the cleanest endurance races we've run.
  12. Our team name is "Leftover Parts" for a reason.
  13. Give it to the kids in Vegas. They can get this car in one solid day of towing round-trip!
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