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  1. email dana.morrison@champcar.org and he can find out This race is NOT sold out. Let's get some cars signed up!
  2. AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY: 8 + 7 Enduros, I will fix it
  3. The race event supps for Sebring have been updated! Version 3. https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/387.pdf Ready for 14 hours at Sebring? First, as always, please read through the Supplemental Rules here.There's lots of good information and the answer to many questions. Load In: we have some adjustments to times. Teams can begin entering the paddock area at 2:00pm Friday. Another club has the track rented Friday. They are being generous and let us load in while they run, but we cannot access garages or pit lane until they are finished. Expect that to be around 5pm. Tech and Registration will open as soon as our staff are setup, expect tech to be mobile until we can secure a location. Yes, this is different from what the Supps say, it's a change we will have to work with. Fuel: A piece of good news. The fuel pumps will be open from 8:00am to 9:00pm Saturday. The fuel pumps are located at the west end of the paddock near the bridge. Trailers, Rigs, and the Gate: Speaking of rigs. Sebring has begun charging a $20 fee for campers, motor homes, sleepers etc in the paddock area. Any vehicle or trailer that you could sleep in or hook up to power will be charged. Yes this includes box trailers with A/C units on the roof. My advice is that you have a $20 in your hand when you enter. Novice / Champ School: You must attend this meeting Friday if you have never raced wheel-to-wheel before, or never raced with ChampCar before. If you have new members on your team, or if you have not raced with ChampCar this year you are encouraged to attend. Look at it this way, the more we discuss things on Friday, the shorter the driver's meeting on Saturday. Pits and Garages: Still reading, wondering where your pit and garage assignments are? They are here. Pit and garage alignment at Sebring is tough. If you rented a garage you are assigned to the corresponding pit. If you did not rent a garage, you only get the pit stall. As you can see on the assignments, we have some garages left. If you would like to rent one contact me and I will put you in one. Some of the pit stalls are doubled up, some are not. If you are doubled up please make room for each other. You probably requested it anyway. If you are fortunate enough to have a pit to yourself please be generous and share some space. Thanks for understanding. Headlights: All cars on track must have their headlights installed and turned on by 6:00pm Saturday. Departure & Move out time: Another club has the track rented on Sunday. All of your equipment, your race car, everything, must be cleared out of the pits and the garages Saturday night after the race. We're putting a 1:00am deadline on being out of the garages. The good news is you can leave your hauler in the paddock overnight. But it must be completely packed up and ready to hook and go Sunday morning. All of us at ChampCar work hard on our reputation as good renters, and we very much appreciate your help. One more time if you want to print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here. If you have any questions about the Sebring 14 please email me here. All the best - Your ChampCar Staff
  4. as soon as i get the dates I will post them. This is my full time job. I have been at my desk since 7am. So I have lots of time to keep you up to date. Infact. It's my job. Who need coffee? /:)
  5. re: Indy We have been warned to not drop hoagies from the top floor. I have sent a company memo to @Doc warning him....
  6. Google street view? I don't know. I know there was some communications. But that is all I know for now. Still a lot of negotiations going on between the EDs and tracks.
  7. After some phone calls to Sebring... All below will be charged a $20 gate fee to get over the bridge. Bring CASH. No credit accepted by the gate guard. It is up to the gate guard to determine if you will be using your equipment in a way that requires the $20 fee. Enclosed trailers with A/C Haulers, with A/C Motorhomes Campers Enclosed trailer with A/C - hooked to a RV with A/C = $40 These are Sebring fees, Not ChampCar. Bring CASH... just in case. All competitors and fans will need to be completely out of the garages and pit lane by 1AM Sunday morning. Absolutely zero exceptions. There is a group that is moving in after us, and they require us to be out.
  8. Yes. yes it is. They loved us. A lot! The Canadian-American Championship is still to be determined. Most likely a four race championship.
  9. Canada tracks work on a different schedule of releasing dates than the USA. So stay tuned. We did just announce the USA races that are in the Canadian reach. May 22-May 24, 2020 WATKINS GLEN: Test + Double 7 Enduros, $1725 Watkins Glen, NY "Memorial Weekend at the Glen" Early Pay Discount Ends: March 23, 2020 June 27-June 28, 2020 NEW HAMPSHIRE MOTOR SPEEDWAY: 8+7 Enduros, $1225 Loudon, NH "The New Hampshire Enduros" Early Pay Discount Ends: April 28, 2020 August 22-August 23, 2020 GINGERMAN RACEWAY: 8+7 Enduros, $1000 South Haven, MI "The Cookie Cutter Classic" Early Pay Discount Ends: June 23, 2020 August 29, 2020 THOMPSON SPEEDWAY: 12 Hour Enduro, $1000 Thompson, CT "The Thompson 12" Early Pay Discount Ends: June 30, 2020 September 12-September 13, 2020 INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY: Double 10 Enduros, $2800 Indianapolis, IN "Indy Double 10"
  10. Just so everyone does not freak out before Jay is able to get the data up, this is the data that Ray gave me and I posted to Facebook na few minutes after the pulls. Sahlen's Porsche 193hp 200tq Mazda Miata 1.8L 130hp 113tq
  11. 4.4.4. All point values assigned by Tech Inspection will be considered valid until ChampCar’s Board of Directors assigns a fixed point value.
  12. CEO sends me text. (interpretation of the the rules,) I lay out using Adobe Indesign. Cut and Paste above. (communication of the rules.) I use keystrokes, a tablet, track pad, and I manipulate those rules that were sent me on the page on my screen, so that you can read them, understand them, use them, and then bash me on the internet with them. (manipulation/modification of the rules.) You know me so well.
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