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  1. Plummer's tape is used for your kitchen sink. Use a chain to help support the exhaust when the standard mounts break. I would suggest using real mounts. maybe something like this... https://www.jegs.com/i/PYPES/958/HVH11S/10002/-1?mrkgcl=1239&mrkgadid=3328069621&adpos=1o1&creative=329886787875&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&jegspromo=thirdparty&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyAR3CRmeppCmJ0kSxAUn69iu6rBS7uqHKdT2fPawDK47boaxQ5R70f0aAsPFEALw_wcB Put chain to support the pipes at 3-foot intervals. Basically, the chain catches the exhaust so it does not fall off the car impaling some poor bastards radiator. The car will be loud, but sometimes it is not that loud outside the car. But... to protect from carbon monoxide poisoning, please stop the car and fix the exhaust. The chain will make this job super easy. Not so easy when 1/2 the exhaust is worn down from dragging on the track.
  2. FYI. Due to family commitments, I will not be arriving at the track until Saturday morning. Any media questions can be forwarded to me at media@champcar.org and I will get them answered.
  3. Original post #1 updated with Captains Email, the garage and pit lane assignments and other good news. Most important... READ THIS. EVERYONE! Arrival Procedures: Friday - Teams will be required to first park in Lot 3 and walk into the registration/ticket office building by Gate 4A . This ticket building will be open from 7:00am - 6:00pm on Friday. Do not pull trailers into this small parking lot, there's plenty of room in Lot 3. In the ticket office, each person will sign the waiver and get a wristband that lets them enter the track. When each person has their wristband on, you can drive back down CR16 and enter at Gate 2. Do Not leave the lot and approach Gate 2 until 8am! We cannot block the gate, and we cannot allow traffic to backup onto the highway. The police will get called, it creates serious problems for the track, We need to be good renters, so please do not rush the gate. Security at Gate 2 will verify your correct wristband and let you enter the paddock. Late arrivals on Friday will need to camp in Lot 3. You will be able to sign a waiver and get a ChampCar issued wrist band at 7:00am on Saturday. We will have a member of the ChampCar staff at Gate 2 Saturday morning so you do not have to go to the ticket office. WGI will not allow anyone in without a ChampCar issued wristband. NO EXCEPTIONS. ChampCar Registration will be in the Media building. The paddock lot in front of the Media building is available to us this year, so there is some more room for rigs there.
  4. History says that around July, The 24h will fill up very quickly.
  5. Daytona date is already set. We will be releasing about 2/3rds of the 2020 schedule after Indy. Some new venues, some dates moved, and as always, the best endurance racing this side of Mars.
  6. You just need to stop being so nice to these guys. These are the same guys that yell at me when I advise them where they need to put their decals... too nice, man, too nice...
  7. let's get signed up! I purchased my plane ticket and got the pace car rental sorted. I am making a stop at Wilwood Brakes to do a film shoot, then to Willow Springs to watch you guys struggle for 14-hours while I remember what that was like, and miss it.
  8. Chisek will be sending out emails over the next few days.
  9. yes. I think it would be way better if you could do over 55mph towing without the threat of getting a high dollar fine from the CHP.
  10. yep. daytona is done and gone for 2019. next year I will add some different code in the calendar to make it easier to add regional events.
  11. and it cracks me up when you guys complain about towing distances. I have towed out west from Virginia multiple times to race, and each time I never complained. Every race was worth the tow.
  12. I have raced and driven on most of the tracks in the USA. And Thunderhill West was fun! Even in a 485hp, monster understeering turd of a pace car, I had a freaking blast. I really want to race on the west course now.
  13. https://champcar.org/mainweb/events/list/?tribe_paged=1&tribe_event_display=list&tribe-bar-date=2019-01-01&tribe-bar-search=Gingerman GINGERMAN RACEWAY: 8+7 Enduros August 23 - August 25 August 24-August 25, 2019 GINGERMAN RACEWAY: 8+7 Enduros South Haven, MI “Gingerman” Early Pay Discount Ends: June 25, 2019 Event Supplementals https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/378.pdf Event Entries https://champcar.org/register/entrantlist.php?eventid=378 Event Coordinator: Mike Chisek Event Registrar: Laura O'rourke Event Media: Bill Strong Event Hotel: Entries for Gingerman updated 5/20/2019 Team Name Car # Year Make Model 1. Bavarian Mustache Werks 662 1993 BMW 325is 2. Blakes Garage 248 2000 Mazda Miata 3. Crank Yankers Racing 186 1989 BMW 325i 4. Cremaster Racing 3 1979 Datsun 280ZX 5. Daring Greatly Racing 527 2005 Cadillac CTS 6. Dipstick Racers 853 2003 Nissan Sentra 7. MiElan 450 1990 Mazda Miata 8. Ogg 433 1992 Nissan 240SX 9. Red Shoe Racing 413 2002 Ford Focus SVT 10. Scribeworks Motorsport 880 1988 Mitsubishi Starion 11. TRMotorsports Racing 318 1993 318is BMW
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