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  1. Combined BOD rulings and member submitted petitions PDF 2021ChampCarBOD-BCCR-Petitions.pdf
  2. keep the stream to below 720. 480 is more reliable.
  3. Any chance my classified add for the IROC-Z can go to the top. If you can, thanks if not no big deal. Bruce Compton

    1. Bill Strong

      Bill Strong

      we don't do that. you can make a new post, and that will pop it up to the top again.

  4. Also.... The diff is welded. I have two weld fittings for the hose and -an fittings. One mounted low off center on the diff cover so it doesn't pick up.metal, and the return on the top of the pumpkin cover?
  5. Ok. Have hose, some fittings and trying to decide on cooler size. Going to mount the cooler in the rear where the licence plate fits on the Opel GT. Will duct air to a air box fitted to the cooler. I have a selection of about 8 oil cooler and have decided on one of these two plate coolers. I am thinking of starting with the larger one. A oil temp sending unit will be placed on the cold side. Or should I start with the smaller cooler? I suspect over cooling in a race in south Florida will be better than running with it too hot. I could tape it over if it's too cold too.
  6. ChampCar Endurance Series Final Information for the 2021 Willow Springs Race! Greetings Everyone, and welcome to Willows Springs! Hopefully everyone has their gear packed, the car loaded, all the details sorted out! Team Captains have their Electronic Tech forms completed and saved in the system, right? Your Team's Registration. Please take a few minutes and make sure all the members of your team have their memberships current and are properly listed as either Drivers or Crew Members. Speaking of Tech Forms and Tech Inspection. If you are planning to run some test/practice laps on Friday, please remember to get your car through Tech Inspection. With the Tech form now online, the Tech Inspection process is quick. Normally we assign pit-stalls, but there's plenty of room at Willow so we're going to let you chose where you'd like to set-up. We will place our pit-in and pit-out tents and you can select your favorite pit stall between them. Covid stuff. As of right now, we have not been given any special guidance or restrictions to operate under. We ask that wherever possible you maintain social distancing. We'll keep you posted if we receive any updated guidance. If this is your first event with ChampCar, or it's been a while and you'd like a refresher in how we manage our races, please take a few minutes to watch our New the ChampCar video here. As promised, your Virtual Drivers meeting is here. We'll do a quick Drivers Meeting each morning at 8, but with the virtual meeting online the actual meeting will be real short. That's all for now! Please travel safely and we look forward to seeing each of you at the track. Thanks! Dana & your entire ChampCar staff
  7. mine arrived in the exact same condition. I need to get some -an adapters for the pump that work with my pre-assembled oil cooler.
  8. Chelsey sent me this image, she took it a few years ago, Doc wanted to make certain she got his good side.
  9. DiscoveryParts, a ChampCar Endurance Series partner, will be bringing their “Mobile Technology Center '' to the ChampCar RVA Graphics & Wraps Carolina Grand Prix event on June 26/27. If there is anything special you would like us to bring, please let us know before Wednesday June 23 noon EST as the vehicle gets final loaded the previous night. We already have a very full will-call box and thank you for the support of our company. New on the racer support team vehicle are Schroth harness', Griot's Garage items, MyLaps Transponders, and the Garmin Catalyst demo unit for you to use on track. Stop by and let us know what session and day you would like to use it, and we will have it ready. Thanks once again and we look forward to seeing everyone at Carolina Motorsports Park. Our #1 category for ChampCar Endurance Series Members: https://www.discoveryparts.com/15__auto-racing-closeout-and-clearance- ChampCar Endurance Series Discount Code - https://discoveryparts.com/content/17-press-release-discoveryparts-announced-as-official-champcar-endurance-series-supporter
  10. Doc's favorite track was Barber Motorsports Park. He was wild about motorcycles. The Alabama football team (I may have that wrong) And he was an avid collector of sections of guard rails at Barber. We have renamed the Barber race: December 11-December 12, 2021 BARBER MOTORSPORTS PARK: 8+7-Hour Enduro, $1575 Birmingham, AL "Doc Waldrop Memorial Enduro at Barber"
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