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  1. Bill Strong

    2019 Official Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    You show every sign of being a Virginia Tech grad. Since the beginning of time, ChampCar has made event supplementals that list the event schedule. https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/368.pdf Page 2 of 8...
  2. Bill Strong

    2019 Official Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    Flags - https://champcar.org/mainweb/pdf/Flags-2019.pdf They should read the rules. there are a lot of things in there that all racers need to know. Not just car building. https://champcar.org/mainweb/pdf/2019ChampCarBCCR.pdf
  3. Bill Strong

    Fuel cell rule change

    Despite what mike or anyone else said prior to yesterday, the rule book is in play and is the official word. All fuel components must be separated from the passenger compartment by a firewall. The fuel filler. no matter the material, must be separated by a metal firewall.
  4. Bill Strong

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    seriously. we told people where to put the decals the past year. we even made it easy making the sponsor decals one big decal. But we still found them cutting them out and sticking them everywhere except within the spot the instructions said. I even had people come up to me and say that tech told them they could put them anywhere. well... no more. When the sponsors come up to me on Tuesday after the race and say, hey, I saw all your pictures and video, I love the spot they had my decals... I can feel good that I am not getting yelled at like last year when they find out that half the field did not display the decals properly or did not have them on the car. I love those emails.. Hey Bill, dod you have pictures from last weeks event of cars on the track I can use for social media? I go to get them and everyone one of them is missing a decal, even the cars that I KNOW I handed them one to put on the car. That's why. And NASCAR is pretty strict. Teams have to get their themes approved before they are printed on the wrap. And they have a very specific location for every since required decal.
  5. Bill Strong

    2019 Official Sonoma Raceway Double-7

    I know there are arrive and drive teams that would love to come out and race if they had people asking. i know there are a lot of guys that would love to race, but just don't have the cars. https://champcar.org/mainweb/arrive-and-drive-teams/
  6. Bill Strong

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    and remember. If it is not like I laid out in the rules. You don't get to leave pit lane. there is no more creativity on decals. You know. Rules and all. with pictures.
  7. Bill Strong

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Go to Mikes house next week and pick it up. He has 1000 of them. call first.
  8. Bill Strong

    2019 Official Road America Spring Double 8-Hour Enduros

    All the information you need for the event is located in the event supps. The link is on the event calendar, and above in the first post. https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/380.pdf
  9. Bill Strong

    2019 Official Sonoma Raceway Double-7

    We have 85 cars for Road Atlanta. 22 for the tiny VIR south track. 20 for Sonoma. We are doing this race no matter how many show. I purchased my plane ticket and rental car. I am coming to this race. I am visiting my family in Vallejo. How can we increase the numbers here?
  10. white vinyl over CF covered fiberglass. Only best for my artwork.
  11. https://champcar.org/mainweb/rules/ Change Log by W. Strong - 1/10/2019 1. Updated events calendar. Version 2019-02 2. Updated CCES Decal Instruction Sheet. Version 2019v1 3. Tech form corrected - Version changed to V1.2 Renamed “Safety Inspection” column title to “Technical Inspection per BCCR” DOT / 180 TW or Higher Tires - Added “or Higher” Max. 96 DbA Noise Limit (May be less - See Supps) - Changed from 93 to 96. Fuel Cell Capacity +/- 2 Gallon / Stock - Added the word Cell 2x Official 2019 Sponsor Panels - added plural, and quantity 3x Official 2019 ChampCar Number Panels - added year and plural, and quantity 1x Official 2019 TireRack Windshield Banner - new addition 2x Class Letters and 1x Rear Number - new addition 4. 4.2.2. Vehicle additions to the VPI table (not amended VPIs) will be added quarterly. March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st. - added sentence 5. The fuel bulkhead rule was amended to include fuel fillers, pumps and hoses. This part of the bulkhead rule will not go into effect until 4/26/19. Changes in RED. All fuel cells and fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc) shall be separated from the driver compartment by a metal bulkhead. All lines and fittings that pass through the cabin of the vehicle must be metal or must be encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. The metal canister that makes up the fuel cell does not count as a bulkhead. ALL FUEL CELLS AND FUEL COMPONENTS MUST BE ENCLOSED IN A METAL CANISTER / ENCLOSURE. The fuel cell is enclosed by a full metal canister AND a separate bulkhead that encloses the fuel cell and canister. The fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc) must be separated by a metal bulkhead. All lines and fittings that pass through the cabin of the vehicle must be metal or must be encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. Any fuel, oil, or coolant lines (including Aeroquip steel braided lines) that pass through the driving compartment must be metal or encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. (Flex-conduit is not acceptable. Lines wrapped in aluminum tape are not acceptable.) Removed from - OE metal lines in good condition, in their original location, are exempt from this rule, but encasement is still recommended. Steel braided lines are acceptable. 6. Number panel rule for convertibles changed to allow the hood mounted panel to face forward or towards the passenger side. The 3 large backgrounds shall be applied to the front driver and passenger door of the car, as well as the roof. Roof numbers are to be right-facing (passenger side facing). Open cars (convertibles / no roof) must have a car number on the hood. Hood numbers can be forward facing or right facing (passenger side facing). 7. 9.8.1. Each car competing in a ChampCar event shall display the official ChampCar Endurance Series banner at the top of the windshield. The decal must be unobstructed and in clear view. Backgrounds may be any color with the exception of White, Orange, or Yellow. For cars with no windshield, the Event Director will designate an alternate location for the banner.
  12. Bill Strong

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Supps to Charlotte are updated with new logos and more correct info as needed.. sonoma was all screwed up. but fixed now. others will be finished over the next few days.
  13. Bill Strong

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Thank you. still, a few things to do. and finish 5 more races. Just got the track config for willow springs today from Dana, so will be putting that track on. Most likely the "Premier" events will look like the Indy version, or different. we will see what I can come up with.
  14. Bill Strong

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Not one MR2. But you got me thinking
  15. Bill Strong

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    From my telecom engineering days... Blue-Orange-Green-Brown-Slate-White-Red-Black-Yellow-Violet-Rose Aqua