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  1. ChampCar National Championship at Road America Additional event sponsor gifts brought to you by ChampCar Staff Member Dennis Morgan Leinenkugel- 1 Hammock, 1Inflatable paddle boat w/oars and 2 six packs of beer Armstrong Apple Orchards 2 bottles of Sexy Legs wine Wisconsin Natural Acres 1 case of Pure Honey Inthewoods Sugar Bush 2- 16oz bottles of Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup Culver's Restaurants 20 Value Basket gift cards 20 Raspberry Sundae gift cards Fleet Farm Gas Station 5 - $30 gas cards
  2. Supps just updated to V5 to display the bend with a note that ChampCar races the bend. https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/436.pdf
  3. The mini was quiet. so no reading. No need to come by with some sort of officially tool. Then mine won't be the standard.
  4. A spammer made an account and then started messaging members. Those spam accounts have been banned. If you get spam. Please just report it.
  5. Not ChampCar hosted. We will check with the track to see if they are hosting anything.
  6. ~$30 sound meter. $470 tripod 145cm off the ground to be exact.
  7. Supps updated. https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/437.pdf Highlights. Print out and sign the ChampCar Waivers. Everyone will hand the waivers to the gate guard. They will have you sign the Charlotte waiver before you are allowed in. added corner numbers to the roval map. COVID-19: Masks and social distancing are required while on site and during the event. Temps may be taken at the gate. Concessions: Open 7am - 8pm Saturday.
  8. He was not on the pending list. May want to pop Chelsey.vickery@champcar.org an email. Is he part of another team? You can only be on one team
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