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  1. Bill Strong

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    The MR2 formula
  2. Bill Strong

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    I miss the 1970s
  3. Click the link below to watch our races live https://www.youtube.com/c/ChampCarEnduranceSeries/live
  4. We have around 40 garages left to rent. Contact info@champcar.org and use 'Indy Garage" in the subject line
  5. FYI. I have done well over 60 races with ChampCar as a car owner, and another 15 as a driver, and another 60+ or so as a media person. 2018 allowed me to be more involved in the event planning and of the actual running of the event. When doing this job, I actually look at it from a car owners perspective. I get yelled at a lot. lol. But yes, I understand all of your concerns and will continue to fight for what the owners need and want.
  6. Indy Update 11/12/2018: Re: After hours repairs. The facility is not set up for night time activities to be done safely a there is just not the lighting. But... This item is up for discussion by the track. We will discuss with them some scenarios at our next phone meeting. They are not against the idea, they just want to make certain everything can be done safely. re: Fuel types They just need a list, once they have that list of fuel, they will have it there. I will put up a poll the first week of January asking the teams that are on the main list, and the waitlist what fuels they will need, and how much they plan to use over a 22 hour period. yes, I know it is only 20-hours of racing, but I want to figure in one extra stint for pace laps, paddock ventures, revving in the garages to see if your car revs, etc etc etc.
  7. Bill Strong

    Live Streaming

    yes. we have been using in on our custom streaming server. But... It does not yet work on YouTube. It is pretty sweet. But HVEC / h.265 needs more adoption out there. It was a big difference in how much data I used over a weekend. But there are major compatibility issues after its uploaded.
  8. Bill Strong

    Live Streaming

    I have spent a billion dollars of my own money over the past three years working on reliable and good feeds. Most of the time failing. We finally have a good setup that we have been using over the past 4 races. Of course, that tech will most likely not work at the next four races! lol. Now we are working on tech for 2019/2020 that will take us close to broadcast quality shows. We keep an eye on your feeds and use them when we need them. If suddenly your car is in the top 5, we will abuse that cam.
  9. Bill Strong

    2019 Brainerd

    Our current schedule is complete with the exception of a winter Laguna Seca.
  10. ...and people think all I do is sit around and think of ways to sneak the word MR2 into the show... see what I did there?
  11. Mazda Motorsports' ChampCar Contingency update. This has taken a huge amount of work on Mazda Motorsports and on ChampCar's side. We are almost there. Mazda Motorsports has approved our process of how we document who you are and how you finished. This was completed Yesterday. We are just awaiting final word from Mazda Motorsports to confirm their testing and audit procedures are working as they should. I am now awaiting Mazda images and trademark/copyright info. Their people that handle this were at SEMA and are in the middle of traveling back. So I am hoping I get this info next week. Then I will get to work finishing a ChampCar - Mazda Motorsport page that will let you know what the program is, what races contingency will be paid out at, where to go to get parts, and a where to get the required paperwork. Mazda will then make links from their website to ours. Once complete and tested, we will make a news blast on Mazda's site and ours about the program. Look for it in December. If in the meantime you need info, please contact Mike Chisek at info@champcar.org
  12. I don't know., But I swear my 28' enclosed trailer came with pontoons. stock.
  13. Sugar? Makes it sweet.
  14. I also need to take into account all your "extra fuel" requirements. You know, how you fit 7 gallons of fuel in a 5-gallon dump can while trying to make it look like you put 10 gallons of fuel in your Civic when in fact you just poured 14 gallons into it. Fuzzy math.
  15. We are working out the details. Once I have them, they will be made public. From the face to face conversation Mike and I had with them, their body gestures pointing at pit in, and pit out, made it seem like they would have fuel trucks at each end of pit lane, or thereabouts. I will get confirmation. I will let them know about what our fuel needs will be, and how important it is that those needs are fulfilled. I think I will send an email to the teams that are entered and the wait list teams to get a reading on what their requirements are. Wait... we can send hate mail?