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  1. Supplemental rules coming soon February 7-February 8, 2020MICHELIN RACEWAY ROAD ATLANTA: 14 Hour Enduro, $1525Braselton, GA"The 14 Hours of Road Atlanta"Early Pay Discount Ends: December 9, 2019Entrant List Entries for The 14 Hours of Road Atlanta updated 11/13/2019 Team Name Car # Year Make Model 1. 633 Squadron 633 1992 BMW 325is 2. Clear Motorwerx 491 1989 Nissan 240sx 3. Good, Bad and Ugly 427 1988 Chevrolet Camaro 4. On Second Thought Racing 341 1991 Mazda Miata 5. Prelude to the Cream 814 1992 Honda Prelude 6. rbankracing.com 1 90 1999 SAAB 9-3 7. rbankracing.com 2 195 2006 SAAB 9-3 8. Running Bulls Racing E30 160 1987 BMW 325is 9. StealthE 699 1987 BMW 325i 10. TURBO TATR RACING 442 1998 Volkswagen Golf 11. TWOth Autosport 524 1992 Honda Civic 12. TWOth Autosport II 822 2007 Honda Civic Si 13. UGA Motorsports 248 1999 Ford Mustang
  2. I should have my 2007 2ZZ powered street registered 2001 MR2 Spyder video somewhere of me and Biohazard playing at VIR. he toasted me in the rain at Summit Point though.
  3. The V6 will toast the 2zz badly. I have looked at the 7th gen and actually costed up a 2gr front engine rear drive setup using parts from a ST165 and a Supra. But the car is too light.
  4. Early Pay discounts for 2020 events expiring in December and January 2019. save $200 on your team entry. Remember, entry fees cover the car, all drivers and crew, and your entry! February 7-February 8, 2020MICHELIN RACEWAY ROAD ATLANTA: 14 Hour Enduro, $1525Braselton, GA"The 14 Hours of Road Atlanta"Early Pay Discount Ends: December 9, 2019Entrant ListFebruary 15-February 16, 2020SONOMA RACEWAY: Test + D7, $1625Sonoma, CA"2020 National Championship"Early Pay Discount Ends: December 17, 2019Entrant ListMarch 7, 2020VIRGINIA INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY: 12 Hour Enduro, $1225Alton, VA"The 12 Hours of VIR (South)"Early Pay Discount Ends: January 7, 2020Entrant List
  5. Let's just hope the SC300 does not use an MR2 to help it turn. too soon?
  6. We are not a public event. only a club event. Because of this we are not typically listed on tracks public schedules.
  7. you can always quickly find the link by typing champcar.org/events, or champcar.org/race, or champcar.org/calendar into your browser.
  8. https://champcar.org/register/events.php all events are only posted to that page. There will no longer be "calendars". You can find that page on the ChampCar.org webpage
  9. This will be announced by the BOD on Nov 1. I will post up all of the info along with the election ballot and an email sent to all current members.
  10. I figure we will do a northern attack on the PNW and sweep down from Canadia. May take a bit. But we will.
  11. Laguna and Utah. did you guys not look at the image or the PDF?I can draw a bigger picture if you need it It has nothing to do with Mr. Media. It has everything to do with the lack of cars.
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