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  1. September 11-September 12, 2021MID-OHIO: 8+7-Hour Enduros, $1575Lexington, OH"Mid Ohio Sports Car Course"Early Pay Discount Ends: July 13, 2021Event Director: chelsey.vickery@champcar.orgEntrant List Entries for Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Updated 1/21/2021 Limited to 80 entrants Team Name Car # Year Make Model 1. Acura 4 Now 524 2007 Acura TSX 2.
  2. Oh, and I blew up an engine at a Nelson Ledges 24h at about 7am due to a cheap no-name Chinese built hose. The hose was used to remote mount a oil pressure sensor. It blew open like a banana.
  3. The quality of the rubber is the big deal. There are a lot of cheap hoses out there are just not designed for motorsport. I tend to stick with Earls hoses and fittings purchased from Jegs or Summit. I also have used Fragola as well. They make some nice hard to find fittings.
  4. click refresh on the page as you are using a cached version. you could also clear the cache for the day too.
  5. well. from my point of view, I have seen no errors with the online calculator. so yes. that's still up and working. That's the tool that tech is using to tech swapped cars. If for some reason you don't like the swap calculator, there is one simple fix. don't swap.
  6. 2021 rules and paperwork uploaded here https://champcar.org/web/pdf/nissan/2021-Nismo-Racer-Contingency-Program.pdf
  7. It's amazing what the vin can tell you about a car, the engine, and everything! We once had a team tell us a certain car was XXX. It looked like it. But after a quick vin lookup, we found the car was actually a XYX. The car looked the same as the claimed model, but wasn't.
  8. Yes. we were trying to find the vin on the engine. I found it and confirmed it was what was stated.
  9. I recommend external antennas at tracks like Daytona. Mainly because the signal is degraded or lost as soon as you enter the banking. A roof antenna helps keep a strong'ish signal. Doesn't always work like we want it. But it does most of the time. They also work well at weak signal tracks, or on cars that the hotspot is buried inside the car. Center mounted on the roof is best. Bolt it in, magnets are not very strong on most of the aftermarket antennas. Construction glue works well at holding them on too.
  10. I have taken down VPI Calculator until we can review the data. the PDF has the correct numbers.
  11. NCM will be using the Purple 35 flag for hot pulls. For those that don't know what a purple 35 is, picture it like the F1 virtual safety car. drop to 35mph. maintain the distance between you and the car in front.
  12. Per the Supps and the Road Atlanta website: Fuel on site: Credit card pumps available in the Club Paddock. The VP Racing Fuels gas station dispenses 93 unleaded, C9 (96 unleaded) and 110 leaded during both public and private track rentals. The fuel station is also dispensing C10 non-ethanol 100 octane fuel.
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