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  1. This is a catch22 for me. We would love to see all your cameras out there. But most tracks have capacity limits for the video feeds. The more teams show up with gear that connects to cell towers the harder it is for me to send video to paulie to do the show. We have seen this over and over the past 3 years. We get to a track and do our testing, everything works like a charm, but race morning, boom, cameras wont stay connected or wont even connect because everyone just turned on their cell equipment. I work with Verizon to let them know we are coming so they can redirect antennas and know the capacity will be taking a hit on the weekend. I have since turned my cameras down to SD just to try and stay connected. That's why the video is not the greatest in the cars. I am.still debating this. But my job on tbe track is to promote the company with a good show.
  2. The weather is looking great for The Landjaeger Cup at Road America. Below is the important event info you need to read to make your weekend a little easier. Please read carefully! Supplemental Rules & Schedule - Please make sure you read the supplemental rules and event schedule found here. Reminder: this is a Friday and Saturday race! Gates - Everyone must sign both the ChampCar waiver and the Road America waiver before they can enter the paddock. You will then be issued a waiver wristband that you must wear all weekend. You can sign the waivers at the ticket window at the registration building. If you show up after the ticket window is closed you will not be able to enter the track until the next day. Ticket window hours: Thursday 11AM - 7PM, Friday 6AM - 4PM & Saturday 6AM - 4PM. Practice Day - Road America will be holding a practice day on Thursday for ChampCar teams only. Please make sure you sign up in advance or the practice day might be canceled due to lack of entries. Click here to sign up. This will also get you in to the paddock early on Wednesday and Thursday. Pit & Paddock Assignments - Click here for your pit and paddock assignments. Some of you will be making new friends! You'll notice that there are a few empty pit stalls since Road America still has some open garages that someone will pick up. Please make sure you notify registration if you decide to purchase a garage. Click here for a paddock and pit map. Transponders - If you entered a transponder number (or entered anything really) while you where registering we assume you're bringing your own. Please verify that you have entered the correct number or that you reserved a transponder if you're not supplying your own. Garages - Worried about the weather? Garages are available and may be reserved for this event by completing the Garage Rental form. Garage stalls in the Hagerty Tech Center are 16x40 (easily fits two cars) and includes electric. They are $375 for the event. Completed forms may be emailed to DSzczepanski@RoadAmerica.com or by FAX 920-892-4550. For additional information, please call 1-800-365-7223. Tech - All cars will need to be tech'd for 2019 unless you've had your 2019 annual tech completed. Bring all your paperwork filled out and make sure you have read the rules. Swap cars with no paperwork will likely be put in EC. Tech opens at 1PM on Thursday. Decals will be handed out at Tech and will be required to pass tech. Decal locations are shown in the BCCR appendix. Please download and READ the 2019 BCCR here as we have had some rule changes. Also make sure you look up your VPI here before you arrive at tech so there are no surprises. If you haven't done so yet, make sure you order your new 2019 number panels here. Registration - Make sure you tech first, then bring your yellow logbook and tech sheet signed by us directly to registration. Before you arrive, log in and check your driver roster for accuracy. Make any corrections ahead of time. If you are fully paid with the correct drivers, check-in is a 3 minute process. If you are not coming (work issue, car issue, etc), email me to let me know you will not be there. Novice & New to ChampCar School - 6PM Thursday at the Medical Center Classroom. See map in supps. A reminder: read through and print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here. If you have any questions about registration, please contact Laura O'Rourke here. Any other questions you can contact me here. We're looking forward to seeing you all at Road America! The ChampCar Staff
  3. They see this all the time. "Pro-Built" cages with missing welds. Missing tubes. etc. This is still in development, but we are trying to make it so that you guys know exactly what we are calling for when it comes to cages. BETA PAGE https://champcar.org/mainweb/the-champcar-cage/
  4. If we see a car in the lead, and you have a camera streaming to youtube, we may grab it and show it. But most of the time we use ours unless they start going down.
  5. I think this is the image of the event... Photo by Kurt Roussell https://www.fastcarphotos.com/galleries/2019-14-hours-of-daytona/
  6. First Batch of Event Images... Photographer - Kurt Roussell https://www.fastcarphotos.com/galleries/2019-14-hours-of-daytona/
  7. I want to know the story about the camo green Mustang. That was such a pretty car before the race. But every corner on that car was bent in, and there was even a mark on the roof.
  8. I am not tech... But I do build cars. I like to take the aluminum or flashing and coat one side with the fireproof RTV or that putty, and pop rivet it to the hole. every bit of time you can give your driver is better for him or her.
  9. !!!!! FIRE SYSTEM MAINTENANCE !!!!!! Install the safety pin into the fire bottle. Remove the actuator cable. move the cable using the t-handle to be certain it slides easily in the sheath. Lube with graphite. Order new cable from Lifeline if it does not move or has resistance. http://www.lifeline-fire.com/pullcables.aspx
  10. https://forum.champcar.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15399 there are sample numbers... you can print them out on a 8.5x11 sheet and use them to cut out with an exacto knife.
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