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  1. anti-clockwise both days. No ChampCar,live show. Drivers meeting.
  2. Just remember, that once the green flag drops, you can't leave the track. A Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Car racing track 59901 E 5500 Rd · (918) 356-4814 Website Directions B Sinclair Gas station Hallett, OK · (918) 356-4486 Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
  3. WTB - Kirkey Kirkey 16" or 17" 71511 Road Racing containment seat. Anyone have a used Kirkey seat that they no longer use? I am having a difficult time fitting a full containment seat into the Opel GT. I am in Central Virginia. I currently have the intermediate road racing seat in the car, but the head containment add-on fits outside the car. and after testing one in a Miata, I know it will fit better in the GT.
  4. My first time cutting thick aluminum with my plasma cutter. it looks like shit. but it works.
  5. testing my awesomeness. Ed, I can post images if I upload them. Upload Linked from my Google album https://photos.app.goo.gl/iWbsv1jgX5MEPpFK8
  6. Good points. There are so many hands involved in this task now. All I get is an excel sheet that I have to make fit on a printable page of paper.
  7. early [Compare Report] VPI-Table-2021-Early-April.pdf
  8. here is the compare file for the late models [Compare Report] VPI-Table-2021-Late-April.pdf
  9. We will only have one official document. That includes the BCCR. If members want redlines or green copies they wont get if from us. I kid you not, we have had people pull a few editions back copy of something someone else made of a rule book and try and argue against techs decision. I spoke about this with the CEO and he agreed.
  10. WGI is $50 for the weekend just for 110v. Charge your drivers more for that stuff. $90 spread out over 4 drivers - $22.50 each Hit them with $25. apply the extra cash to the beer fund.
  11. supps are up https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/458.pdf
  12. I really have no way of knowing what is in your cars via our records, and Mazda needs to make certain that you have a Mazda engine in your Mazda chassis to be eligible for the Mazda Contingency.
  13. Please update your car on this list if you have a swap, and what engine is swapped in it. This is a list of the 2020 raced cars. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dW_AlCoMyZDbDg_ugpCxtJD8ApK35iAcudiKsE1oYGY/edit?usp=sharing
  14. https://www.mazdamotorsports.com/2021/04/30/champcar-endurance-series-mazda-national-champion/?fbclid=IwAR157EdxMfmn8wn8Lzlu2VzrjbEhJntELEineWTlI7GFwh6BSA6FewYLBYc
  15. 2020 ChumpCar International, Inc Financial Report ChampCar_2020_Annual_Financial_Report.pdf
  16. Supps are completed, but the track wanted to review them before I posted them,. So hopefully they will be uploaded before this weekend.
  17. After a meeting with the event director it was decided that once the green flag drops, the race will continue uninterrupted unto the checkered flag when the track will open back up. So bring everything you need for an endurance race event.
  18. I'll check. Sorry, staff have taken a very needed time off phase the past few days.
  19. Because that's his thing. It's the Internet way.
  20. ChampCar will again have Sahlen's ChampYard at the Glen t-shirts available for purchase at registration. Adult sizes only. S-4XL
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