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  1. Excellent video. Thanks. Looks super fast. Cool under bumper cam too 👍🏽 Speed Ventures is back out at Fontana roval on nov 3 rd and 4 th. We have signed up for the track day on the 3 rd and going to shake down the car and learn the course a bit. Anyone else going?
  2. Wow cool 29 entires. Never count out alchemy autsports lil red rocket Miata ! Btw. Has anyone else noticed in the supplemental rules or says no camping? Years past we could stay In Our trailers at the track. What’s changed?
  3. We will be entering soon. Prepping car this weekend. Roval here we come !!
  4. chump5150

    Sweet Neon

    What year is the Neon?
  5. chump5150

    Buttonwillow 24?

    sorry about the lights.... we forgot to adjust the lights before the night time race. We do like giving other drivers a sun tan with our lights. We will be taking a few months off to work on the car. The car would not rev over 3000 rpm....
  6. chump5150

    Buttonwillow 24?

    We ran the 12 hr LD at buttonwillow last weekend. We did the 12 hr instead of the 24 hr because or car doesn't stay together for the total 24 hr. Also we use 10 gallons of gas an hr and would have to make a few trips into town to accommodate the 240 gallons of gas we would have used in the 24 hr race. I believe there were 12 cars signed up for the 12 hr race.
  7. chump5150

    Las Vegas "NOT as Hot 13"

    The newly rescheduled Vegas double seven date in October is the same weekend as the LD race at Laguna. Bummer we can't race both. Laguna is our home track. (10 minutes from home )
  8. chump5150

    2017 Sonoma Official

    Testing in the wet Friday . Time for a bikini top for that Miata Ben
  9. chump5150

    Las Vegas 13

    is he good at photo shop? maybe he can make it look like our car was on the track lol
  10. chump5150

    Las Vegas 13

    We had a blast watching our car go around the track for 5 laps. We left Vegas on Sun morning and drove to L.A. and put our spare motor in so we will be ready for Fontana. i guess the good thing is our brake,tires and etc. do not need to be replaced. We believe we lost the oil pump or a bearing in the engine. We will be in Fontana and ready to race. Congrats to Miata PI for the (close) win and to everyone else who survived the 13 hours. how was the chicken at midnight. Mike
  11. chump5150

    Autoclub Speedway

    Glad the driver of the BMW was okay. It was a really hard hit. I was in the black mustang directly behind them. I could almost feel the impact from in my car. We we had a fun time this weekend. Broke a few parts but nothing too major. I I must give credit to the 701 Red mustang. Those guys worked long and hard to get that car ready by race morning. That little v-6 auto hung in there really well. Hope to see them at future races and hang out some more. Great job this weekend Chumps!
  12. Sonoma Raceway, Infinion Raceway, Sears Point. I'm seeing a pattern here. LOL!
  13. chump5150


    it all started in 2001, I had some training and started chasing cars around the Monterey area in a police car. After catching several people at work, my brother in laws and I decided to race. I then had to learn how to pass the people I was chasing...... by the way our team knows how to do the P.I.T. maneuver....
  14. chump5150

    Motion sickness

    Everyone has something that works and this works for me. I did not state it was for everyone. Maybe you should try it before knocking it. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I tend tend to relax with the music and this lets me concentrate and focus at racing the car. Rod
  15. chump5150

    Motion sickness

    I get motion sickness on the track, riding as a passenger if I look down a bit and on high speed roller coasters. I always have even as a kid. I take a couple dramamine about 30 minutes before my stint and maybe one later on in the day if I go out again. That, my cool suit running and the tunes playing in my helmet on my ipod and I am comfy as can be. Like going for a Sunday drive boot legging and running from the cops. The dramamine never makes me drowsy. They make a "less drowsy" formula if you want to try it. I usually use the regular kind. Rod