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  1. Yeah....no. I never read the emails, I dont watch the videos, usually only visit the forums every now and then and I usually only do two champ races a year but I knew registration opened at Midnight Nov 1st. I get enough marketing junk from companies that think people cant stay informed on their own already, I dont need that from champ too. There was plenty of info out there for people to be ready for this...as evidence by the fast sellout and apparently over 50+ waiting list. I didnt expect it to fill up that fast either, but that's my mistake, no one elses. Good on those who were ready and prepared. I'm sure it'll be fun racing a track so many people idolize. Hopefully it goes well and they do it again in 2020.
  2. Ha, I heard from some friends/family that they saw what they believed was contact in turn 5 during that stint. That was our renter, who had an hour of dry track on Saturday and then this stint, so he was fairly new to the car. Very happy he was able to avoid contact, as I'm sure he is as well! We should have video (another team member has the gopro) of that, but I'd love to see it from your car!
  3. Motorcrap had an interesting time. This is the first weekend we finally ran on something other then our crappy budget tires, and I dont think we can go back. We put on a new set of RS4's and found out our car can turn a bit better then we ever expected. I started Saturday, and was having an absolute blast that first 45 or so minutes before the weather. Ran with the Ludicrous MR2 for awhile in that stint (was thrilled to see you guys win on sunday, Ive always really liked that car) and was able to put some decent laps down in traffic. Then the weather.....oh man. I was happy to have the RS4's cause they were still better then our other tires. But believe me, driving a torquey Mustang with RS4's in the rain/snow is no ones idea of fun. It pushes off power and as soon as you think about hitting the gas it'll start to come around. It takes a very light and careful touch to get it around track without it breaking lose around every slight bend. In the past, we would park the car in the wet cause its just not fun and (with the old tires) slightly dangerous. But this weekend we decided to atleast try to keep turning (very slow) laps. Which we managed to do. And our poor renter, his first stint ever in our car was in the rain/snow...I couldnt think of a worse time to put a first timer in the car. But we managed to keep it going and finished 3rd in class on Saturday. Sunday, everything started great, but about half way thru our second stint, the car was down on power. Way down. I ran a 2.52 the day before in traffic, and I know there's atleast a 2.50 in it and was hoping to prove that with some clean/open track on Sunday, but the car was so down on power the best I could fight out of it was a 2.59, and it seemed to be getting slower. But it stayed together and we tried a few quick fixes but nothing seemed to matter. We kept going and managed a 2nd in class. Props to Dirtguys for winning D both days, that's another car I've always loved seeing out there and glad to see them find success!
  4. yeah I pm'ed before making that post...never got a response.
  5. Team Motorcrap is looking for a fourth driver for Road America in a couple weeks with our '88 Mustang. PM me for details.
  6. Haha, thats just it...thats only the incidents that I saw...plenty more that I wasn't near.
  7. I did hear alot of your name mentioned during the race! Oh I was totally blocking. I even said that in the first post. I would never normally do that, but it was the last lap and I was fighting to hold on to my position. I didnt notice you until he went on my left. At that point it was up to him to let up or push....I honestly expected him to duck back behind me. But thanks for the pick!
  8. Even more action then last video...took longer to record and chop up than I planned. But here ya go, highlights from my view of the race. Still a fun time, but still a mess. I'm not particularity fast in the Miata, but keeping it *mostly* clean and avoiding trouble netted me 10th in class. Was running on fumes the last lap...dont know if I could've run another full lap. Enjoy! Side Note - Orange car that I ran into was LAPS behind, in 36th in place, and I was running down 8th...ended up finishing 10th. And Last time down the stretch, was totally blocking, but we both laughed about it at the end, had to defend to stay in 10th.
  9. Will have a highlight vid up in the morning.... plenty of action on track, even acouple including me...one when someone decided to turn infront of me at the last secondthe...causing me to run into the back of them and lose a position (luckly not worse). Still managed 10th in the miata. Had fun, but the decisions some people were making on track where just ridiculous. Like BACKING onto track with traffic coming...seriously
  10. Ugh, let ya down. Wasnt able to get on last night. But will try again next week!
  11. It was fun last night...but obvious there are very different levels of iRacing / sim skill out there. I'm relatively new to iRacing, and usually off the pace a few seconds in most races....that being said...it was very obvious there were people who are very skilled at iRacing and people who very inexperienced with it. I joined the practice/qual late, and was only able to get a couple clean laps in, while re-learning the miata a bit and trying to find the fast way to get it around the track. So I ended up starting towards the back of the pack, and saw a fair share of carnage (see my highlights thread). Id say it was a fair mix of inexperience and people not really caring how they did or what happened. I know I wasnt taking it to seriously, but still focused on keeping things clean. But it was fun. I managed a few decent laps, mostly due to having someone to chase. Was happy with were I finished (from 40th to 19th overall). Hard to take it to seriously tho...with such gaps in skill and very little penalty for wrecks on track.
  12. That's part of my setup. I use something called TrackIR, it tracks your head movement and moves the camera with your head. I got it because I used to play alot of flight sims. But it works great with iRacing too.
  13. I did live up to the stories of those wild East Region races haha.
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