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  1. All years of Fiero - same point value. No "model" differences (Base / GT / SE / Formula) in point value or called out to create a different "platform". Mix and match parts at will between years at "0" points. This was an old "verbal" tech explanation given to me years ago when I had a Nissan pickup, again, all models over several years, same points. Mix and match if it was available on the same generation chassis and no model call outs with different points in the VPI.
  2. This. We all have a Champcar membership number - that's your ID for everything else, it's also your driver ID. Bar code / QR Code, whatever, one number that's consistent. No, it won't help with a borrowed helmet if someone really wants to try and circumvent the system, but if we were tracking drivers and they ran back to back stints....
  3. Can't PM you on this topic....
  4. The Longest Day races started 60-70 cars (and trucks) some years. It's busy!!! Three wide is "possible" (in some paces) if everyone if paying close attention. If you're 2 wide in the kink, neither of you are going fast enough. Lots of passing opportunities, but patience is needed here more than a lot of tracks due to the risk/reward ratio. You will be faster if you time your passes rather than force them in the places it takes using all the track to be fast. More than ready to get back to racing at a favorite track!!!
  5. As an alternative to "the bat" - old 40mm kart axles work great and don't chew up like wood bats - no experience w/aluminum bats. Lots of kart guys went to 50mm axles and an old 40mm can typically be had cheap (or free if it's been bent and not thrown out). They are also longer than a bat for leverage.
  6. Was it a new cell or "good used". I used, old bladders break down and leak gas inside the cell can. And yes, I know from first hand experience! Used cells can be a good deal if they aren't aged out, or if they are cheap enough that you only reuse the can and fill plate and can buy/insert a new bladder.
  7. I've got a busted Racing Electronics 3 pin I was going to fix (eventually?) down in Columbus, you're welcome to it. PM me.
  8. So I happened to have a similar tech desk question in at the same time. I have not received a response, but as I read the current rules and the interpretation: Transaxle swap - 25 pts. I have a choice of two, one has no factory LSD option, one does have a factory LSD option - they are two different parts/cases/families Option 1 - transaxle w/no factory LSD 25 pts, then add 25 pts for the aftermarket LSD and in this case, the stock, original axles can be used - total 50 pts. (mounts included w/swap) Option 2 - transaxle w/factory LSD 25 pts, LSD comes with the box but...different axles required at 25 pts for the pair as they are "non-OE" for the car - total 50 pts (mounts included w/swap) While technically Option 2 is a slightly stronger box, the availability of custom axles can be a hassle. In both cases, the LSD option is a torsen type. Most of the used factory LSD's have been destroyed by owners, it is discontinued new and the last price shown is $2,868.57. Aftermarket LSD for the option 1 transaxle - $500 - $1200, aftermarket LSD for the option 2 transaxle $850 - $1500. In both cases OBX Chinesium vs. Quaife. While I would certainly prefer to pick up a "good used" LSD, in this case (and I suspect in many cases) the aftermarket offers a much less expensive option. Welding the stock open diff is till the "0" point option just as it has been. Again, options to build cars exist, point use is a choice. (except for fuel!!!) As I read it for non-transaxle applications: For the Nissan & BMW peeps, you can swap the IRS center section for 25 pts - but it's 25 points more if it requires different axles (and changing inner CV's only makes them "different axles"). In the case of a live axle (big american iron typically) swapping in an LSD that REQUIRES different axles is 25 for the LSD & 25 for the axles. If the axles are not needed, you can use the existing OE axles for "0" points. And my opinion is just that and worth what you paid for it!
  9. OK, I am currently driving an E36 BMW and an occasional RX7 (as much as anyone is "currently" running).... The question remains - points & free for anything and everything EXCEPT fuel? A proposal to "buy" fuel at 25 pts. per gallon, max 2 gallons will end the BOP as we know it? Charge the points for the "free" 2 gallons if you choose to invest in a fuel cell (rolling back more "free" stuff)? I still fail to see the angst this discussion seems to cause some. Why is adding diversity to builds and making more chassis competitive so disturbing? "IF" one or two outliers become too fast, raise the VPI on the outlier to reign them back in - it's been done before. As I say, given all the stuff that has been discounted or made free without "destroying the series", this is not that big a deal.
  10. I did have the thought that we allow up to 4 gallons @ 25 points per gallon - BUT...no more "free" 2 gallons with a cell, you "pay" for all tank capacity over stock. WIll never happen as those that have already taken advantage of the "free" gas would lose their minds!!!
  11. Valid points, but no different than today. I can install as big a fuel cell as I want and claim I have displacement blocks. Yes, we have loose rule interpretations on fillers and vents than can be exploited. "IF" fuel for points were to happen, I have no issue with these items being tightened up. In fact, if they already were, there may be more people in favor of fuel for points. Just saying....
  12. As I have said, fuel should not need to be the "ONE THING" that is sacred. I also don't want it to be "free". Additional fuel does have the potential to be a contributor to speed creep - or not depending on how it is implemented. My gut feel is 50 points per gallon, LIMIT 2 GALLONS, since we already made 2 gallons "free" with a fuel cell. To be consistent, no more "free" stuff, no more 2.5 pt hubs (or 10 pt aero w/o limits). At 50 points and a limit to how much can be added, it should cause teams to consider removing other items to add fuel (if they so choose). It should add diversity to vehicles in the series without radically changing the "balance of power".
  13. Of course the"simple" fuel fix could be to change the arbitrary 2 hour limit on driving stints to 90 minutes in the interest of safety. I mean, if 2 hours is safe, shouldn't 90 minutes be safer?
  14. And improvements are available via points for all those factors except???? And the VPI is adjusted based on the points available to correct those shortcomings? I'm not seeing where having fuel as a "point based mod" requires a VPI rewrite.
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