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  1. PM me - possibly interested in motor and ECU/harness. (getting error when I try to PM you). Or email - craig71188, I am "at" Hotmail.
  2. So this means we can take the "Maxxis" decals off the car now? I see they are no longer lisited as a sponsor (and Tire Rack doesn't carry the anyway...)
  3. Not mine, just popped up in my feed today. One or two Mustangs if someone were contemplating a build, might be a good start + a spare tub. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=w2w caged race cars for sale https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=w2w caged race cars for sale
  4. All depends on the car and data is your friend.
  5. Kept under factory redline. most motors will live just fine. An old timer once told me there are so many RPM's in an engine, revving higher just uses them up faster..... I think the real issues have been touched on: 1) Fuel economy 2) Are more RPM really any faster? As to fuel economy, running at lower RPM will use less fuel. Are more RPM really faster? Depends on the motor. Looking at HP & Torque curves, often the answer is "no". Depending on the transmission/rear end, often shifting well below redline better utilizes the HP/Torque and saves on fuel. Lots of RPM sounds cool, but I will shift a little lower, save a bit of fuel, and go just as fast or faster than my co-drivers most days.
  6. Complete(?) car on a trailer from a seller that sounds like they bought something they know nothing about. Sent a message asking for more SPECIFIC information and no answer. Can only guess what their reserve is, but "might" work out to be a decent starter kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1995-Pontiac-Firebird-race-car/292678072719?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. Keep in mind there is CHINA and there is china. Meaning, the quality is all over the board and unless you are buying in a brand name box - it may change from batch to batch. My company sells ignition/engine management products (some from China). If it's a retail private label, they may change manufacturers for a few percentage points. One rotor may be from one place, the next application from another. The one you bought for your car last time may not be the same this time. While the "brand names" typically do not manufacture EVERY number in their catalog, they do tend to be more selective if they are putting their name on it. I am not endorsing any brand - nor knocking any other. Find one that works (name brand) and stick with it. If they offer a fleet or HD option for your application - it's probably a bit better quality/materials. Having said all that, we have run several "economy" rotors and found that good ducting and regular changes have accounted for more consistency than the actual brand itself. On an unrelated note (or maybe not), just purchased some carbon/Kevlar "GT" pads from Autozone for our tow vehicle ('05 Silverado) - made in USA (China Hardware) but very nicely priced ($67 vs $99+ for other "fleet" pads, $120+ for other Kevlar), will be curious to see how they hold up.
  8. Just a few observations on this discussion.... 1) I am not surprised to see even an aero discussion turn to fuel capacity at some point 2) Rule book "lawyering" is why SCCA has rulebooks that total several inches thick (and why some/many of us are here to race) 3) Aero construction DOES need to be scrutinized closely for "stuff that falls off". 4) Aero does further increase the gap from "haves" and "have nots" in Champcar. It also invites the "limited prep" discussion to ensue (again) 5) "Aero adds validity to the series" or some such nonsense was stated. B.S. Pro showroom stock racing existed for years w/o aero enhancements and was very good racing All that being said, some limited aero isn't necessarily a bad thing. There need to be some clear, basic guidelines and definitions. Yes, air dams are vertical, splitters are horizontal, and they are not the same, We need to be conscious of the fact that if we allow the "overdevelopment" of the top tier cars, low tier teams w/o the knowledge/experience/money to do likewise MAY look elsewhere to race. Chump/Champ is/was about AFFORDABLE racing. If you feel you need wind tunnel data to race in Champ, maybe you're in the wrong series, or desperate to have trophies in your house/garage. Just my $ .02 (Climbs off soapbox, pours drink, gets popcorn)
  9. From a planning standpoint, to confirm, the track will not allow/does not want heavy vehicles across the bridge (motorhomes)? To the best of my knowledge it has yet to be upgraded? If so, what are the logistics for the track crossing to be open? FRI: before/till 8 am? Open at lunch break? SAT: Open till??? 1 hour before race start or??? Don't really care once the race starts, we plan to stay for the finish, just looking at getting folks in and out on the test day and race day.
  10. Well it's been over a year since I visited, but if you're discussing the "flush toilets" in the "luxurious" bathroom near the tech shed - they are simply flush toilets on top of the old pits (or they were)!
  11. Please post name of diner and time of specials.....um....asking for a friend???
  12. I resemble that remark - and stay the hell off my lawn! And for all those finding the conditions "primitive" - you used to have to plan to bring your own lawn mower if you didn't want to have grass up to your shins in the paddock! I also see the track is advertising $20 admission for spectators? Used to be a group of bikers that would bring a pickup load (or two ) of pallets and have the bonfire you could see from space all night. Lit the middle part of the back straight pretty well... Ah, the good old days.
  13. The Longest Day typically had a person passing out a photocopied (mimeographed?) standings sheet to each team at the top of the hour - it was the standings from the previous hour (1 hour old). Now work on your strategy!!!
  14. I am not sure - sold it with the truck, but a quick search turned up this unit that looks just like it - and a good price for a "starter kit" - just add shirts (I "think" these are the correct connectors) https://isocomforter.com/product/iso-100-cold-therapy-unit-with-power-supply/
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