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  1. Could just change maximum stints to 1.5 hours AND shorten pit stops to 4 minutes (less fuel to add). Ends most of the fuel debate, it's "safer" (maybe "much safer" depending on ambient temperature) and since 2 hours and 5 minutes were arbitrary values to start with..... Of course there is going back to the old fuel for points debate.
  2. Hell Troy, you should have just applied a piece of duct tape between the elements and made it a single element wing for 10 pts! Yes, I know that changes how it works, but it is just more of the absurdity of so many of "the rules". So if we have to define single and multi element wings now, can we also define "spoilers"? Also, as it seems there is an understanding of one being better than the other, can we get some realistic points attached to each one? I.E. spoilers are fewer points than wings, bigger and/or multi element wings are more points than smaller single element wings (total surface area)? No one wants a bigger rule book, but it seems the series has grown up and by NOT being restrictive enough early enough, has left the door open for more tech shed lawyering to come.....
  3. Also noted in a another pump of the same part number's ad, but not from "ForeveRunAuto": Designed for intermittent use only. Duty cycle: 30 mins Seems ironic that you don't want it to run "forever".
  4. I was being a bit flippant in my comments, but the general idea is 10 pts. for a simple basic single flat slab of aero at either end, 25 pts. for "the full monte" of stuff (within the current rules constructs). Just like I think stock wheel openings are "0" points and ANY flaring should result in 5-10 points per corner. (Damn...there I go again....)
  5. Just to open a new "can of worms" - time to petition for revised points on aero??? Air dam in front or lip spoiler at rear <6" for 10 pts., Wings & splitters 25 pts each??? Bring on the torches and pitchforks!!!
  6. If this is your biggest beef about aero..... Perhaps the concern should be the MASSIVE undervaluing of aero vs. other mods.
  7. 1988 Fiero caged chassis "roller". Car is stripped (no interior / glass ), lightened doors, hood, deck. $600 Also have wheels, and lots of misc parts that can be negotiated with car. A second '88 caged, previously raced in LeMons & NASA (logbooks for both) with Ecotec swap partially complete. If interested contact me to discuss pricing (relatively cheap?). A much bigger / badder / faster car has come into my possession and I am reconsidering the time it will take to get both cars done.
  8. I would think the BOD & CEO should consider a probationary return to to any non-sell out race and not at one of the premier tracks on the schedule. "IF" they are to be given a chance, let them do it where they will benefit Champ with their entry fees (not so much at a track that sells out anyway). "IF" they can behave at some smaller events for "x" number of races, then they can "move up" to the premier events. Let's put a little more onus on them to prove themselves at several events that may not be as financially lucrative to them.
  9. So...called the track to "book it separately" as have done in previous years. They say call your organization. Post made above - PM to Dana directly asking for clarification. Standing by....
  10. Dana, Any updates on this. Called the track this morning and was told since this was a track rental, they do not have information to do reservations. I mentioned past events and how we could reserve/pay security for spots. With the Covid restart, they were unsure and are still referring us back to Champcar. Please advise when you can. Thanks!
  11. We were using up some old, multiple heat cycled RS4's. Took a bit of abuse due to a few issues - they held up just fine. Wear seemed about what we normally see on a weekend.
  12. Look at Hayden oil coolers. (not that I'm partial, I work for SMP Corp.) Excellent quality without paying for a "racing brand name". The company has never marketed to racers, does a lot of HD truck / off road business, and sells a lot via "private label" to groups and some performance warehouses. They also offer excellent cooling fans/controls. https://www.haydenauto.com/en
  13. Sitting on the grid wondering how your day is going to go and you see this. Send it anyway???
  14. In general, not a bad concept. A few issues that would need sorted out. As mentioned, today, course flag stations typically do not have/display green flags. Line of site to yellow station to get slowed/in line, single file by the time you reach the plane of the flag station. This is fine until you are racing in a group and the yellow pops out as your group in very close the station and the novice drive slams on the brakes (some of our races are a bit congested) - it will take a bit of common sense as to how these instances get called. If single file and no passing until the plane of the green flag - to be consistent, does this include starts / restart after a pace car? If so, then green flags needed at all stations, flaggers need to be on their toes. Waiting till you see no flag (instead of green) - we typically don't man all flag stations. We don't have practice and qualifying, driver out for their first stint mid day see's "no flag" only to find the station isn't manned? All can be addressed, but need to be understood and spelled out as part of the rule.
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