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  1. we did a real swell job up here as well didn't we...complete waste of oxygen that boy.
  2. it's funny to me...our only race that was of this length...36 hour to be exact in 2013 on July 4th weekend (summer)...had almost none of these (fuel on site was only thing-but expensive)...any of these would have made it a little more human for sure...
  3. it's the west coast...stuff them on there....nobody protests...oh-wait...its my old Honda....you will get protested
  4. quick calculation to what I know was on it at sale car-200+50 swap= 250 base trans-25 rear sway-20 rad-20 cr. pulley-5 mounts-20 header-25 plastic-6 steel-2 strut brace if you use it-10 total as presented - 383 this car was at 501 with all the same goodies but all of the freebies now allowed so the BMW guys didn't pout when we stomped them bring the total down considerably
  5. retirement is upon me...please see link as this forum doesn't like my photo size...this car would be 'ec' as currently set-up....but its a heck of alot of fun.. https://luckydog1.forumchitchat.com/post/scrap-attack-99-accordacura-swap-sale-pending-9638205?pid=1303071905#post1303071905
  6. the cage was built to minimum chump spec.1.75" tube but .120 wall....the car is not completely 'skinned' so it does retain most of the sock rigidity....only thing that is deformed is the right rear stay bar from the top of the hoop down to the rear shock tower...as you can see -the rear 'c' pillar around the 1/4 glass opening took a fair amount of the crush-otherwise the cage looks totally fine (still going in the scrap pile)...it was a dust storm as soon as I went off track so I don't even know how many times it went over...I was surprised to see the rear end pushed up as much as it is
  7. yep...I was out of the car before safety got there....ended up on the roof...I think falling out of the belts hurt more than the multi-roll...cage did its job
  8. and she bites if you aren't paying attention....and in Sept....I wasn't paying attention
  9. I think the only thing you will need to deal with are the motor mounts on the left and right aprons...different style than the eg/dc integra chassis...cheap e-bay mount kit will solve it..axles are the same-we use 99 civic si (sir in Canada) axles in our eg if we run out of integra stuff
  10. don't NEED v-tec but for what it would cost to fart around with a non v-tec motor to make the same power difference RELIABLY - v-tec would be the better route...if you are comparing apples to apples...as in b18b to b18c...speaking for myself, as soon as you (well us when we tried) start to re-engineer Mr. Honda's factory specs/internals -reliability can go right out the window...and fuel mileage would probably be better with a stock v-tec and chipped ecu than some cam/internals set-up...we have always found the b18 non v-tec to be a good choice but with the current (and ever increasing) arms r
  11. most of these 'mechanical' fails have come and gone through our team over the years..my biggest-and most recent was 'assuming' I could be seen on track while trying a high speed overtake...fortunately for me it only cost me my car and the car I was passing was unhurt...never assume what is going on in someone elses race...ALWAYS be certain.
  12. 6'1" and 250 here...cobra sebring pro on sliders in or eg ...our civic door opens so that helps as well...only issue for us was the window net hook...if you weren't paying attention it would scratch your helmet...I use a simpson hybrid restraint so it has to be on when I get in and it is still not an issue...biggest issue we have is more with rear view mirror...a bit of a blind spot over our right shoulder from the halo-and we have a longacre roll-bar attatched mirror offset to the passenger side
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