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  1. Bullet point two reads that driver eligibility is contingent on previous documented competition experience in a sanctioned series.
  2. From what the rules say, no novices are allowed. As far as racing cars go, it appears that anything goes if it has a roll cage and all of the requisite safety equipment. Come one, come all, it would appear. Should be fun to have another option for racing in Canada and will allow anyone with any type of racing car to get it out and on a race track racing. That's a positive.
  3. Teh kitteh iz unimpressed.
  4. rod rammage

    Utah under new management?

    The full track is long. Better hope there are lots of participants. Otherwise, it's pretty lonely lapping 4.4 miles worth by yourself. Start planning to be there folks!
  5. rod rammage

    Frankenstein motor

    Absolutely, since you have to take points on the intake manifold, get a good one then.
  6. rod rammage

    Frankenstein motor

    Thanks Petethepumper. I wasn't sure if the CRV manifold could be used or not.
  7. rod rammage

    Frankenstein motor

    Would there be points to claim if he uses the CRV intake manifold? (Or do the intakes from the B20 not fit the B18 head that he wants to use?)
  8. rod rammage

    Enforceable or not?

    I am interested to know how a pump out is to be executed. Will they be using our pumps? Will we need to provide an easy and accessible means to energize our pumps? Will they be running our pumps until they start to cavitate? Will we need to ensure that we have enough fuel on hand after the race in order to present a full tank of fuel for inspection?
  9. rod rammage

    2019 races

    Sonoma : anybody know if there will be an opportunity to participate in lapping on the Friday before the event? I see it listed as three days including the Friday.
  10. rod rammage

    Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch 2019

    Just don't drive off the asphalt. Bad things happen to the the dirty side of the car.
  11. rod rammage

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    I think Mender can attest with authority on Chevette and Fiero Lotus front suspension.
  12. rod rammage

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    Hmmm. <imagines petitioning a Chevette down to 10 points, and then placing proper suspension under the front and a mid engined 3800 in the rear>>dominates>>gets the glory>>😆
  13. rod rammage

    Rules about glass & windows

    You did not see where it clearly states that glass is permitted because it is in fact, not permitted, with a few exceptions. You may race your very first race with side and rear glass in place IF it is covered in 3M. Then you must take it out if you want to ever race Champ again. You may leave rear glass in if it is sufficiently covered in 3M. Rear is not side. Side is when viewing the car from the side. Rear is when viewing the car from the back. All window and/or sunroof glass (except front OE Safety- Glass windshields) must be removed from all competition vehicles participating in ANY ChampCar event prior to the car being allowed on the race track. This INCLUDES all EC cars. 9.1.2. For cars and/or teams NEW to ChampCar ( rst event), cars MAY retain original window and/or sunroof glass provided: ALL glass is properly and thoroughly taped. A ONE-TIME provision shall be noted in the vehicle log book. This is a single event waiver. 9.1.3. Tinted lm is NOT considered legal or adequate protective tape. 9.1.4. Rear glass may remain in the car provided it is covered by a glass safety lm like 3MTM Automotive Window Film ScotchshieldTM Security Series.
  14. Tried many. Had the best result with R3.
  15. rod rammage

    Wanted 15 x 9 or 15 x 10 aluminum 5 lug wheels

    Anybody have opinions as to how well cast wheels hold up to curb impacts opposed to flow formed wheels? (I have some heavy forged wheels that have survived some serious beatings on the track in endurance races and am just curious about the cheaper cast and flow formed offerings).