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  1. rod rammage

    Fuel cell rule change

    I see. But the replies to my earlier question and on on the Facebook page all affirm that the metal fuel filler must be isolated from the driver by a metal separation as of 4/26/2019. Maybe Mike's answer to your question was made prior to the latest revision to the BCCR that occurred yesterday?
  2. rod rammage

    Fuel cell rule change

    Thanks Dr Volks. Was your question to Mike about exposed metal fill tubes in the driver's compartment? It appears that as of 4/26/2019, that metal fill pipe in the driver's compartment must be sheltered or sealed off by a metal shroud or metal covering. I plan to fabricate a small shroud that cordons off the area where the metal fill pipe takes a short trip from the rear quarter panel through the back seat area to the floor in a hatchback type car.
  3. rod rammage

    Fuel cell rule change

    Note to self: "do not send screws or rivets into the floor board where the tank lurks underneath"
  4. rod rammage

    Fuel cell rule change

    Yeah, the run of the fill pipe exposed in the passenger compartment is quite short, so even a sheet metal panel or "metallic tent" would be not too hard to fashion over the area of the metal fill pipe.
  5. rod rammage

    Fuel cell rule change ALL FUEL CELLS AND FUEL COMPONENTS MUST BE ENCLOSED IN A METAL CANISTER / ENCLOSURE. All fuel cells and fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc)(Effective 4/26/2019) shall be separated from the driver compartment by a metal bulkhead. The fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc) must be separated by a metal bulkhead. (Effective 4/26/2019) Will this mean that hatchback type cars must devise a means of isolating the metal fuel fill pipes from the driver compartment, with some type of metallic covering, wall, divider, barrier, or bulkhead?
  6. rod rammage

    Fuel cell rule change

    To confirm: Steel OEM fuel lines inside the cockpit are ok and do not need to be isolated from the driver or encased in tubing?
  7. When I say lowered, I reflected that the entry fees without title sponsorship would by default be higher than what they have been all these years.
  8. I imagine expenses and long term viability planning costs went up and hence, the accorded 15% increase. Around where I live, there's a lot of stuff that has gone up more than 15% in the last 12 months. Thank god we don't live in Venezuela though.
  9. rod rammage

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    We have always had title sponsors. Their commitments have helped keep real racing, with real cars, at premium tracks as cost efficient as possible. I suspect nothing changes with the new title sponsor of Tire Rack. The entry fees I would imagine are as lean as they can be in order to attract racers and still keep the organization healthy and viable into the future. I don't see anyone here getting wealthy from participating, volunteering, or working in ChampCar.
  10. The 'discount' is baked in to lowered entry fees for all entrants. We all win. Thank you ChampCar staff and volunteers for all that you do. TireRack is a great partner to have on board. Well done.
  11. rod rammage

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    Interesting 'crater' in between the intake valve seats. Is that stock?
  12. rod rammage

    Scion VPI Scores

    They sell a kit to drop in a Honda engine to solve the engine issue.
  13. rod rammage

    Kill switches?

    "decided that this may be an item that we could revisit and discuss for possible 2020 implementation" Note to new builders: it might be best to take note and wire it the described way so that if a change occurs in the future, you're assured that you will be safe and compliant with any future changes.
  14. The ABS in the picture sort of looks like a retro-fit from a 1996-up Civic generation. I am curious to know too:)
  15. rod rammage

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Tyler, thank you for all the work you, and all the others do for us. It doesn't get said enough.