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  1. Thanks!! I will do that. (Didn't want to trouble Wendy with stupid questions).
  2. Before I trouble Wendy, does anybody know how to register drivers? I have entered the team in the race on Motorsportreg.com, but I am too stupid to see how to enter the driver roster.Any tips on how to add the other drivers?? Thanks!!
  3. rod rammage

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    Those work for us. You DO have to push the CoolShirt shirt hoses into the coupler REALLY HARD for them to lock up together, but they do work. Unlocking is no problem.
  4. rod rammage

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    Your pump orientation looks wrong. Have you tried it? You may find that it won't self-prime. Your mileage may vary, but we had to mount ours differently so that the pump and hoses would self prime.
  5. Correct my ignorance here, but did I witness the flagger abandon the flag station and stop waving the yellow a while after you were spun??? At the 29 second mark. If so, no wonder the second wave of cars came through at race pace and collected you and totaled your car! Am I seeing this right???
  6. rod rammage

    Tire Budget

    Tire costs were 4% of our racing budget last year.
  7. rod rammage


    It's obvious what's going on here. You totally suck at your ability ... to conceal your cheating.
  8. rod rammage

    Utah 24 hours

    Does anybody know what configuration the event is going to be set to? Does anybody know if the night configuration is going to be modified/shortened, if the full course is used during the day? It's a big track, and could be a little lonely out there if there are smaller entry fields entered. Or will the final course configuration choice be determined at a later date, once the number of entries is gauged?
  9. Does it have spring loaded mechanical advance weights? (sorry, it's been years since I worked on on one of these).
  10. rod rammage

    Best Mods....

    Don't discount the facility to keep a driver cool. Example: cooling shirt. How many mishaps/bonehead moves are the result of an overheated driver in motorsport? I bet more than we care to admit.
  11. rod rammage

    Roll cage "pre-inspection"

    So sorry to see your mishap but relieved to see that you weren't badly injured. Wonderful to hear that you will be back! If I may; the following advice is free so please take it for what it's worth: watching the video, in a few cases I noted that you grip the steering wheel with both hands through some of the corners with your hands positioned at (both!) at 11 o'clock or with each at 11 and 12 o'clock respectively. This is not the best way to control a car. 3 & 9 o'clock is best or at the very least 10 & 2 o'clock. *driving instructor rant off* Best of luck to you on the new build!
  12. Our tank is forward of the rear axle, in the middle of the car. Leave it to racing drivers to find a way to damage a factory part that normally offers little to no trouble in the real world on the street.
  13. Now not regretting putting the 3/16" aluminum protection plate that shields our stock metal fuel tank. Come to think of it, there are a few scratches on the underside of it...
  14. rod rammage

    15x8, 4x100, et28 flow form wheels

    Care to post a picture of what they look like please? Thanks!
  15. Thanks wheelerZ!! I have a half dozen experienced clients that want to run there (no need for instruction) but couldn't find the calendars with any depth of info. I will keep checking on them as they get them populated I guess. Cheers!