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  1. I had a read of the Facebook post. His personality is enigmatic and beguiling. I predicted that the car will end up backwards in the blue bushes at Watkins Glen in the future, but his attitude seems to be coming around and he appears to be willing to now admit driver coaching is not for the weak. I wish him well. I hope that in the interim, no cars get collected up in the hot mess.
  2. Every time he downshifts and pops the clutch, I cringe and say a prayer for the clutch disc damper springs, the driveshaft, the diff, and axles. That poor, poor, car.
  3. Same here, I always run +1 quart extra in track/race cars. That being said, it may be worth trying it at the correct level and see what happens.
  4. Excess oil in the crankcase creates oil aeration. Hydraulic lash adjusters don't take kindly to aerated oil. They will get quite noisy and will take a while to bleed now. Car may run like crap too .
  5. I bought all of mine at McMaster-Carr. When I get back to the office in a week, I could look up the part numbers.
  6. Got it. I see that the rules allow any metal lines, as do you.
  7. See Ray's post Friday @ 5:13 AM. He confirms that metal lines in the cockpit do not need to be encased in metal conduit.
  8. I see. But the replies to my earlier question and on on the Facebook page all affirm that the metal fuel filler must be isolated from the driver by a metal separation as of 4/26/2019. Maybe Mike's answer to your question was made prior to the latest revision to the BCCR that occurred yesterday?
  9. Thanks Dr Volks. Was your question to Mike about exposed metal fill tubes in the driver's compartment? It appears that as of 4/26/2019, that metal fill pipe in the driver's compartment must be sheltered or sealed off by a metal shroud or metal covering. I plan to fabricate a small shroud that cordons off the area where the metal fill pipe takes a short trip from the rear quarter panel through the back seat area to the floor in a hatchback type car.
  10. Note to self: "do not send screws or rivets into the floor board where the tank lurks underneath"
  11. Yeah, the run of the fill pipe exposed in the passenger compartment is quite short, so even a sheet metal panel or "metallic tent" would be not too hard to fashion over the area of the metal fill pipe.
  12. ALL FUEL CELLS AND FUEL COMPONENTS MUST BE ENCLOSED IN A METAL CANISTER / ENCLOSURE. All fuel cells and fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc)(Effective 4/26/2019) shall be separated from the driver compartment by a metal bulkhead. The fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc) must be separated by a metal bulkhead. (Effective 4/26/2019) Will this mean that hatchback type cars must devise a means of isolating the metal fuel fill pipes from the driver compartment, with some type of metallic covering, wall, divider, barrier, or bulkhead?
  13. To confirm: Steel OEM fuel lines inside the cockpit are ok and do not need to be isolated from the driver or encased in tubing?
  14. When I say lowered, I reflected that the entry fees without title sponsorship would by default be higher than what they have been all these years.
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