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  1. rod rammage

    15x8, 4x100, et28 flow form wheels

    Can you please PM me a quote for four shipped to T0E 1E0? Thanks!
  2. rod rammage

    Fender flares

    Thanks for taking the time to explain Mender!!!! Much appreciated.
  3. rod rammage

    Fender flares

    What offset on the wheels please? Also, when you tacked: you started at one end and tacked continuously every second from that end onwards to the other end? Not alternating a tack at one end, then a tack at the opposite end, and back and forth as such?
  4. Sorry for the misfortune. Sadly, insurance usually means you get bent over... fight hard.
  5. What did they contact the trailer with? Building? Antenna? Span? Or Earth?
  6. Sounds like somebody is getting a new replacement trailer courtesy of the tire shop's insurer? If no one wants to repair it, does that make it a write off?
  7. rod rammage

    Harnesses...3x2 or 2x2 Schroth

    Same here.
  8. I can't help that note in reading some of these re-caps that there sounds like there was a fair amount of contact between cars. Is this something that is accepted in Champcar? If not, what are the consequences? Is it something that is frowned upon? What are people's thoughts?
  9. rod rammage

    15x8, 4x100, et28 flow form wheels

    Any more of these 15x8 (4x100) rims left for sale?
  10. rod rammage

    Consensus on tires?

    We have run a 225 RS4 on a 7 inch wide rim. It worked. Not perfect, but neither are our amateur drivers. We are looking to upgrade to 8 " .
  11. rod rammage

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    Thanks. Good idea to put clear protection on first or to wax first. Forgot about the solvent issue... definitely couldn't use solvents to clean up any remaining glue residue.Cheers!
  12. rod rammage

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    Anybody had any issues with removing stickers off of race cars that are vinyl wrapped? That is, any damage to the vinyl wrap when removing the sponsor stickers?
  13. With the contingent of cars that are now racing in the Are 27 series, I wonder if we should focus on getting those folks to come bring their cars out to race in Chumpcar, even if some of them have to class as EC? Maybe a race at Area 27 is in order instead of Castrol? Following that question, how many Alberta/Saskatchewan teams would be willing to tow to Oliver for a race instead? Discuss....
  14. Team Docspeed Honda CRX #47 is coming. Looking forward to seeing Chumpcar back at Edmonton's Castrol Raceway. Weather forecast is perfect.