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  1. Great! Anyone who has pitted in the infield and dealt with the annoying stickers will be pleased. Now Mike needs to get them to open a few suites.
  2. Do we use the big boy pits, or out in the goat head sticker field?
  3. Suck a DI@8! Prolly have the Sc 300 done by then and a fast gang that retires me from driving, so watch out.
  4. Hell's Yes!!! I've been incommunicado for a bit, went to Europe for three weeks. Also have some friends that will run our old Neon.
  5. Pee Wee

    Transport fuel mileage

    Last run out to NCM via Mississippi and Birmingham my RAM 1500 Eco diesel got 23 mpg on the way out empty but after picking up the race trailer and car there it went to 10 on a good run.
  6. We built a loft for ours. Has a rod that slides through the round holes to make a tire rack also, but found we didn't need it. had to make it high enough for our race Jeep to fit under also.
  7. Wasnt me on Saturday because I was a rolling chicane, didn’t do much passing.
  8. What proof do I need to provide for getting rear ended. As a matter of fact my drivers seem to be suffering from a sore neck so there may be a physical damage case here. Time to call Larry H Parker to get my million dollars!
  9. Some of you may know this car, it is a solid build with a lot of heart. 1.5” DOM cage, Cobra seat, fuel cell, surge tank, 8 wheels and tires, lots of spares, complete spare car also. We popped a motor and pulled the cool suit setup and the radio, the rest is as we raced it. I gave it to a family member who unfortunately passed away before he could put in a fresh motor and go racing and now the car needs picked up from the high desert at another friends shop. All it needs is a motor, everything else is good to go. Ill let it go for $2000 and if it races by California Speedway in November I’ll pay the entry. So that’s around a grand for a solid car. I don’t have time to get the car or do I care to negotiate, I’ll give it to someone I know if this doesn’t work out. You will not find an easier way to go Champcar Racing than this. As I said car is in The high desert (Hesperia) and the complete spare car is at my place in Pomona. You just have to go on my word on the entry but those who know me will vouch for me.
  10. And you people wanted us to go private. Miss out on this internet gold, no way.
  11. I don’t do video, it bores me. I’m sure the accuser has video and it will be great to see us back into him.
  12. That's just downright funny you think we owe you a headlight. Did we back into you in the paddock? Was it on an uphill section of the track and we rolled back into you? Did a wheel fall off our car and smash into you? These are reasons we would owe something. Your team lacking the skill set required to make a clean turn is not my problem. Have a nice day!
  13. Good times for 236 Pomona Speed Shop. I drove out solo from Cali to pick up the car we left at Birmingham after Casey fixed a few issues from Daytona. Skyler and Steve flew out. Cousin Rodger and I choo choo’ed up Thursday from Mississippi. I started and worked my way to the back of the pack as I usually do and the guys had work to do. All went well the rest of the day and Skyler did second and fourth stint finishing around 16th for day one. Our friends from Uncommon team had a bad deal Saturday and were out so I asked for a Stan in for my stint because I was horribly slow and also someone for SKYLER’s second stint. John Morton and Troy Irmish volunteered and we were honored to have them in our car. They took the first two stints and got us almost into a top ten. Steve went out and was cutting good laps until about hour 14.5 and we had an axle depart from the car(shame on us because that’s a prep issue). Being the quitters we are we never even bothered to install the spare we carry and have now quit two races in a row that were easily fixed for a finish. Good news is we were loaded and showered before race end and I got out early for the 2060 mile trip home solo. We are the car that Wayatt mentioned that apperantly backed into someone’s bumper twice. Haven’t a clue how my guys can get the car in reverse to do that because I can’t find it for the life of me. It’s just downright funny to have a guy come and tell us we hit his front bumper and we need to drive more aware. Especially when one of the accused is John Morton. Good times. Later Pee Wee
  14. Why does everyone get home and protest on the internet? man up and do it at the race or STFU.