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  1. Whoever set up the construction joints at what ever spread they are at should have to drive it in a short bed superduty for eternity.
  2. Never said anything bad about the west course, just that it isn't worth the tow to me. BTW Interstate 5 is the most miserable stretch of road on the planet.
  3. If the Z was on that wall there would be two things that Nichols has crashed. Unless you let him fly the glider for three.😀 Is the glider a "Gentle Lady"?
  4. This is what I have and it is fantastic. Impact w ear cups
  5. Get the whole track and I'm in. West track not worth the trip.
  6. I should have explained to one of my drivers how to go from 4th to 5th on the oval would have saved a motor.
  7. Well that's not the answer I was looking for. I'm out of drums.
  8. I lack the talent to drive with a competitive team like that. Since I own the the car and pay all the bills my guys don't complain when I finish my stint with a five lap deficit.
  9. I thought teams would spend a few months whining about how much Indy was going to be and I would have plenty of time to enter. WRONG! Since I didn't get my entry in who's fault is it? It cant be mine!
  10. Great! Anyone who has pitted in the infield and dealt with the annoying stickers will be pleased. Now Mike needs to get them to open a few suites.
  11. Do we use the big boy pits, or out in the goat head sticker field?
  12. Suck a DI@8! Prolly have the Sc 300 done by then and a fast gang that retires me from driving, so watch out.
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