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  1. We will be there. Too close to home to not race.
  2. See, should have come out to Willow. Didn’t do anything anyhow.
  3. I'll trade all seven first loser awards for one winner!
  4. @SkylerGambrell - I think we have as many 3rd place trophies as you guys have seconds. Your day will come if @Pee Wee learns to drive. So I didn't drive on Sunday and we put Irmish in the car and finished how many positions better than Saturday?
  5. I just counted them and it's seven.
  6. How about if car is classified in the proper sub class- A, ,B, C, D with an M following the number to show it has taken max points in its subcategory and give it 100 lap penalty? This way a team could decide if they feel like doing the math they could try to get rid of some of the points, or just keep signing up as a MAX point car. And keep in mind if you get beat by a car with 100 penalty laps you are a participant in an event, not a competitor.
  7. The one time a rotary runs all day an we finish second to it. 😁 congratulations on a great race!
  8. My team, Pomona Speed Shop has been around a few years and we have raced a Neon and an E36 with some decent results at East and West tracks. We are sitting on a SC 300 chassis right now that we are considering to build EC to save money in the long run by going with a cool drivetrain and a few other things that just wouldn't be fair racing against classified cars. If we built it we can pick and choose who to race with out here in the West because Champs competitor out here has been good to me and never given me a reason to not race with them, just another way of skinning the cat. Would kind of suck if Champ made the unwise move to listen to the internet jabber saying race today but get your car legal to race next week. The 100 lap hit or 1000 lap hit seems easy breezy. And as we have raced over the years when we look at scoring during, or after a race it's great to see that your in fourth but that's an EC car in front of you so awesome third place it is! I would set a lap time on any EC car that shows up that if they go under it they load up with no refund.
  9. I assume they have my e mail. I get all the champ spam.
  10. Entered, so 14 now. Just three of us so it will be a bit of a thin team. Except me of course.
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