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  1. You will have to come out an off road race and try some pro truck.
  2. Pomona Speed Shop is ready to roll! Going to pack four into the motorhome and head out butt crack of dawn Friday and Sunday we gotta load fast and head south because I have shoulder surgery Monday morning.
  3. There's only room for one non driver on this team and I've got it covered.
  4. I would be happy to win the championship and add two more first loser trophies.
  5. Pomona Speed Shop is entered. Needed to put some miles on the motorhome.
  6. I'd roll up just to use the motorhome. Still need a new powerplant and some enthusiasm from Skyler and Steve. Guess I'll prod a bit and see how fired up they get. Better start shopping flights Rodger.
  7. I'm getting tired of seeing you win. You must be cheating in all of the cars you get into.
  8. Or you race with me and I do everything I can to not get in my own car.
  9. Yea guess we aren't going because I booked a weekend at Paso Robles camping, golfing and drinking wine that weekend. We are talking about Sonoma though.
  10. Pomona Speed Shop #236 is sitting with a blown motor and could be purchased. I have 7 second place trophies that say it's pretty competitive.
  11. Anyone have a line on an engine for my whip? I'm supposed to know what it is but E36 2.5 liter is all I remember. That's all we need to go.
  12. We will be there. Too close to home to not race.
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