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  1. Thank you! (Hope it works. The 944 must run again!)
  2. Hi! Kind of wondering who the new Central point of contact is, too. We couldn't make it to COTA, so I need to swap an entry over to MSR-H. Jillian let me know it'd be no issue, but I'm getting all the COTA issues still and seem to be still registered for...tomorrow!
  3. Bonus points if Mom wore it on there. I've seen people suggest this, but I wanna see it happen. Shoot, they're kinda like pajama pants...maybe I should?
  4. I've checked it before, but prefer not to. I mean, what if they lose it? Plus, there's no way to ensure they'll take care of it without tossing it around—something I worry about with a helmet. Be warned that stupid little puddle-jumper planes don't tend to have enough overhead space for a helmet, so you end up having to check them then, anyway, but usually can do that at the gate when you realize you chose wrong when it came to flights. Preston's bag looks pretty solid for checking, TBH.
  5. I'm late to the party because I don't have a ton of time to browse forums anymore, but I'll chime in with my thoughts: a lot of these suggestions to allow more stuff, or move away from the general chumpiness of the series are sort of missing the point. AER and WRL do a good job with the "I'd like to race whatever I have, budget be damned" crowd. Some show up there with ChumpCars, others show up with whatever. That's fine, and good for them. Chump's niche should remain with the budget-limited crowd, IMHO. It's really what sets the series apart, IMHO. Keep the series' build rules somewhat on par with the other budget-limited groups such that a car built for one can race with them all, and a bunch of us who race whatever but don't have a ton of cash will be happy and keep coming around. (On that note, I've appreciated the classes, even though the 944's kind of out-classed by faster cars in ours.) Maybe you can find an NC Miata for $500 (TBH, it's a market I haven't kept up with, so I'm completely guessing here), but I doubt it. Maybe if it's been set on fire and rolled down a hill, or has an engine that's done blow'd up. Point being, keep the base of cars to the cheap stuff, please. EC still exists for everything else. TBH, having run more with LeMons than Chump, I know a lot of folks who didn't like Chump's series leadership (which has changed!), who don't like the series rules (particularly in regards to length and frequency of changes), and who raise concerns about contact. To the latter point, putting the fear of God in everyone at a drivers' meeting seems to have worked well in LeMons. Enforce, enforce, enforce. Park dangerous cars. Chat with teams who feel lost, or are new to track driving. The H2R Chump race last year, FWIW, was really good about that. I think in time some of those perceptions may change, although there's never going to be complete overlap in audiences. It's good to admit that, and move on. Chump plays to a slightly more serious crowd, but there's value in that for the guys who don't enjoy the LeMons stuff, and who are OK with the rulebook being longer to avoid leaving more things up to official discretion. (I do think it needs a good edit for clarity and brevity, though.) As for the "add" suggestions: Car not reliable enough? Tired of blowing engines? Learn to back off. Manage stints and teams better. Work on carrying more speed through turns to make up for not banging the limiter on the straights, too. Seriously. We short-shift to keep the car going, and I threaten my drivers with having to help me reassemble a 944 (no small feat!) if they over-rev and blow up my car. That's the game. The more free stuff you allow, the more stuff you "have" to buy to keep up with the cars who can all of a sudden run balls-out all day in an endurance race for allegedly cheap cars. If I was making a serious go at building a budget-legal car for an overall win (lol I'm too slow to even sniff it, but at least we do have fun), I'd be pretty unhappy at the list of reliability mods suggested as "free" adds. I say this as the person who got pretty seriously hurt in a car that broke on track in another series, and whose first race car got totaled in the first hour of a Chump race after my first driver spun on track: quality of flaggers, visibility of stands and drivers paying attention to said flag stands and the cars on track all have more to do with not hitting a broken car than allowing a lot of additional-cost mods. Cars break, sometimes as a surprise, and sometimes even to big-budget builds with all the reliability kit in the world, too. Or, sometimes a driver just messes up in a bad spot. Point being, if you're too fatigued, red-misty or tired to keep going in the car and notice flags and/or hazards on track, swapping to a fresh driver should take priority over running a fuel cell dry. The in-car from my first car's spin-related crash showed the driver who hit us looking off track instead of in the direction the car was traveling. Mind you, poo-poo occurs and I don't have any hard feelings towards any of the teams involved in either incident. I'm bringing this one up as an example, though, even though it was just our driver's error that led to the spin and not a mechanical. Always look where you want to go and pay attention to flag stations, as they're sometimes your only view around a tricky corner or crest. I think there's already a rule to that effect, though—along with hopefully some instruction on what to do if your car dies in such a manner where you actually get a choice about where it stops.
  6. ChumpCar. Seriously. I like the sense of humor in that. It makes me chuckle. They're chumpy cheap cars, or at least they should be outside of EC. Shoot, I take pride in making a chumpy hooptie run for hours upon end. Embrace your crapcans. Crapcan life. I'mma say "crapcan" again just to annoy the kinds of folks who want a name change. Crapcan crapcan crapcan crapcan. Crapcan! Yeah, baby. (No offense--I mean well in my ribbing, seriously.) If you truly get offended by a funny name, maaaaaaybe this isn't the series for you and believe it or not, that's okay? I find it way easier to get along with dudes who can laugh at themselves than ones who can't.
  7. Never mind; I had to withdraw from this one. See you at MSR-Houston instead, hopefully!
  8. Help! I need more teammates for the August 5-7 COTA ChumpCar date. It's this car (a 1984 Porsche 944), and I'm still slow, so it's probably not going to be super competitive, but we're racing it on a Formula One track and that should be fun regardless: http://blackflag.jal...noth-1688732924 I just ask that it be driven *gently* (read: shift early and let everyone else get super-aggressive and crash into anything but the "Porschelump" if possible) and to have fun with it, dang it. It's not every day that I get to class up an F1 track with a beater of this caliber and grace. I'd also prefer to have teammates with prior wheel-to-wheel racing experience in something, just because I know it's going to be busy out there. Looking for a flat $1,000 per person to race for the weekend because I'd rather not keep up with a bunch of receipts afterwards. That includes entry fees, a bunch of maintenance items on the 'lump (new shocks, fluids, tires, brakes, fix the radio, etc.), gas and everything. I'm even going to try wrangling breakfast and lunch somehow. The car usually lives at Harris Hill, so please, come drive my 944 beforehand if you're local. The car has previously raced at LeMons in 2014 (Eagles Canyon Raceway and MSR-Houston) and Chump in 2015 (Harris Hill Road). I'm trying to put together a team of five to six people just because I know it's August and folks will get tired. I'm looking to either use or buy a CoolShirt system to encourage folks *not* to pass out, too. It'll be hot, but it should be fun! Send me a message if you're interested, or know someone who is. I'm giving it through 7/5 (that's a month out) to determine whether we're still in or not. The car runs and is together, but I don't like to do things last-minute if I can. Thanks!
  9. Late to the party, but I'll chime in: the implementation (using displacement) was semi-kludgey, but I loved having classes. We were the probably the least competitive car somewhere near the smallest displacement for our class, but still thought it was neat to have a chunk within the field that we could sort of compare ourselves to. Chump's highest prize will always be the overall win, and I really don't see how classes take away from that. Keep the prizes far smaller and any trophies less impressive than those for the overall win, and everyone will know that the classes aren't Chump's main focus as a result. We're a multiple-series car, and thus, not built out to the full extent Chump's rulebook would allow. Classes gave us somewhere where the car kinda/sorta fit, and I feel like they give newer teams somewhere to compete--especially if they're fairly green or coming from another series. Even if the prize is just a cookie and a pat on the back, it's something welcoming, y'know? As for how to make them more accurate, I kind of like the classes based on points idea, TBH. I don't think anyone wants to debate classes ad nauseum when the focus here isn't on class wins. You have points already figured out when cars go through tech. If one group is way bigger than the others, who even cares? You're not a series focused on class racing. Slap a letter on it, done.
  10. ZOMG! Yes yes yes yes yes. That's next on the offseason list. Change that stupid screen.
  11. A Lancer! YES YES YES YES YES. I love that the ancestor to my daily driver might be coming to Chump. YES YES YES. YESSSSSSSSSS.
  12. Heh, thanks! I keep thinking I need a small army of hooptie 944s...just in case the problem is being afraid of breaking mine.
  13. { shrugs } I'll come out and say that as a person who neither owns a car that is likely to win nor who drives well enough to ever probably get that win (unless everybody else breaks).....I hate the DOV rule. If I somehow miraculously start to run neck-and-neck with a dominant car, I want to beat that team. Not win on a technicality because that team won before. Beat 'em because that's the point of racing...right?
  14. Heh, I had a blast. Wrote up the whole experience over on the Japolnets, complete with a bunch of photos. I was wandering around with a camera, but I'm really bad about uploading photos. Let me know if you're looking for a specific car, though, and I'll see if I got anything good!
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