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  1. How long before Refugee status gets sought? Can't even go to a restaurant here, Stateside is a big party!
  2. Series might have to decline racing at Indy next year if this doesn't change. The membership demands reasonable fuel prices. It's not like 100 cars burning like 10 tanks of gas isn't 1000 tanks of gas to be sold with a decent profit. Probably more then most gas stations turn in any weekend.
  3. I had contemplated Indy again with my Race team. But the Border shutdown has basically shut all of our US side racing down. It's been a relatively slow race. I know one guy on the team probably wouldn't go in September because when he gets back he'd be out of work for 2 weeks isolating and that's just way too much for him. And because Harris Hill, Indy, all other September/October races were scratched from the US side of our schedule we booked other things in Canada. Too tight on the schedule now to do anything about it. I've got reason to go to the States myself for something else s
  4. What, A free ride for Indy? ...Let me just crack out my credit card, book a flight, race, Quarantine when I return to Canada for 2 weeks...lol. Wait, I got another Race Sept 19...I can't be sitting in Quarantine...
  5. Yeah, Pretty much all 4x4 around here. We are way west of the Great lakes... New tow vehicle found! Just cross at night right? That'll work?
  6. You can fly internationally...But it's that's sneaking the Trailer with Race Car in it over that's the challenge.
  7. Road America loves eating engines...Trannies...Diffs... It's a big power track and tons of fun. Canadian/USA Border officially closed till Sept 21. I expect it'll extend to October 21 and that'll pretty much confirm we are out this year...
  8. Just needs a little work, should be fine.
  9. Lolz, Go with the 455 HO motor in a 1972 Trans AM, lol. Gas budget is gonna hurt! 300+ Horsepower though. Lots of Torque. Shave the weight down and it'll do just fine!
  10. But I want to break the VPI! Ironically, winners are basically just trying to find cars with big fuel tanks that can make power and go the full two hours. Might have some crazy things coming down the pipe regarding that. Find something that has a big enough tank to go 4 hours and voila, you'll shave time from 5 minute pit stop down to just changing the driver out of 240 Minutes of racing. That's potentially 240 seconds shaved off race time in 240 minutes of racing. That's huge. Oh well. I know some stuff we don't run simply because we don't have the fuel to support it. Many others
  11. Did we get a rule to get larger fuel tanks for points yet?
  12. Either raise the price to a break even status or drop the event then. Laguna can have their bidding wars with fewer bidders if it's too much for us. There's lots of other tracks to hit up and keep this as budget racing series.
  13. Was asking about Laguna Seca. It's a tough deal. You gotta get them to move on price or get a sliding scale based on how ever many cars to can end up selling to. Base Price and then $X per car over 45 instead of a huge lump...
  14. How big was the entry list? Was it not going to be full? How expensive it it to run there?
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