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  1. Saturday Lap 5 the Honda Accord backed into the wall. Tie rod was obvious. Bent spindle was hard to find. Not many laps Saturday. Sunday I was starting and had a hung throttle going into corner 1 lap one. That was a fun lap. Fixed it. On my stint I raced back to 23rd with the help of the two full course cautions. Pitted at 2 hours with that full course caution. We did get screwed by being held at Pit out on that though. We served our 5 minute pit stop and should have been released not held at pit out. Course is full course yellow and that determines the speed you go. 2nd driver got up to 10th. 3rd driver was a little slower and went back to 14th. 4th driver held that spot. 1 meatball flag for a bumper almost coming off too and 1 extra pitstop. Car was soft on power I thought too. Slightly damaged exhaust on Saturday probably robbed power. It's within reach though.
  2. Race is over folks. Post up the goodies here....
  3. Edit by Bill Strong--- race Results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1741449 ChampCar.Live Saturday race How is this not a thread yet? Let's see it! You post your spins, crashes, near misses and stories and I'll do the same later when I get home in the coming days. PS. Sorry for screwing y'all up on the Start Sunday. Had something start hanging up my throttle going into turn 1 lap 1....on a car with a recent history of getting loose on cold tires/cold track and spinning out. I started the #15 Accord on Sunday. Oh, and post videos of your crazy racing stuff!
  4. Hmmm... I'll see if we have a seat in the Accord... We should be fast...
  5. I saw that video of the neon earlier. Wasn't sure we were referring to that incident. That first stint out at a brand new track that everyone was brand new at and everyone was figuring out the line. Not even sure how early in the stint it was. The Silver E46 came across the nose and wiped him out middle of the corner to exit. This focus actually had Room on the last lap of the day. He just didn't keep it down on the inside where he did have room. Also the focus here was coming up the inside and the neon was being overtaken around the outside. Little bit of a difference there.
  6. I'm only up to page 4 of this thread... WTF, lol. That guy smoked you so hard at the 200 mark it looked like he was full throttle and planning to take the oval portion of the course onto the main straight!!!! Aye Carumba...I should get though this thread. It's starting to look ridiculous...
  7. <complains about being hit multiple times without penalties issued> <proceeds to hit someone, mentions no penalty issued> Mechanical problems are so much fun...
  8. I got some laps in our struggling Orange and Black Chop Top Neon. It was fun. I thought I would see some contact out there in my stints but never did. And I didn't touch anyone! Success! That poor White Camaro got stuck in the Gravel trap behind me Sunday Morning when I was already a stuck in there. I thought it was awful weird for someone to be running off track during what should have been a Yellow flag section with me sitting there. Our car was a blast despite all the problems we had to battle. We had so much grip it was Unreal. We were absolutely crushing almost the whole field in the section in the section after the backstretch. Just not the right power level and too many problems. I have about 270 minutes of video to watch too. Should be very interesting. Hope nobody complains about me lol. 3 pages in and we haven't been listed as an offender yet so that's a good sign lol.
  9. The guy who hit another car under caution. #NailedIt. I don't mind no time limit stops. Those Flame suits are really good too. Just ask the human Torch from Edmonton... Yeah, You should be able to get a bigger fuel tank for points. Probably the worst thing about the series right now is if you happen to pick a car that had a big gas tank from factory you've got an advantage there on pit stop cycles.
  10. You were following our driver in the roofless Orange Neon. If the camera system was working we would have had good video of this wreck too!
  11. Been watching this guy. Trying to find myself. I know he loses it 3 times gently in the rain at least...
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