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  1. Subscribed. I saw it wasn't in the emailed communication today/yesterday also...
  2. WTF! Oh yeah, I reinforced it. What was that forklift guy doing? Was he going forward or backwards? Did you take a picture of after the impact? This is what I made it look like before shipping. Just a crappy crate from scrap wood and plywood I had...
  3. Bump for Curiosities sake. I built a little bit of a crate around the engine on Monday, Took it down to YRC Reimer in Regina on Tuesday. Rob had already got a broker and paid the freight. It cleared Customs I heard on Wednesday and it should be getting close now. Pretty good price I think he paid to in order to ship it. So cheap I should start shipping them and making money at it! lol.
  4. Damn...Should have contacted us... Ok, Where exactly in Alberta is this Engine? When exactly is the last Delivery date? I think my dad is in Red Deer Tomorrow and will have a 6' enclosed Trailer that should be coming back to Saskatchewan/His Wheat farm Empty. My brother Goes from Red Deer to Texas Regularly but generally flies I think. My Dad and uncle should be going to Yuma soon I think. NNM is likely going back to Road America in April...
  5. It was a pretty cold day. A little sun and heat getting into the track should have helped with traction aka helping it go from loose to getting better.
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