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    Beer mostly. Trying to get to the finish line with our new Chump Car is wholly consuming me and my time!
    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. 3D part printing question

    Man, if I could get my drivers to key the radio mic properly more than 40% of the time... haha then I could think about adding another button to our car! (is anyone else tired of telling their team "press the mic, hold, wait one second... THEN talk")
  2. 3D part printing question

    Wholly buttons batman...! Besides the radio, what are planning to do with the 11 other buttons!? Seriously cool looking piece though! Nice work.
  3. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    Ive also wondered about a lexan windshield and just getting some big tear-offs. Kinda like the pros, but maybe that would be too much $$$.
  4. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    Wait, this is a thing? It lasts longer scratch fee than glass?
  5. Who's ready for Atlanta?

    My calc says 960 miles. One small detour away from 1000.
  6. No slider - different drivers

    From what I have read, none of the sliders are FIA. And realistically, they look about the same as the OEM sliders. Think they are that much stronger/better?
  7. No slider - different drivers

    Factory sliders with brackets bolted to them.
  8. So after a big crashed wrecked our seat slider, I would love to try and get all of our drivers to fit without a slider. Our team ranges from 5'6" or so up to around 6'2". SO what is everyone doing to accommodate? Set the seat as far back as possible with the shortest driver (though not ideal for him), then make the tall guy fit and say too bad? Anyone use a different wheel (i.e. deep dish vs flat?)? What else can we do here? Thoughts, suggestions?
  9. At what angle (away from parrallel to the line from tower to tower) and distance from the strut tower does this stop being a strut bar? I'm with red0, not attached to the struts = not a strut bar! Though, if its over the allowable number of bars behind the main hoop, I would not be surprised to see the value assisgned to "additional cage bar" to be very similar to the value of a strut bar!
  10. Question about "Platform Swaps"

    To be fair... it may be.
  11. Window nets

    Does "SFI Approved" mean that it still has to be in date? Does the "approval" get revoked when the date runs up? I.e. it was approved, but not current. In my mind, needing an SFI approved window net is kind dumb. If its not obviously tattered and/or in bad shape, then is the risk of running it really THAT bad? Or am I wrong on that one?
  12. As a former 626 owner, this thread is hilarious. IMHO the 626 is right where it should be for VPI if it's trying to keep up with a stock e36. Despite its obvious faults (how does 65% front weight bias sound to anyone??!!) it can actually be made to drive really well and is a fun car. There is close to no remaining aftermarket support (too old) but you can make it work with old Probe stuff. If it was maxed out to 500 points with the right team it could definitely compete for a win. I could post up some videos of a green MR2 blowing my doors off on the straights, no doubt. I could also post up some video of me behind it in the rain wondering to myself "why the heck is he driving so slow?" And proceeding to drive around with ease.
  13. Curb weight (as measured by me) of a V6 in stock form is a touch over 2800lbs.
  14. Air Dam/Splitter Questions

    Oh... did I touch a nerve with that comment? A little defensive today are we?
  15. Air Dam/Splitter Questions

    The last time I saw Ralph Gilles at the track he was racing a Miata....