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    Beer mostly. Trying to get to the finish line with our new Chump Car is wholly consuming me and my time!
    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. Gosh guys, it’s so dusty in here. I have something in my eye....
  2. ^^^^ This exactly, 1amp charger. We use a trusty hero3. The only failure we ever have is the classic “didn’t press record” failure mode.
  3. Mentally prepare yourself for failure. Lots of failure! read the rules. Read the forums, but take a critical look at what is said because what may work for someone may not be needed for you. Run the car with basic mods (if any at all) and see what it needs first before going crazy spending time and money and points on stuff that may ultimately not be needed. and when the car is near race ready, take it for a PROPER test day. Try to get some open lapping and run it hard for long periods. Lots of stuff will be found when running for longer than the 20mins on 20 mins off HPDE days.
  4. ^^ Canadian guy specifying different types of hockey bags FTW!
  5. Any sort of 1/8" shock cord will work for the lap belts. We only really need one on the passenger side belt as the driver side tends to flop over the edge of the seat as you get out (that passenger side ALWAYS seems to fall under the butt of the incoming driver!). Make it just tight enough that it'll pull over the seat when detached. If too tight shock cord it makes it a pain to get buckled. Similar to a magnet, a good strong velcro stuck to the roof and the corresponding velcro on the belt will let you stick it to the roof pretty easily.
  6. *Nissan and American Iron. Haha. My car got hit with 20 points from 500 to 520. I’m trying to come up with creative ways to making that one work!
  7. I know this is semantics and not the point that you are making, but... Bernie can get an SFI flywheel. @mcoppola also runs a focus and was able to find one (disclaimer, maybe they run different models, I don't know....)
  8. Damn... this is considered a long hard road??!! Maybe I should consider myself hard done by...! Just kidding of course, all the respect for when you finally get the thing working like it should.
  9. uhhhh, Paul, you did that with a 3.5L Altima and 20 gallons...! These guys are talking abut trying to see the pointy end in a little 80s 4 banger with a eensy weensy OEM tank capacity.
  10. If I had to guess, as per @mcoppola, id say it comes from "perception of what is needed to be competitive". I stand pretty firm that we dont want total newb teams to show up to their first race and say, "wow, all these top cars run them, so we need: a race clutch, a fancy racing radiator, fancy brake upgrades, etc etc etc". It seems like you have done a bunch of racing the past so you wouldn't come at the series with that mentality (you can evaluate what is and isnt needed), but I'll speak from direct experience from when we started 5 years ago with NO/ZERO racing experience, we were definitely impressionable as to what we THOUGHT we needed to upgrade. I believe that we want to be a place that teams like us can easily show up with a minimal prep car, have a blast and develop from there. Maybe that's more rant than answer. Sorry! Definitely the rant isnt directed at you! Definitely we want to attract teams that also show up to win with properly prepped cars too.
  11. Totally agree that McQueen was outright cheating whereas the others are merely at the edge of the rules. I stand by my comment, cheating or not cheating I don't believe the series wants a team full of new to racing drivers showing up with a reasonably prepped car (but not overly prepped, as a new team would show up with, though with no intention of winning just trying to finish) to be absolutely hammered by a "pro" team with mechanics and stacks of tires and and and etc, and then deciding to never come back. For reference, our first race as total NEWBS guys like Biohazard seemed blazing fast to us, but maybe catchable with some work. I don't believe these other fast teams would seem the same way if we were to show up like that again.
  12. I think thats how it went? That Mosport race was our very first race. McQueen car with a cam that was pretty darn lumpy. At the friday practice day we thought, hes just out lapping. Wait... what... that car is legal/racing. "It appears that we have brought a knife to a gun fight" was our thought. We stuck around for more races, but you want to avoid having new teams show up, look at cars like McQueen, GBU, Sahlens, etc and pack up after the weekend saying "Screw that, why bother going back".
  13. I dont mind this idea actually! I will put my $0.02 in that I think if you want to limit the real advantage the tires almost need to be soft enough to basically last a full weekend (on an average car. Ill leave it up to you guys as to how to define that one!!). We have gone reverse stagger on our heavy FWD car with skinnies on the rear. RS4s all around. First weekend the handling is perfect. 2nd weekend the car is more loose. The third weekend its way oversteery. And anything beyond that many of my drivers become whiny about how we need new rears and the car is "undrivable"! So moral of the story, even if the tires are not worn down, they may actually be a lot slower than new tires.
  14. Agree with previous comment. You sounded really natural on the feed. Nice work!
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