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    Beer mostly. Trying to get to the finish line with our new Chump Car is wholly consuming me and my time!
    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. thewheelerZ

    New Unicorn builds

    So if I had a hypothetical friend that wanted to add more go to his Astro tow vehicle for towing up hills, what might you suggest....😜 let's be clear, my wife would KILL me if I suggested anything of the sort!
  2. thewheelerZ

    Decal Requirements

    The maxxis stickers are definitely a little big! Haha. But I thought they looked good on my car.
  3. thewheelerZ

    VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    https://jalopnik.com/this-lifted-corvette-became-a-bmw-powered-race-car-for-1823656535 almost, kinda.
  4. thewheelerZ

    VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    350Z was at 570 points last time I checked. We looked at one since it would be fun and fairly easy out of the box. Couldn't find a decent one for under $5000 so turned away in the end and went with something a bit more in the "spirit of the series".
  5. This is a great deal. If I wasn't nearly done my new build I'd be jumping all over this. Someone buy this! GLWS
  6. MBros Racing has been really fast up in Canada and perennial contender. Not sure of their record in the US. Fast car no doubt, great team too.
  7. thewheelerZ

    9 years and 52 events M4L neon RIP

    What was the ratio of races entered to races finished? Must be pretty high.
  8. thewheelerZ

    9 years and 52 events M4L neon RIP

    Shoot! Our condolences. Oh man, doom cruiser with full atention of the mopar team... a few tears of shame are going to be shed on June 29th....
  9. thewheelerZ

    YO! Need a room at Watkins for 3 at Seneca

    NP. Will cancel tomorrow morning.
  10. thewheelerZ

    YO! Need a room at Watkins for 3 at Seneca

    Yep, I've got a room booked for Thursday-sun. Won't be arriving on Thursday anymore. Let me know.
  11. thewheelerZ

    Learn me on Fuel Vent Valves Plz

    We use an inline rollover valve like the following link. Very simple mounted "inside" small fuel hose. Loop the hose and mount it in a vertical section (so it closes when upside down). Connect the hose via T to you main vent and this simply acts to vent the tank to television be negative pressure as you use fuel. The one we have is really sensitive and I suspect any sort of velocity on fuel trying to get out will close it trigger the check valve. It would also check up/close under pressure during fueling so it's just for when racing. https://www.racerpartswholesale.com/product/629/Valves we tried a quick connect air hose (like for air tools in a shop) as the primary method. Click the male end in when fueling with a hose running to an empty fuel jug. 1) it wasn't enough air venting out to dump a hunsaker so we needed to add a second vent and 2) we could never get it to puke fuel to give warning of when the tank is. Early full. The fuel would just overflow at the filler neck at the same time.
  12. thewheelerZ

    Vehicle weight list

    Likely the car yeah. Did it come from Canada? I was a few beers deep when I watched them weigh it up so maybe my memory is wrong... I do know that I was I was blown away when it rolled onto the scales.
  13. thewheelerZ

    Vehicle weight list

    I'll take that back, this looks fairly extreme. I have no idea about 2.0 vs 2.4 but this neon had basically no back end. It was on a Saturday night after a race. No idea what was included.
  14. thewheelerZ

    Vehicle weight list

    FWIW, I saw a Neon with what I would call "extreme" weight loss (hint, it doesn't sound like yours is quite at that level!) and weigh in at around 1800lbs.
  15. I have a room for Thursday at the lodge but wont be arriving until Friday now, still haven't released it yet. Is there a way to transfer if wanted?