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    Beer mostly. Trying to get to the finish line with our new Chump Car is wholly consuming me and my time!
    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. thewheelerZ

    2018 Brainerd Race Recap

    Nice work @Mike.g!! Congrats on a solid weekend!
  2. thewheelerZ

    2fer Firebird style $400

    red "car" has been "disassembled"....? Ummm, yeah that would be one way to describe it!
  3. thewheelerZ

    Windshield replacements - Do it myself?

    @mcewena oh gawd.... You will be finding glass pieces in your car for the remainder of its life! We tried to screw around with one of our first rear windshields and end up breaking it. Glass everywhere! Were blown away by how easy the tool made it the 2nd time around. Seriously, it came out like a hot knife through butter.
  4. thewheelerZ

    Windshield replacements - Do it myself?

    Pay someone to cut your old one out??!! No way man, its SOOOO easy with the proper tool. Find something like this, and its a 5-10 min job with two people sawing at either end: https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/powerfist-windshield-removal-kit/A-p8428021e Even the most difficult ones we have done have been less than 20 mins. We pay a guy to come over and install though. For $250 CDN he brings the windshield over in advance so we can install a defroster grid before its in the car, then comes back over to glue it in. FWIW too, if you buy some of the glue yourself from napa or otherwise, pro-tip is to heat it up with hot water in a pot or leave it out in the sun on a hot day. Otherwise its pretty much impossible to push out of the tube.
  5. Nah... it's not that fast. Edit: wait a minute, it better be fast, 520 points. 2 laps to make up!
  6. thewheelerZ

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    at least the Nissan had cool stickers though right? 😉 come on @Mopar 4 Life when are we going to see the Doom Cruiser back on track?! And, when you go to lay a beat down on @moparboyy's non dodge painted up to look like a dodge can I come drive it?! While this is all going on though, let's watch our p's and q's while discussing 626s. In the proper hands that's a Champ dominating chassis!
  7. thewheelerZ

    mosport 2018

    Shoot Jerry. That sucks. Tough to see a guy like Ken and team like Junction have such a bad weekend.
  8. thewheelerZ

    Rad Ducting behind air dam -> additional points?

    I agree. Keep active aero. There was a camaro at watkins that had a big spoiler that raised and lowered. A quick look over and I thought it was activated by the ebrake handle. I asked the owner and he said it was activated off of some sort of programming using accelerometers and such. Cool as heck man! someone wants to put all that effort into making that with some off the shelf parts and programming hours....go for it. Don't forget that we are endurance racing here. 8-14-24 hours. Weight and simplicity go a LONG ways! We have put air dams on two separate cars. Both have been ripped off by something that is not on the track surface causing unplanned/extended pit stops. Guess who's new car isn't getting an air dam??
  9. thewheelerZ

    Rad Ducting behind air dam -> additional points?

    To be fair I was even thinking a 4 banger could be even better. 😂 Honestly, I think everyone is scared of screwing up a good thing with changes that seem small but have far reaching consequences. No one is afraid of your mustang as it conforms the formulas you made for it, they are afraid of what might pop out of the box. Is it worth the risk for Champ to make that change?
  10. Just make sure all your drivers have their memberships paid up, then send Wendy the driver lineup in an email.
  11. thewheelerZ

    mosport 2018

    Wait, you said this on Sunday and I thought you meant in total... this 4 engines is with the Civic? Damn dude... that's not even including the Korean rainbow Unicorn?! My gawd...!
  12. thewheelerZ

    Rad Ducting behind air dam -> additional points?

    So wait, don't you say that the old mustang engines are actually al that fuel efficient? So lets say instead of a 2.4L, maybe bump that up to 3.0 for modern efficiencies? Could you make a mustang work with a 3.0....? Is it THAT ridiculous of an idea...? There are a number of all aluminum 3.0s that could get you in under your 225 hp for a straight 50 points. Maybe you lose your tq? but can you have your cake and eat it too? I am not flat out against fuel for points (actually kind of like @mender 's idea). Though I'm in total disagreement with how easy and short reaching (opposite of "far reaching"... is there aterm for that?!) you think the implementation is going to be. Note that there was a post on here just the other day talking about Saabs double stinting on fuel, and I recall a neon guy once saying "you guys want to give us more fuel...? I better go get more material for a bigger trophy case".
  13. thewheelerZ

    Rad Ducting behind air dam -> additional points?

    ^^^ Some racers want to win more than having the big ol' rumble in their ears...
  14. thewheelerZ

    mosport 2018

    @theblue As the other guys said, could have been worse. T2 has its fair share of victims. glad you guys had a good weekend. Look forward to seeing you back there. As a side note, you should go back and look at some historic footage and imagine if the grass was still there at the edge of the track! You would have been straight into the grass and no slowing down until the tire wall.... It's hard to even imagine how gnarly the track was back then!
  15. thewheelerZ

    mosport 2018

    Wheelhouse Racing had a great weekend even though all didn't go as planned. We debuted a new car, so I guess nothing ever goes as planned when doing that! We had issue with our fuel tank venting. Reverted back to the OEM routing and removed the surge tank. Seemed to work for a while but we found late on Saturday that our tank was getting very hot and staying pressurized so we called it for the day. Tried to get some heat shield to the tank from the exhaust, but that apparently didn't solve the issue for sunday. I think we finally found the issue with our rollover valve and vent routing, so will resolve that for the next race. We have a few other items to work on for the future races, like getting the ABS to work again and making sure the brake/pad bias is set up if no ABS, and hoping to get the suspension dialed in. We have major understeer and the car is pretty much impossible to get through T5b. Add to that we have no points to play with and we have some work to do to solve those issues! The heat was brutal and seemed to wreak havoc on the field. Both for blowing up cars and making drivers crazy. There was a huge amount of attrition and even on Sunday there were way more FCYs than would normally be seen (or at least I feel that way anyways). Was great to back on track again and cant wait to get back out there! That track really is top notch and sooooo much fun to drive! Heres a video of me on Satruday morning.: