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    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. Id love to know what the justification on raising the VQ35 Maxima up to 515 is, especially if comparing to an SE-R Altima at 505 with nearly identical drivetrain and weight, but with 2 gallons of extra fuel and IRS (as opposed to the garbage rear beam axle in the Maxima). Im all for raising values on cars to try and slow the field and id be happy to try to make up laps on slower cars, but considering this was the only car to be raised above 500, whats up with that? 15 points added is two laps in this scenario, no idea how that was justified, and would love to hear. Than
  2. Now imagine if your car is a family sedan instead of God's Chariot and custom cut pads is the only way to get something decent! The costs you stated are even more exaggerated. I calculated that Wilwood calipers would be paid off/offset in two races or so, certainly less than a full season. Performance wise for a faster lap time, I think weight is the only thing adding to speed. Pedal feel as mentioned is marginal at best (though, never ran them back to back, so maybe im talking out my butt).
  3. Is there a redlined version of the VPI table? Am i missing that somewhere?
  4. This quote makes my week complete on a friday. FWIW, real engineers dont bother with units, just get out the trusty Casio and calculate away.
  5. With a team full of new drivers, one person at best will get a decent session (if their car even works). Not only that, but test sessions inevitably turn into guys trying to win the session with aggressive passes anyways. So maybe not as much value as it really appears?
  6. Did Higgy win?! Nice work guys. @Rich @Richard Red Cow and Mopar battling ALL day long. Wish we were there. Have fun tomorrow everyone.
  7. "VIN: Race Car" Tells you all you need to know. You are paying the airplane/boat/race car price! Get the VIN, tell em you are hard up and just need a windshield to get a safety certificate so you can drive to work!
  8. Each team needs a person (referred to as fire bottle guy) that has an AFGS-9001 certification (can typically be obtained through local fire dept with a weekend course) that can ensure fire safety for the team. It's typically a fairly involved job, so this person doesn't normally drive for the weekend. This rule is laid out fairly clearly on page 17.3 of the BCCR. The other job of the AFGS certification is to stand with the fire bottle at the ready when you are fueling at yell at all the noobs to "put your visor down".
  9. Three should be fine. Don't be afraid to ask pit neighbours to do a fire bottle for you or help in pit stops. Most likely they will be help to help and give pointers. Also, being your first race, chances are good you wont win. Have the goal to finish and drive the car on the trailer at the end of the weekend (i.e. its still running, but also dont crash it because you are getting hot, tired and sloppy). So if you do 1 hour stints and need to park the car for a little bit and rest, then so be it. Try to get as much seat time as possible and go have fun.
  10. I agree, id rather not add weight to the hauler if not needed. So we use tires. Ive thought about jugs full of water. Transport empty, fill at the track. But seeing as we have spare tires that are needed in the pit anyways, it just seems so rational to use them.
  11. Wholly "threading the needle" batman! That was a crazy one. +1 for Hero3 Silver. We also make sure to only use a 1amp charging port from the USB.
  12. After posting the previous Kimi clip, I certainly cant leave this one hanging....
  13. +1 on content with junkyard engines for our team. In fact, that was a factor when choosing my car.
  14. *My co-renter/friend/dad/wife: "Hey, I totally smashed up a car in that last stint and I'm on probation until I drive better. Can i use your helmet for my next stint" *Me: .....
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