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    New to racing besides some arrive and drive kart events. 2015 is the first year of wheel to wheel for my team and me.

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  1. Beer>Trophy is what you are saying. FWIW, I didnt see too much in the way of rampant rules breaking. There wasn't ever much in the way of protests and I think there was a pretty laid back attitude to teching the car. But, with that being said, most of the winners over the recent times have been winners/podium cars in the US races too and no one has come down on them in those cases either (except for #balloonedgastankgate....). Then again, maybe they are referring to my car...?!
  2. thewheelerZ

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    ^^^ I agree with these guys. For the cost upgrade at the time of purchase its probably worth going digital. We have analog and they work well. But at the far corners of bigger tracks they get static-y and/or no comms at all. (Mosport in T5, Calabogie most of the back side, Watkins down in the boot). If I were to be buying new, id probably just try to stretch for the better radios.
  3. thewheelerZ

    FWD wheel and tire dimensions

    I think you could be over thinking it. I did the same thing when looking at wider wheels and was worried from the technical type articles I read. We added 17x9s to our Mazda 626 and had no issue. I'd give the wide wheels a shot and suspect you will love them.
  4. Ok, all well and good @Jer but Friday is approaching, none of us want to do actual work to finish the week off..... what the heck are we going to argue about now??
  5. thewheelerZ

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    ^^^ Dammit. I had exactly 10 mins of wondering/planning what I would do for aero when i remove my OEM spoiler. #crusheddreams
  6. thewheelerZ

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    This might be a dumb question, but whats the difference between the racing types like AFFF and the regular extinguisher type suppressants? I.e., why do I need to ship my bottle half way across the country just to get it re-filled when I can re-fill a regular extinguisher at a hand full of local places? Also, when it comes to @mender 's point about suits and SFI timelines, its an extreme example (other end of the safety spectrum), but remember we are now replacing window nets after the SFI label expires. Perfectly good nets that arent sitting in the sun, see 2 or 3 races per year, are in great condition, etc. That seems pretty stupid to me.
  7. thewheelerZ

    2x rule and brake calipers.

    *green font* Don't be fooled.... those are his rear brakes!
  8. thewheelerZ

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    And what are we talking about here, the bottle or the whole system? The bottle is all that gets inspected right? And we need to get it inspected every two years even if the sticker is good?
  9. thewheelerZ

    Crankcase evac system

    Wait... what? Maybe I dont understand, but the intake should be under negative pressure or vacuum to suck the air in, no? Also, the exhaust is under positive pressure to push the air out. Wouldnt both be under lower pressure compared the whats in the crankcase in either case?
  10. See the pic I posted? Thats a pretty sweet aftermarket sequential gearbox you got there. YOU inserted those terms, NOT the original Champcar facebook poster, NOT the commenters.
  11. What the heck are you talking about? Where do you get the idea of FREE sequential boxes...? Does the picture in the facebook post resemble a high performance racing transmission in any way? You are a troll and you make the series look bad.
  12. thewheelerZ

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    "Pitchforks"?? No no no, it's called a crowd sourced stress testing of the formula. Let's be profession here!😀
  13. It was a 3rd gen camaro I think. I have a video of him in front of me, but too much video to sort through and find it. It was a simple spoiler that he had set to operate using some sort of accerlerometers and such. Nice guy when I talked to him. Just had fun playing around with it all. For all the weight and and complexity it would be a pretty hard time to justify putting that on my endurance car!
  14. Hey @Bill Strong , FTFY. Better not write cheques your butt maybe cant cash! Otherwise those hate mails will by flying in IF Indy hates our guts and never wants anything more to do with us!
  15. Calling someone out for being a sucky baby has nothing to do with making TAC desicions. People take themselves and you guys way too seriously. I hope the TAC takes the same attitude (not saying "oh you poor baby, let me give you a hug") when deciding on technical issues. I like what I've seen so far bay the way. Yes, It sucks some people didn't get cars in to Indy. People that got one car of a multi car team should be happy they get one car to go race (and frankly with the amount interest should be really happy that more than one car is even allowed, maybe that would be too much as lots of teams support the series with multiple cars, but shoot, it could have been a stipulation, you never know ). I seriously hope those people complaining have had a few days to cool off and think about it objectively, have taken 10 deep breaths and are ready to get racing again in the spring.