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  1. I also put the cutoff and fire pull in more or less the same spot. But, we also put water temp and oil pressure gauges at the top of the panel for easy to see. Bonus of that is that you can see them on the in car video, we dont have data acquisition so we can go back and review the video if anything happens.
  2. I'd move the radio lower or off that panel all together. It should be more or less set it and forget it (in the pits as well). It's taking up prime panel real estate as you drew it.
  3. You're kidding right??!! The totally obvious answer is a 93-02 Mazda 626!
  4. Border closed to non-essential traffic for another 30 days.... Looks like if this one goes its going to be all on the shoulders of Canadian teams (mini Canadian Championship). Wheelhouse Signed up today. Lets go guys, fill the rosters, lets make this one happen!
  5. Border Schmorder. I dont need no stinking yankees to go get my racing fix! 😜 Government has included "individual sports where social distancing can be practiced... such as car and motorcycle racing" on the list of allowed activities as part of the phase in.
  6. This looks like good news: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/article-woodbine-racetrack-looking-to-restart-horse-racing-from-june-5/ Woodbine is a local Toronto horse racing track.
  7. Wheelhouse is IN. So Huggy and Wheelhouse makes a race. Lets get it on!
  8. Upgrading everything before a race also seems like a recipe to spend/upgrade the wrong things too. I second the advice to just get your safety stuff sorted, a few upgrades you think should be necessary and go race it. If you do find a test day, try to get one that is open lapping, no run groups. Go out and pound on the thing, unrelentingly, for hours! on our first build we took it out in spring on a cold day (just above freezing) in the rain. A handful of 15-20 min sessions and we deemed it ready to go. How wrong we were! Car hardly made it through the first stint on race day!
  9. Beauty! I was never able to find those. Thanks Paul.
  10. Wrong part name, my fault, not sure why I said top hat. What I meant was top spring perch (for the fronts).
  11. Any shock top hats that would fit the 5th gen? We had to mod a set and now the little plastic bearings dont fit in. Cant find a place to buy just the top hats without the full shock.
  12. So I will have to take the car myself while my team all sits and drinks beer at the trailer? Gotcha. Wait.... what's changing here???
  13. Yep, for sure some good and bad. I think my general point was that it should not be underestimated the change that would make. The previous comment that fuel value could be started artificially high to not upset the apple cart too much. But imagine the posts that would stream from mender and RonE about how the points are totally out of whack, never happy those two! It would be a long process (3-4 years?) to get that mostly dialed by the time you give some advanced warning, start high, bring down, adjust VPIs ect. I do agree with you though, status quo getting out of whack with new cars being added. I am of the mind that this hasnt helped speed creep and teams/cars should be less averse to starting with penalty laps. An Altima/Cobra/Swapped E30/etc should have a decent shot at unlapping themselves a couple of times against a neon/626/civic that hasnt strayed too far from stock.
  14. I agree that having some sort of fuel for points COULD be a good change to the rules. (Lots of little econoboxes that would be lightweight, cheap to run, etc that just aren't or never will be viable without fuel help. Opens up some different interesting strategies, etc). Buuuuuuttt...... to say that it wouldn't have FAR reaching consequences is farcical. Do we open up and let some more cars in, or do we maintain status quo and keep going with what appears to be a pretty good thing at the moment?
  15. We were bummed our April trip to Daytona got moved and we can't make the new date. But missing this race is my bigger fear. We want to get back on Mosport so darn bad! all fingers are crossed at the moment!
  16. Any car, or any team could win? I beleive both. We are (we're?!) a team of total noobs. We are now on our 2nd make of car after doing fairly well in a Mazda 626 we built our Maxima. Last year we put the Maxima into impound with a 4th at WGI behind two Tuttle cars and a Sahlens boxster. Two or three major mistakes of our own fault put us out of reach of podium. I also feel pretty confident we could make a 626 to compete for overall as well.
  17. The TR2 transponder is the newest and most innovative transponder for motorsports wow.... setting the bar high eh...?
  18. They do penalize for PRPs. #iwas7th Go to 2:29 in the video. We have since implemented stricter team regulations.
  19. I disagree with this though. Why does it need an angle? The wind an object in motion sees is the apparent wind. The better definition from the wiki sorce is that it's the sum of the velocity and true wind vectors. W(ind) = 0, A=sqrt of Vsq
  20. Ok. After reading a bit anout it, it makes a bit more sense. Has nothing to do with ice boats or litres on skates. If I understand correctly basically drive train losses being less than the difference of propeller force compared to wheel force using the difference in speed of kart vs "apparent" speed of prop. Prop Always has a little help. So now, I'm off to read and think about how these guys made one go upwind faster than the wind...
  21. We had an aftermarket starter switch/button fail. Went back to the oem ignition ever since.
  22. In the case of a kiter on skates.... I think between the apparent wind and the energy you put in with your legs COULD be enough. Definitely a maximize efficiency exercise though. But yeah, the apparent wind becomes significant. Not sure how something like an ice boat would work, they go so much faster than the wind they are basically going upwind all the time. As for the kart, I don't see where the extra energy comes from. I don't see how that could be done without an external source. Maybe slightly downhill? I'm skeptical!
  23. Not perpetual motion but certainly a high conservation of energy right? If the wind dies to zero while you are headed downwind then your apparent wind actually goes up. So why is the cart in the video not perpetual motion?
  24. Directly downwind eh? Lots of stuff with low friction that can easily go faster by making its own apparent wind. But how does the downwinder cross over to make its own apparent wind? By giving it a push like in the video maybe? Or by driving down from a reach while maintaining speed? At 5-10 knots winds speed what's the difference in direction if you are doing 30 knots in ground speed? I'd say not much. FWIW if you are kite skiing (or on skates?) on ice, you can dive the kite to make your own apparent wind. Then on a low wind day I suspect you could go whichever direction you'd like, no?
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