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  1. Yeah, well luckily back in his day it was 8 miles EACH WAY (16 miles total) and both were up hill.😉 Seriously, the fuel guys will literally be making fuel trips ALL day long!
  2. I just heard an APB over the police scanner looking for a truck trailering around a chopped Infiniti. See my previous post about the Sherriff at indy gates. You guys are going to get sooooo busted! 🤣
  3. I guess we now know how Champcar is going to implement the fuel tank capacity pump test.... the sheriff at Indy front gate...!!
  4. Keep it simple at first, no worries on that front. Normal gauges is all we use for oil pressure and water temp tach with a shift light makes life simple. We have an idiot light for low fuel and just installed a light for low battery voltage. Oh, and keep reminding the drivers to actually LOOK at the gauges!
  5. Rumours schmumours.... we need some clout to go get the Mosport date back! I built a car with Mosport in mind, by gosh darnnit I want to go race it there.
  6. 13 gallon fuel tank. I suspect that will keep power nicely in check for these cars.
  7. Man you guys are harsh.... remember, this is all for fun.... and.... the whole idea of EC is to let a car come race with us. The hope is that they like the racing with Champ and feel it's worth it to change their car over to be 500 point legal. If you are going to make it not fun/just a lapping day/not worth it to come out and race, if you are going to take their name away, if you aren't going to let them have a transponder, etc, then you are going to just make the experience so terrible for them you might as well just say no EC cars allowed. Put an EC clearly in their team name, let them race heads up all day long, then put a 1000 lap penalty on them for or the final hour/30 mins/lap. Then go drink some beer and enjoy the high of racing.
  8. 2e - it should all be included in the 10 point cost 2f - I dont think so, thats all on you as to how often you want to be pitting to tear the hanging peices off 3 - Cutting is free, have at it. 4 - Yep, take out the aluminum vents and just cut some in the hood, free. The remainder..... oh gawd, here we go. Its only Tuesday morning, buckle your seat belts folks....! 🤣
  9. Its either that or my wife's adoration....🤣
  10. Interesting you say that. Im going to go ahead and knock on wood here..... right out of the box this tool has worked perfectly for us and we havent really had any "mistakes". Myabe we are working on bought time!! Again, knock on wood!
  11. Just buy this kit: https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/powerfist-windshield-removal-kit/A-p8428021e
  12. Pacecar is all on race control. They should know better no matter what is on racemonitor/RaceHero. Broadcast.... something about teaching old dogs new tricks may be relevant.... those guys are unencourable...! 😂 /greenfont
  13. ^^^ That's a catch Pan. I don't have the rules in front of me, but there is talk of having a catch "C"an I believe too. This is generally what it's talking about. Look at the hose he attaches to the overflow/vent line:
  14. Wouldnt this actually be the best way to do it? Make two classes for T&S, EC and Champ. For every one of the Champ class cars, use the naming convention A- XYZ Racing, C- Wheelhouse Racing, etc.Then EC cars can still follow the "overall" results, then at the end of the race add your 1000 laps and call it a day...?
  15. Good info. Thanks Bill. @Bill Strong it might be a bit more easy read if you can order the interpretations by rule number. They are a bit haphazard as is and hard to cross reference from the rules.
  16. It definitely helped, but.... I also dont think they are out of reach for a team on a reasonable budget (we, and you, were within striking distance on Sunday, and we know a few strategy errors that could put us even closer). I agree with @Team Infiniti that money doesnt dominate as long as they show up within the rules and the series does a decent job of keeping that in check. I dont think theres any argument that going faster costs more, my general point is that is the racing better (worth the extra cost) at a faster pace? I don't believe so.
  17. Right, gotcha, I really dont have much comment on the class based system. I was more commenting on the other comment I made about the series possibly slowing down a touch, to which Bill commented on and started a bit of a side topic. I have personally always wanted to race for the overall and dont care about the classes. Im also not too concerned with the safety of closing speeds and such either. I am more just thinking about making sure new teams want to come enter like we did 5 years ago (see red0's comment about about civics vs S2000s/boxsters) and also cost to keep going reasonable. I know , I know... racing is expensive and it costs a lot to win, Im just not sure the racing is any worse if that speed/cost is dialed back a touch (think well prepped integras/neons/626s/etc compared to well prepped swapped eclipes/swapped miatas/Maximas/etc running 5 or even 10s per lap faster)
  18. Im not saying we need to fundamentally change the brand of the series. But if you look at the recent results of WGI we were 14th in fastest lap with 2:17. Even just 3 years ago in 2016 we would have had the 3rd fastest lap time. Even for a top team/perennial favorite like Simon Says it starts getting pretty hard to compete without going all in on their car (im putting words in their mouth here, but seems that way from my point of view). Or look at Mopar4life, Those guys were fast and consistent, but Im just not sure they could keep doing that in a Neon (Im sure they could, but it certainly would be a lot tougher speed wise). I also dont believe the racing is any better at a 2:15 (2:12??!!) lap compared to a 2:20. In fact, I would bet it would get harder if that was the standard set.
  19. @wvumtnbkr and @mostmint That is basically what I meant. After 5 years we now have a new car that is nearly maximzied at 500 points and has pace to run near/at the front. Even though I believe we play within the rules and certainly the spirit of the rules a brand new team may look at our speed and be scared off. People may disagree with me, but looking at the amount of 2:15-2:17 fast lap times at WGI it seems thencreep is real. I would think something more in the 2:20 range (a la cars like Simon Says that run really consistently to win) may be a bit more in line with the budget/amateur series. Dont get me wrong, going fast is awesome! But if they cracked down on some of the points a bit over a broad swath of the field (ie don't single out my car please!!) and I had to take laps and work hard to gain them back over slower cars I'd be fine with that.
  20. I don't mind the idea as a way to re-class the field and give a better way to make a gateway for new (to racing) teams. I also feel like the series could do well to dial the speed back a touch. But, # 4 and 5 look so complex to get started. And then there are two totally different rule sets...? No way, fully disagree. i agree with Huggy, there's way to much going on to even THINK about implementing something like that.
  21. 850, 318.... to-may-toe, to-mah-toe...😉
  22. 22lbs, 12.6", 6", 1.1", in race trim thats about right for weight. This past weekend we went significantly faster than we ever have (but not before the brakes went all wonky) and Im not surprised our pad wear increased. Hopefully we can get better venting going and bring the temps down.
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