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  1. Cover photo in a Canadian National news story too! Old livery but still valid. Car sounded great back then too!! GLWS https://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/news/motorsports/inside-a-grassroots-racing-circuit-where-chumps-are-champs/article24509052/
  2. ^^^ So youre saying an MR2 is basically an SRT Hellcat/Viper? And it's HOW MANY points VPI??!!! /greenfont
  3. ^^^ Exactly this! When you are looking for your car inevitably you miss seeing it and it feels like an eternity for it to complete another lap while you wait and worry if they are still running!
  4. @red0 @Jer Awesome. Learn something new every day! Little bar below the current/best lap info. Never noticed that before. Great feature that I will definitely be able to use!
  5. ??? What feature is this?! I've never seen or used this before.
  6. I agree about the backing plate, at very minimum go and get yourself a nice big washer, it wont be hard to swap out. To me that screams "use the right tool for the job". Also, while I normally defend vertical videos for people watching on their phones.... "Hey guys, watch this 12 min long video where its almost impossible to get a good perspective of what you're looking at" (🤣sorry, had to do it. See you guys at WGI!)
  7. Ufff, 3 class for 25 cars... For an 8 hour enduro you'd be racing just yourself at the end! Note the class B winner punching well above their weight with a win and a much slower "fast lap" time. Glad to see you guys had a great time. See you at Shannonville hopefully.
  8. I'd bet that there are a number of teams that didn't come due to how close it is to Watkins Glen next weekend. We had set our season schedule before the first Bogie race was released and are going to Watkins instead. It seemed like there were a bunch of brand new teams though, so that is a great thing. Overall pace looked to be down a fair amount with some of the top teams not there. Kinger were you running as A or B class? As as long as the car comes home safe we will be signing up for Shannonville. Though, id probably expect the same numbers for that race too. And we plan on racing the August Calabogie race too as long as the car is still running. Hopefully we get 40-45 cars there again like last years final race.
  9. Im glad these got taken. I was about to go buy a P-car just to take advantage of this deal!
  10. I agree. It also appears that there is a bit of a limit on how far you can take the swap. I.e. start pushing the hp and the car cant keep up and starts breaking.
  11. Decal enforcement is a sticky situation to put yourself in Bill....
  12. Body roll is quite controlled as we put stiffer springs on allaround for this year. Though, no idea what toe does if lifted. Its an Helical LSD with nearing 300k kms on it (read: its dead and basically an open diff). Using the main pit (NOT the one at the end of the long straight).
  13. @wvumtnbkr More camber, as in less negative camber is what I assume you mean right? Yes, Im surprised to at the temp difference between sides. Yes, clockwise so more rights than lefts. Maybe the puddle didnt actually hit the right tires? (though rear tires dont really tell that story...). I need to do some more research to see what is acceptable for tire temps. But certainly we will be trying to lower the pressure on front tires. Maybe try 35 lbs and go from there. @mender Yeah, -1.75 on the front is what i was thinking would be worth a try. However, the rear beam axle laughs at your suggestion for the rears!
  14. Successful test on Saturday night. Prior to test we re-made our y-pipe, reinstalled engine after the winter, replaced all coil springs for stiffer versions, installed poly bushings for engine mounts, lowered the seat mount to fit bigger drivers, replaced ABS wheel sensor and got ABS working again, completed alignment, sealed our rear firewall from fuel stuff in the trunk, bought and installed a coolshirt cooler, and bought 10 new tires for the year. Car ran more or less like a top, our suspension set up is NIGHT AND DAY different and the car will actually turn in now! Clean the car, do a final nut and bolt check, and load 'er up for Watkins! Lets go racing!
  15. Yeah, its just the pit that gets locked. Garages and paddock are fully open. I assume its just to limit people from getting on track, also keeps all the stuff in your pit stall safe overnight.
  16. Heck yeah! Wheelhouse Racing is beyond pumped to get back on track for 2019!
  17. Alright, so anyone want some better data. Feel free to tell me what you think and any suggestions! Evening Session, 12-14 degrees C (53-57 F), Shannonville Full track (clockwise), 2002 Nissan Maxima. Unsure of exact weight, count on 2950 lb (with 60-65% front bias). -1.9 FL and -2.1 FR camber, approx 0.5 camber on both rears. Zero toe all around. 255/40/17 fronts, 225/45/17 rears. Temps taken immediately at pit in. Note that there was a big puddle to drive through at pit in before taking temps. Driver 3 was approx 1s faster on a 2:05 lap.
  18. Last minute?? There's still two weeks left until race....! 😉 (Sorry, I've got nothing productive to add. See you at WGI!)
  19. Who you driving with Jerry? Tomek is coming to race with me again along with a couple of the other normal team. Fingers crossed the Albino Rhino is set to run strong. Excited to see what the big lump up front will drag us up to before braking into the bus stop!
  20. *No big deal, just a spare engine I have strapped to my trailer. I mean.... everyone has a spare engine just in case right??!!😉
  21. Haha, I was more or less kidding. But, I think its a pretty safe statement to say that pretty much all 180 treadwear tires suck in 28 degrees and snowing weather!
  22. ^^^ Obvious comment of the day #2!
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