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  1. Calvin Coolidge: "Better to be silent, and be thought a fool; than speak, and remove all doubt." As to JFK... well, that's a post for a *completely* different board-filled-with-paranoid-conspiracy-theories. >:)
  2. That would be the exhaust pipe rusting through while it's on pre-grid.... >;)
  3. Um, guys -- just a side note: When posting stuff like this, you *might* want to check a little more closely to make sure the comments are PG-rated.... 'Jes' tryin' t' help y' out."
  4. Dog and I are in complete agreement on this. Cue fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria....
  5. Couldn't have been driven by Paul Tracy -- not enough impact marks from running into other cars.... >;)
  6. Frankly, I was amazed I was able to write something that upbeat, considering not 24 hours earlier I'd just had to order one of my cats be put down (cancer in liver; failing heart; fluid buildup around major organs). And this was the cat who considered me "his human".
  7. Who cares? Strange Women Lying In Ponds Distributing Trophies is no basis for an auto-racing series -- Supreme Championship Power derives from the leading of laps and winning of races, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony! #youknewthiswascoming
  8. IMSMC: Son of Andre's Mustang is SPO-prep-level (at least, that's what it said on the front quarters). I think that's a bit above 500 pts., but I'm not sure.
  9. I suspect it's more the expectations that A Certain Class will have the most laps at day's end -- which is why it's a red-letter day when the car with the most laps *isn't* in that class (Daytona 2003; or a couple of events the Archer Brothers Eagle Talons won outright).
  10. *Staff* can be Impaired -- in fact, I assumed it was mandatory, to deal with the constant rules-lawyering around here.
  11. Dress it up like an ambulance, and run around in a cape and mask shouting "DA-DA-DAAAAAA!"
  12. Oh, the tech's out there -- it's just not the sort of thing one orders from Amazon, if you're picking up what I'm putting down.
  13. I'm a Moderator -- we're not allowed to like, or dislike, anyone in particular; we have to be impartial.
  14. Having discussed this with some of my More Interesting Associates elsewhere: Expect "cheating" devices to be available about a week after this becoming law.
  15. Sebring 2008: The Audis either broke (one had to replace a turbo), or wrecked (tripping over the Flying Lizard Porsche 911); while the Peugeot broke (hydraulics). Der Fuhrer's cars conspicuously did not break (if memory serves, all the other P2s also suffered some sort of mechanical failure). Daytona 2003: The DPs were "not ready for prime-time", and all of them broke. (I remember thinking " first race for the being a 24-hour seems a bit optimistic".) Spa 2003: I had to look this one up, as I didn't see it. That said: From one account of the event, "the NGT winning Freisinger Porsche prevailed after [a] wet[-]dry race and Ortelli’s stroke of genius under the Safety Car (switching off engine on every lap and coasting downhill for 2/3 of every lap)". Contrast this with IMSA post-buyout, where the ex-GA cars habitually humiliated the ex-ALMS teams, until the rules were rewritten to "make the P2s more competitive", and eventually the DPs were written out of the series altogether. (Umm, I seem to recall that during the War, the contention was that "the ALMS cars and teams are sufficiently superior to the NASCAR-sourced Crapwagons that if both were on the track at the same time, the ALMS teams would win every event". Oops....) So: Yeah, I'm not exactly convinced the PLM that year was on the up-and-up. I'll be perfectly blunt: I don't trust the current IMSA leadership. And ten years from now, when the fans are asking "why is NASCAR the 800-lb. Gorilla", and "why hasn't sports-car racing taken off" -- the same questions they're asking now, and the same questions they were asking ten, twenty, and more years ago -- well, I'll be sitting here saying "I warned you". And this does relate to CCES: I see in the various 40-page threads about this rule and that rule the same sort of nonsense which has ruined every sports-car racing series before -- the nonstop rules-lawyering, the constant carping and sniping. I'd very much prefer it not happen here, too.
  16. Bad example -- the race was cut short by poor weather, and the GTLM just happened to be in the lead at the time [coughcoughalmsteamshadn'twonaraceallseasoncoughcough].
  17. "Mirror Universe Barber" -- now I'm picturing the CC staff with goatees....
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