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  1. Sorry, don't know how to contact them. They were way nice and Sean was from Tampa and I think Mike (or maybe Chris?) just moved to Mooresville, NC. We were in the garage working on yet another problem when they left. We hit 120+ based on a quick glace at our highly accurate speedo (lol). When coming out of Nascar 4 at full throttle i noticed I needed to turn the wheel a bit more than the previous lap. When going down the straight the wheel was 90 degrees off from center... I limped it around and came into the garage.. our steering coupling came apart... the rubber "guibo" part was shredded... dodged a bullet that it did not come 100% apart while at speed with lots of hard things and fellow racers around me... wheeewwwww... NOTE: please check you steering coupling.. we assumed ours was fine.. to be honest, we never really thought about it.
  2. B&W Racing (#418) had a lot of fun..our car did not perform well with too many mechanical issues... we did enjoy the day and had fun while out there. Three quick videos: Contact with #63 on the speedway back stretch: #162 pushes down on grey BMW on backstretch Yellow Miata gets into the wall coming onto speedway turn 1
  3. Thanks for posting this.. amazing driving and a great way to learn the fast way around the track.
  4. Chip - Thanks for your comments... Lots of the drivers out there are not "pros"... we participate in 4 events per year and love it but certainly not expert race drivers. This was by far the heaviest / longest duration rain event I've been in and it was very difficult just to concentrate on what was happening with my car and the cars around me - definitely driving 7/10th or less a lot of times just to avoid hurting our car or others around us . The viability to the flag stations was in some conditions very very hard so it was easy to miss a flag. FYI.. Some people have commented to me about the visibility out of our car.. we did have two good coats of Rain-X on the outside and anti-fog on the inside.. worked well above 30 mph and i did not want to turn on the wipers to risk wiping off the Rain-X... It was actually much easier to see than the video portrays... the camera always puts 10 lbs of rain on
  5. Here are the "lowlights" from my first stint...rainy day but WOW what a ton of fun! www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWz1UA5Krfs We were one of the many red E36's out there... but our's had the fishbowl on the top with the blue hood. Tom and I drive (middle age dudes), my wife drives and so does my 19 yrs old son (he did it last year too!)
  6. Here is a 10 min video from our in car camera... a few spins here and there.. and of course some tire wall action. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arCQJbQy8QU Thanks, Wes
  7. Okay.. so now i get to add another thing to my "not the best move of the day" list... I do want to emphasis how much FUN we had on Saturday... honestly a blast.. and it is 100% because of all the great teams out there... HUGE thanks to everyone!
  8. B&W Racing (car #418 - red E36 with a fish tank on the roof) managed to hit the tire wall three times (only once did we bowl all the way through - and yes, it was me driving).... Here is a short video of my bonehead move of the race... trying to go fast on a restart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PnmuNp9hsc We had a blast and managed to come in 12th... much more fun that we thought... Saturday was an 11 in my book
  9. B&W racing wished to apologize to Short Fuse Racing... one of our drivers (my son) got a bit carried away... enjoy!
  10. My Daughter turns 16 in October and gets her licence in December... a few HPDE's and she is all in as one of our Drivers as well for next year.... I asked her what kind of car she wanted for her birthday and she said a mustang but it has to have a stick... Wes
  11. Racinrob, Thank you for the feedback! It is appreciated for sure... That was my wife in the car and she had just come onto the course for her first session of the race when the Crown Vic went bowling. She did an HPDE event a few months ago on the Full course but never Grand.. she was a bit nervous and did not know what a good speed around the track would be during the full course yellow. She was thankful that she got to know the course a bit before it went back green. Sorry for the "train" and she and I talked about it as well. One thing we love about this series is they encourage non-pros to get out there and give it a go... how many of you guys have a wife who is so amazing that she encourages this craziness and is willing to jump in the car and be part of the excitement... I have a partner for life! On another note.. one of my drivers... actually my 18yr old son.. will be apologizing to the BMW 5 series team #747.. he bumped them in turn 3 (I don't think there was any damage and no spin or off track)... we saw it on the video tonight and will be posting the formal apology soon. Cheers, Wes
  12. All, We are team "B&W Racing" driving the red (with blue hood) E36. We had the fishtank on the roof and it was lit up at night. First and foremost for all of our ontrack blunders if we screwed you up and I am sure we did a few it was never intentional and if we really did you wrong please contact me directly to discuss and for me to appologize. We have a mix of drivers including my wife and my 18yr old son. Both have 5+ endurance events under their belts (the is the second Chump event for our team.. we were at Charlotte as our first). We have done HPDEs as well but all still learning. Second.. it is really really hard to do a 24hr event and while we felt proud of our effort and only suffered two very small mechanical issues and kept the car rolling as much as possible we came in 51st place (we did take long driver transitions since we were not in the event trying for a top 10 finish). Hats off to every team and the amazing efforts! Lastly.. thank you all for being such a great bunch of people to have fun with .. it was an amazing weeking and we are looking forward to doing it again next year for sure! Wes
  13. This was our first CumpCar event... did the Enduro only... bone stock '94 E36 with a fish tank on the roof. Had a blast.. managed not to hit anyone (Jake did manage to hit one barrier but no real damage to the car). Great to race with everyone and looking forward to VIR and Charlotte again in November. If we offended anyone let us know.. still learning!
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