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  1. We will be focusing on a simple weight/hp endurance series. Also have 2 co-owners interested in licensed club racing. The citrus series, again IMHO, is not serious and we are about racing. Thanks on the car compliment. We have worked hard to make it competitive. In fact, we took a page from your book, maybe several. Descent result two weeks ago, 24 overall and 12th in class with two of us running the car out of fuel due to venting issues.
  2. Exactly our thinking. The series, IMHO, is becoming laughable when "Classed" cars are doing NASA GT3/American Iron lap times. These cars are usually north of $50K build costs. We will not be building our next car for this series, rather a competitor with "real, honest and competitive" rules. We have been a multiple EC class winning car in the past and we will go back there for the future.
  3. Now that the "official" CC special events have left us. Many of us want to continue. Let's start a list of officially hosted team events regardless of platform that we can enter. iRacing: iRacing Endurance Series: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/SeriesSchedule.do?season=2814 VRS GT Endurance Series: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/SeriesSchedule.do?season=2757&fbclid=IwAR2zlp1NQjln4EL9FOgWMQ22_n56F9iYkr6lZO9bopV9PCh-tdmBBos5jEw iRacing Endurance Le Mans Series: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/SeriesSchedule.do?season=2759
  4. Team Name: Money Pit Racing Car Number: 197 Class: Jetta Drivers: Jim Kessler, Peter Kessler, Chris Martin, Dave Thoman
  5. Team Name: Money Pit Racing Car Number: 197 Class: Solstice Driver 1: Jim Kessler Driver 2: Peter Kessler Driver 3: Chris Martin Driver 4: Dave Thoman
  6. we are spending time developing setups for tracks and having drivers spend time driving this platform. Please do not make this change. Drivers need to be more aware of their situation and driver better.
  7. My team has conflicts also. Could we move this back one week? Kind of like real life, hard to stack consecutive weekends taking out in essence a whole day of family time. Suggest we leave a minimum of two weeks between races. Also gives more time to get the word out for broadcasts.
  8. Team Name: Money Pit Racing Car Number: 197 Class: Cayman Drivers: Jim Kessler, rest TBD.
  9. Is the sheet supposed represent the actual driver order?
  10. Will the broadcaster be able to show Trading Paints liveries? We have a bespoke skin and would like to have it be visible to the audience.
  11. Did anyone from here run the NEC last night? We did...oy vey, that was tough. Four hours on a track none of us had run that track in over 3 years. One driver with zero laps and experience. 16 mile track with 170 turns makes it tough to learn. Qualed P3 of only 3 of 15 cars in GT4 to post a time. Finished P5 in class and 34th of 56 in GT3/GT4 race. Over 300 cars in all seasions.
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