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  1. Find out what good sport spring values are. Double that. Good starting point.
  2. In South Carolina they say "might could". As in "I might could fix that". Which actually translates to "i'm gonna fix that there thing".
  3. Yes, but caster is like free camber only when you want it, not when you dont.
  4. I do have a dog in this fight... That being said, using the turbo values is odd. Those are special models, not just highest regular model vpi. That would mean all 3 series BMW need to use the m3 vpi when swapping.
  5. It was in the first red flag video that covered swaps. Not sure why it was never written down. I feel weird about it with my car, so I claim headers. To be clear, there was no way a fwd minivan engine exhaust was gonna work in a rwd chassis. So I made my own. I picked the swap, so it's my choice to use that engine and all the pros and cons that come with it. Therefore.... I claim the header.
  6. I'm sorry if you thought that was an attack or me judging. I was serious. That level of organization and logistics is more than I want to deal with! I have no problem with people spending money in this series. If I win the lottery, you will see me with a semi setup and about 5 cars and a full crew at champcar races.
  7. Wow. I'm glad I don't have enough money to need to hire professional truck drivers to get to the races. It would be silly to have a pro driver with my 1500 Chevy pulling an open trailer! Mo money... mo problems!😆
  8. Jeff was just looking for e class amg wagons and drove a few. They exist.
  9. Our 78 malibu didn't have power steering either. I don't like stuff that can fail. If you depower the system the right way it is almost no different at speed than power steering. Taking the belt off only makes it like almost impossible.
  10. Agreed. I like the 2 piece for pit stops. I just unzip mine and tie the arms around my waist when not driving.
  11. Not all cars need power steering. Our car hasn't had power steering for 10 years. Seemed to work for us!
  12. Same. It's awesome. Tech wash is pretty good at getting stains out too and it's for race suits. Be careful of what material you have though.
  13. I think that's what they have done in years past, except for safety items. Better double check on that. My memory may not be right.
  14. The rule is pretty clear on pulleys. 10 pts. Unless there was an option for your vehicle to have a.c.and power steering delete using those pulleys. The ducting will be cost of materials most likely.
  15. I guess what im saying is... Why would champcar go to that effort? It's not something that they are interested in. As I understand this, this is Mazda doing this without input or cooperation from champcar.
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