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  1. Jegs star wheels. It's what we run. I think you can get them in almost all bolt patterns. They weigh 17 lbs in 15 x10. They are like 120$ each.
  2. Lolz. Do you want to fail tech! Is that because it is 2.25 l and the bccr says 4.0l (iirc) Edit! As pointed out below, the minimum size is 2.0l.
  3. Do you know that penalties are handed out after the race returns to green flag racing? Sometimes it is a bunch of time later depending on how busy timing and scoring and the pitlane is. In other words, do you know for sure those teams d idnt get penalties?
  4. I said the same thing. I bet 50% of r acecars that get repainted end up wrecked within the next 2 or 3 races.... It's bad juju for some reason.
  5. There were 5 of us champcar racers on a video chat from all over the east coast watching this race together. It was exciting to watch the last 2 hours! We were all rooting for Ed and team while trying to do the math. I got a text about 30 minutes after I went to bed (I heard it), but didn't check it. My last thought before I went to sleep was that Ed probably won after impound!
  6. I was really rooting for Ed and team! I'm curious to hear what happened in impound! Great job team Infiniti!
  7. I sit in the running truck and watch champcar live when I do RA. I help work on the car once the snow melts and it's in the garage.
  8. We put @bbaker480 (as a crew guy) in the car to do that. He saw about 3 incidents and a few pedestrians almost get taken out. He said he got passed like he was standing still while doing the pit speed limit. That is also the race where our buddies smashed into the back of us on the grid. They had ls swapped their rx7. One of the crew guys reached in to start it not knowing it was in gear.... that v8 actually fired and started and plowed into us. Minor injuries for some of the guys in my car that were doing cool suit and camera stuff. They got hit by the b pillar
  9. I was just gonna use my existing analog sensors and just strip the connectors off. I will look into that once i "buy into" the system (if it is everytging i hope it will be). Otherwise, look for the for sale post in 2 months...
  10. I can tell you that WE do not operate that way! My builds were both documented on this forum and I help any racer I can, even with setup stuff that was hard earned. As far as the subframe swap.... We did that under the old rules. We aren't sure exactly how it is going to be valued. It was at 110 pts before. Control arms (20 pts). Spindles (20 pts). Subframe (10 pts). Swaybar (30 pts). Rack and pinion (30 pts) The points values have all changed now. I would still take points for control arms, swaybar, spindle, hubs, and subframe. I think i
  11. Yep, that was done for a sprint race overall win. It was between the rusty cougar and a camaro. Rusty cougar got the jump and had a good 1 second or so lead when they went out of view into (old) turn 10. The camaro came out in the lead. The cougar pushed too hard and blew the braking zone. Camaro won it. It was the most glorious thing I have ever seen. (Although I was rooting for the cougar). We also did qualifying for that race by fast lap on the go kart track on Friday evening.
  12. There have been exo cages in champcar before.
  13. Why not just swap in a 13b from a 2nd gen? You can use factory parts to bolt it in.
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