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  1. It's weird on the e30 and to some extent on the sc300. They come up crazy cheap every now and then when somebody just wants rid of their expensive luxury car. I have recently seen a 325 manual with a 700$ asking price in the windshield. It supposedly wouldn't go into gear. Sold that day. There is a manual sc300 near me sitting in the grass behind a trailer. Bet I could get it for 500... nobody was home when I stopped.
  2. T hats rough! I was hoping it was just an install issue. Sounds like something more is going on....
  3. Omg! The noise on pit lane was deafening! The crew chief headset was absolutely needed. We couldn't find it for a half an hour so I had to go sit in one of the garages to talk to the driver.... which is less than ideal...
  4. The longacre drink bottles that you describe. It has the same end that a camelbak does.
  5. 3 of them? I'd be curious about the install. Was a hammer involved?
  6. Indy was tough on tires from what I saw. I know both front running teams had to change tires on sunday during the race. 1 car on rs4. The other on re71r.
  7. I think if I had that footbox at Charlotte I wouldn't have feet anymore. The floor of the car "oil canned" up about 6 to 8 inches. Is there anything there to stop the floor from moving up?
  8. Rusty cougar. Drunken squirrels... something about tiger woods back in the day. It's the blue cougar with a coyote motor swapped in.
  9. Damn! Your car must be light! We did a test day with several different brands of tires and used a pyrometer as well. With a 2400# rwd rx7, the rs4 were happiest at 34 hot. I hope on this next build I can cut 200# out of the car, and go to a wider tire. Your tire wear is probably amazing!
  10. I did not. I'll check with the team! Thanks! Edit! Tyler said he got it! Thank you!
  11. 20 of us are at union jacks. Going somewhere else after. Anybody got plans tonight?
  12. So, who is here and just hanging out? I'm in Tyler's garage just chillin. Garage 3 nearest the pits.
  13. I'd bring the car. There will be a metric poop ton of good technicians running around! P.s. I saw a nickname for somebody that was Hugh janus. It made me think of you guys. If you build another car, that would be a good name for the second car!
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