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  1. ACouple of points regarding bikes... You can still buy high end 26 inch wheel bikes. They still have their place. 29inch wheel kinda came next. 27.5 is the curr3nt trend for tire size. Newer bikes are 30 speed plus. Even 27 speed stuff is getting harder to find. If it is an 18 speed bike, chains and rear wheels may be hard to find replacement parts for.
  2. wvumtnbkr

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    No, I'm explaining how the flare will work. It needs to be a barrier between the 2 tires to work. It does not need to be anything stronger than a stock fender (which isn't really that strong). Do these plastic fenders and whatnot litter the track now? What do race cars made out of fiberglass do?
  3. wvumtnbkr

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    I didn't say anything about flimsy or plastic. You did.
  4. wvumtnbkr

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Really, the flare just needs to get in between 2 tires that are spinning. It will lessen the chance of the tire ahead pulling the tire behind "up".
  5. wvumtnbkr

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Are the type of person that puts safety glasses on after you have a piece of metal in your eye? That is not how to keep people safe. You identify hazards and then work on ways to eliminate them. You don't wait for people to almost get hurt and then do something about it. How does this benefit any 1 car or team over another? Again, this is something that everybody should be doing as an aero benefit anyway!
  6. Well, if you aren't goi g with Ben Shauts, @NigelStu I would at least message him. I understand he is going too.
  7. Is that one of those giant chocolate chip cookies the size of a pizza?
  8. Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae is about the only sweet I will eat. SOOOO good!
  9. Awww, you think it's all about you..... cute. It was a general comment about the forum. But, if the shoe fits....
  10. I wish people could use logic and not jump around to make their argument sound like it makes sense. When the cougar last ran, it was fast. One of the fastest. Everybody got a bunch of free stuff. Including the cougar. Now, the cougar is 50 pts higher. However, it also has a bunch of free stuff it didn't get for free then. I'm willing to bet that it is the same value then and now with the same stuff. Guess what, it's speed is still on par with the fast teams today. What is the vpi again? I think it is similar to my car that only has 140 crank hp, and 16.5 gallons of gas.... actually, I think it's less.... And I gots basically the same front suspension as a fox body and some weird ass rear passive steering suspension that makes an e30 rearend look good. My point isn't to bash the cougar or tbird. It's to point out that all cars have flaws. You got to work around them to be successful.
  11. It would continue to be competitive. Their laptimes are still on par with the frontrunners. Also, they would have more free stuff too don't forget. I see the team has something signed up for indy.....
  12. I WILL need big flares. Luckily I know how to unbolt my fenders and slot them and pull on them and use a baseball bat on them. Should be pretty quick work to accomplish. A little longer to make it look pretty. Everybody will just be stunned by "Dem Rimz Yo!"
  13. Gingerman, Indy, Pitt Race, Road America, Watkins Glen, Nelson Ledges... All over the east and central areas.