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  1. wvumtnbkr

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    I dont see why not. Since we subframe swapped our 1st gen, I could probably unbolt the engine and trans from my car (the 2nd gen with the 3400) and bolt it into the 1st gen.... Hmmmm.....
  2. My heater core was relocated about 1.5 feet. It's in a battery box with a blower attached. The lines are properly specd and well attached. There is about 2 feet total of heater line in the passenger side of the car. I guess I could just get some big conduit and cover them. They wouldnt really be water tight....
  3. wvumtnbkr

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    Actually s4 (1986) rx7 is only 140 hp, not 160. So, it is kinda close.
  4. Oh crap, I didn't think about my heater core!
  5. wvumtnbkr

    rx-7 GSL-SE removed from VPI list?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they make you start at 275. That is what was suggested by tech last year when we swapped a 13b into an 83 including subframe and steering rack. We decided it was more transparent to use the swap math, and account for each suspension complement to value the car. Good luck.
  6. wvumtnbkr


    Eh, I figured it was worth at least trying!
  7. wvumtnbkr


    Tyler's address is: 205 church street New Alexandria pa 15670
  8. I'll be signing up... eventually. Need monies first!
  9. wvumtnbkr

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Ummm, wasn't the weight and value of the mr2 discussed like a year ago? He'll, didn't the vpi actually even get changed to a higher value and then redacted? Just curious how this 1 model of car keeps getting pushed back until "next time". I appreciate everything y'all are doin! Keep up the good work!
  10. I think.im getting a rental camper.
  11. wvumtnbkr

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    It's probably "Tyler's Roadhouse". Where the beer is cold and there aren't any non - racing significant others to give you a rough time about racecar parts showing up everyday... Edited after realizing it was a bit close minded....😊
  12. wvumtnbkr

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    No idea why to tell you the truth. Line size has everything to do with feeding the engine, not the pump output connection size. Just cause it is big going in, doesn't mean it's not enough fuel for the engine. The fpr sets the pressure anyway. What I'm trying to say is you have 1 valid point. Stick to it. Exhaust is too close on the mustang. Got it.
  13. wvumtnbkr

    Spin = Two Feet In?

    I can see both sides. 1st, alot the cars in this series are NOT Mid engine. Meaning, when they spin, they tend to cross the track going backwards (the back end of the car will be swinging around). The both feet in adds a level of predicatability to those drivers following / near the spinner. If I see the brakes locked, I have a pretty good idea that the spinning car is going to travel in its current trajectory for some time. I have been taken out more than once by a car completing their spin and just letting the car roll after the spin. 2 feet in usually eliminates this situation. They will stay stationary. I DO believe in knowing when to "bail" on saving the spin and when to drive through it. Anytime you KNOW you effed up and are about to go around, both feet it. Otherwise, yea, try to save it. I bet you can't fishtail more than 3 x and save it. I dare you!