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  1. Is that the v6 they are using? Seems like overkill for this series. I run a v6. It doesn't put down half that hp...
  2. I'll feed the troll.... Let me guess, you are one of those people that parks between both the stores you are going to so you have a shorter distance, right? Actually, parking in front of either store gives you the same distance as parking in the middle. What the he'll does this have to do with the location of the championship? Well, no matter where you put it in this country, people are going to have the same average trip no matter what. Therefore, why not have it in a location that is right in the middle of your largest group of racers? How would you solve this issue you whiney twit? Edit: I wrote this assuming you are complaining about the location of the championship. After re reading your response, it seems you think that people need to travel to qualify for the championship. This is not the case. You could qualify by winning 2 races in 1 weekend and have a fantastic shot at the title. All by attending 1 race weekend. It really seems like you need to do more actual reading and less jumping to conclusions.
  3. Wait, are belts and window net flame resistant? I didn't think they were.
  4. In my case, I gotta hope for no 2 point teams in 2nd or 3rd and no 3pt teams in 2nd.... Oh, and we need to win.
  5. Uh, isn't that like exactly what he said? You win, you just hope one of the teams with 2 points doesn't finish second. You are both saying the same thing.
  6. Tried to send you a message but it would not go thru. What kind of issues with the sbc have you had? We have been running champ for awhile but are coming from an e30. Thanks. 


  7. We just wave our green catchcan. Prolly should update that...
  8. Was it parked near @E. Tyler Pedersen car? Oh nevermind, that's not purple flake.
  9. I have broken sbc in every imaginable way while racing lemons and champcar. Never had this failure. I'm not against it, but I would put it in the logbook and have tech see it to verify.
  10. This can happen with a stock ecu as well. Just an fyi.
  11. Oh cool! For some reason I thought that was a pic of the ludicrous speed mr2. Do you think you guys have solved the engine issues?
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