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  1. Not with these rules. There are large holes that you could drive an mr2 through. Ya gotta know which ones will be smacked down and which ones are okay to exploit.
  2. That's good to hear. I appreciated what you have done for Champcar and appreciate the open honest conversations both here on the forum and especially at the track! You are doing a great job and hope that you end up staying on the board. I know. That's why I reiterated it. 100% agree with you.
  3. One of my biggest pet peeves is that there is a petition process where the membership can give their .02$ on each proposal, but anything brought up by tech or the BOD or TAC or the Head Chief, gets no discussion by the membership. My second biggest pet peeve is when a rule interpretation is clarified / changed / etc, that this has sometimes NOT made it into the BCCR even after it has been clarified elsewhere. Biggest problem? Increasing costs to be competitive. Although the costs to race have not changed much, the increasing ability to have more HP, more brake, more aero and more suspension, is WAY higher. For example, my car is now swapped, has aero, more suspension mods, and is LESS points than it was 3 or 4 years ago. That costs money.
  4. Hmmm, who was that? I bet he drives an E30! I don't know who all was involved, so I don't mean to miss anybody, but I do know a dude that rhymes with Tyler Pedersen was a big part of the Tirerack deal.... As well as at least 1 or 2 other big Sponsorship deals for this race series.
  5. Not a crock. That was my thought process. I have seen cars get hit by this. Not sure why the last 3 years have anything to do with it. The 400sx comes to mind.... Other cars were told to make changes to stay within 500 pts. P.S. we still won. So, if I did build to the limits, I guess my car could have been the first in that arbitrary 3 year time span you listed.
  6. I agree. When I chose my swap, I specifically did not build right to the limit. I was and am concerned about getting smacked down. The swap I chose made the car competitive and we even did well in a few races post swap. In other words, if you push the boundaries, expect to get some scrutiny and possibly get some laps.
  7. So, I was visiting another forum and the discussion of ecotec in champcar and lemons came up. I know of a few that have dun blowd up. Why? And how did you stop it from happening again? @Jer @cmi11er Thanks in advance! Rob R.
  8. Based on that logic, full tube frame silhouette cars should be legal. That way the costs to repair and race them will be even lower! The argument for higher points for parts is that people won't be able to spend points on go fast items. If they don't have points for go fast items, they probably wouldn't need things like race hubs.
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