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  1. Hopefully made a deal on a new shell and some spares.
  2. Eh, I get 2 more gallons of gas, significantly cheaper to build and rx7 with minivan engine.... Haven't fully decided yet. Mark is still hanging onto the e46 if I want to build it. I have one I can build. Just keeping my eyes open.
  3. Anybody got an 1986 through 1991 rx7? Don't care if it's automatic or manual. Must be a 5 bolt car. Don't need an engine in it either. He'll, a rolling chassis with a rear end would be perfect Cheap as possible is best....
  4. I agree that is the right way to do it. It's just not feasible for 99.9% of us who race champcar. Therefore, this is a cheap method to do it that does work if you keep in mind that the data is garbage if you hit curbs or bumps. 80% accurate data is usually better than no data. If you are on the bumpstops every lap, I would say that how much downforce you are making is less of a concern. Yes, I know people tune their bumpstops and a car can be set up that way. I think it's a bad idea for endurance racing (imho). If ya wanna verify if it was from a bump or curb, versus cornering (and aero load) just run a camera to watch the suspension move. It will be obvious if it's a bump or a curb.
  5. It's not a bad idea and it works. You just need to be mindful of the limitations. It is a pretty simple and mostly free tool. Drive on a smooth surface. Wouldn't anything that measures suspension travel and loading be affected by bumps unless you went to some GPS based system which is gonna be a bit involved.
  6. I think a big piece of lexan bent to fit the back would make more of a difference.
  7. Yep, I screwed the pooch on that one. Any production car... Isnt the rotary 929 called the luce?
  8. An na 20b is probably 240 to 260 hp. The eccentric shaft alone is worth about 2k..... You are much better off trying to make a coupling to stick 2 13b together....
  9. Any number car is piston powered. Sorry....
  10. Because people that just want a airdam shouldn't pay as much as those that want an airdam and splitter.
  11. Zip ties on the shock shafts with and without aero.
  12. I'm not sure if this was directed at me or not, but the point of my post was that we don't need these complicated geometric guidelines to determine if something is a splitter or an airdam. I would say that if you can get away with an inch or 2 of material, it probably doesn't constitute an airdam. If it looks and acts like an airdam, it's an airdam. If it is used for mounting a splitter, it isn't an airdam. That being said, I have made the choice to run only an airdam and not use my points on the splitter.
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