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  1. I did more garage organization. I also cut the steering column mount and raised it up. Not sure if it's too high, but I can shim it down. I can't go any higher. We will see once the seat is in permanently.
  2. I cleaned up my garage and added air conditioning. Much work will be done now.
  3. Thank you. It's unfortunately not changing. Fortunately, they are coming here for a vacation the week before! Unicorns, beer, meat, and bourbon!
  4. Was this Shenandoah 2012? I think you won 2011 and we won 2012. That car was awesome!
  5. I believe @RVA Graphics & Wraps used to run one of those and won a lemons race with one.
  6. That is the inside wall of the pit lane. Cars should not be going very fast at all there.
  7. We didn't even heat ours for the rx7. It has a pretty serious curve / bend on the sides. I just started in the middle and riveted my way out. Been on the car for like 9 years. No issues.
  8. Sooo, uh... I need to update this. Last night (at about the same time I should have been partying with my friends at Seneca lodge) I fired the car up for the first time. Fired on the very first push of the button. Now to wrap the harness and clean up the wiring. Right now it looks like the aftermath from a 4 year olds birthday party. Tip for those of you redoing harnesses... use gaffer tape or hockey tape to wrap your harnesses. It is pretty tough, easy to apply, and doesn't leave any residue when removed. WAY better than electrical tape.
  9. No. But, you can buy some new in decent sizes. The steel Bassett type wheels are available in that bolt pattern. I would advise against them. They are not that awesome. They bend easy and always lead to vibration in my experience. I think drag or Rota makes wheels in that bolt pattern. Tire rack used to. I know where a set are, but they are pricey!
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