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  1. That's just it, there is no rule that says you can't. There was one previously that specifically talked about repurposed material. It was removed from the rules, so now, it's a free for all. Wanna take all those brackets and door skins and melt them down to make a turbolater? Go for it.
  2. Yep. Document it. Show the entire process and you sure can!
  3. I can see it too. It's just funnier the way I said it.... nice intake!
  4. I can't see the pic. I imagine it's either @E. Tyler Pedersenor @Bill Strong....
  5. No gravel traps. They flip cars just as much as the crappy tire piles. Let's stack some tires and enjoy the new bathroom trailer. If y'all had sat on a hard piece of box over a hole in the ground with non mowed grass, no pit lane concrete, etc... you would think it's the Taj Mahal now (it is!). #dontlosethecharachter Haha.
  6. I don't think that is a ruling. It's reused material then points for material. Also, this has been around for awhile. This rule isn't new. Get used to it. It's what Mike chisek wants. Been happening for a few years now.... good luck!
  7. When did that change? I know a couple of cars that raced very recently with repurposed stuff. The bccr allows it.
  8. Yes to first. No to second. This thing weighs 2488 without driver....
  9. I'm not sure if this was mentioned, but they either had in the past, or still have a symbol that shows what parts will ship from the same source as you are browsing. Watch out though, sometimes when you order more than 1 (brake rotors for example) they will ship from somewhere else due to stock on hand. In other words, pay attention to the little shipping truck symbol when ordering, but check when ordering multiples.
  10. To up the racecar building game.... Once you have eliminated everything that doesn't make the car go faster, start asking "what parts can I use to do 2 or 3 jobs?". Once you figure that out, you can remove the redundant pieces as well. I am not giving out free examples of this.... But, don't listen to me because somehow my new build is heavier than my old build and I was sure I cut out about 100# more steel and definitely have a few bulky items that do more than 1 job.... should be like 150# lighter, but the scales don't lie.
  11. Agreed. I wanna say that winchester is less than 30 minutes away. Cool downtown. Lots of restaurants and bars.
  12. My rx7 had a corrugated tube for the filler. I bought smooth gas filler rated hose $$$$ and the problem disappeared. Also, on Mazda rx7s there is a little flapper valve that will close if there is an impact. Make sure it hasn't closed. If it did, you can reset it to be open and that will also help.
  13. Surprisingly, a lot of those bends are supposed to be there. Its... weird...
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