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  1. Breakable glass in a racecar is bad. However, if you have a full door panel it shouldn't be that bad. I would remove it anyway.
  2. wvumtnbkr

    FIRE & FUEL. Read

    I know I am about to spend a fair amount of time making my car safer from fire.... Also, I DID go on track recently with my HANS not hooked up. I realized it when I went to look down at something and was amazed how much I could move my head... I was actually able to hook it to my helmet when the track went yellow about a minute after I realized that I didnt have it hooked up!
  3. wvumtnbkr

    Pitt Race Potluck

    I'll be at the race. I just w ont have time to get food ready because we are baptizing Abby on that Friday night somewhere at the track.
  4. I think you might mean LeMans. Not lemons....
  5. wvumtnbkr

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Apparently 25 pts is worth the following... 100 HP more 1 gal LESS fuel 400# MORE weight (base weight) Compared to a car that I am familiar with.
  6. wvumtnbkr

    Pitt Race Potluck

    It is happening at the track! We don't have a chef.... Abby is going to be baptized by her grandfather with her God parents Tyler and Sadie in attendance. Look for the baby girl in the long white nomex....
  7. wvumtnbkr

    Pitt Race Potluck

    Im out. Too much for me to be doing with the baptism and everything else!
  8. wvumtnbkr

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    If your stock calipers cost $200.00, guess what? You can still buy REALLY GOOD aftermarket calipers for less than your stock calipers. It will save you money to switch!
  9. wvumtnbkr

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Also, you CAN control costs. In fact, the 2X rule IS a cost controlling device. Bremsen seems to be merely suggesting there may be a better / more fair way than 2X.
  10. wvumtnbkr

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Im with Bremsen on this one. Calipers should be capped at the same value for everybody. Cost for a stock replacement part shouldnt come into play (Why the hell would it when we are specifically talking about removing that part in favor of another part?) After market calipers are all the same cost no matter what car it is going on. Wilwood calipers are less than $200.00 so are some of the other big name brand calipers that seem to do a great job on track. I think i like cost caps better than 2X rule, but I never thought about it before. P.S. Nobody is saying that calipers are the same. I dont know where you got that from. What is being said is the stock part cost doesnt matter...
  11. wvumtnbkr

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    What is the VPI? Thanks!
  12. wvumtnbkr

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    First gen rx7 had power as an option.
  13. Interesting interpretation... If throwing money at the problem is legal (whether for tires or expensive race parts), then that is a problem. This is not a west or east coast thing. This is NOT a fuel thing. This is about cost and speed creep. What "tips" the scales is that we are talkign about a car (and team to some degree) that was already so fast that many thought the car to be out of "scope" for Champcar. If that car can now be rebuilt with all the best race parts and not take points for items like programmable - user changeable - traction control, dual master cylinders, etc.... Well then Okay. Its not for me. This is a big "IF". These things might not even exist on the car. It might be a big Trolling session. It may be a joke. It may end up causing all sorts of reliability issues and not matter in the end. One last point... I am in FAVOR of fuel for points. My posts over the last several months have said as much. I am AGAINST every time that YOU post, you make it somehow about fuel. It just pisses people off and hurts your cause.