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  1. Nelson Ledges test day?

    a potential of 5 track / practice days between now and the race! Whoo Hoo! Anybody know how to sign up for the "Nelson Ledges Competition" -race car test and tune?
  2. Nelson Ledges test day?

    I'm in.... rrabenstein@dormont.com
  3. Thanks everybody! We must be doing something right because my 2 year old, lily, sat on my lap for about an hour watching Sebring with 1 earbud in her ear and 1 in mine. Go misha goikberg! He was sitting 8th last time I looked!
  4. Protests

    I'm right with you. I was merely pointing out that the mr2 debate is about the speed, not the execution. Huggys car is fast! The team is good! Troys team is good! Their car is BAD fast. In other words, I was splitting hairs.
  5. Protests

    I'll jump in here... I have an rx7 with the minivan engine in it.... Seemed relevant info... Of course, it's the same engine as the grand am and 45 billion other gm cars too...
  6. We are still on our stock non rebuilt axles from 1987. Should I clean them and put new grease in? Or, don't let the air in? We haven't had axle problems.....probably until I brought it up....
  7. Protests

    In regards to huggy team feeling the heat instead of biohazard.... The biohazard car is scrutinized because it is several seconds a lap faster than all other cars at the same event. That ain't strategy or race execution.... It's apples and oranges.
  8. Thanks all! Everybody is home and adapting well. I even got some time to work on the car on tuesday.
  9. 2018 petitions

    Are they not legal?
  10. Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    Because the way the points work, we would need every contender to finish 8th or worse. Not really likely to happen. That would be like not only winning the race, but starting probably 6 or 7 laps down to do so.
  11. Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    As to the podiums question.... every race we enter!
  12. 2018 petitions

    Who would that be? How many stock 500 pt cars are in the rules? E36? Are they known for needing any of those items?
  13. Protests

    When do you tech them? Same time. Make it part of tech.
  14. Protests

    Most tracks have scales, right? Do it during annual tech. If that track doesn't have scales, do it next race. The weight isn't gonna change that much.
  15. Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    Meh, no chance to win with current points accounting. Plus gotta get ready for nelsons 24.