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  1. I have NEVER found a car that was easier to put them in separately. I HATE bench pressing the trans in while aligning the input shaft. It's always a giant pain in the balls. He'll, it's usually easier for me to pull the engine and trans to change a clutch. However, with my swap, I made sure it was easy.
  2. Maybe I'm missing it, but the members vote totals and how they voted were part of the annual BOD meeting presentation. (Chris said this in the above response that you quoted). Isn't that exactly what you are asking for? I would prefer my comments were kept confidential, however, my general yes/no is fine to share.
  3. Love your new avatar. Flat out. That is how I drive...
  4. I can tell you which one I went to! I got the motorola "style" radios from Sampson racing. Imsa car harness and helmet setups. 3 radios. The "shark fin" style antenna (which I don't run anymore because of some ground plane issue I could not resolve). All in was like 1250$. Money well spent. We never have radio issues. Everything is LOUD and clear. Even at long tracks like VIR. Spend the money on the good stuff once and you will only feel the pain once. Spend it on something half ass and you will regret it and end up spending the money again anyway. I can tell you there are 2 issues with digital radios... 1) you can actually hear the donkey-hole behind the wheel through all of their complaining... 2) playing music over digital radios doesn't work very well for some reason. It comes out horribly dissonant and is VERY unpleasant in my experience.
  5. I gave you a thanks on your post for thanking you for your service to Champcar. Also, I like your perspective. Thank you sir!
  6. @Grant Just saw an episode of roadkill... there is a certain silver NC miata at KSR in several of the shots. Very cool!
  7. If it is, some of the rules need to be evaluated! Hassles and huge rulebook come to mind... Haha.
  8. So, this current iteration doesn't use much roll plastic. But, in the past I used roll plastic where the aluminum brackets to hold the splitter on and where the brake ducts are. Temps currently run about 160 f unless we run some tape on the ducting. Not shown is the entire airdam that Is made of roll plastic. Pm me for more info. You can see the tiny silverish gurney flap at the front behind the headlights
  9. lo Sure! But, the nice thing about roll plastic is that you don't really need to do the cardboard step. Same way you cut and trim cardboard, you can do with roll plastic. I have recently changed how my splitter is mounted and now use the splitter mounts as part of the ducting. I also use the brake ducting as radiator ducting. Here comes pics....
  10. Sure... I use circle track roll plastic for the side ducting. Easy to use, cut, shape, and it's cheap. If you cut a vent in the hood behind the radiator, you might need to do some testing to see if you need a gurney flap at the front of the opening. We did. It wouldn't flow well without it.
  11. Somebody jump on this. It is a smoking deal!
  12. None taken. What is the point then? I have been saying (for years) that champcar needs a clear 3 to 10 word mission statement that all rules are judged against. My opinion is, and has always been, make reliability items free. Make stuff that saves money free. Make performance items coat MOAR points.
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