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  1. Slacker... we do it during the race and immediately after the race with the entire team... Written right on the car!
  2. I think the weight is actually about right for an s5. My car is MUCH heavier than I anticipated....
  3. The rule didn't really change wording much, if at all. However, the discussions about fuel cells made it clear this rule was just to allow people to buy an off the shelf cell versus getting a 15.7gallon (or whatever) fuel cell made. This was probably around 2011 or 2012 would be my guess.
  4. Ummm..... nah. Imma not touching that whole wrong trans with 350 thing again.... I agree you should have to pay the 25 points.
  5. Sure! That rule was originally written to allow teams to buy a cell in a standard size up to 2 gallons over stock and displace back to stock. The rule wasn't clearly written and the interpretation of just a points free 2 gallons has stuck for the last 8 or so years.
  6. Even significant rewelding and then porting is acceptable. I'm guessing a lot of the power comes from the heads utilizing a different casting which can move the passages around to get free-er air flow. That being said, I'm sure a raceshop has a flowbench, a welder, and a dremel. More effort, similar result.
  7. I'm curious about the math on their engine. You got me thinking.... 300 pt base vpi. 100 pt heads 50 pt cams 25 pt intake They are at 475 if they keep the engine with the stock carb and exhaust. That only leaves them 25 pts for the rear end. I believe the rear will be closer to 100 pts for 2021. Where do they take points off? I assume that they are too far into it to put in the c3 irs. That means it's gotta be engine, right? What would yall remove to get back under 500 pts? Basically, need to remove at
  8. I like this.... However, I have an engine swap with no additional power adders. So, it would probably just look selfish that I want to slow people down so I can be relatively faster.... ...which may be true if I'm honest with myself. It would help with squashing unicorns, but it might also hurt those teams that are just trying to compete and using their points how they choose.
  9. Shock itself. Adjustable height perches are still 10 pts each. Edit: beaten to the punch. Thanks jer!
  10. That's why you always tape those stickers to the inside of the windsheild....
  11. 10 square feet of material each? How wide are these mofos?
  12. I am absolutely fine with somebody being 5 plus seconds a lap faster than me if they have a legal car. I've won races with like the 20th fastest time due to consistency and strategy. There will always be a faster car.... Take 200 pts away and let's see how they do. I'm guessing like a 40% win ratio.... that isn't too far off some other teams.
  13. Aren't heads 100 pts? Intake 50 pts. Cam 50 points, plus the 53pts for a swap. That's 253 pts to make 300 hp. Seems about right to me if somebody wants to spend that many points on just the engine? Probably need a new trans to support that engine. 25 pts. Need a new rear end to support that horsepower 25 pts... Now at a total of 378 pts (starting vpi of 75 pts). 14.5 gallons of fuel (16.5 with a fuel cell). Will probably only make 1.5 hours. Sounds like a fun car!
  14. It seems the accusump is still not encased. Edit: I believe the point of the rule is to have an all metal bulkhead between any flammable liquids and the driver.
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