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  1. Usually, that is more of a situation of where the inlets and outlets are on the core. If same side, it basically needs to be a 2 pass. Opposite sides could be 1 pass or 3 pass. From the experiences with my car, the number of passes doesn't make any difference when racing. The high rpms and constant heat load means that the water movement through the rad doesn't really matter if it is in their longer. Airflow is more important to support the delta t. I still understand your point and I'm still thinking of ways this could be addressed better (other than just not doing anything)
  2. This discussion leads to the general discussion of if the rules are trying to be performance based or cost based. We left cost based when we went to the points system and got rid of the 2 x rules. Therefore, we are moving towards performance based. I can see this being a line in the sand that is furthering the performance rule based trend. I agree that it will have an negative impact on certain teams and possibly models of cars. However, I don't think anybody NEEDS a 3 or 4 row radiator unless putting out more than 300 hp. Even then, a larger radiator could be used to make up the capacity needed. So, the 2 sides of the coin... 1) this is a performance based rule that should impact a small minority of teams. (which I applaud) 2) there are ways around this rule, but that doesn't help the currently affected teams. What now?
  3. How much horsepower are y'all putting out that you need a 3 core? I'm just curious. Not stirring the pot. I mean 300 hp doesn't need a 3 or 4 core. (Yes, I realize that the point is about the unexpected rule change and that the opinion is that it is I'll conceived)
  4. If that one will work, look for one for a 2nd gen rx7. Similar hose locations and similar fill port. I do understand your point. I'm not sure what to do about it or how I would propose to fix it.
  5. I will second this. We have that feature on our scroth belts and use it often.
  6. Great color! Same as the one in my driveway! These are sooper fun cars. Engine swaps for r acecars are easy too. No issue with the canbus system if going to aftermarket dash. Glws!
  7. From what I hear, they wear a bit quicker than re71r and are about the same speed. I do NOT have 1st hand experience.
  8. Thank you! I have been chatting with him through email a couple times a week. He is super helpful!
  9. soooo.... crunch time! THey are still not available on the website. I would REALLY like to run the 245 40 15 rs3r. I will give them until next friday and then Ill be forced to order something I wont be happy with... Crap.
  10. I heard that something came up and they were forced to reschedule at the last minute. Don't know what.
  11. Yep. Sounds like you are playing the game correctly! It really benefits builders who are willing to chop and weld versus buy.
  12. I don't think carbotech was the only supplier that gave non perfect advice.... Find out what your fellow races are running and go with their first hand experience... that's my suggestion. Also, if you have been using something and it works well, then suddenly does not, look at your system. There is probably something wrong. I changed every single part in my system twice and was sure it was a pad issue. It needed up being the 1 part I didn't change.... the brake booster! (Ya know, because there is no way a booster fails and gives you MORE boost.... except that, yep there is a failure mode that does exactly that). If you have a unicorn or orphan build, then, take the pad companies suggestions, but realize this is just a starting point.
  13. When you build something that is maybe pushing boundaries, a good idea is to keep tech informed through all of the steps. At least explain to tech, before you build, what your intentions are. Pictures and examples go a long way. Good luck!
  14. I need to clarify a bit... We use the stock Mazda booster. However, when I mentioned my issue to a drift buddy, he said it was super common on s13 nissans. He said if you can shake the booster and hear a rattle, there is a sort of proportional valve in the booster that has moved out of its position. Essentially what happens when this moves out of position is that you get full brake boost all the time. This makes the pedal feel super soft and makes the brakes super grabby and they can drag. That ruins your brake pads. And yes, I meant hp+ rears. The rx7s stock system means that the rears will lock fairly easily with stock proportioning with the same race pads front and rear.
  15. Oh, was installing the new racecapture pro mk3.... had to take the intake manifold off.... Forgot that the water temp sensor is in the lower intake manifold. Crap. Had to take lots of other stuff off to make it happen AS WELL AS the fuel line, vacuum lines, throttle cable, etc.... oh well. It's done now and I have reliable sensors in place. Tomorrow, I finish wiring and mounting the racecapture and the tablet to have as a dash.
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