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  1. What sort of smoked fresh meat are you bringing? I'll bring myself and beer.
  2. There are a ton of great places to eat at Watkins. I like this idea, but can't give up my pig wings!
  3. I disagree.... 6 total was what we run.
  4. Yessir! In one piece too! The guy loading it brought it down a metal ramp on a forktruck. The forktruck slid the entire way down and the crate smashed into the ground at about 15mph. No damage thankfully! Good job on the crate @Silverbeast and @mender!
  5. So, you are talking about 4 sets of wheels. I wish. I have 1 set of race wheels and 1 set of less desirable backup wheels. Must be nice! Seriously. It must be nice.
  6. Can't use the original engines manifold. That was smacked down due to this exact swap. Maybe different now. If you can cut the hood, that probably means that it kinda fits. Don't know for sure!
  7. If you were at Pitt race, it's possible you drank with Tyler, Bryan, and myself as well. In fact, I think we were hanging out with fitsbain that weekend. Lolzers.
  8. As long as it doesn't displace the mini bike /death device.
  9. Can you just get a new lead? Like you can het a standardized torch for mou and put that on a harbor freight welder, can you do the same for these plasma cutters?
  10. I like stouts and chocolate and peanut butter flavored beers. I hate ipa. I am in South Carolina. Give me requests. I will be in pa for a bit, so any requests of pa beers works too. I figure Bryan will mostly cover pa, but I can grab some yuengling . Probably all at the same race too! Haha!
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