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  1. You can get stock spring packs, disassemble, flip, add, subtract, etc to get the rate and ride height you want. Leaf springs are kinda cool in their tuneability!
  2. I boil it down a bit. If you think the pass is risky.... either don't do it, or make sure the other driver is aware... years of racing lemons helped to make me understand the variability of these drivers AND cars...
  3. There was a guy who ran a radial engine in an mr2 in lemons at gingerman. That thing was awesome and loud!
  4. I can't make this race. We are gonna try to stop by for an hour on Friday. Is anybody going to this race AND Nelson Ledges? If so, I have the "trophy" from last year that I think should be passed around to the winner this year.
  5. Hell, i dont remember. It could have been the entire rear frame... it was a piece of poop. I was right behind it when it happened. I remember seeing this huge part of a car slide across the entire track, go through the grass, and smash into a stack of tires that sprayed water everywhere (it rained hard that morning). Everybody kept going. I was sooo confused how somebody lost a part of their car that large and kept going at full race pace. I didn't know what it was at the time. My brain didn't let me see "fuel tank"... 3 corners later, malibu pulls off... Carbs are neat!
  6. Haha! Yep. I guess my point is that people have done it and won. I'm not sure they would have if they hadn't. The sahlens cars are a bit of an anomaly though. They reshave their used tires and keep going through them. Thats why they have stacks of tires. That, and they are usually running 3 cars. They are not just slapping on set after set of re71r.
  7. I think sahleens has like 3 or 4 wins overall with their rx7s. Many podiums. Also, like I said, one of the Indy winners went through a stack of re71r....
  8. Not silly. I only use breeze hose clamps. Have had too many no name brand ones fail and cost me engines or races. I made @bbaker480 and @E. Tyler Pedersen change theirs when I work on a system of their cars.
  9. Wasn't there already a vette with overhead cams? Maybe the c4 zr1? What about the original year cars? With the 6 cylinder.
  10. I know of a 78 malibu that lost its full fuel tank at Shenandoah circuit.... I just sold it to a team mate and it was the first race they were doing with it. It was leading at the time... We won in our new car.... It was due to a 1978 strap failure. This was a lemons race back in the early days when your junk was supposed to be junk...
  11. I'm not in favor of the other spend items that are now allowed as well....
  12. Me like pushrods. Viper and corvettes seem to do okay with them! That is part of the reason why the el es jaun swap is sooo popular. The power density is awesome!
  13. The treadwear rating is a joke. The older toyo tires were 140. When the autocross people created a 200 tw class, the toyo mysteriously became a 200 tw tire overnight... I don't know how you would regulate this in a series like ours. People try to make the point that nobody will spend money like that just to get a chance at a cool trophy. bull cookies. There are teams doing it!
  14. I think these are great tests for track days or autocross, but wear is a huge factor this is impossible to evaluate without long term track testing. Interesting results regardless!
  15. Quick question about ballooning tanks... How do you do it? My tank has a dent in it and I would like to pop it out. I tried 100psi compressed air and it didn't do anything really. Thanks!
  16. I'm not sure why you need to either, but it is an interesting piece that might solve a problem if you were to swap it into a different chassis.
  17. Tell me about it. I am cirrently building my replacement car from an incident at Charlotte that wasn't my fault.... It will be better and less expensive than the first time I built one, but it is still a giant pain in the wallet.
  18. Holy cow. You really needed to come back and respond to this from 3 years ago? Those words made quite an impression on you.... It looks like the person driving has learned a bit from the earlier video. Not holding onto the shifter for several seconds and then violently jamming it into the next gear... etc...
  19. Pick am engine that doesn't need it, or do it yourself! Didn't need either ...
  20. My swap was well under 1500. Hi think it was under 1k. 300$ engine. 200$ trans. 100$ clutch. Some belts and pulleys. 105$ ecu tune. Odds and ends like clutch hydraulic line and oil cooler hoses made up the rest. Oh, 200$ driveshaft.
  21. That hydraulic throw out bearing could be used on the NA rx7 gearboxes too. Just saying. Looks cool. Nice pwr. That's power to wallet ratio.
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