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  1. I think I have a dozen aliens and predators.... every race that has one, I am pretty much guaranteed to get it so it seems. Good job! A win is a win!
  2. #aeroistoocheap I'm gonna go work on my car with my awesome 6 foot wide wingman wing and airdam... I might even make my fender flares and undertray a bit more aero friendly.
  3. 100 teams. 4 fuel jugs per team. 2 hours between fill ups. 200 jugs need filled every hour. 18 seconds per jug on average is the total time available to fill with 1 assembly. Say it takes 2 minutes to fill a jug (don't know how long it takes honestly). That would mean we need 120seconds / 18 seconds assemblies. That would be 6.66666 assemblies, or 7 entire assemblies. These 7 assemblies would allow for 210 fuel jugs to be filled (at an average of 2 minute fills). This would not include any downtime in any way. Full on pumping all day through the race. Say there is on average 15 seconds between cans for filling... The minimum number of pump assemblies goes to 7.5. This means 8 assemblies.... So, how early will the pumps be open? How many pumps are there? How long does it take to fill a fuel jug? That should tell you how many pumps we need. P.s. the demand doesn't change during the race, so opening earlier will help those teams that fill up all their jugs, but will not help any other way. You will still have the same demand the 3rd hour of the race and not have the benefit of the pumps being open early.
  4. We will not be attending either. Great track. I hate 24s. Also, just moved to south carolina. I do plan to send the "trophy" that was given to us by a local. It should go to the winner every year and get signed by the team in some way with the year.
  5. Exactly. I've won 5 races on old corroded jeep wheels and 1 race on 15 x6.5 stock wheels... Now I run 15 x 10 jegs wheels at 105$ a piece. Baller.
  6. How about a slight wording twist on this.... All ec cars start at 1500 pts. That is 100 laps down. It could even go in the rulebook. If you want to race ec, that is a 1500 pt car. Boom done.
  7. Damn. That was not the answer I got. Maybe I'll stop by....
  8. I emailed bimarco regarding the hammer seat versus the grip. The short answer is that the grip has an fia sticker. The hammer does not. They said something about the back cushion is stitched different, but the gist was that they are the same if anybody wants to save $200.00 on the sticker (since its not required).
  9. Anybody know a good windsheild person to remove my windsheild and reinstall it a few weeks later? I've checked with the major brands. They won't do it. Thanks!
  10. Andrews crx mopped up 2 years ago. I think it was in contention at like 6 races in that one year. I believe it probably still is. That is a b class car, right? The sahleens cars are b class as well.
  11. Dude, I already apologized for all of those incidents.
  12. It's usually not the newbs that get into incidents. Also, at every champcar race they have a rookie class. Usually on Friday night. It isn't on the track, but it does go over a bunch of important items. Champcar hardly ever has practice days at any race. In fact, I can't think of any other than Watkins Glen about 3 or 4 years ago. Those track days are solely put on by the track and are not champcar affiliated. Champcar would need to spend money to rent the facility during those days.
  13. The class trophies and winning your class is a consolation prize for not being on the podium. I am fine with giving the non podium finisher the class prize.
  14. We won limerock a few years ago at the first time champcar ran there. We did not get the class win. The next year, we won again and did get the class win. This changed about 3 or 4 years ago to giving the podium teams the class trophy from my experience. (As proven by our podium and class win trophies over the last 3 years)
  15. Wheels are mainly open just like most everything else. Feel free to beat the snot out of the team's throwing money around with your better prep.
  16. I didn't attack anyone or anything. Just pointing out that wheels actually have a sort of cap on them and the other items listed do not. The point is that you CAN spend 2k plus on an ecu if you want. No rule against it. I think megasquirt is just fine. I think the high-end haltech stuff in some cars I know of have about 3k in processing power in their cars. Like multiple computers performing different tasks. It's fine now, until somebody gets a major advantage out of it, then we will all cry foul but we won't do anything about it.
  17. Ahhh, the failure analysis. Where the honesty is real and the friends get beat on. It helps us to not make the same mistake twice....
  18. Yep, like traction control.... engine control.... live telemetry.... and beer. Lots of beer.
  19. Damn right it needs updated. I know for a fact at least 1 ofnthe board members busted his ass to get new sponsers on board that are 3x more invested.
  20. The sponsers allow us to race awesome tracks at low costs. I do wish they could throw the racers a bit of a bone once in awhile, but a lot of them do offer discounts. When the turnout sucks, they help carry the load.
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