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  1. That's actually opposite of how things have been ruled on. If it is repurposed, it's free no matter if it is on the list or not. There was a big deal about a car using the trunk lid as a spoiler, an airdam made out of something else, as well as parts badger repurposing some items. I am about 95% certain it was no points if it was proven it could be repurposed. I would agree, but the nuance is that I could make it out of repurposed materials.
  2. I gots a question... I will put it to the tech desk as well... Can I take some steel (from my car) and make holding brackets and a couple of offset washers to make eccentric adjusters for the rear of my car without any points hit? Something like this, but with repurposed material.... https://www.garagistic.com/products/e30-rear-subframe-camber-and-toe-correction-kits
  3. I think I'm confused by this. Why would that make your afr change so much that the stock system can't keep up? Doesn't higher compression ratios essentially just make for more efficiency without actually ingesting any more air (hence same fuel requirements).
  4. I just saw this response. I have thought this many times when I see cars with 150 hp or less with really wide tires. Or, semi wide 17s or 18s. I am sure there is some confluence of vehicle weight, suspension setup, aero, and horsepower that a narrower tire could certainly be faster.
  5. Should be in my opinion. 245 will be more consistent with temp and time from my experience. 1 or even 3 lap pace will probably not be effected.
  6. Just a bit to add.... The rules cover most anything you have questions about. The platform swap covers the difference in years. Any year chassis can be converted with any engine of that same platform. You MUST use all the same parts from that same year though. You can't build a unicorn that never existed from the factory (with the exception of the final gearing for some reason). As Chris said above, vin doesn't matter. Did you actually see what was claimed on the car? Do you know if they claimed an engine swap? Did they claim hub parts? What was on their sheet?
  7. 100% agree. We only blow fuses when we do something dumb. Not sure how you have things grounded, but (me) being bad at electricity, that seems to be a common issue with automotive wiring. Nobody thinks about grounds when doing maintenance. Wires and wire bundles that move around can cause issues. Also, just make sure all of your end terminals are covered in some way.
  8. I'm right there with y'all. 245 on a 10.
  9. I'd be arguing the dash bar. If it doesn't say you can't do it, and it is done in a safe way, take it to the race director. If it is done in a way that I'd dangerous or doesn't meet a minimum level of safety, then I guess that's tough luck. At the end of the day, if it isn't in the bccr, appeal to the higher power (race director).
  10. Can the driver get out of the car in a hurry without the door opening?
  11. Yep. 2 different races in 2 different series. If it rains at mid Ohio, 1 car on track (well, 1 car off track) will be carnage.
  12. Oh, what WAS illegal on that car? I never heard the details.
  13. Personally, I don't care if new cars get added. I just think they should be added at a realistic value to allow existing champcars to remain relevant. That being said, there are still some competitive cars that were new in the 80s and 90s so I'm not sure that we aren't close on rules parity amongst the 40 or so years of competitive cars in champcar. That doesn't mean that it hasn't got drastically more expensive to run champcar.
  14. In response to the title of this thread..... Here is my advice.... 1) Take all of your spare money that you gathered for 6 months or a year. 2)Clean out your garage. 3) put the money in the middle of your garage floor. 4) burn it. 5) see who else shows up and decides they want to do the same thing. Lolz. Racing is awesome / sucky / stressful / awesome / expensive. I personally own my "teams" racecar. I am pretty much the only one that works on it. Most of the people that drive my car I met through champcar racing. We are all spread out across the country and therefore it's tough to have work sessions that other people show up to. That being said, it makes the money side of stuff straight forward. I figure out how much to charge them to race and they pay it or don't race. (Usually about 4 to 5k per race weekend all in - for everything. Divide that by number of drivers for each person's share.)
  15. Entirely true. However, none of that stuff allowed me to get coilovers all around, a different engine. A different trans. A wing. A splitter. An airdam....... T hats what is hurting. It's costing me lots more money to go the same speed relative to everyone else. The speedcreep itself isn't an issue. It's all the free stuff that costs real money that is now needed to keep up.
  16. Probably just fine if the boxster started 5 or 6 laps down.... 550 or 560 vpi? What I mean is the older cars already have a lower starting value. The newer cars have a higher starting value. Just raise the vpi of some of the newer cars, if necessary.
  17. I believe that was a rumor that was taken all out of context. As I understand it, the track sold or leased some of their land to a warehousing / distribution center. Not the track or track facilities.
  18. Have you been to a champcar race? 90 cars will be fine. The same / similar metric is used for cars per mile for all events that reach full capacity. It just means more passing. It (usually) doesn't mean any more carnage than any other event.
  19. As I've said before, and I'm sure I'll say it again.... When I started in chumpcar, we had an almost entirely stock 2nd gen rx7. It was valued at 520 pts with the way the aiv rules were. We finished 3rd in our first race. Now, I have an airdam, splitter, rear wing, some suspension parts, coilovers, an engine swap, a trans swap, and some other stuff that I can't remember. I'm now below 500 pts. The free stuff adds up over time. Brakes, radiators, swap stuff, shifters, springs, lower point values for items, etc. It all adds up over time. Does that 10 to 15 seconds quicker a lap make the race more exciting? Or does it just make the racing more expensive? I understand that less maintenance costs means more entries. Make the performance items cost more points and give the reliability stuff away for free. We are giving the reliability stuff away for free, but not raising any performance values. Champcar has already established that they / we will not reign in items that are too low in value. Therefore more free stuff, even if it is reliability items, just means more performance at this point.
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