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  1. How did the top 3 get that close in 30 mins?
  2. Mostmint up to 2. Decent turnout. Not raining. Fwd 2. Fast lap people are far back. Hmmm.
  3. So, I guess Jeff and I are kicked off the team.....
  4. Tell me about these yankers of cranks please!
  5. So I heard. Next year I will partake myself! I'm not sure he was clean before.... thanks for bringing him home in 1 piece.
  6. I don't know what happened. They showed up late on sunday, akwardly packed up and left.
  7. This is a good discussion. 1 point I would like to make... You can be right and still need to fix your car in a situation like this.... Sometimes it is better to just let the jerk that is stealing your line have the line.
  8. Usually when a car gets turned while going for the apex it is because there is another car there with some overlap on the rearend. I assume the way your car turned the direction it did that your driver pinched a car that was inside of you.
  9. The pit boxes at Watkins are big enough to fit 3 cars deep..... NEVER drive between a car and the pit wall. You should be in the travel lane until you get to your pit box anyway.
  10. Did you scrub them in first, or just run them hard as stickers?
  11. I thought they were running the new Maxxis 245 tire?
  12. Did anybody see the idiot from rbbank racing that ran across the pit lane at the start of the race? Their Saab was having some issue. Some young guy ran out into the pit lane while all the cars were actively rolling off. He almost got hit by the rusty cougar AND his own car! I hope somebody had a talk with him about being an idiot... I never saw him again.
  13. The entire chump staff did an awesome job this weekend! They had to deal with everything from the usual bitching and complaining (guilty myself) to breaking up a fight between 2 dudes that are 40 years apart in age. They handled everything smoothly and even managed to sit and hang out with the races at the lodge on Thursday night. Good work! See you next year!
  14. My point is that if it really was unsafe, red flag. If not, full course caution should do it. This was discussed in the drivers meeting btw.
  15. If it was that bad that they couldn't wait for the leader, red flag it.
  16. I threw up on myself this morning. I'm sure the Canadians are fine...
  17. I had 2.50 in materials. Phil McKinney tried to charge me for slotting the strut towers a few years ago. Mike Chisek and John Condren got it straightened out. Zero points. Phil's argument was that it increases performance so it should have value. I politely asked him to show that to me in the rules. It doesn't exist....
  18. Once we got our alignment close, we tack washers under the strut bolts to avoid this exact issue.
  19. Uh, yes. Lighten the car as much as you want. It doesn't say anything about lightening con rods. Go for it. Moving suspension pickup points is a cutoff wheel and a welder away. Go for it. I got 2.50$ in my adjusted suspension geometry. Tech charges me 2.5pts for it. We also slotted our shock towers for more camber. Zero points. I would say if you didn't follow along and do these types of items then it would be tough to compete. ..
  20. This rule has been discussed for years. John posted that porting by hand using hand tools is fine. No idea why it never made the actual rules. The above referenced rule also covers cutting springs, slotting shock towers, etc. In other words.... if you can do it with a hand tool, it is free plus cost of materials.
  21. Not likely. In fact, it gets you about 145 @ the wheels. I have no idea how that thing is making that much hp. I am not sure the stock fuel Injectors keep up at that up level either.
  22. At limerock in 2014, they held us up and blocked us with their dsm so their Saab could catch up to us while we were leading. They admitted it and I thought that was pretty shady... Their Saab caught us and once it did, the dsm let us go. 3 laps later the Saab made a bonehead pass on the outside and got punted and retired.
  23. What engine and trans is this? Is this the "other" 400 sx? I thought I saw a starter on top of the engine just like a 1UZ. If this is the case, could it be an issue with alignment of trans and engine?
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