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  1. Makes sense. I was thinking about arm position, not the verticality of the link. Nice explanation!
  2. I'm trying to understand why this matters.... enlighten me, please. The swaybar only encounters a force, and thus applies a reaction force, with relative displacement of the lower control arms (in most applications). Does the swaybar care where it is in relative space?
  3. Welcome! There are a bunch of teams on the east coast and that area specifically. You shouldn't have an issue getting drivers. Good luck!
  4. Yeah, I keep an eye on the pipes. This joint isn't wrapped.
  5. Chexk ou autosport labs on facebook. They have a very active page there and have lots of smart people. I believe it is a closed group, but not hard to join.
  6. Will do... I got a track day coming up that should test it a bit. Also, the other end of these have a flex joint, so there shouldnt be MUCH stress other than thermal.
  7. I know racecapture sends all the data to the podium app that you can watch in real time on a internet connected device. I haven't set mine up yet... I have seen lots of teams with live video and telemetry on pit lane.
  8. I thought about a fire ring to solve this. However, this engine and exhaust header (this exact one) has raced in champcar and never had an issue. I just welded the manifolds to the "downpipes". We shall see how it holds up. I am also adding EGT sensors to make sure I am not just melting the gaskets out (Probably, based on double nutted bolts still having the nuts tight against each other and being loose on the bolt). Exhaust pipes on the car do have some white coloration to the inside. I have heard that is from running lean. I know we have had lean moments before, but the afr gauge wasn't working at this race to be able to see what was happening.
  9. Wheel spacers or adapters? I've been running spacer for about 12 years in lemons and champcar. Never had an issue. Less than 1/2 inch fyi.
  10. Don't go trying to give the team based out of Pittsburgh credit for what Andrew is doing with that tiny Honda! I know they are "the same team", but Andrew and his dad do crazy stuff that works with their racecar. They should have the respect they deserve and not just lumped in with... ...."The most successful team in champcar history"... I mean, those guys are bums. Lolz.
  11. Just pointing out that this is not Robin Banks team. They are associated. This is 90racing. This car is based out of the Midwest, not Pittsburgh, pa. @Andrew D Johnson
  12. Sure! The 350 tpi didn't come with a manual for 1. For 2 a c4 6 speed is higher than the value of any g body. In fact, a 350 is a swap so... 50 pts minimum. How'd your g body do in champcar? Oh, that's right, you haven't actually built 1 to the champcar rules... We stopped racing it because the suspension and steering made it not fun to drive. An rx7 (that weighs pretty much the same) is WAY more fun to drive. Dood. Build 1 for champcar. If it's 2900#s, you are doing it wrong.... any g body. With maybe the exception of actually racing a diesel version.
  13. Build one. Then we can talk about your theoretical cars weight. I did. It was WAY lighter than that. I'm guessing that car has glass in it and some other conveniences. Again, this was a real car that finished top 10 in these races.... Also, if you go for 17s, that's a choice. 15s are lighter and when talking about a 2500# car or less, 245 are fine.... Also, you quoted a car that is somehow 100 lbs heavier than the stock car it was based on with all the features of a grand national... Seriously. Build one. Please.
  14. Wow... our car makes 185 whp. It uses about 8 or so gph. Maybe we are too rich at 13.5 to 1.
  15. I'm just saying a stock g body THAT I RACES was about. 2500 #. They don't add 400 plus pounds for the other versions. That was also with a 1.75 .120 wall cage.... Don't but 245 hp in a car that light and the calculator works perfect. Build one and you can see how light it is. Otherwise... I ain't listening. If you want help, I can tell you how to get one that light... That was with a cast iron 350 with cast heads and a Saginaw 4 speed... They aren't as heavy as you think... Also, road race wheels and tires should be MUCH lighter than circle track stuff. My car has 245 40 17 on steel wheels.... aluminum and 15s would have dropped 50 pounds. Edit... grand prix 201.4 inches. Malibu 193 inches.. does that 8 inches make 400#? I'm guessing not since it is all weight to gut anyway. Keep in mind, the drivetrain, and glass weigh about the same and wheelbase is the same at 108.1 inches....
  16. That is high for a race weight g body. Mine was several hundred pounds below that. I get your point, but a g body has a poop ton of weight to lose for racing
  17. At 7200 rpm and the 3.96 rear end ratio and the 25.68 diameter tire combo, that would max out at 139 mph. I would think that would be fantastic for everywhere but Daytona. My cars gear limited top speed is 130 mph and we don't ever really touch that at a normal roadcourse.
  18. Welll..... that's a bit different then. What wheel size and max rpm are we going for here?
  19. I know a lot of e30 that run 4.10 gears in the rear end with 23 inch tires and dont seem to run out of rpms at VIR or similar tracks. Is the gearbox different in an e30?
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