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  1. I haven't driven the car. I'm going by what a bunch of drivers that hadn't driven the car before are telling me what it was doing. Basically hesitating under load... Also, I put a few drops of water in about a quart of gas and shook it up. Paste turned color with that. I was impressed!
  2. Just an fyi that there is no more 2x rule iirc.
  3. Update! I bought some water finding paste stuff and put that in the fuel in the car. No water. Good! I'm not sure about the fuel drums. My racing buddies have the drums and would need to check them independently. I am gonna send out the fuel injectors to get cleaned, replace the pumps (have them already), and replace the plugs and coils. I should do a compression check and boroscope of the combustion chambers to make sure we don't have something going on like @petawawarace. If I still have an issue, I'm gonna just let it sit for awhile and let it think about what it's done.
  4. Woof. T hats rough bud! I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck beating this!
  5. Ohhhh... yeah, I was looking for WAY less obvious. Damn!
  6. You had a like until the last paragraph. No attacking individuals would have made this a great post. Some people debate by playing devils advocate. I know I do.
  7. The newer GM manifolds have been proven to be pretty capable of being welded with normal mig procedures. We shall see how this works. Most people doing budget turbo builds on LSX engines just hack off the flange and weld on a turbo flange with no issues.
  8. I just cut part of the flange off and welded it. Cutting material off is zero points. Weld is zero points. On top of that, it's past the point where all the pipes come together, so I could technically do what I want since its downstream from the collector.
  9. Next, I need to move my seat like 2 inches forward because my racer friends have short freaking legs. I have the seat set so that it can move 4 inches further forward and up from where I sit. I figured that'd be good.... I'm only 6 feet tall. Nope. Need 6 inches... twss.
  10. I welded my flanges to my cast exhaust manifold. Tired of having it fail. Also fixed and reinforced my failed engine mount. Can't get the drivers side exhaust manifold out without removing alternator. Maybe I'll get to welding it later this weekend.
  11. Fair enough. I meant people aren't swapping miatas and bmws for the newer cars. Fair point though. Made me chuckle!
  12. We talked about it. There is a reason that miatas and e30s are still raced. They are simple, cheap, and competitive. When they start getting thin on the ground, people will move to boxsters, Altima, etc. We aren't there yet. He'll, I know a number of 30 year old cars that were built in the last 2 or 3 years. Those teams could have chosen newer stuff to build and decided not to. I'd wager that vpi had little to do with the decision. In other words, let's not get rid of the baby with the bath water until there is actually an issue with racing or building miata and e30 and 944 and e36 and all the other cars that make up 90% of champcar.
  13. You put a lot of work into that. It seems difficult to know exactly when and how a review gets done and assumes all this data is already compiled. Though I respect this solution, it doesn't seem to follow any sort of KISS ideal. I'm curious if the list of platforms would differ between this and simply fastest lap and winner. I appreciate the thought and time that went into this. Almost seems project manager level.
  14. Do you need a charging light or resistor for the alternator to trigger? I know some older versions required the resistance to activate the alternator.
  15. Sooo, 17 cars. Let's extrapolate that and say there will be 25 platforms that COULD be reviewed by years end. Is that too many to REVIEW in a few months utilizing Troys suggestion? I would think not. The Porsche 944 and e30 have some extraneous circumstances (somehow the s2 is NOT the same platform even when swapping to that engine AND coilovers are somehow okay even though it is NOT a normal spec). E30 have the swap weight fudge factor. These will take more time to get through. The others should be fairly straightforward. If you got through that last paragraph without your head exploding.... Does this actually require a petition to adopt Troys ideas? Seems like this is more about procedure and less BCCR. Procedures, as I see it, are not ONLY changed through petitions. So, is 25 to 30 platforms too many to look over if we look at every winner and every fast lap vehicle? Just for a REVIEW. Not an automatic increase. Should I repeat that? I expect most reviews to go... it's fine. No increase.
  16. Lolz. We talk multiple times a day. It is too soon. Tyler is still acclimating to having a new lady in his house! But, he WILL get his poop refocused at some point and wanna come out swinging!
  17. To be fair, 2 of the 4 are swapped... 1 just had fast lap without winning. (Probably) It does show an interesting bit of info about the number of BMW 3 series, and miatas.
  18. Yep. I have a gm v6 with a 4 cylinder flywheel and clutch matched to a camaro v6 from a different engine. All stock parts. As long as you aren't using cheaty parts and not claiming them, it falls under the trans swap or engine swap and the 2500$ allowance for engine swap.
  19. I didnt figure out how to import to an excel file so I just copied everything over. You will probably find misspelled words. 17 Platforms to look at if we go by winners and fast laps for this year (so far).
  20. On #2, He's not wrong. But the premise of the techdesk question is wrong. On #1, that is wrong as well. You can 100% copy a different part like that and not incur points. I just follow the bccr. Haha.
  21. There is a specific line item about camshaft. C ant do it No hand tool rule at all in champcar since 2016.
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