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  1. In my opinion, that should result in a review. Review people. Not automatic increase of vpi. A fracking review. It's not rocket science. Somebody does something awesome, review the damn cars value. Just a review.
  2. Some people will be upset.... ....or, Nate, rva, tyler, pinkies out, etc will still do well or get faster.
  3. Ah, good! Yes, Troy made a suggestion that seemed to be universally accepted that every race winner and car that set fast lap would be reviewed. It is thought that the vast majority of these cars would be quickly decided that no vpi change is required. It was then asked how many cars this would be and Chris asked Troy to make a list of these cars for this year to see how many we were talking about. The reason the list was asked about was because the review of these cars will be time consuming (potentially). So, with that info.... What SHOULD trigger an automatic REVIEW of a vehicles vpi? I personally thought Troys idea had merit. In fact, I will make that list and see what it looks like. Lemme get to that in the next 24 hours.
  4. Dude.... Unless I am missing what the first response was about, I am fairly certain we are talking about triggering reviews. This is about REViEWING!! Not increasing. 6 races entered and 6 fastest laps is FOR SURE a pattern. Time to look at it. I am not saying change it. I am saying it's time to look at the factors and see if it's an issue.
  5. Almost 3 seconds faster at cmp Saturday. Almost 3 seconds faster at CMP Sunday. Fastest lap at VIR n (barely). Fastest lap by 1 sec VIR n Sunday. Fastest lap at NCM Saturday (barely) Fastest lap at NCM Sunday (1 second). 6 races entered. 6 fastest laps. Please stop confusing reasoning to REVIEW a vpi and reason to increase a vpi.
  6. To be clear, a review of the vpi (what this thread is about) is significantly different than raising the vpi. In other words, nobody is saying that a review will definitely cause an increase in vpi. With that in mind, yes, 1 teams performance CAN and perhaps SHOULD trigger a REVIEW. However, the review should dive deep into the specific build and balance variables with others that are running that vehicle, as well as compare the hard details (fuel, hp, etc...) to other competitive vehicles established in Champcar. I would suggest that MOST reviews will result in zero changes.
  7. Oh, oh.... me next. The white rx7 (finished 2nd to you on saturday). Did you get any chance to look at our garbage? P.s. we need to conserve fuel (a tiny bit) even with an 18 gallon tank.
  8. Right. Thanks for clarifying. It looks so much like an fc rx7 rear end that I always assume it is a multilink.
  9. Something something engines not blowing up something something... Tis a joke. Lolz. However, I am always confused when I see the yellow car, not orange.
  10. Functioning doors because some drivers are larger than others. Also, it's easier to get in and adjust the clutch pedal or replace a brake booster with an opening door. I could not fit out the stock window opening in my car with my helmet and hans on. I tried. That being said, I could cut the door down a bit. How much weight would that really save? I'm thinking like a total of 4 lbs on my car. Yes, I know that every bit adds up. Maybe I'm just resisting this because I feel like taking all of this material put of the car makes it less comfortable and more likely to be disposable in an even light incident.
  11. I am struggling with how I view this right now. I can tell you that I am VERY tempted to cut my roof off and w indsheild and weld my door skins in place. Then I could get rid of my defroster, fan, cool suit cooler.... Pretty soon my car drops 200 to 300 lbs.... that IS very tempting. However, my car would not be as enjoyable from a comfort perspective. My car has a good bit of weight in it because I am mostly unwilling to make those compromises. Grant and his team DID make those compromises and they now have a very good car. To reiterate, I still don't know how I feel about "factoring" those variables in. I do know that if It stays how it is, we are gonna have a bunch of speedsters in champcar before too long.
  12. Anybody ever have this issue that can relate how much water it was? I ordered some paste stuff that you wipe on a stick and then put in the fuel container and it detects water. We will see what that says for the various containers we used.
  13. E30 vs nc... Same hp. Same / similar as raced weight (some extreme examples down to possibly sub 2k lbs). E30 has more fuel. A good bit more. (12.7 versus 17.2 gallons) E30 suspension is a multilink in the rear with a strut front end. No alignment adjustment in the rear. So, nc better suspension. E30, better fuel. Nc 400 pts. E30 450 pts.
  14. I guess, I'm just confused because people are saying the value shouldn't be changed because only 1 team is taking advantage of the rules with respect to this platform. Why can't the other teams lose weight, run bigger tires, etc...? The recipe is there. The issue I have with the value is that this one car (which I am NOT looking at penalizing), is not yet at 500 pts. If some other team followed the recipe AND used the remaining 25 pts, how capable would THAT car be?
  15. Shouldn't we be discussing listed hp, not whp? All cars have less whp than what is marketed. Wouldn't a bone stock 2.5l e30 put down about the same hp as the miata? It's still 30 hp more than an NB.
  16. So, adding headers and coilovers solves it's problems.... Should be about 425 pts then, right?
  17. 130whp? Wut? I know of a few 1.6 and 1.8 cars that are making that or more. Nb miata is rated at 142 hp. Nc is rated at 170 hp. Almost 30 hp for 50 pts doesn't sound horrible to me. I wonder what the real difference is in as raced weight since I was told that grants car is sub 2k.
  18. I do not remember what their points were used for. It seemed like a pretty basic build when just looking at the car. The car is well done and very lightweight.
  19. Great question.... Soooo.... we are discussing a car that is quick and does well. I wouldn't call it an overdog. I do have concern that it is raced at 475 pts currently. I would think that if that car was 500 pts as raced, it would be about perfect. In other words, maybe 425 pts is appropriate. This is just my opinion and is based on seeing this car race at 2 different tracks. This build does not seem extreme in any way other than it does not have any part on it that is not absolutely needed. Very clean build.
  20. My car was breaking up and not running cleanly at VIR this past weekend. We had reason to check the fuel for water (found water in my trucks fuel tank after filling it with fuel meant for the racecar). There is maybe a teaspoon of water in 6 ounces of fuel from the gas tank drain of the racecar. Is that enough to make it run poorly at higher rpm and load? I still plan to replace the fuel pumps and coils to make sure it isn't something else. Just trying to understand if that tiny bit of water could cause the issue.
  21. The flexi is similar in this regard. Can be setup for pull up or down too.
  22. To be fair, that is about exactly what Chris did for the NC miata review...
  23. I really like this. I don't see a downside. Build something and go dominate.... realize that your value is going to be reviewed. Build something and squeak a win out.... realize that your value is going to be reviewed. Go uber fast at a race... reviewed. Nice. It's out in the open and expected if you win or lay down some cray Cray laps.
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