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  1. If you have a certain RPM you're trying to attenuate, Helmholtz resonators are pretty interesting. https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/grm/problem-exhaust-drone-solution-side-branch-aka-14-wave-resonator-or-helmholtz-resonator/129212/page1/ This is more for tuning street car sound, for a race car to pass testing I'd say you'd want to use more of a sledgehammer than a scalpel like this. You don't want to be anywhere near the limit on track, because even the weather can cause the SPL reading to change a lot.
  2. Ahh I see now. Well hopefully they see this post (not likely)
  3. Got any pics of the seam welding? I'm interested in how to do it
  4. Somehow somebody else's tirewarmer got in my pile of track junk and I didn't notice it till now. I don't remember what teams were pitted next to us It's a longshot bit if this is yours, speak up and I'll send it to you
  5. From Takata R&D, Thank you Bill and Sandy for putting on such a kick-ass event! I know it's not easy, especially when you have goobers like us that don't even have the right size fire extinguisher--thanks for letting us borrow one The car (93 Accord) ran awesome without a hiccup all weekend, 250k miles on the stock 125hp motor and 7 races, it still amazes me that it holds together.. I came to the track totally paranoid about sound so I had welded an extra muffler on the rear, for a total of 3. It was quiet as hell, but even 3 mufflers couldn't stop that horrible Honda buzz/fart sound Turns out we didn't need the third muffler and took it off Friday. Thursday we ran great--a few not-so-good pit stops, but other than that very clean. We got 4th place, a testament to the fact that a thoroughly mediocre team with a mediocre car can do pretty well in Chump with a little bit of prep. I think the key for me is that the car is street legal and I can drive it around for shake down runs before any events. Friday we ran even better, zero issues, great pitstops, no breakdowns and a fastest lap of 1:51, but I think the rest of the teams really got their act together on Friday because we dropped to 9th. We all had a great time, everyone else was awesome to race with, there were times when I thought there a bit too much aggression (*cough* black sc300 *cough*), but whatever that's what racing is about! And Laguna is always a pleasure. See you next year Thanks again Bill edit: Shoutout to that Maserati team, It was so awesome seeing a Biturbo on track, I bet that was fun to find parts for
  6. Great weekend, thanks to everyone, I wish I could remember names, but the Marvin the Martian team for helping us get tires Sat. night, the guys that lent us oil and a jack, and everyone else The crash today happened right behind us I made a quick video of it. I'm really glad the E30 driver is okay.
  7. I would like to know what encoding was used for the hashed passwords, SHA256? SHA512? and was a secure salt used in the hash as well? I just want to know how secure the hashes actually are because many people use the same pass for social media sites and what not and how likely the hash is going to be decrypted is good to know if I need to change EVERYTHING
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