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  1. LOL, we actually have a real licence plate on the car, where I normally put the SpeedFreq decal. I'll have to find a place to put it, though, agreed !
  2. Some very nice shots in there! We have very few good pics of our latest car--I don't suppose I could ask you for a high-resolution version of one of them? We're the black #2, and my favourite shot is the one where we're crossing the S/F line, with Castrol Edge banner on the background wall. thanks!
  3. Thanks, I'm using RaceRender to bring the 2 camera feeds and the data together. The data comes from my Android app called SpeedFreq--it gives immediate driver feedback, and keeps things interesting over the long stints! For data logging, the phone logs G-forces, an external bluetooth10Hz GPS logs position and speed, and we have a bluetooth Analog-to-digital converter box called RaceDAC, which is very slick. All that stuff is logged by the Speedfreq. There is a cheaper A2D option, and an option to transmit the data to the pits during the race, for those who are extra keen. - Paul
  4. Howdy folks, Red Cow Racing had a good weekend. We could have been competitive both days if it weren't for a very bad pit stop on Saturday. Oh well, lesson learned. Here is a playlist of our videos from Sunday. There are some bookmarks in the description boxes, to some of the more interesting moments. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF1SxshVXEC-UvGg9Pe_YFJ8xREhcN_T8 - Paul
  5. Team Red Cow Racing would also like to thank Sal, Wendy, Chris, Chuck and the volunteers for another great weekend! We had good success with our car, just had to deal with some power loss due to a failing differential. Compared to our last 3 races which all involved walls, we'll take it! Here's a video of a couple of our hottest laps on Sunday. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEjLAAXfldc
  6. Sounds like a good race--enjoying the updates. I don't see the race timing listed on mylaps--is there another URL for live race timing?
  7. Thanks for the detailed explanations, John. I'm not surprised to learn we have the same coverage as other motorsports organizations, but I'm glad to have it confirmed.
  8. Can we actually see the wording of the insurance terms? The wording in the rulebook is very strong, and much more likely to hold up over something written on a forum. I've always wondered exactly what the chump-provided personal insurance coverage is, and this thread has given me a good reason to ask now. Also, what about the series' safety record and number of insurance claims--are summary reports available to the membership? We are all obviously comfortable taking on quite a lot of risk, but it would be good to know more accurately how much. Seems a fair request.
  9. Agreed--nice article once again. I also enjoyed the one from Watkins. Keep up the good work!
  10. W99

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    Nice idea!
  11. W99

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    Doc, I really liked your design, so built one very similar. I haven't installed it in the car yet, but it's working well. I was able to observe the cavitation issue by plunging the upright pump into and out of water, but only when the outlet was restricted. Since the pump will be restricted in the working system, I installed the pump on its side as you did--no more cavitation issue. BTW, instead of using water and an ice block, my plan is to freeze windshield washer bottles full of water, then adding liquid water to the proper level. In the cooler I chose, the bottles fit nicely: 2 lying on their side edge on the bottom, then a third filled with air laying flat on top, to keep the other 2 bottles from floating/moving around. Windshield washer bottles are nice and thin, so the ice isn't insulated much. I added bolts to the caps, for a snug fit. I'm hoping using the bottles will reduce the sloshing. Thanks for the ideas.
  12. W99


    Yes, I did that on purpose. At first, I didn't mirror the rear view, but then it looked unnatural as people went by. This way, it matches what the driver saw exactly.
  13. W99


    I started with a built-in template, then modified it, and mapped the excel data to the gauge and map. When I'm in my own car (not chumpcar) I get the obd data as well : >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzWYpl565JQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player