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  1. This. Used to be that a place like Nelson was about the same as Summit Point, Mosport, Mt Tremblant and equal or better to Bridgehampton. Used to be that it was not common to have zero asphalt in the paddock. Plenty of places it was easier to just change your clothes next to your truck than use the bathroom. Garages? Nope. Even remember Pocono had garages that flooded 2"-3" deep with water when it rained (think about what NASCAR would do now?). But we raced at all of them. Asphalt at Nelson now is awesome, the road crossing? Its fine. Everyone of the tracks I've listed there had turns you drove the bumps not the turn. Did you look into any of the little bathroom huts scattered about the infield? I'm sure in their day those were considered nice.
  2. Those spin videos bother me. Both of the BMW's (T4 and back straight) could have been very bad and were lucky that they weren't. What bothers me is that both could likely have been much less of an issue if the driver got on the brakes once they became a passenger. "Two feet in" gets drilled into the heads of most novice drivers for a reason. The speeds at these races are not getting slower. The last time there was an SCCA 24 race held there (2008 Longest Day) the FTD was a 1:16 and change. And those cars were on much grippier tires. I've raised the comment that the cars are pretty damn fast but there is no real mode for drivers to get some help at going faster and no apparent concern for novice drivers causing (or potentially) causing issues. The answer I keep getting back is "its the SCCA drivers who cause problems". I would love to see the overall driving be better, it sure seems like a win-win to help people better drivers.
  3. So the Miskoe's had a good weekend. Took a class win after being 2nd a couple of times and having a couple of races ended early at past events. I had my two sons driving with me and it was the first time they have been able to match or beat my lap times. Glad to have them be so quick, they can beat me any day in a sprint kart but this was the first time I had them reverse the tables in a car. Maybe I'm getting old. Saturday afternoon got adventurous when I went low under another car in the carosel and they decided to exercise the Champ rule that states the over taking car is always at fault, and turned in on me. I tried to get out, ended up doing a pit-manuver on them and we went together off at drivers left. Mercedes had committed to going high and was left with no where to go and caught me pretty hard in the back side breaking up bumper structure, exhausts etc. Two black flags to remove dangling parts and one to serve a 3 minute penalty left us without the time to stop for fuel, so I dove around at what felt like a crawl for an hour. Car skipped before the white flag but I got it to the checker, had to be towed in but retained the class lead. After the race we were told we needed a bash bar or a bumper before Sunday. I looked around the construction of the T&S building and spotted a stop sign on a long post. Asked a track guy if I could buy it, he said I could use what i needed if it was going to help. So the sign post got bolted to the back of the car and the stop sign went back to the T&S building. Big thanks to track for being friendly and helpful. Sunday looked good until the header broke as a result of Saturday's adventure. 20 minutes to replace it was non-recoverable on track, we only made it to third in class. Onto the next.
  4. Damn, that car looked much better on Sunday than after we got together on Saturday, I didn't see it until the grid on Sunday. Knowing it took you out of the race makes me feel worse about how that transpired. Looks like you did a splendid job of getting under my bumper with yours. Wishing it never happened.
  5. After you told me about only having 4th gear, I did have to chuckle a few times when getting past you, thought to myself "yup, welcome to my world". I had two people tell me "you've got speed over us, just pass on the straight" when the answer is, no I have apex speed on you but in a straight up drag race you beat me hands down.
  6. Might be speaking out of turn, but these guys were our pit neighbors. They came back at the end of the day and were chatting about it. Said the driver was pretty shook up and expected to be sore, but had been to the ER and released with no concerns. They also commented that the car was pretty nervous and twitchy through that kink, they were blown away when I commented that in the Miata I've been through it one handed. Said the car just is unstable and unsettled, so I suspect it was just an off that went really badly.
  7. We got stopped at the Georgia-Florida border on our way to Daytona. They asked where we were from, when we said New Hampshire he said "what?" then let us continue. There were other cars getting shunted off to a tent, one of the cars there appeared to have a NY plate but it was far away, hard to tell.
  8. Roger Roger. White zone will be for unloading passengers.
  9. Set of 4 Dunlops, some better than others but none flat spotted. One is the newer type, bought last winter, ran for one practice day, the others are the older series. We've moved on to a different size and Dunlop doesn't make these in the size we want, so they are not as much use to us. Can bring them to Nelson race or the Thompson race at the end of the summer. $200 for the set.
  10. I have a complete 1.8L motor from a 1994 Miata that needs to find a new home. It was a street motor, then ran spec miata, then champcar. The head has been off, reworked and back on, but I don't know the details. It has a lot of race miles on it but I couldn't say how many. The car was raced, then it sat, then it was race, then it sat, then I got it and did some racing with it and pulled the motor out for one that was better. All of the cylinders leak down at or nearly 100% cold. There was nothing wrong with it when we pulled it out other than we wanted one better. Does not include cam angle sensor, alternator, starter, or throttle body. Can deliver to the Nelson Ledges race or the Thompson Race or can work something out for the New England area. $500
  11. Moved from the Daytona thread. https://youtu.be/KTpMqT7p4BE Car on the lead image of this video - no windshield, holes in the hood. I had thought that if you didn't run a windshield you needed a hood with no holes? Secondly - at Daytona this weekend there was a truck there with the fuel system in the bed with no bulkhead over the cell. A piece of lexan between the driver and the bed where the rear wind would have been, not even completely sealing the rear-window area, plus with no side windows the rear window is a moot point. Not trying to pick a fight here, just trying to understand what I'm missing. I've had the tech folks pouring over the car with regard to sealing up the bulkheads between the front and the back and then you see something like this which is clearly different. Both of these cars are pretty cool builds. Lots of effort and thought into them and it is great to see people willing to take risks on how to put something together.
  12. Having never been to Daytona before I'm curious if 30 minute shutdowns are common when the sky is pretty clearly blue? Also curious if 26 minutes is too slow to get people cleared out, how does the track deal with it when there are 100k people in the stands? I have to believe they play under a different set of rules for big races than we're being asked to do. If so, how does Champcar get to have the same treatment? I understand that at times getting corner workers off of towers and away from a ribbon of grounded guardrail is important. But allowing some common sense about when that needs to happen could be implemented. I've run races that got red-flagged while they got the flaggers in, but drivers were allowed to stay in their cars on pit lane and crew's in their pit stall to speed the re-start process. Allowing the decisions to be made by someone far away and un-involved rarely produces a plan that works well. It did seem that the Covid-Precautions worked. Getting in and out of the track was pretty easy. People were good about masks and when they weren't nobody acted like a jack-ass about it.
  13. At the risk of sounding foolish - I printed out all the waivers double sided. Is this an issue? I know some tracks need them to be in color (done) and some get persnickity if they are not in the correct layout single sided to double sided. Also, we didn't sign the "witness" line. Do we witness each other's or do we let the track manage that? I'd rather get it right.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W8r-2vlvl8&feature=emb_logo Mustang driver wasn't old enough to have a street license when this took place. It was his second season in Champcar. Both he and his younger brother started in Champcar at 14, but had at least 50 green flag starts in karts and a couple of SCCA sprint races before he got in the champcar. The older one was probably over 100 green flags in karts, he started karts at age 7. They eye-hand coordination and the physical stamina are usually better in the kids, but the decision making can be the hard part. OTOH there are lots of so-called Adults that I think should reconsider their choice of hobbies. Both of my kids have had the chance to be in the car on the same day that their grandfather also drove with them. We had a 66 year age difference between our drivers one of the days we did it. It is pretty cool to finish in the top of your class, even better when your kids are your co-drivers.
  15. And after the collision the latch doesn't line up well And it can be hard to tell if the stock latch is actually latched And the stock latch requires you to be in the cockpit to release it (unless you've added a secondary release). And they are often lighter As far as the lift, I think it is nearly nothing, but a little bump and it raises enough for the leading edge to catch the air it is all done, up she goes. I've had it happen twice to me, once to one of the kids. The funny part is driving back to the pits the corner workers are having a conniption fit with waving flags at you. And all you can think is "yeah, no poop, I think I see the problem".
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