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  1. Hawk Blue or Porterfield R4 or R4E. The Hawks are not as easy to modulate and you can do some flatspot damage. They are actually easier to manage on Hoosiers than on the TW200's we run here because the tire has more feel. We used to run them w/o issue for 12 hours at Summit Point on Hoosiers and have been running them everywhere that Champ runs, even at Thompson which is pretty tough on brakes. The Porterfields are a bit harder to come by but do offer somewhat better modulation. I started running them on my 2002 Miata because it has the sport brake package and the Bl
  2. Or is it by louver - Gundy's car could be as many as 8x2.5! I've been having these same thoughts since I wanted to add some to my car. If I buy a couple of panels, then attach them to each other, does two then become one? So you can spend about $1500 on a louver press and dies get the vents for free or guy buy a cheap ventilated panel but pay points.
  3. Exhaust note tends less sharp but can be either major or minor.
  4. Brass nuts. I've not used them, but a friend with a mustang swears by them for this same application and reason. He says they don't back off the way a steel nut does. No explanation on why, but I do know loose fasteners at the exhaust flange is not a problem we've had with that car (at least while I'm present). McMaster-Carr has a good selection.
  5. This is still sitting on the dolly, surprised there wasn't more interest. I do recognize it is an NA8, not an NB.
  6. Manual racks tend to have a higher count of turns lock to lock than a powered rack, to give you a bit more mechanical advantage. The downside of this is the amount of input needed to make corrections. This is one reason some people will simply de-power their powered rack. A bigger steering wheel can help with the fatigue too, as can some castor adjustment. FWIW, Miata with depowered rack, small steering wheel is not impossible for 2 hours. I also think you may have trouble finding 14" tires, but that's another topic.
  7. It seems that a flagger will need a partner to manage waving flags, calling it in to the tower and activating the Flagtronics notification. This is one part that I see being difficult to overcome. Rarely do you see all stations manned/womanned with 2 people. It is not a Flagtronics issue, but the system is the reliant on it. As far as overall acceptance, AER sounds like they are heading this way. I also talked to a fellow who manages a track and they were looking at a similar system not for passing under yellow issues, but for knowing where people are on the track. They run la
  8. This happens. And then people are unhappy and said you shouldn't have done that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVTk3A8_quU
  9. When you do get in a car, take most of what you learned in the kart and try to forget it. I've raced both and it is a huge mental switch to make. I've also watched my kids who can wax me 6 ways from Sunday in the karts struggle in the cars that we share. One of the kids commented that the karts are more physical but the cars are more mentally demanding.
  10. You need more friends with trucks who live near by. On a more serious response, rent the truck from uhaul/Home Depot for the tow? Look to see how all the street-rods get on the road. What ever they do, you probably can too. Many of them are weird builds of odd parts that only get driven small amounts and therefore skip some of the more formal inspection requirements. You'll still need to deal with insurance, but that can usually get worked out since you're only after liability and for a short duration. A 50 minute drive in the racecar is going to seem lik
  11. So it changed shape. OK. Did it return to original shape when the pressure was removed? If not, how much more did it really hold? How much would it deform if you started pulling a vacuum on it? Curious.
  12. So what do you do when you arrive at a station that has no flag but cars are not moving fast? For example - Station 5 has a yellow, cars slow down. Station 6 has no flag so cars continue on going slowly. I arrive at station 5 after they have pulled their flag, but station 6 still has no flag. I start passing the tail end of the line not knowing there ever was a yellow. How about keep the cars on the track and don't need to wave a yellow? That would solve a lot of problems.
  13. Any idea why 3" OD tubing is even allowed? If you stayed with 1-1/2" or "no bigger than OE" it would not provide much advantage and stop people from trying so hard. Otherwise a re-write like this - fuel filler location is allowed to be moved. Total length of filler tubing from gas cap to fuel tank must not exceed 75% of the width of the car. Or 80%, or 90%, I need to go measure what is actually reasonable to make a 180 bend, get across the car and up to the filler. Pretty easy to look and see if someone is pushing the limit, and if they are, a tape measure isn't too
  14. I've seen a couple of teams get told they need to do a direct route from filler to tank. When I asked both old and new tech regimes about what I could or could not do for filler relocation I was told that if it is not a direct route it will earn some re-work before you go on track. I assumed it would make it into the tech-desk, but I can't find it under any searches now. This is the sort of lack of policing and definition that drives me nuts. A 3 gallon fuel filler line would be a real John Holmes set up. 2-1/2"ID hose (3" OD) is roughly 1/3 gallon pe
  15. If we make it to Daytona, I'll see if we can find you. My 16 year old will likely be driving. It's his 3rd season (hint, do the math on when he started). He could likely give you some insight about what its like to get to play in a very 'adult' sport when most of the people there are old enough to be your parents. Get to the track in any capacity you have. Just offer up your efforts and you'll find people to accept you. Might take a few tries to find the group you fit with, but there is no substitute for just absorbing and leaching knowledge off a team that has done
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