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  1. But wouldn't the driver see the green font and think the clock is joking?
  2. Look in the shop, think about what you have space to fit in the trailer, bring it. Once at the track, look at the trailer and think about what you can't fix in 20 minutes. Leave all that behind at the trailer. One thing not on the list posted is a pad of paper to write down all the things you wish you had or that used up/ran out of. It isn't what you have, it is about not being without an item twice.
  3. Thanks. I know Champcar would prefer to keep us rif-raf from contacting the track directly.
  4. Sure, tell me what you have in mind. But can any one comment on what fuel is for sale?
  5. 91 octane? I don't need it for the pit-bike or a lawn mower and the altitude is not that high in any part of Georgia. How about some 96 or higher with no oxygenators. And no I don't want to get in a discussion about why cars in Champcar need or want to use anything but what you can buy at the corner gas station.
  6. In all the cars I've installed it in, where you want to plant your foot to get in or out is usually far enough away from where your feet reside while on the pedals that it isn't an issue. You really only need the tape on a spot about 1' square. Just get in an out a few times while paying attention to where your foot ends up, you'll see. The area at the pedals remains with simple paint (which gets worn shiny after one weekend). The grip tape so you don't slip on your way in/out is one of those simple and cheap items that just make the car "better". Hard to quantify, but certain
  7. Supp's say that fuel is available at the track. Does anyone know what sort of fuel they have there?
  8. Limerock is so damn short you just about get dizzy. But in serious talk, I can see where Champ might have trouble there. Small track = fewer entries coupled with being expensive and restrictive on when you can run (no Sundays) and very tight on noise. No way Champcar is running there with the current 'don't ask, don't tell' type approach on Db limits. Pretty sure they are restricted to either 8am or 9am to 5pm, nothing on Sundays. That doesn't fit Champ's typical schedule.
  9. Ummmmm, yeah. Otherwise it is just a practice day. And there are lots of those that are closer, cheaper, easier etc. But hey, I don't really care to sit and watch football, or play golf whereas lots of other folks do. Nothing wrong with that. And didn't this thread start of with the OP asking for opinions?
  10. I am taking it to a bit of an extreme, in an effort to show what can happen, just extrapolate out to see how far the same intent and approach would lead you. I didn't say it was reasonable or that it would take place. If someone does all the right things, puts in all the effort and money, why should they be penalized? If there is a gap in the rulebook that allows them to have an advantage, that should not be their fault for exploiting it. It should be shame on the writers of the rule book how allowed it and shame on everyone else who didn't exploit it. But don't penalize someon
  11. Does that car have an EGR valve that is still active? Had a '99 that would go all wonky from time to time due to the ERG not being where it should be because it was sticky. For vacuum leaks a cheap hand pump and a couple of cheap cigars will allow you to pump smoke into the intake and see where it leaks out. Can be easier to see what is going on when you don't have fans blowing and belts trying to grab at your sleeves.
  12. My opinion is that applying a penalty on Sunday for winning on Saturday is a "sour grapes" move. You don't look at a 24 hour race and see who is up at the half way point and apply a penalty then. You don't look at the winner of a single day race and declare that they have to take penalty laps at their next event. So why are 2 day events different? How is applying penalty laps to the Sunday portion of the weekend different than just flatout requesting that the winner doesn't come back?
  13. How close to its neighbors is this one? Seems that noise is the big concern with all tracks. Unless you're a place like Daytona where the racetrack puts the city on the map, the track needs to be like Calibogie and have nothing within 100 miles or you can expect noise to be an issue. There was even a small oval track for go-karts next town over from me that got shut down over noise. Zoned in an industrial section with a heli-port next door to it, the track was opposed by a small group of home owners because four-stroke karts were too loud.
  14. That is impressive. Help me understand how you built that- you bored that on the lathe/mill as a complete cylindrical piece, then sliced it in half so it could get fit around the stub shaft? You must have the ability to measure the stub shaft, then CNC cut the fitting, it seems that measuring on the ID for a shape like that would be hard. I'm also curious how hard you had to pull. It seems that is a bit of a full nuclear assault type of route to take, but I guess since you have the tooling to do so, it seems easy for you. The problem you may have now created is every
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