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  1. This attitude does nothing to promote the series. To say that "we only wrecked your car today, but we used to wreck two or three cars in a race like this" is an insult. And this is exactly what I was told in 2018 when we got taken out by a car that was ONE-HUNDRED laps down to us. And "because you're a sprint racer you don't know how to get around a slower car"? Gee thanks for the compliment. Why is it I did SCCA/EMRA endurance races for 15 years before Champ existed and never had more than a tire doughnut from contact, however I've yet to enter a Champ race that did not include major contact? In an SCCA type race you'll get taken out by someone who is over-zealous about what they can pull off. In Champcar you get taken out by someone being plain stupid or not paying attention. Watching that video of a guy getting punted off the track at VIR's back straight has me seriously considering why I would bring my car to another race. But entry is paid, tires delivered and all, so we'll give it another try. Anyone questioning why there were 20% fewer cars at the VIR race last weekend from 2018 or why there are only 21 cars entered at Nelson?
  2. My car was a really uncomfortable beast to drive until I updated the springs, shocks and sway bars. Now it is so much more comfortable at race speeds. Can I claim that as a zero point driver comfort item?
  3. Its the fitting I can't find. Looking to see what product is out there that fits on a 3" diameter and then steps down to something else.
  4. Does anyone have a cure for connecting the largest section of a Hunsaker jug top to a piece of flexible tubing? I did the idiot thing and cut the top off the jug at the wrong location and am left with a 3" diameter that I need to connect to. Not finding parts on places like McMaster that work for this. I'd love to find the equivalent to a Fernco that is 3" x 1 3/4" actual ID. So far striking out.
  5. Camera would be much harder to correlate the suspension travel with speed. Looks like this has both ride height and speed getting logged at once so you can do a direct comparison.
  6. If you can show different sectors, you could show just the area where the car is going down the front straight, ignore all the other variables that come into play.
  7. Wait, when is the kid due? Missing baby class for a race is acceptable, there isn't much for you to do anyway, you're just along for moral support. Missing the birth is not. But scheduling a c-section 10 days before the race, then going to said race while mom & newborn stay home? Yup. Been there, done that. Still married too.
  8. F_ck POR in the ear. I've used it on a couple of projects and hated it. Didn't spread well, didn't stick well to all surfaces, surface quality when done was poor, can welds itself shut so you can't re-use the left over. SEM Rust Shield with hardener. Spray it or brush it, surface quality is good for interiors (not good enough for an exterior paint, but better than a rattle can if you had to). Flattens out nicely as it dries, minimal brush tracks, sticks to anything short of oiled sand. Easy to spray with a primer gun. When applied to inner fender areas it can get rock chipped, but is otherwise a very durable paint. Much more so than any rattle can. The only down side is they don't sell all colors in quarts anymore, white and grey are gallons only. Yes, spraying will take you a while to mask the interior. Yup, it does. But you will find you have a better finish when you're done. The more stuff you can remove the easier the masking. Remember that masking doesn't have to be fancy or look good, it just needs to be complete. Tape and newspaper are cheap.
  9. If the rules are well written, the room for interpretation is small and thus, no need for a second book of rulings or "how to interpret". Go take a read of the SCCA Improved Touring rule set. Then go look at some of the cars that got built to 10-10ths. They were fast, they were ingenious but they were not cheap and the class suffered as a result of the arms race that went on. Champcar has the same potential. You drive the car at 10-10ths, why would you not read the rule book the same way? This brings up the fact that for every allowance there will be ways to exploit it. So write the rules with the idea in mind that someone will stretch it. The intent of the rule means nothing, it is how it is worded and what it actually allows/restricts. No different than writing a contract. The other option is to simply not have a rule book, let anything drive. I've seen two examples of this, currently American Endurance Racing and the infamous Can-Am of the early/mid '70's. Tough edge to ride on.
  10. New England Region SCCA (NER.org) runs at Palmer, NHMS and Thompson (probably within your striking distance). They host schools and do a thing called "Club racing experience" (CRE) where unlicensed folks can get some seat time and put it towards an SCCA license. SCCA schools are fun, but tend to be held in the spring so you might have missed this season, but if you can get in on a CRE day, those are held in conjunction with most NER sprint race weekends.
  11. Nah, I'm with Aero Man on this one. The factors that provide the max travel on the shock are moderately varied. Can be the amount of down force, but you don't know where your max travel happens, or how. Could just be a quick bump as you hit the curb at a slightly steeper angle than previous. Seems you would need to do several laps, checking each time, plot the various results, discount the outliers, then go back and try again with the aero. Need to insure the driver is the same each time too. If the car rides on the bump stops at all, the max travel won't tell you much, you'll be looking for data in areas you're not at max travel. If you're trying to measure max travel, yes the ziptie works (do it on my mountain bike all the time), but it isn't a way to measure your downforce.
  12. 6 speeds are more robust than the 5's? First I've heard of that. Talking to a sprint race guy he commented he only ran the 6 speed in cars that were allowed to run trans-oil coolers and you expected to have the motor out frequently so doing transmission work wasn't such a big deal (we're talking motor work 6 times in a 10 sprint race season). Diff in the NA6 is never going to cut it. NA8 is OK (but may still say uncle at some point). Considering the hacking and chopping you can do I don't think the weight difference is going to matter at all. Sport model NB had bigger brakes, but they are as good as free anyway.
  13. What about fuel rail and injectors? Swap the motor and intake, but use a modified OE fuel rail and OE injectors so you can retain the OE wire harness & ECU?
  14. Rules required that the fuel cap can't come off until the driver is OUT of the car. Also, once the cap was off, no one touched the car until the cap went back on. I think you'll find more sanctioning bodies for non-pro racing work this way than what Chaump allows with driver in/out while doing fuel. Penalties for spilled fuel, but no minimum time stopped. Even did one race with no speed limit in pit lane - no way to enforce it so they told us at the driver's meeting "be reasonable". I was well into 4th before pit out that day.
  15. We used to have the car stopped for under 2 minutes, not every stop, but it did happen on multiple occasions. No one touches the car while the fuel cap is off, and the cap does not come off until the driver is out. Nothing staged in pit lane before the car comes to a stop. Driver out while the jack goes under and lug nuts start coming off. Fuel cap off, 13 gallons goes in (via funnel). Driver uses this time to take off helmet & gloves. Cap on, driver in, driver gets belted while two tires are changed. Exiting driver helps strap in entering driver. 2 fuelers, 1 fire man, 1 jack, 2 tire changers. Fuelers help buckle in the driver when they were done. Tire change was usually done before the driver had the window net up. Just like the directions for getting to Carnegie Hall - Practice man, practice.
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