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  1. But I don't expect to have a red flag due to snow....
  2. Thanks Snorman. Saw that post after I posted my questions. Didn't realize that weekend memberships had been nixed for 2020, I was pretty sure I had someone in the pitlane last February who was on a weekend pass. So be it, I just need to get all the monkeys to line up right.
  3. Couple of questions that maybe can get answered here: Sup's note to bring signed waivers to signed ahead of time. On-line driver meeting says they are signed at the gate. Not finding a form to print. So, do we need to show up with printed and signed waivers and if so, is there a link to a form we can print? Sups say all guests need to be members and need to be "on the list". No problem. But can we still do a weekend membership at the gate? Are we OK to use a golf cart or gator for moving gear around the paddock?
  4. Am I missing something or was there a requirement that if the bulkhead between the driver area and the fuel cell/tank was opened/removed/breached as part of the fueling, then the driver had to be out of the car during the fueling process? I seem to remember that, but can't find it in the 2021 book, if it does exist in there somewhere it would be relevant to this type of build.
  5. Call my a cynic but I've not had good luck with such things. Long ago we put a lightweight PP and aluminum FW into a miata. Worked great until the car got warmed up then would not disengage. That lasted about 30 minutes before we replaced it with a stock set up. I don't know what brand it was, wasn't my purchase. More recently in a BMW there was some toggle switch for a clutch installed, the guy doing the prep commented it was a small diameter, un-sprung affair. It did one 12 hour race before it was replaced. It would stick when you put the pedal down, making a really hard se
  6. Ah, therein lies the difference of opinion. You don't have to spend a mint to go race. However, If you want to be competitive, it is very hard to do so without spending at least as much as your fellow competitors. The trick is finding a race series where the spending amount fits in your comfort level and abilities. Want to be cheap? Watch TV, post on internet forums, race video games, volunteer to help out etc. Have more to spend? I think Formula 1 is the upper tier of the spending bracket. Champcar is somewhere between those two li
  7. I had two kids go through the transition from karting to racecars both before they were old enough to drive on the street. I told them to just ignore it. While braking, clutch in, downshift, clutch out SLOWLY, drive on. They did just fine. They eventually learned how to heel toe and even double clutch, but I also know that when it all gets busy, or if they find the pedals aren't to their liking, they skip it. I've seen lots of in car videos of drivers who don't bother.
  8. I assumed this too. We looked into them a decade ago and went and bought a couple of set of tires instead. They are also a monumental pain in the ass for re-filling the jugs, you have to disassemble the head to fill the jug. And then transfer to another jug if you have another car that isn't set up with them. We use the Hunsakers and at a race this past summer the fuel dumped into our car so fast that Jay just stood there and shook his head. All he said was "you guys have balls". I took it as a compliment.
  9. It is good to see the change being made with a goal of making it more transparent and removing interpretation even if it comes at the 'expense' of cars getting different points assigned. The tech desk will still be part of the rule book, but improvements are being made. Let's remember there is a difference between how the rules are written and how the rules actually play out for an individual car. You can like the intent and options allowed in the rules while disliking how your particular car shakes out. So most teams took a 20 point hit on radiators, but the '2x rul
  10. I've had trouble if they are on the bottom of the hose, crap collecting in them. However, if at 9-oclock/3-oclock or high noon they seemed to be fine. Yours does sound like a different problem however.
  11. Bill: Please do not put words in my mouth or misconstrue what I posted. You're better than that. Nowhere have I indicated that Champcar should require a school or licensing process. I have however, been an advocate of promoting better driving. There is a big difference. What I advocate is that Champcar embrace the improvement of drivers as much as it does the improvement of the cars. Champcar is a great place to get started and then if you like, to create a car that has been modified to make it "better". So why does Champcar not take the same approach w
  12. With both enduros and sprints about 165 races, about 250 hours. Doesn't include practice, HPDE, qualifying sessions etc. Somewhere about 16 or 17 different cars ranging from early 2000's Miatas back to mid 50's Jaguars. Mr Kinkle - don't ever stop asking. My personal belief is that this a place that could be better. First few times out you're just hanging on for dear life trying not to get run over, but then you need some guidance on how to get faster. The likelihood that you're going to figure it out on your own before you get frustrated or life changes and you're
  13. A couple of different posts got me thinking about driver experience. How many races has the average Champer driven? Just races. Not test days or HPDE events or ripping around highway exit ramps. And road course races in a car. Not dirt bikes or speed boats or drag races. Although these other forms of racing do play into race-craft, it simplifies the question to eliminate these and therefore the results. My suspicion is that because a lot of teams are only getting to do as few as one or two races a year drivers are not getting seat time that racks up experience like you would
  14. I'm going to say a couple of unpopular things here I'll admit that when I've been in this position, the chrome horn was what got the point across. Flashing lights, pull up next the car on both sides, wave at the start/finish worker. Nothing. A little leaning on their rear bumper and they decided it was time to pit, the rest of us got to continue racing with the pack. In another organization during the driver school for new drivers, this was a mandatory part of the classroom session to tell the drivers that under no uncertain terms were they to hold up the cars behind
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