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  1. I had not been impressed w/ Redline CV2 grease, always came out much less viscous after a race weekend. With no time to order the more expensive Neo or Bel-ray greases I tried Cat Extreme Application Grease - Desert, used to be known as CAT Desert Gold. It came recommended by many offroad buggy people (on the internet at least). Was only $7 a tube from my local CAT dealer, I ran it at the CMP race, CAT grease on the left side axle and Redline CV2 on the right. The CAT grease looked brand new after the race weekend, Redline came out looking soupy as normal. CAT grease will be my new grease, has lots of moly in it, was super tacky and thick was a PITA to pack, but that's a good sign. We also had a boot failure on the left side, and the CAT grease never migrated out of the boot. Also, I don't bother with the straw under the inner CV boot clamp anymore, just don't put a clamp on the small end of the boot, it'll pass air just fine. https://caterpillar.scene7.com/is/content/Caterpillar/C10604656
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