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  1. Actually Scott, looking over the data from the wifilapper, I think it may have been mikes off that caused the rad damage. after his off, the acceleration started to fall of the car ever so slightly driver after driver. Then when the engine finally popped it plummeted.
  2. Winter sucks. Freezing rain is worse!

  3. The Excitement gang didn't make the grid this morning!? What was it that took them out at the end of the day yesterday? Does anyone know?
  4. Great video, but I thought helmet cams were a no-no?
  5. That is a very comprehensive write up. On our first car we also forgot to check the lugs at every pit stop. we ended up losing a wheel at nelson ledges just at the end of the main straight. Not a fun experience for the guy in the car. Since then, it's the first thing we do every pit stop. Good luck in the future!
  6. Slimer is up for sale.... that makes me a sad panda.

  7. I think I was walking by when you guys were cleaning that out. That looked unpleasant for all involved. Was it just nerves? or was that a left over from the night before?
  8. More from the Bytown Boys: The race was too entertaining to throw the video away because of a slightly foggy lens. So enjoy Lee's big race... and other events. http://youtu.be/D8hPAcrd_6E
  9. Yes, that was during the race, I just wanted to cut out a clean lap where there wasn't anything else in the way. if it ran 3 seconds longer you'd see 2 more cars around the 3rd corner. Also there were only 23 cars on a 5.05km course, so there were definitely times you didn't see anyone.
  10. I was doing crew Duty for the Bytown Brawlers, and what a facility. The place is gorgeous, just wish that chain link fence had a couple more gates in it. It made life a little more difficult having run through everyone else's pits whenever we realized we'd forgotten a tool in the paddock. Anyway, here's a flying lap of the track so people can see what they were missing. [media=]http://youtu.be/VK-JuzwyrCU Thanks to the CCWS staff and the Calabogie corner workers and Track staff for making that weekend possible!
  11. How was the track for tire and brake wear?
  12. there are 5 EC cars marked on the racemoniter app.
  13. Slimer's Weekend as stated above was not the greatest. The car was running well, but not perfect. As one of the guys from constipation racing observed they should not have been able to blow by us on the back straight, but they did (turns out there was a gaping dry rot hole in part of our intake after the MAF sensor). Anyway, we all had a great time until I got in. Saturday @ ~11am, after Stan proved how reliably and quickly the car can drive, I got in and on lap 3, I over-reved the engine on a missed shift and dropped a single valve(I know, just one, amazing isn't it). The engine needed
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