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  1. lordmulgath

    E36 chump cage dimensions

    Hi There I did that drawing, it's for the car in my profile pic Sent you a PM
  2. lordmulgath

    Data/Video logging in multiple platforms??

    Check out wifilapper, it's a little more involved on the set up, but will work with bluetooth obd II readers and dump data to a pitside laptop every lap. that way your crew can keep an eye on systems for you. All you need is an Android phone, a half decent router and a laptop(bet you have all 3!). Getting a 10hz bluetooth gps doesn't hurt, or the bluetooth obd II reader is nice too(links available from the wifilapper site). Since it's just a phone and some blutooth things it's very portable, so jumping between cars is easy. use it with race render, or dashware to put whatever data you want on your videos too. oh ya.... it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
  3. lordmulgath

    Cage tubing size question

    I would say that is a question you HAVE to send to your local tech guy, or regional director for an official ruling. Not something to post on the forums and get random guys speculation on, no matter how good they may be. easttech@chumpcar.com michaelc@chumpcar.com Hope you get the answer you're looking for!
  4. lordmulgath

    At what point do you give up

    This. The only exception would be if the DNF's were not at fault. Things like, someone else hit you, or a piece of debris blew out a tire or 2. At which point you're still out your entry fee, but as long as it happened soon enough, you can get rule 6.4 to kick in, and even 6.6 (discount rules)
  5. lordmulgath

    ICAR, who is in

    Hallelujah my brother! Preach on!
  6. lordmulgath

    Fire Systems

    Because fire is bad and 4L isn't that much more pricey than 2.5L! Also the 4L can feed a lot more nozzles than a 2.5L can.
  7. lordmulgath

    Breaking into Chumpcar

    The best thing you can do out of the gate to see how things are done, is to go volunteer for a race. You'll get to see how things are run, how the best and the worst teams run their operations. Not to mention get in good with the head honcho's.
  8. DON'T FORGET: We ship to the USA!!
  9. I read that this morning and nearly shot coffee out my nose. Besides, lets be honest, with you guys it won't last 1 week let alone a month!
  10. lordmulgath

    Will these door bars pass tech??

    do you also have a lower rocker bar? or is it just the 2 door bars you have shown?
  11. lordmulgath

    2x Brake Pad Rule - Which Pads for E36?

    EBC Yellows are a great pad and are easy on rotors.
  12. Hey Everyone!! Looks like we are going to have a pretty good day. We still have room, so walk ons are welcome. Come on out! We'll be running rain or shine. -Phil
  13. Just a reminder chumps. The Street Rate Parts Dyno Day is coming up this saturday. Come on out and see what your crap cans, daily drivers, or other car projects can put down!