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  1. I talked briefly to one of their drivers to see if we could offer any parts to repair their car. He said, "we lost the transmission". I asked which transmission they were running and he said, " you'll have to ask the owner, he owns Precision Transmission" ! LOL!
  2. I sometimes rest my left arm on the roll cage and use two fingers on that side of the steering wheel. Co-owner of the car noticed that in one of our videos and Two Fingers Racing was born.
  3. It's an 84' IROC and it's the tank that was in it. It actually held 18.7 when I filled it on the way to Daytona. Tank was bone dry. The highest rpm I reached was 5,700 down the front straight. I think the aero(or lack of) was keeping it from going faster. No speedo but I would guess 150-155 mph. Two years ago with a different gear and I-phone mounted, the video showed me going 152 at 6,100 The engine is a GM crate motor that's advertised as 350 horse. Chassis dyno showed a little under 300 to the wheels.
  4. Yep, it's a hog! Especially at Daytona! It has a 650 Holley on it now but we're thinking of trying a 4412 two barrel at Sebring. Our stock tank is 18 gallons which I think is the largest one offered on a 3rd gen.
  5. We moved to EC to get out of the sun. True story! Also awesome to start on outside pole at Daytona with so many cars lined up behind us!
  6. Thanks, two of our drivers are camping and were hoping to NOT walk. ATV? Ugh..
  7. Are golf carts allowed on the property?
  8. I think the fools in the Camaro might show up again. Horrible track for our car but it sure was fun last year! And great exercise for the arms!
  9. We had a blast, especially starting the race in 49th place and moving up to 10th in the first 30 minutes! Lost fuel pressure and after changing fuel pump(wasn't the problem), re-routing fuel lines(vapor lock? NO!), and filter(no!). WAIT, what is THAT in the old filter? See? Crap, that's fuel cell foam!! Pulled off new rear window, tank cap and started removing ROTTEN foam! Blew out lines, found a new filter in Lake Placid and had a friend in Lakeland bring us new foam blocks. About the time we were ready to go back on track the "lightening red flag" came out. Our car is NOT good on a wet track so we waited awhile for the track to get dried out. From there on the Camaro was flawless. Until I ran out of fuel 1 minute from the checkered flag. The foam was replaced last year but I guess letting fuel sit in the tank for eight months isn't a good thing. I'm a dumb ass... Does anyone know what happened to the fast Camaro that led the beginning of the race? Special thanks to the wrecker crew for towing us in 4 or 5 times !!
  10. We haven't raced since December. Can't wait!!!!
  11. Thanks for making me spend an extra $12 , CHAMPCAR! Not to mention wasting 30 minutes of my life!
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