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  1. A couple years ago during a Chump race at RA, I was driving a "slow" Civic as fast as it would go under green. One of the EVs was waving me by on the back straight and I couldn't catch 'em. They haul ass in those trucks and are serious about what they do....and getting it done quickly. The best out there.
  2. 1999 Honda Prelude The Good: H22A Euro R motor, Hondata S300 ECU, larger injectors, Hondata COP, Moroso baffled oil pan, HyTech header, custom 4-into-1 3” exhaust, T2W4 LSD transmission. Professionally dyno tuned by King Motorsports. On board fire suppression, hardwired transponder, Momo wheel w/ QR. ARP wheel studs, Wilwood front calipers w/ Hawk DTC 70 pads. HPR performance wing. Cage is by Domination Chassis and is very well done. Momo seat is on sliders w/adjustable seat brace and will accommodate drivers from about 5’2” to 6’2”. Car is currently on Hankook Ventus Z214 tires with about 1/3 life left on them. It has been a Honda Challenge car (H1), raced Chump in EC, done some WRL racing, and I’ve been club racing it for the last couple years. The Bad: Car has been a race car a long time and has the appropriate dings and scrapes. Paint is not pretty (Krylon) but fits the 60mph rule. Had a light impact with a wall in it’s last race and has some front end damage from that. The hood is pushed back slightly and not aligned properly. It’s not structural (happened on Lap 1, I drove it back on track and finished the race running strong and handling fine). Check the pictures to see more detail. It’s not a show car. Extras: Lots of extra parts – clutch, brake pads, complete front suspension corners ready to bolt on, lots of extra suspension parts, axles, various engine parts, (2) extra set of wheels, one with BFG Rivals. Probably more I can’t think of. More pics on request. If you have any questions, just message me. Delivery is possible with a reasonable range from my location in Green Bay, WI for a fee.
  3. Disappointing nothing was said. Not very Chump-like if that's true.
  4. VERY hard to tell, but I think it might be this car just going off the color scheme: edit: Looking at it more closely...I'd bet money it's that car.
  5. Don't completely get your point because you keep saying you didn't have any contact. That's great, I don't think I singled you out or said you did have contact. I didn't either. I had several unnecessary close calls trying to avoid cars that didn't seem to be trying to avoid contact... And there were incidents all over the place. I talked to several other first stint drivers that felt the same way. It was not normal. The message chump was relaying was "settle down and stop being stupid". It worked. If you think it's business as normal when the track itself is seriously discussing stopping the race... My words aren't going to convince you and I won't try. I wasn't singling you guys out, and I'm lumping myself into "we" (even though I didn't have any contact) when I say "we have to do better". I'm sure the perspective is also different in a slower car that is getting passed as the fast cars work through. That's me. I know what I saw, I know what I heard from chump and the track... And I know I hadn't seen either of those before at Road America.
  6. I got a few pics on Saturday, you can see them here if you're interested: http://stevekaster.imgur.com
  7. All I will say is this - Were you at the driver's meeting on Sunday? I wasn't the only one that thought things were different than normal on Saturday. The ones that matter (Chump) felt the same way.
  8. I wouldn't say that exactly - but I would say some (a few) of the drivers in Chump (newbies) ARE the worst (at the time) that ever run RA in anything that races there. There are some very good drivers in Chump and a lot of good drivers. There are also a couple that I would never exit the Carousel side by side with and head toward the Kink with. The problem is knowing where those couple risky drivers are when you're out there. Hard to tell until it's too late. It's just not worth it. It's just part of the nature of this series, it's great they let newbies race (that's how I got started) and it's not. It just makes sense to not run the Kink and make it safer.
  9. The slow one...haha. Green nosed Integra on the outside. #19 Racing with INTEGRAty. I was with them for the weekend.
  10. I love the Kink. LOVE the Kink. I don't want to run the Kink in a Chump race. No way. Too many variables involved with cars, drivers, etc.
  11. I drove first stint both days. I've done 7 or 8 (I think) Chump races at Road America now, and I've never seen anything like Saturday. Immediately at the start, some were driving like it was the last lap...not the start of a 16 hour race (it is not a 9 + 7 weekend). Honestly, I was amazed at the level of stupidity I witnessed a few times. It was easy to predict the FCY (the first one after the green flag) coming, even though those are usually rare at RA. Nothing to blame it on other than people driving like idiots. As the field thinned during the day, it seemed to help...but space on track wasn't the issue. It was how people were using that space. Some teams in particular were worse as usual, and some were great....but the overall level of asshattery was very high. I went up to race control on Sunday for a bit, the Safety Director for RA said at one point Saturday they couldn't keep up with the carnage - and they are the best in the biz. They just ran out of available trucks to tend to it all. One car (I won't name it here, PM if you want to know) was displaying the worst combo of horrible driving skill and being a rear-end I've ever seen. Repeatedly. Chump did a great job running the event, this is not on them...It's on "Us" as drivers.
  12. Holy crap! Thanks for the link. Hope that BMW was parked!
  13. Where can I see this video of the rollover?
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