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  1. You pay shipping and I’ll send you a set of st43’s. I went to the wilwood setup.
  2. Good seeing everyone and great to be back on a race track. Buringham and Racer28173 thanks for joining in on the fun and rippin the car! Thanks to Champcar for putting up with all of us yahoos again.
  3. And there are no more of those transmissions available from Nissan as I bought them all!😀
  4. The name may have changed but were all still Chumps!
  5. Were are you taking AF or 02 sensors located in y pipe? 3.5 bar is were you want to be at rail on that car so your close at 50. What else have you changed on car? Stock ecu etc, they are pretty dead nuts on. Just another question, if car runs good and no issues send gauge back. Just another distraction to drivers!
  6. What's pressure at rail? That motor can be dialed in at rail with adj. fpr. Stock Y pipe, warpseed?
  7. Calipers and rotors fall under 2x’s rule. Might not be points for you.
  8. Nissan Stuff for various applications. 350Z/G35 stage 2 spec clutch(used low miles), Aluminum Findanza Flywheels, VQ30, 350Z (used in good shape) Various timing rings, VQ3.0, VQ3.5 OPEN TO OFFERS!
  9. No it’s not. If someone says it is in all for it !
  10. The VQ3.0 was only made for FWD application (maxima, I30) and only has 1 pan offered.
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