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  1. For Sale - 1999 JSK Nissan Maxima #176 All new safety gear Fresh Motor Fresh Trans I have a spare of every part for car. PM for more detail Car will be at RA race if you'd like to view
  2. Can’t wait to crawl under it, take some pictures and measurements.
  3. It’s very easy to roll lip, been there and done it more than I care to remember
  4. The vq is a different rms than yours. Yes pan should be dropped as there are 2 spots that need RTV.
  5. That’s the nitrous not shutting off at right time.
  6. The camaro ran a 2:42 at Road America. That might be the track record at RA for Champ(non EC) not sure.
  7. If your making steaks again I might be able to convince the boys to haul car down and join in on the fun?
  8. If you want the long story on Hankook pm me.
  9. The RS4 is a low production tire and takes up line space for the real volume high margin products. 5k volume vs. 100k+ so that’s why stock levels are low.
  10. Guys let’s slow down here and remember that the GBU car was tech’d at their shop. No line of cars, no heat or pressure to keep the line moving and parts were still missed. Do you really think CC has the man power to watch tire changes at the track?
  11. How did you spend that much, seem absurd.
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