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  1. Chris. It’s all you can eat and foot massages between your stints. Price is relevant!
  2. Rules are great, but if the organization that created the rules doesn't understand them what good are they?
  3. Just an FYI from a post earlier in the year from R3R. Some updated pics of the cars. The white car is being converted to run in C class, as we found very little difference in performance between the C car and the EC car. Goodbye adjustable sway bar and adjustable shocks. I guess they said goodbye rulebook instead!
  4. I wouldn’t call Tuttle a pro team, larger than most budget probably.
  5. No, I like to struggle with my red cans
  6. 3 weeks ago they were $199 free shipping on ebay
  7. Hot seat = 2 drivers. Sometimes called team drivers.
  8. You can hot seat the rig for more drive hrs.
  9. Check local state requirements
  10. Semi registration is expensive. 2-3k expensive
  11. You building something special because the platform has already been developed
  12. Just my friendly reminder to Bandit that Road America is a week away! We haven’t heard from you In some time so I hope everything is ok.
  13. My prediction is rain, rain both days with maybe a flurry. Nothing better than freezing your ass off at RA in October!
  14. Hankook will mess this up in no time. Anyone want to bet?
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