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  1. There are outlets behind the pit stall on the outside walls of the garages. We didn't need to rent the garage or enter the garage for power access.
  2. I’d argue it’s points unless your car came stock with a helper. There’s a lot a helper can do besides being used as a limiter.
  3. I’ll agree that they can be a distraction, I’d rather see running lights and a brake light when applied.
  4. 2019 Race attendance=11 for tuttle and 9 for Riley. Tuttle didn’t & doesn’t always enter all 3 cars. Just so we have correct info.
  5. So what your saying is that you can upgrade to something better free. Good to know, my trans and motor are no longer available either.😆
  6. The only way to tell the 2 apart is the vin tag, internals are the only difference between the 2.
  7. Thanks Bill, that would be a huge help.
  8. I'm wondering when hood vents became points and whom determined this, was there a petition that the board voted on? Do hood vents really warrant 2.5 points? If I was to build another car to the BCCR were does one find all these extra FPV that are being discussed? Do we now need to build cars to the BCCR & knowledge base?
  9. I was being serious Bill. I do know that transmission
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