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  1. The balls are on recall for cracking, so no balls.
  2. It was a 30 gallon cell in the car so they definitely had displacement blocks/balls in it. I probably shouldn’t post this but what the hell- watch 8:14 onward.
  3. Selling used Fuel Safe Enduro ED122a cell with Holley hydromat and sending unit. Have new foam that will be installed in cell prior to ship. $550 obo specs: Enduro Racing Cell, 22 gal. Includes Enduro Molded Bladder, Steel Container, SF6X10E-A fill plate, and Foam Baffling. 34.625" L x 18.125" W x 9.5" H
  4. You’ll only need one set of the RS4 for your entire season then.
  5. Just out of curiosity, I have run quite a few tracks and been in the series for 5+ yrs. Don’t ever remember sound being that big of an issue. Is the sound issues being questioned enforced by the tracks or is this champcar enforcing it? Where’s Bill?
  6. I was charged per vent, so in your case 2x2.5=5pts
  7. Tire wear directly mimics suspension set up. Read the tire.
  8. https://xtremetm.net/tires/road-legal-rs3-r/ Your size is in production but has not shipped yet, a few more weeks and they’ll be here.
  9. ^borla xr1 is good for us, lasted 6 seasons now.
  10. I haven’t seen the tire to be very competitive in all metrics against the BS, YOKO or Hankook.
  11. Good work Mr. Ballenger. I’m excited to use this once I return to racing.
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