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  1. Just my friendly reminder to Bandit that Road America is a week away! We haven’t heard from you In some time so I hope everything is ok.
  2. My prediction is rain, rain both days with maybe a flurry. Nothing better than freezing your ass off at RA in October!
  3. Hankook will mess this up in no time. Anyone want to bet?
  4. scottyk

    COTA fuel usage

    Old maxima was able to go 2hrs no problem with everyone chasing us.😀
  5. Pm me, I’ll sell it. I’ll sell it, PM me for details
  6. I have a podium car that I will rent. Pm me for details.
  7. This system is not even available to try according to their website. If it reports any form of telemetry I hope the team that is manufacturing it is taking a bow from the series?
  8. If hardwired into car doesn’t all power need to be killed during fueling, which would kill power to timer? In the last 5 yrs of racing champcar my team has not once gotten a flag for passing under yellow, pay attention to the god damn race!
  9. How is this going to replace the egg timer? Is the team going to be responsible to time the pit in/pit out, isn’t this is just a light? I’m really curious how this will work.
  10. Smoke a few brats and you’ll be forgiven
  11. Nate, you have done a great job all year long at every track you have raced at. Your car, team, prep is impressive.
  12. I was told at Road America If outside the 2x’s rule they are 5 pts per corner. That’s what the MR2 crowd claims anyways
  13. Hope nothing happens to the portable credit card machines.
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