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  1. Its a beautiful masterpiece. I think I saw it somewhere.
  2. https://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/motor/2021/08/10/elkhart-lakes-road-america-scheduled-repaved-after-2022-season/5546887001/
  3. Since y’all are wondering. Just hit the easy button. https://kpower.industries/blogs/news/the-k24-bmw-e30-swap-package-is-here
  4. They are repaving entire track, pit lane at the end of October 2022. 6” of new asphalt will be laid down with an on-site batch plant set up to speed up process. We spoke to Mike (head of safety for RA) this past weekend about it.
  5. I’ll save you time Nate. No we can’t and haven’t hit 46. Our 47-48 happened with the AO52’s on and you know how long and well those last on our car.
  6. 2009 Acura TSX also 400 points with 201 hp and 18.5 gallons to support it. Comparable to Maxima, only the 4 doors. - Maxima is heavier, lumber rear axle, less Hp and limited/no software adjustment capability. 500 pts, don’t think so.
  7. Selling 2 full sets of 235/60R18 Cooper Tires 1st set is (4 tires) Cooper Discoverer Enduramax 235/60R18 tires, no plugs/patches. 9/32nds of tread left. DOT = 0520. $375 2nd set is (4) Cooper True North winter tires. 235/60R18, no plugs/patches 9/32nds of tread. $375 can deliver to Road America.
  8. Very disappointed no RA race on schedule yet. Best facilities, best paddock, best safety crew in country and one of the best tracks. But hey, let’s do more races out west!
  9. Pin the nut and it can never back out.
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