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  1. So all 100 teams get to stand in line Saturday morning hoping to get fuel while a race is going on? Sounds like a great idea!
  2. Legally you can transport 110 gallons of fuel without a hazmat endorsement.
  3. We just dropped off a shell at the following, they might still have it? Auto Parts & Recycling, Inc 262-692-2447
  4. What is the car? When is cage needed by? I might have time to do it. Located in Mequon
  5. Can’t wait till I can swap to more power.
  6. Because you can run like hell for 50 laps at RA for both days😂
  7. What’s cheap to purchase, 7k?
  8. Mr2 all the way, start with next to zero points add everything aero you can think, custom coil overs, sway bars, HUGE brakes and motor/trans swap. It’s possibilities are endless!
  9. Had a good time racing with everyone this weekend, very clean racing from my stint. Tyler told us to "send it" so we did! Chris your creeping up on our record, congrats on the back to back to back wins.
  10. I heard, that sucks. Break out the Z maybe? Stop down by us either day.
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