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  1. I heard, that sucks. Break out the Z maybe? Stop down by us either day.
  2. I heard they play this thru earpiece during entire stint. 😂
  3. It’s 70 here today, used snow tires are selling for cheap you could always grab a set of those.
  4. It’ll be fine with rain and 50’s the following week. Our car seems to handle quite well in the rain😀
  5. McQueen already did this swap into other platform, easily tuned to 300hp+ all day. 1:45 on fuel at Road America. Lethal powerplant!
  6. You want to put the fire out or keep it away from driver. I would spray at were the source would possibly come from.
  7. This isn't' my series to run, but another entry. You now have a race Jer!
  8. One question to everyone on here then I’ll quit with the beating. By letting this car run Who does it benefit, the one team or the entire field?
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