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  1. Can we move on from a fast miata that crashes everyone and congratulate the winner mr huggins.
  2. Thanks for the info, I had no idea that motor was so capable. That's a great P-W ratio.
  3. Oh, Because below is why I was asking. Seems they were hoping for much better numbers from their built motor. 1930 something at RA. They said we were the lightest car that weekend. We dyno'ed at 151hp at King Motorsports, but we expected 160-170, so we are trying to redyno with VICs active and wideband feedback active. We also moved to non ethanol fuel hoping for a few percent more. We lighted 15lbs out of our splitter for Sebring.
  4. Just asking as I know little about the 1.8. 170ish whp is achievable with tuning and no mods to this motor? That's pretty good considering the stock is 140ish at crank, right?
  5. We must not be talking about the same car, my bad.
  6. Since there skill level is far superior to everyone else in series I'm sure they wont stick around long. Probably land some big time contract shortly. 🤣
  7. Just sitting back watching you 3 fight up front.
  8. scottyk

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    I did notice a certain Miata much faster than the rest. Are the rest just not up to speed?
  9. Seeing as this is the 3rd time I would put a safety strap on it so you don't wreck someone's day.
  10. scottyk

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    exhaust fumes again?
  11. Worked on some windows, next off to the wind tunnel for testing. 😀
  12. working on Aero today! Should be good for RA in April.
  13. I'll buy one and test it at Road America.