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  1. You’ll only need one set of the RS4 for your entire season then.
  2. Just out of curiosity, I have run quite a few tracks and been in the series for 5+ yrs. Don’t ever remember sound being that big of an issue. Is the sound issues being questioned enforced by the tracks or is this champcar enforcing it? Where’s Bill?
  3. I was charged per vent, so in your case 2x2.5=5pts
  4. Tire wear directly mimics suspension set up. Read the tire.
  5. https://xtremetm.net/tires/road-legal-rs3-r/ Your size is in production but has not shipped yet, a few more weeks and they’ll be here.
  6. ^borla xr1 is good for us, lasted 6 seasons now.
  7. I haven’t seen the tire to be very competitive in all metrics against the BS, YOKO or Hankook.
  8. Good work Mr. Ballenger. I’m excited to use this once I return to racing.
  9. 245/40R15 tires are being produce and will land in states April time frame.
  10. 245/40R15 is coming. I can talk to head engineer Monday and see we’re project is at.
  11. I’ll give you data after you give me my beer!
  12. Looks like the Cleveland Browns training center!
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