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  1. Looks like the Cleveland Browns training center!
  2. A SBC fits, http://datsunforum.com/the-scarab-legend-the-original-hybrid-datsun-z/
  3. Not sure on schedule yet. You should come race with the big boys sometime, instead of cherry pickin!
  4. Only 20hp, the vq30 runners are a poor design.
  5. You can’t run a vq35 in that car, unless you claim the 260hp
  6. The vq30 was only made in FWD. you sure you have a vq30, Brian?
  7. FYI- Coleman will make any solid or 2 piece rotor you want for reasonable price.
  8. I will never support Hankook as I have had internal workings with company and it does not align with my business principles
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