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  1. Just like the title says, looking to race at the brickyard. Many chump.....er.....champ car starts at Daytona, Charlotte, Glen, Lime rock and Thompson. I’m a former Skippy instructor & nascar development driver. Just race for fun now. (Kids and career will do that to ya) I try to Go fast but make sure I bring it back in one piece. No hot dog’n. Open to drive anything. Let me know, andycranegolf@aol.com Thanks! Andy
  2. Hello, looking for a seat for July Charlotte races. Years of racing experience including many chump starts. Competitive but race now for fun. No "red mist" syndrome Available to talk details at Daytona race in April, Open to any type car, contact info Andy Crane andycranegolf@aol.com
  3. I ended up not able to make the event due to a work commitment but I have to say Dan was great to deal. Top notich
  4. Looking to see if any lime rock seats open, one day or both. Andycranegolf@aol.com
  5. Looking for a ride for a sprint race or two at Charlotte. experianced driver in chump and many other forms of racing. Gentleman driver, race it like its my own car. let me know Andycranegolf@aol.com
  6. Just for the fact im already trying to work a vacation schedule is it safe to assume Daytona will be the sunday before memorial day again?
  7. Im looking to get one more run at lime rock before I relocate down south. chump'd a few times now, solid driver, not a hot dog/hot lap hero. will go fast but safe with the car. Former Skippy school and series advisor and full time oval racer, Lime rock was the home base for SB and turned a lot of laps there. like I said would like to get her one more go before I go down to North Carolina let me know if anything is out there. Andy andycranegolf@aol.com
  8. Great team and great race car. wish I was able to make it that weekend.
  9. Shot you an email, 1stint deal would be perfect for me.....I have a wedding to go to on Sunday and I've been looking for a team I could do a one day deal with
  10. I know its a while away but wanted to get it out there for teams if they are thinking about doing the Monday Lime Rock Race Looking for a seat. Lime Rock is my home track when I was working for Skip Barber. Love that little track. Not looking to be a hero. Run fast, be safe, bring the car home in one piece. I have chump'd in Charlotte this past year. Raced karts to Nascar. Skip Barber and Pocono experience instructor Andy Crane andycrane19@aol.com
  11. I'm interested. I have family down that way, maybe I should visit them. shoot me and email andycrane@pga.com
  12. Ok, I know I am wayyyyyyyy early but I am looking for a seat for the Lime Rock race. I have 100's of laps there as a series instructor for skippy and love that little place, would love to get a few more laps! Being that its a Monday race, maybe some teams are on the fence about it so I figure I will throw it out there now Im looking for a ride if a team is setting up a schedule of drivers, I will be at the charlotte race if anyone wants to chat bout it, andy
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