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  1. Protests aren't happening because Race Monitor is never up until at least an hour into the race so you can't tell how many penalty laps anybody had. Also you have to ask to privately see a suspect car's Total Competition Value, then fill out a protest form. Nobody has the time for that. Bracket racing - however unpopular - fixes this and is beneficial to the new teams and "Chumpy" teams that have run low on real world dollars when go-fast parts become less restricted. We had great car counts this year and a lot of new teams. Build it how you want it and come race is working.
  2. The Sunferrari

    mosport 2018

    Report from #39 - Yardsale Racing. We decided the Sunferarri was a little weak sauce for this track so we brought our motored up 1994 351W Mustang to run in CER. Quite a difference going from 3rd slowest best laptime last year to 3rd best this year. We ran some new slicks on Saturday 1st stint just to heat cycle them. Unfortunately after an hour or so the clutch disk broke outside of a disk spring and the loose spring caused a non disengaging clutch. Found a new disc and pressure plate at a Partsource in Pickering so that was the rest of the day replacing that. Sunday I started first stint on some old slicks that had seen better days. They had lots of meat on them still but were old and not grippy anymore. I had a close call coming out of turn 3 on about lap 3 or 4.. Can't recall who it was but while I was passing a car on the inside, they pulled out to pass a slower car to their left and I had to go 2 wheels off to avoid contact. Slicks turn into snowballs in the sand and gravel and I got way squirly getting back on the track onfront of the 2 others but no harm done all in all. Next stint was Dave the car owner driving and he put it into the wall outside of turn 3. No contact - just missed his braking point and got too close to the edge he said. I apologize on his behalf for causing such a long delay of race while they re-stacked the tire wall. It was nearly all just cosmetic damage so with some pry baring, measuring, duct taping, a new set of Rs4's and ziptie-ing a mirror back on we came back on track. The steering wheel was irked about 20 degrees from the impact so we wanted a tire with tread to run and see if the alignment had been disturbed. Everything was good that way and the Rs4's were only 2 seconds slower than our new slicks. We were very impressed with them. We ran for another hour or so and then the serpentine belt blew off due to a seizing power steering pump. We called it a day at that point. We spent more time fixing than racing and were burning close to 40 liters of premium and a quart of redline every hour. Its a beast. We had 2 shakedown track days that both resulted in a week's worth of "to fix" items. Unless we get it running more reliably, It's probably not going to be much of an overall contender car but it sure was fun on the back straight! Hoping to Fix, Tune and test and get it to Calabogie in September!
  3. The Sunferrari

    Tires for Sale

    An engine Swapped Volvo wagon? Build a turbo stick Volvo Wagon and Randy Pobst would beg you to race on your team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J6kWig5FgM
  4. I watched for a while on Youtube Live. Was rooting for Mopar4Life who went south and brought the snow. A Good run both days guys! Well done. This broadcast was the best quality yet! In car cameras were clear and not choppy and the Burningham/Biohazard battle on Sunday was great from Burninghams's in-car camera. I'd rather watch a Champcar race on youtube than any other race now.
  5. The Sunferrari

    2018 Schedule?

    If you look at Area 27's calendar and consider all weekends that have open members lapping as potential dates, then look at what dates we know for Chumpcar Canada plus the Sept 1&2 in Oregon there are only 11 possible weekends between April 1 and the Chumpionship race date. Apr 7,8 & 28,29 May 19,20 June 2,3 9,10 or 16,17 July 14,15 Aug 4,5 or 11,12 Sept 29,30 and Oct 13,14. That's not too many to keep open is it?!! Look at that track! You know you'll be going.
  6. The Sunferrari

    2018 Schedule?

    Hot off Chumpcar Canada Facebook newsfeed: We have been working hard on the 2018 schedule and it should be out by the end of next week! Here is a little teaser......due to popular demand, Shannonville is back on the schedule for May 4/5!!
  7. The Sunferrari

    Mini Cooper for Chump

    You were considering a Mini? Here's your next car! .. Its in Owen sound, They want $1500 An LS swap away from domination! or a rollover. 1970's maki m28 Very rare amphibious vehicle Different tires from pic Rear axle currently not installed No engine... Will entertain trades See More
  8. Geez. Right into the butt end of the wall. No wonder its so twisted.
  9. The Sunferrari

    Events 2017

    A double 8 with Parc Ferme. Here are the supplementals https://www.dropbox.com/s/282twmsqnezk1yv/Calabogie Chumpionship Supps.pdf?dl=0
  10. The Sunferrari

    Video from Castrol double 12

    Taking the Green with fire through the hood vents... You took the warm up laps a bit too seriously!
  11. Any team gridded before the specified cars to grid time gets their base engine timing retarded. 1 degree per minute early.
  12. The Sunferrari

    Canada Day Mosport

    Thanks for the advice! 1 set for 2 and a half races is impressive! You're getting better longevity and faster cornering with the 8" rims. That probably works out as better in the long run for tire cost per hour vs. my 6". I think I would need better shocks/springs & brakes and some sway control with more traction though??. ($$$$) I'm also wondering how much more rolling resistance there is to 8" vs. 6" Did you notice a difference in acceleration?
  13. The Sunferrari

    Canada Day Mosport

    These are the two front Azenzis RT 615k + after 6.5 hrs. Started the race both at 29 psi. added 5 psi to both for the last 1.5 hrs. the sidewall picture shows the tire often rolled to the outside of the treadwear rating printing and sometimes to the inside (rim side). Tire rack recommended rim width is 5.5 - 7.5 ". We have 6". From some pictures I've seen, we do have considerable body roll.
  14. The Sunferrari

    2018 Schedule

    Who pays when ARMCO gets wrecked? The event insurance?
  15. The Sunferrari

    Canada Day Mosport

    Yes they were on my wish list.. From what I could make out from pictures, all 5 cars in impound were on RS4's at the May Calabogie race. We would have had to run 195 width RS4's on our 6 inch pizza cutter rims. .. Or buy a set of wheels to fit 225 width or whatever the next size up is in 15" but we're too cheap for that!