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  1. I don't think camping is allowed for the Roar. The only camping is for the Scouts, unless it has changed.
  2. If you make it down, send me a PM and we will try and meet up. I didn't get to talk to you very long at Sebring in Sept.
  3. tibadeaux

    Racing an 80's Grand National series car?

    Whats a Cajon doing Gator territory? Cam Benty Lol, Not really a Cajun. That was a carryover nickname and when trying to create a handle for the forum, it just fit. I grew up in Pensacola, and yes there were plenty of Cajun's around....
  4. tibadeaux

    Racing an 80's Grand National series car?

    This is one I crewed for in 1985, and yes, they were framed, not tube framed. This particularly car was a Laughlin, and had long truck arms, Ford 9". They were basic and the biggest mod was the A frames. We would still get our parts straight from GM, including the floor pan, noses, windshields, and body panels. Of course the bodies may have been "tweaked" a little. I would love to see this car on track, but depending on what that car was built for (superspeedway, short track, road course) you may have some work to do to make it to turn left and right> Good Luck!
  5. tibadeaux

    Aluminum Radiators

    What's a radiator?
  6. WastedAccounts, We could always use the help in our "obligatory" motor change at some point in the race. Stop by JB Bugs and say hello.
  7. tibadeaux

    New Board of Directors

    I heard Spa!
  8. Thanks for the ride along Dave, and we didn't put it in Lake Lloyd!
  9. tibadeaux

    Official 2017 14-Hours of Daytona

    Delma never won a race.....but he never lost a party!
  10. I dont know about the live feed, but I just finished loading up,and will be headed down early tomorrow morning. If all goes to plan, I should have a good buzz by the start of the Conti race!!
  11. Super fun battles with J Bugs and with Beerios Truck. Very clean racing by all that I saw.... That was fun!!! I was in the bug at the time, very clean and a good race into turn 1!!
  12. You should try a rear wheel, rear engine mount.............Its a whole new ballgame!
  13. tibadeaux

    Motion sickness

    That same said person decided to funnel "Baby Come Back" from Player in my helmet during my stint.......Really!!! I cant hear that song now without laughing my arse off.
  14. tibadeaux

    What People Say

    Them: What kind of car do you race? Me; A 72 VW Bug. Them: a what? Me: Really its pretty fast and we hold our own. Them: smirk...cough, cough....oh sure. Me: Nevermind